Teen forced to perform sexual acts by classmate at school in Worcester

Residents from Worcester are outraged after a sexual assault incident at a local school in the area is allegedly being "swept under the carpet."

A group of guys from Esselen Park Senior Secondary School are accused of attacking one youngster last week while forcing two other boys to watch. The victim in the event is said to have been forced into engaging in oral sex. The perpetrators are believed to have been suspended by the school. 

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Residents are furious as they believe the school is covering up the incident. 

The Western Cape Education Department said they are aware of the incident. 

The three victims, according to WCED spokesperson Bronagh Hammond, are in grades 8 and 10.

“The school reported the matter to the relevant authorities. The alleged perpetrators were identified, and their parents were contacted. The school is taking disciplinary action in line with its code of conduct...Trauma counselling has been made available to the pupils. The matter has also been reported to the police. The school is cooperating with the relevant authorities,” said Hammond. 

Police have confirmed a case of rape has been opened for investigation.

The police's, Captain Frederick van Wyk, said a 17-year-old pupil will be appearing in court next week.

Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien



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