Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ceasefire Campaign says no military intervention in Zimbabwe

By Mandisi Tyulu
25 December 2008

The Ceasefire Campaign rejects the idea being toted by some South Africans of military intervention in Zimbabwe. The group says this would be playing into the hands of Mugabe and his generals who have a stranglehold on the country and its economy.

Ceasefire Campaign Steering Committee member Richard Smith says we also need to consider that some of the groupings calling for military intervention have their own vested interests at stake.

“Military intervention would not solve anything only the people of Zimbabwe that would suffer.’’

Only through taking can we find a solution, says Smith.


At Friday, 26 December, 2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course military action will achieve something, it will bring about regime change which is urgently needed. So what does Smith want? A few more years of talking (and suffering) while Mugabe and his cronies get as much money out of the country that they can? We need serious comentators on Zimbabwe and not the likes of Richard Smith.


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