Wednesday, December 31, 2008

SPCA denies debt reports

By Yamkela Xhaso
31 December

In response to an article called “Debt crises cripples SPCA’s work” that was featured in a newspaper report, the Cape of Good Hope SPCA says that this headline has created the impression that the Cape of Good Hope SPCA is in substantial debt and in danger of closing it’s doors.

Allan Perrins, CEO of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA said that this was in correct, as the article that was written shows numbers that is applicable to only one of their operating cost centres.

“They are not a true reflection of the whole of Cape of Good Hope SPCA’s financial position”

Perrins said that in short despite their budget shot-falls they do have large reserved and there is absolutely no danger in the SPCA closing its doors and there is no chance of the SPCA rationalising on is service.

“I’d like to emphasize the fact that the Cape of Good Hope SPCA is a hundred percent financially sound”


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