Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Climate change needs to be addressed urgently

By Mikhaila Crowie
30 September 2008

South African Minister of Foreign Affairs, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, addressed the United Nations General Assembly yesterday in New York.

Dlamini Zuma said the world has witnessed the devastating effect of climate change and urged those at the assembly to respond urgently.

Foreign Affairs have set out an urgent plan in Bali last year to combat climate change.

“It is our hope that the negotiations to be completed in Copenhagen 2009 will necessarily set the stage for more action by all countries to address climate change and all its manifestations.”

Dlamini Zuma continued by saying that South Africa has committed itself to approach the preparations for Copenhagen constructively, and to reach an agreement that is ambitious, balanced and conclusive.

Opposition slam Shilowa’s resignation

By Mandisi Tyulu
30 September 2008

The African National Congress has acknowledged the contribution made by the former premier Mbazima Shilowa who resigned as premier of Gauteng on Monday.

The party said that Shilowa should be replaced without delay.ANC liaison officer Brian Sokuthu said that the ANC national working committee has thanked Mr Shilowa for the contribution he has made over the last nine years as premier of Gauteng.

Meanwhile the Independent Democratic leader Patricia de Lille has invited Shilowa to join her party. De Lille says Shilowa can contribute to the well being of the country in terms of transformation instead of wasting his talent.

De Lille says Shilowa's resignation is evidence of deep divisions within the ANC, as the purging of Mbeki had come through what she termed the “Jacob Zuma camp”.

Traffic safety campaign in City intensified

By Mishkah Anthony
30 September 2008

In Cape Town Traffic Services’ stepped up road safety campaign, a total of 19 motorists driving under the influence of alcohol were arrested over the past weekend.

Roadblocks were held in Hout Bay, Camps Bay and the city centre and Traffic Services now shifted their attention to the Claremont area to curb drunk driving.

“During the weekend’s blitz 15 drivers were fined for driving without a licence, three for not displaying registration plates and 49 for unlicensed motor vehicles. A further 17 other driving related offences were also recorded.

"These roadblocks are part of the City’s on-going safety campaign to make Cape Town’s roads safer.”, says Traffic Services spokesperson, Merle Lourens.

Lourens says motorists who drive drunk and cause accidents do not only face heavy fines or prison sentences, but also have to live with the guilt associated with such incidents.

Gauteng march to take place on Thursday

By Sasha Forbes
30 September 2008

On the 2nd October, POPCRU Gauteng will march to the offices of the MEC for Community Safety and Liaison, Mr Firoz Cachalia to submit a memorandum raising a wide range of concerns. The issues that will be raises will be salary increases and Racism within the SAPS in Gauteng.

POPCRU spokesperson Benzi ka-Soko says “we are also calling on the MEC around the failures of the provisional commissioner Mr Naidoo to address the current bread and butter issues raised by labour; in fact POPCRU will also be calling for the immediate resignation Mr Naidoo because it is our view as the leader 0of the province he has failed.”

Major upgrade for CBD

By Mikhaila Crowie
30 September 2008

Cape Town Partnership is on a major mission as they intend to give the City will get a facelift, in time for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The Grand Parade and the area surrounding the City Hall will all form part of the upgrade.

Cape Town Partnership CEO, Andrew Borain, says thanks to the new urban renewal, a number of businesses will be opening their doors.

Borain said the demolition has begun on the old Moulin Rouge in Riebeeck Street and a huge investment by the City council will eneble them to upgrade most of the City’s spaces.

“A lot of this is in preparation for 2010. Other public investments are going into the Cape Town Station and into phase 1 of the Bus Rapid Transit System.”

Monday, September 29, 2008

ANC says Shilowa wasn’t pushed

By Mandisi Tyulu
29 September 2008

The African National Congress says Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa's resignation today was his own decision.

Earlier, Shilowa denied that he had been "pushed" to resign but said he was doing it out of principle. He says he would not be able to, with conviction, publicly explain or defend the ANC national executive committee’s decision on axe former president Thabo Mbeki.

Shilowa was qouted saying he holds strong views on Mbeki’s dismissal and to pretend otherwise would be disingenuous.

Priemer spokesperson says the premier was not forced to resign but it was his own decision, he added that the recall of Mbeki was not fair.

