WCED offers support to Class of 2022 across the province

Close to 24 000 matriculants are expected to attend the Western cape’s Education Department’s (WCED) Spring school. Whilst many learners will enjoy a week’s break, the Class of 2022 will continue to focus on preparing for the 2022 National Senior Certificate (NSC). The WCED has put together a number of programmes to ensure that learners have safe places to go during the holidays. These programmes aim to keep the youth positively engaged, entertained and safeguarded.

Roughly 7 000 learners are expected to attend Spring School in the Metro Central Education District, covering 11 subjects. In addition, a ‘final dash’ programme in the 4th term will see Saturday classes offered at four school ‘hubs’ from 15 October to 26 November.

‘’The district has also supplied learners with matric question packs, core revision notes, and pre- and post-revision tests for learners to evaluate their progress,’’ said Western Cape’s education MEC, David Maynier.

Metro East Education District held a weekly virtual power hour tutoring programme, offering online tutoring to learners from Monday to Thursday for an hour a day. 37 schools are participating in the project, which will continue during the 4th term.

‘’In addition, the recordings from virtual Saturday tutoring classes offered during the 3rd term have been made available to learners for revision,’’ said Maynier.

Roughly 6 800 learners are expected to participate in the district’s Spring School, at 15 underperforming schools identified in the district.

‘’The programme at each school is tailored to their revision needs. Saturday face-to-face classes will also be offered to these schools during the 4th term. A further 22 schools are running their own revision programmes over this period,’’ he added.

The Metro North Education District will stream afternoon tutoring classes to learners in their classrooms with a teacher on hand for questions. 3 990 learners have attended these sessions over the term.

Maynier said 48 schools in the district will participate in Spring School during the coming school holidays covering 9 core subjects.

‘’The district is also putting together ‘final push’ videos for the 4th term, which will look at specific types of exam questions and how to approach them.’’

During the 3rd term, the Metro South Education District held Saturday face-to-face revision classes from 30 July to 27 August, and online weekday classes took place from 27 July to 26 August. The district’s Spring School will be a combination of in-person tutoring sessions, and residential camps, covering a variety of subjects.

‘’For the ‘last push’ in the 4th term, at least 8 ‘hubs’ spread out across the district will host learners for a daily programme in the run up to each specific exam. Approximately 200 learners are expected at each hub per day, with 3 to 5 tutors per subject at each hub.’’

Outside the metro, and 640 learners will attend residential camps at five schools as part of Spring School, while a further 4 660 will attend virtual classes with streamed lessons, in the Cape Winelands District

‘’In-person revision classes have also been taking place for learners writing Mathematics during the 3rd term, along with online tutoring in Mathematical Literacy for learners writing the subject. An online tutoring site has been created by the district with recordings and resources for the 2021/22 Autumn, Winter and Spring Schools. Learners can also access Grade 12 Subject Survival Guides developed to support learners in specific subjects.’’

Furthermore, MEC Maynier announced that nearly 4 000 Eden and Central Karoo Education District learners have been identified to attend Spring School, with programmes running at 35 schools according to their specific revision needs.

‘’These specific needs have also informed the 3rd term revision classes run after school and on weekends in various schools. The district conducted a Grade 12 roadshow during the 3rd term to motivate staff and learners at schools, and develop collaborative intervention plans to ensure that our learners can achieve their very best. A Matric Drive will launch later this week which provides motivational videos, tips for parents on how to support learners, study tips, and other essentials for exam preparation.’’

14 schools in the Overberg Education District will also run Spring School, following residential camps held during August. The district has also offered afternoon and weekend classes to learners needing support.

‘’Teachers and tutors even gave of their time to offer evening classes to a group of learners at risk of not passing, making sure that they were escorted safely home in groups afterwards,’’ said Maynier.

The West Coast District has focused on having regular contact with matric learners needing support, and held three residential camps so far this year. 1 125 learners attended the camps, which focused on improving their understanding of the exam content.

‘’During the Spring holiday, 15 schools will be providing support to learners who need extra revision in specific subjects. During the 4th term, the district will offer ‘power hours’ to learners wanting to improve their skills before the exams start,’’ concluded Western Cape’s Education MEC, David Maynier.



Done by: Mitchum George