Eskom holds media briefing regarding current system challenges

Power Utility, Eskom held a media briefing on Monday about the ongoing system challenges it has been experiencing and announced that load- shedding will be implemented for the rest of the week.

PICTURE: Pixabay

Speaking at the briefing, the Group`s Chief Operating Officer, Jan Oberholzer began the briefing by apologizing to South Africans about the recent implementation of load- shedding. The power utility first implemented stage 2 load- shedding on the sixth of September, Tuesday due to a total of 42 units that tripped.

However, Oberholzer did say they have recovered 37 units and added they are ramping up the maintenance before the summer season. He said the pump storage dam levels have been replenished, but the diesel levels are still low, as diesel has to be transported to the power stations mostly by land.

Load- shedding will occasional remain this week as Eskom seeks to protect the national grid.

By Lulama Klassen


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