Thursday, December 18, 2008

Enforcement of second hand goods act over festive season

By Mandisi Tyulu
18 December 2008

The crime prevention initiative is to ensure that stolen goods are not traded on the second hand goods market, more stringent action can be expected by SAPS during the summer season, and frequent inspection will be conducted at retailers trading in second - hand goods.

The enforcement of the Second - Hands Goods Act (Act 23 of 1955) will henceforth be prioritised with the recent appointment of a Second - Hands Goods Coordinator at each police station in the Western Cape who will be responsible to ensure effective compliance of legislation in order to regulate the trade of second - hand property.

Superintendent Andre Traut says, as long as a market exists for stolen property, thefts and robberies will be perpetrated, however we envisage changing this with our new approach and endeavours to clamp down on crime, and regulate the second - hand goods market with new initiatives.

“Dealers who trade in second - hand vehicles and cellular telephones, or who operate a pawn shop or a scrap yard is required by law to be in possession of a certificate to trade, which is valid for one year between 1 January to 31 December.”

Failure to possess such certificate will deem the business as an illegal operation, which is liable for prosecution in terms of the current legislation. Street trading in the said goods, other than in a controlled flea market environment will not be allowed, and such a business will also be deemed illegal which will accordingly be policed, says Traut.

“Our newly appointed Second - Hand Goods Coordinators will be responsible to ensure that all aspects of the legislation are complied with, and that second - hand goods in the trade are accounted for and noted in a register as required.”

Ignorance of the law will not be regarded as an excuse and traders are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the legislation by consulting with their local police station, said Traut.


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