CoCT's Zahid Badroodien steps down, following allegations of tampering of an electricity meter

The City of Cape Town’s Mayoral Committee Member for Water & Sanitation, Zahid Badroodein has stepped down from his position.

This comes after Badroodien is accused of tampering of an electricity meter at a property owned by him.

‘’Councillor Badroodien has however written to me to request that he step down from his position as Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Sanitation pending the finalisation of the disciplinary hearing. I have accepted his request. It is important for every member of the Mayoral Committee to be fully focused on their work,’’ said Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis.

Badroodien is facing a disciplinary hearing by the City of Cape Town’s Speaker's Office.

‘’This is a Council matter being dealt with by the Speaker's Office. I am therefore not at liberty to comment on the charges against Councillor Badroodien, nor the disciplinary process to be followed,’’ said Hill-Lewis.

In the interim, Siseko Mbandezi, who is the Mayco Member for Finance, has agreed to assume responsibility for the Water and Sanitation portfolio on the Mayoral Committee. When asked why Mbandezi, Hill-Lewis said: ‘’Most of the current priorities in water and sanitation are focused on big infrastructure projects - I.e. capital spending - pipe replacements, pump station upgrades, waste water treatment upgrades.’’

Badroodien was appointed as Mayco member for Water and Sanitation in November 2021, following Hill-Lewis’ appointment as Executive Mayor of Cape Town. He will however remain ward councillor for ward 41

 ‘’I am confident that Councillor Mbandezi will do an excellent job until such a time as Councillor Badroodien has successfully answered this case,’’ added hill-Lewis.

 ‘’I look forward to a fair and speedy resolution of this matter, in the best interests of all Cape Town residents. Further enquiries can be addressed to the speaker's office, concluded Hill-Lewis.

GOOD’s City of Cape Town Councillor & Caucus Chairperson, Suzette Little said that Badroodien should not be given ‘’special treatment’’

‘’Badroodien must be disciplined for breaching the Councillor Code of Conduct, but he must also face the criminal charges, as provided for in the by-law, like any other resident accused of tampering with electricity meters and stealing electricity.’’

‘’Such behaviour by any resident, no matter their position or status, cannot be condoned and should not simply be dealt with through an internal disciplinary process,’’ she added

PICTURE - Facebook: Cllr. Zahid Badroodien

Done By: Mitchum George


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