DA asks Hogan to release health report

By Mikhaila Crowie
29 September 2008

The Democratic Alliance has asked new Health Minister, Barbara Hogan, to put a stop to the disgraceful secrecy surrounding the deaths of many babies in the Eastern Cape.

DA spokesperson on Health, Mike Waters, said the history of this report is a snap-shot of everything that was wrong with the previous health administration.

“We hoping that Minister Hogan will be taking a fresh approach, to release a report, unlike her predecessor who kept most reports secret and away from the public eye.”

Foreign Affairs Minister speaks at the UN General Assembly

By Sasha Forbes
29 September 2008

Minister of Foreign Affair Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma will later today deliver South Africa’s statement to the United Nations General Assembly in New York. The Minister is in New York leading the South African Government Allegation including Foreign Affairs Doctor General Ayanda Ntsaluba.

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Ronni Mamoepa says that “the theme for this year, for the United Nations General Assembly is the impact of the global food prices on poverty and hunger in the world, as well as the need to democratise the United Nations. In this regard South Africa is expected on global food prices, climate change and the reform of the United Nations, including the United Nations secretary council.”

South African is now in its second year office of non-permanent membership of the Un secretary council.

#The Cape Town Child Welfare offers arts and crafts training courses from Mondays to Thursdays at their head offices in Gatesville from 9am to 2pm. Training will include candle making, soap and bath salt making, basket weaving and sewing. For more information you may contact Maureen Skilder or Desiree Uys at Cape Town Child Welfare on 021 638 3127.

#The Weltevreden Seniors are having a day trip to Worcester on 9th of October. Tickets will cost you R80. The bus departs at 8am from the Weltevreden Recreation Centre. For more details you may call Doreen on 073 532 1301

# Northwood Primary School in Woodlands will celebrate 30 years with a string of events including a Back to School dance on Saturday October 11th. Tickets for the dance will cost you R50 each. All ex-learners and educators, parents and community members are invited. For more details, you may contact the school on 021 371 7510.

# The Douglas Murray Home will be hosting a fete on Saturday October 4th at 9am at the home in 12th avenue Retreat. Entry is free, For more information you may contact Sharon Mackrill on 021 712 2146.

# Mitchells Plain Young Tycoon promotions will present Tillie and Tippie se Hairdresser on the 10th of October from 7:30pm at the Westridge Civic centre. Entrance fee is R45. For more information you may contact Nazeem on 079 9255 441.

If you have any information for the CIN team regarding events happening in you community, please feel free to contact us on 021 4485450 or fax us on 021 448 5451. Alternatively you can email us on news@bushradio.co.za. If you have missed any of the numbers mentioned you can give us a call.

DA’s list for new Safety and Security Minister

By Mikhaila Crowie
29 September 2008

The Democratic Alliance has identified ten key priorities for newly appointed Safety and Security Minister, Nathi Mthethwa.

DA’s spokesperson on Safety and Security, Dianne Kohler Barnard, said an effective plan to tackle crime must be one of the new government’s top concerns.

Kohler Barnard said they will be monitoring the new minister’s attention to these priorities closely.

“All South Africans have been affected by crime and all of us want to see South Africa become a safer country. Yet we recently learned, with utter horror, that the SAPS conviction rate for contact crime is a lowly 19%. Clearly the new Minsiter has his work cut out for him.”

First on the list is a call for Mthethwa to immediately dismiss suspended National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi.

“They done it with Robert McBride, there is no reason that we should be paying him a million rand or so, to sit at home.”

The DA has also called on the new minister to reinstate the Scorpions.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

DA makes its first request to new Health Minister

By Mikhaila Crowie
28 September 2008

The Democratic Alliance has asked the new Health Minister, Barbara Hogan, to investigate the shortage of vaccinations and critical medicines in Limpopo.

The DA says that over the years, they have sent numerous requests, to former health minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, but their requests have been ignored.

The DA’s spokesperson on Health, Mike Waters, said that during his visits to some hospitals in Limpopo, he discovered that basic medicines were not available.

“We’ve written to the Minister to make her aware of the situation in the province and we are hoping that she will act on this information and make sure that medicines and vaccines are available at the hospitals.”

More unplanned power cuts on the way

By Mikhaila Crowie
28 September 2008

Eskom has warned consumers that the electricity crisis is not over.

