Former councillor, Loyiso Nkohla, killed at Phillipi train station

Western Cape police are probing cases of murder after a former City of Cape Town councillor Loyiso Nkohla, was killed at the Philippi train station on Monday.

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It’s been reported that 40-year-old man Nkohla was addressing a crowd of people occupying the train station when the shooting occurred on Monday morning.

According to Western Cape police, two women and another man were wounded in the attack.

“Reports suggested that two females and one male who also sustained injuries were transported to a nearby hospital for medical treatment with private transport. The unknown suspects fled the scene and are yet to be arrested,” says Warrant Officer Joseph Swaartbooi.

Paramedics declared Nkohla, a former African National Congress (ANC) councillor, dead on the scene.

Together with Andile Lili, Nkohla became known as the leader of the ‘poo protest’ when he led a group that dumped faeces at the Cape Town International Airport over their claim of unequal service delivery nearly a decade ago.

They were calling for the eradication of the portable toilet system, better-known among locals as 'pota potas'.

He, Lili and seven others, were handed a suspended three-year jail sentence and community service.

Nkohla was also a member of the Seskhona People's Rights Movement before moving to the Patriotic Alliance which he also left last year.

Swartbooi said that no arrests have been made and that the motive for the attack is yet to be determined.


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