Saturday, December 13, 2008

Success for City’s traffic safety operation

13 December 2008
By Cindy Witten

During the traffic safety operations that took place last night, every taxi and bus on the N1 and N2 (driving out of the City) was stopped and drivers checked. Apart from testing motorists for drug and alcohol usage, officials also checked for driver’s licences and road worthiness.

Minister of Community Safety, Patrick McKenzie said that a few arrests were made, but all in all, he is very pleased with last night’s traffic blitz.
“The traffic road block was very successful last night and it will definitely continue. The word is out now and people know that we mean business,” said McKensie.

The minister also warned traffic offenders to be on the lookout.
“And for those who try and think they can get away with anything, you have seen what happened last night. You will not get away with it. You will be caught.”


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