Eskom has ensured that if consumers use power wisely and co-operate, there will not be any load-shedding during the summer.

This follows a winter that was almost free from power outages.

The electricity distributors said because of a low reserve margin, the electricity supply remains strained. Fanie Zulu, an Eskom spokesperson, urged consumers to reduce their electricity consumption, in order for them to meet increasing demands.

Eskom and the government will embark on an awareness campaign soon, to encourage South Africans to use electricity sparingly.

AZAPO march for justice

By Mikhaila Crowie
28 September 2008

The Azanian People’s organisation will hold a Memorial Service and a March for Justice today, to commemorate the 31st Anniversary of Steve Biko’s death.

After the memorial service, the march will proceed to the Johannseburg High Court, where they will hand over a memorandum of demands, demanding the court open the murder dockets of the liberation fighters, who perished under the hands of Apartheid policemen.

AZAPO’s Provincial Chairperson, Moemedi Kepadisa, said: “There has not been any effort or consistent attempt on the part of the constitutional or judicial authorities, to try and delve into these matters and uncover really what has happened.”

Kepadisa also added that the authorities should call on the perpetrators to come forward and account for their deeds.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Deputy Minister Pahad resigns

By Mikhaila Crowie
27 September 2008

It has been reported that Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Aziz Pahad has resigned in writing to newly appointed President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Pahad turned down the president’s decision to re-appoint him in his post.

He handed in his resignation on Tuesday, to then President Thabo Mbeki, along with several other cabinet ministers. He says due to an unfortunate communication problem, President Motlanthe announced his re-appointment on Thursday.

Pahad says he’s come to the decision after concluding that Judge Chris Nicholson’s judicial activism has led him to conclude that former President Mbeki and his entire cabinet interfered politically in the work of the National Prosecuting Authority.

He says given the serious nature of the claims, he will not enable him to serve in the executive.

Alonso fastest in Singapore

By Mikhaila Crowie
27 September 2008

Double Formula One champion, Fernando Alonso, has recorded the fastest time during the second practice of the Singapore Grand Prix last night.

The Spaniard piped his former team-mate Lewis Hamilton, who recorded the fastest time during the first practice session. Alonso sped through the twisty Marina Bay circuit to record a time of 1min 45.65 seconds, 0.96 seconds faster than Hamilton.

The street-lit circuit proved to be harsh on others, as Australia’s Mark Webber crashed into the barriers during his first practice session, while the last Grand Prix winner Sebastien Vettel, lost control of his car twice.

Mandela congratulates newly elected president

By Mikhaila Crowie
27 September 2008

Former President Nelson Mandela has congratulated newly elected President Kgalema Motlanthe on his appointment.

Mandela, in a congratulatory letter sent to the Union Buildings, said South Africa was in good hands.

Mandela described Motlanthe as a quiet, firm and principled leader who puts reason above emotions and one who seeks to unite rather than divide.

Mandela also expressed his deep appreciation of the service rendered to the country by outgoing President Thabo Mbeki.

Meanwhile President Motlanthe has assured the world football governing body, FIFA of the government’s ongoing backing of the Confederations Cup and 2010 World Cup.

Mothlanthe and ANC President Jacob Zuma in a joint statement say they gave the assurance to FIFA president Sepp Blatter in a telephonic conversation yesterday.

Motlanthe gave his assurance that the deadlines set by FIFA will be met.

Blatter in turn reassured Motlanthe of FIFA’s hundred percent support and assistance in the preparation and its full confidence in South Africa’s organisational capabilities.

Petrol price to drop again

By Mishkah Anthony
27 September 2008

Good news for motorists as government has announce another petrol drop for the third consecutive month on Wednesday.

The drop will be between 25 cents and 29 cents a litre. The wholesale price of diesel will drop by 55 cents and 56 cents a litre.

The latest decrease will bring the drop of petrol prices to about 12% since July.
The main drivers of consumer inflation have been the increasing fuel and food prices, which surged to 13.7% rate in

Friday, September 26, 2008

Zille calls on Health and Crime

By Mandisi Tyulu
26 September 2008

The Democratic Alliance leader Helen Zille says where crime is concerned President Kgalema Motlanthe can send a powerful message to South Africans by distancing his government from the denialism that characterised crime fighting under Thabo Mbeki.

