Zahid Badroodien resumes position as Mayco Member for Water and Sanitation

Zahid Badroodien has resumed his position as the City of Cape Town’s Mayco Member for Water and Sanitation.

Badroodien voluntary stepped down from his position in September 2022, after he was accused of tampering of an electricity meter at a property owned by him.

PICTURE - Facebook: Cllr. Zahid Badroodien

Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis, confirmed that Badroodien is back at the City offices, following a disciplinary outcome which cleared his name.

‘’This follows the outcome of an inquiry clearing the Councillor of charges relating to electricity tampering, and Council accepting the recommendation of a written warning being issued to him due to his property ownership obligations. All inquiry processes are now complete following Councillor Badroodien’s confirmation that he will not appeal the findings,’’ said Hill-Lewis.

‘’I have let Cllr Badroodien know that I am satisfied that he now resume his important work as the Mayoral Committee member for Water and Sanitation, effective immediately. Cllr Badroodien has served this portfolio with the utmost care and distinction, building relationships across the city for better water and sanitation. I have full confidence that he will be a driving force in delivering on our ambitious infrastructure investments and service delivery priorities with dedication and integrity.  I would like to thank Cllr Siseko Mbandezi who has done an excellent job caretaking this critical portfolio while Council processes were under way,’’ added Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis.


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