Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Festive season festivities begin

By Sasha Forbes
17 December 2008

The City of Cape Town is looking forward to a total of more than a hundred thousand people who are expected to host to the centre of the Mother City as the festive season is celebrated in a dozen major, crowd-attracting events and many more private functions and parties.

The City’s Councillor Belinda Walker says the festivities will impact on those who live and trade in the city centre and every effort will be made to ensure that noise; increased traffic volumes and post-event clean-ups are carefully controlled and managed so that CBD residents and businesses are not badly affected.

Many of the festivities have already started and there are still many to look forward to. Walker said “the Adderley Street Night Market is starting and from 7’O Clock onwards you are going to have the start of the night market and that will go on until 12’O Clock.”


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