Zille said this in her weekly letter to the President and his new Minister of Safety and Security, Nathi Mthethwa, must work to bring down levels of crime, improve conviction rates, and expedite the review of the criminal justice system.

Zille says in the health portfolio new minister Barbara Hogan’s challenge is to rid the Ministry of the last vestiges of denialism that sowed confusion about how HIV/Aids is transmitted.

She says this attitude prevented the universal rollout of antiretroviral medication, and diminished South Africa’s reputation internationally.

Political movements welcomes the new president

By Mandisi Tyulu
26 September 2008

The political parties in South Africa have welcomed the appointment of the African National Congress’s deputy president as the countries interim president till next year when South African’s elects their new president.

The Independent Democratic leader Patricia de Lille says President Kgalema Motlanthe faces major challenges in uniting the ANC and getting the country focused.

On the other hand United Democratic Movement leader says six month is a very short period to assess the performance of Mr Motlanthe and that the removal of former president Thabo Mbeki was sheer madness.

Meanwhile the African Christian Democratic Party has welcomed Motlanthe’s election.ACDP leader Rev Kenneth Meshoe, describes Motlanthe as a cool level headed person who is not aggressive and has respect for others.

DA says there a lot for new Health Minister to fix

By Sasha Forbes
26 September 2008

The DA welcomes he fact that former Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang has been fired given that so many people have died due to Aids because of her strange policies. The DA is happy that Minister Hogan has been appointed to replace her and they look forward to having a fruitful relationship with Hogan. However there are areas of concern that need to be looked at.

DA MP Mike Waters says “the first area is obviously to have a clear, sharp and simple message that HIV does cause Aids and we believe that the Minister and the new President should be leading the campaign against HIV and Aids.”

Human resources remains a huge challenge in the health sector. There are 46 000 vacant nursing positions and 9 700 vacant doctor and specialist positions in the public sector. “We believe that the Minister must do all in her power to ensure that new nursing colleges are opened and that we start attracting skills from over-seas.

Lastly the DA feels that Minister Hogan should release the full report into the 142 baby deaths that occurred in the Eastern Cape earlier this year.

Woman arrested for dumping baby

By Mishkah Anthony
26 September 2008

Yesterday afternoon a 22 year old woman was arrested for Murder shortly after the body of her newborn baby was found.

Municipal workers were busy collecting waste in Barry Road, Monwood yesterday at about 11am when a woman approached them with a black bag.

The woman allegedly gave the bag to the workers and walked away. Later the workers searched the bag and discovered the body of a newborn baby boy.

An autopsy will be conducted to determine the cause of death.

The Woman is expected to appear in the Athlone Magistrate's court soon

City nails Drug kingpin on Heritage Day

By Mishkah Anthony
25 September 2006

While most Capetonians were celebrating Heritage Day, the City of Cape Town’s substance abuse unit swooped on a suspected drug dealer in Milnerton, arresting one of the city’s leading drug suppliers.

The unit confiscated nearly R270 000 worth of drugs and about R4 000 in cash, which were found in his possession.

"This major breakthrough is due to the commitment and hard work by the City’s substance abuse unit, supported by the South African Police Service," says Glen Kleinsmith, head of the political oversight team.

With the help of SAPS, the substance abuse task team is intensifying its efforts to hit at the source of drug supplies. Improved co-ordination is paying off and more drug dealers are being arrested and their drugs being confiscated.

Kleinsmith says the Cape Metropole is under siege especially in areas such as Manenberg, Athlone, Mitchells Plain, Atlantis, Delft, Macassar, Elsies River, Bellville South and Steenberg.
"Areas such as Hout Bay and Milnerton are also suffering from the onslaught of teen addiction. Substance abuse was so rife at one high school, that the task teams was called to raid 12 classrooms and search all 540 learners."

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Opposition divided about new President

By Mikhaila Crowie
25 September 2008

Rain clouds and stormy weather took a backseat in Cape Town as South Africa’s President was sworn in today.

Kgalema Motlanthle received 269 votes in Parliament yesterday and was declared interim President while main party rivals, The Democratic Alliance’s Joe Seremane received 50.

DA leader Helen Zille said the DA nominated Seremane because the ANC has taken someone who was not elected and they felt it was best to put out an alternative candidate.

