Saturday, December 20, 2008

Trade union Solidarity makes history

By Cindy Witten
20 December 2008

After receiving a record amount of about R100 million in claims, Trade union Solidarity made history. These awards were negotiated on behalf of Solidarity members are made up of just over R69 million in occupational health and safety claims, which were handled on behalf of members. The balance was negotiated by the trade union in labour court cases and general litigation.

Solidarity’s head of legal services, Nick Arnold said that the claims were made up by, for example, conciliations, negotiations and settlements during conciliation proceedings.
“And then also via arbitration awards and court adjudications by the high court or labour court,” said Arnold.

“Most of the compensation has been awarded by the compensation commissioner in the occupational health and occupational injuries claims. And then of course, a lot of claims are adjudicated by the labour court,” he said.

According to an issued statement, Solidarity spokesperson Dirk Hermann, says the awards are not only a victory for the members, but also for Solidarity.


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