New Somerset Hospital to Receive New APU Upgraded Theatres and More

With a 150 million-infrastructure project currently underway, Western Cape's Health and wellness MEC, Nomafrench Mbombo had an opportunity to inspect the construction of new Acute Psychiatric Unit (APU) at the New Somerset Hospital, and the improvement of i9ts operating rooms and ventilation system.

PICTURE: WC Government

The total cost for the project allocations is R147.992 million, of which the construction of the APU and upgrades will cost R62.779 million and R34.608 million.

According to MEC Mbombo, the New Somerset Hospital has been providing medical services to Cape Town residents for over 150 years, and has undergone many changes to keep up with the demands of the community.

“However, today’s oversight visit proved that this process of change is only intensifying and once again meeting the news of Cape Town residents. By constructing this unit, New Somerset Hospital will have greater capacity to deal with the mental health burden.”

This is important considering that the hospital’s feeder area has recently been extended to service the Atlantis community as well. Similar to what was witnessed at Eerste River Hospital; the APU located at New Somerset is designed based on the experiences at Mitchell’s Plain Hospital to prevent patients from feeling any sense of imprisonment.


Done By: Esona Mfazwe


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