Zille believes the division in the ANC will get worse.

“This is quite clear by the fact that they can’t even hold a single congress in the Western Cape. So we’re at the beginning of the era of fundamental realignment of politics in South Africa.”

Independent Democrats leader, Patricia De Lille, seemed more optimistic about the newly elected president and the ANC’s future.

“Like I said in Parliament, I have faith that he will certainly listen to the request of Judge Nicholson to establish a commission of enquiry into the arms deal.”

Motlanthe also announced his new Cabinet today.

Motlanthe announces new cabinet

25 September 2008

New South African president, Kgalema Motlanthe (pic: www.gov.za)

Kgalema Motlanthe announced his new cabinet moments ago, making a few surprising changes and selections.

The new cabinet is as follows:

The Deputy President: Ms B Mbete

The Minister of Foreign Affairs: Dr NC Dlamini-Zuma

The Minister of Defence: Mr C Nqakula

The Minister of Finance: Mr TA Manuel

The Minister of Provincial and Local Government: Mr S Shiceka

The Minister of Transport: Mr JT Radebe

The Minister of Social Development: Dr ZST Skweyiya

The Minister of Public Enterprises: Mrs BS Mabandla

The Minister of Communications: Dr IF Matsepe-Casaburri

The Minister of Public Service and Administration : Mr R Baloyi

The Minister of Labour: Mr MMS Mdladlana

The Minister of Public Works: Mr GQM Doidge

The Minister of Intelligence: Mr S Cwele

The Minister of Health: Ms B Hogan

The Minister in The Presidency : Dr ME Tshabalala-Msimang

The Minister of Correctional Services: Dr BMN Balfour

The Minister of Housing: Dr LN Sisulu

The Minister of Safety and Security: Mr EN Mthethwa

The Minister of Justice and Constitutional Development: Mr ME Surty

The Minister of Education: Mrs GNM Pandor

The Minister of Arts and Culture: Dr ZP Jordan

The Minister of Sport and Recreation: Rev MA Stofile

The Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism: Mr MCJ van Schalkwyk

The Minister of Trade and Industry: Mr MB Mpahlwa

The Minister of Science and Technology : Mr MA Mangena

The Minister of Mineral and Energy: Ms BP Sonjica

The Minister of Home Affairs: Ms NN Mapisa-Nqakula

The Minister of Water Affairs and Forestry: Ms LB Hendricks

The Minister of Agriculture and Land Affairs: Ms LM Xingwana


Foreign Affairs: Mr AGH Pahad

Science and Technology: Mr DA Hanekom

Safety and Security : Ms S Shabangu

Agriculture and Land Affairs: Adv DC du Toit

Environmental Affairs and Tourism: Mrs TR Mabudafhasi

Health: Mr M Sefularo

Arts and Culture: Ms NGW Botha

Provincial and Local Government : Ms NE Hangana

Social Development : Dr J Swanson-Jacobs

Justice and Constitutional Development: Adv JH de Lange

Defence: Mr F Bhengu

Home Affairs : Mr KMN Gigaba

Communications: Mr RL Padayachie

Foreign Affairs: Ms SC van der Merwe

Public Works : Dr NM Kganyago

Sport and Recreation: Mr CG Oosthuizen

Trade and Industry: Dr RH Davies

Trade and Industry: Ms E Thabethe

Correctional Services: Ms L Jacobus

Mbeki bids farewell to the cabinet

Mishkah Anthony
25 September 2006

Outgoing President Thabo Mbeki bid farewell to his cabinet at the Union Buildings last night.

Mbeki read out a letter to the men and women that served with him. In the letter he writes, “I am certain that during the years that we have served in the national executive we have made mistakes”, and says the only way they could have avoided mistakes is if they did nothing to strive to social transformation of the country.

In his heartfelt letter Mbeki thanked his cabinet for their hard work and dedication.
He goes on to say, “as we bid farewell to one another we can do so with our heads held high”.

After the Farewell Cabinet meeting of the Mbeki government, a few hours before South Africa welcomes it’s new President.

Cabinet Ministers leaving the Union Buildings in Pretoria seemed to be high in spirits but speaking in his personal capacity outgoing Minister in the Presidency Essop Pahad’s disappointment was obvious.

“I think the decision was profoundly unjust, I feel aggrieved at the decision that the NEC took.”

