Brodie Road Muslim Cemetery to re-open after 127 years

The historic Brodie Road Muslim Cemetery in Wynberg, Cape Town, officially reopened on 7 April after the gates shut 127 years ago, with its final burial occurring in 1896. 

According to historical documents, the cemetery was given to the Muslim community by the then-colonial government in 1848, about 175 years ago. 

According to a statement from the Yusufeyyah Masjid Committee and the Muslim Judicial Council, the cemetery will be allowing burials from 8 April onwards. The cemetery can bury up to 500 bodies. 

The Burial Administration of the MJC (SA), which has closely partnered with the Cemetery Management due to the paucity of burial space in Cape Town, welcomed the news following months of dialogue.

"We thank the Yusufeyya Committee, Susan Brice, head of cemetery management for the City of Cape Town, and those who preceded us and have been involved for many years. We also thank Faizal Sayed, chairman of the Moslem Cemetery Board and members of Mowbray Cemetery Board and Abdullah Salie, chairman of the Vygieskraal cemetery board, who offered their assistance and will continue to support the efforts of the Brodie Road Cemetery Management," MJC said.

Done By: Thaakiera Ackerdien 


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