Cosatu welcomes Motlanthe's election as president

By Mandisi Tyulu
25 September 2008

The South African Congress of Trade Union has welcomed the election of Kgalema Motlanthe as interim president for South Africa.

Cosatu spokesperson Patrick Craven says Motlanthe is a better suited candidate that can unify the ANC and the whole country .He adds that Motlanthe comes from the trade unions and has worked closely with Cosatu over many years and we are confident that he will do well.

Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance spokesperson Motlajo Thetjeng says Motlanthe is a better candidate for the ANC but we are not sure that he can unite the ANC because it is a party that has been fractioned by divisions.

‘On the basis on him leading the country we believe that he is a level headed person and we hope he will put the countries interest at heart and we wish him well.’’

New team helps clamp down on traffic offenders

By Sasha Forbes
25 September 2008

As part of ongoing efforts to apprehend motorists with outstanding warrants of arrest for traffic fines, Cape Town Traffic Services conducted a successful operation at the N2 weighbridge in Somerset West.

Merle Lourens spokesperson for Cape Town Traffic Services says “We have a special warrant of arrest team called Operation Reclaim, for all those people who owe the city outstanding amount on fines who have not paid anything on it and also have still not appeared in court.”

A warrant of arrest will be issued in their names and the Operation Reclaim team will go out and try and find or allocate those with warrants issued in their names.

Traffic officers receive awards

By Sasha Forbes
25 September 2008

The City of Cape Town and the executive Mayor will be holding a civi honour ceremony today. Protocol and Mayoral Events spokesperson Fritz Marx says “the first person that is being honoured is Estelle van de Merwe a traffic officer bases at the Hill Star Traffic Department in Ottery. She is the only woman traffic inspector on a motorcycle, who is best known for removing unroadworthy taxis from the road.”

The second officer is Morné Roodman who is a compliance officer from Gordon’s Bay traffic department, who saved two boys from the middle of a dam when they were stuck 30 meters from shore. Roodman dove in and brought them back to shore, Marx says. “The parents of the boys recommended for recognition to the Mayor.”

The ceremony will take place at the Cape Town Civic Centre.

Elective conference delayed again

By Mandisi Tyulu
25 September 2008

The provincial elective conference of the ANC in the Western Cape was once again delayed today.

The party has denied that this is because supporters of President Thabo Mbeki and former premier Ebrahim Rasool are boycotting the conference in the Cape Town international convention centre.

It is reported that the breakaway group is holding its own conference in Langa, making it impossible for the conference in the City to get underway. ANC leader Jacob Zuma was expected to address the elective conference.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Rifts show in Western Cape ANC factions

By Mandisi Tyulu
24 September 2008

The provincial elective conference of the ANC in the Western Cape was once again delayed today.

The party has denied that this is because supporters of President Thabo Mbeki and former premier Ebrahim Rasool are boycotting the conference in the Cape Town international convention centre.

It is reported that the breakaway group is holding its own conference in Langa, making it impossible for the conference in the City to get underway. ANC leader Jacob Zuma was expected to address the elective conference

South Africa celebrates Heritage Day

By Mandisi Tyulu
24 September 2008-09-24

South Africans will be celebrating Heritage Day across the country today. It is the culmination of Heritage Month, which this year carried the theme “Celebrating our Dance, our Heritage.” Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, who announced her resignation this week, will deliver a keynote address today at the national celebrations at Maropeng at the Cradle of Humankind in Gauteng.

Meanwhile in the Western Cape, Cultural Affairs and Sport MEC Cameron Dugmore witnessed local cultural artists performing the indigenous West Coast Riel Dance in Vredendal.

The department of Art and Culture will together with the Robben Island Museum, host a joint Heritage Day function at the Waterfront. Many people will celebrate National Braai Day today, which has recently become part of Heritage Day

Backyard dwellers affected by heavy floading

By Mandisi Tyulu
24 September 2008

The backyard dwellers have been heavily affected by the rain and are seeking alternative resident. The heavy rain left two hundred and fifty house flooded with rain.

The backyard dwellers have now gone to community hall to seek shelter. As a result the community halls are full and the backyard dwellers have urged the public to donate medical supplier and the material to rebuild their homes again.

Western Cape Anti Eviction co-ordinator Mncedisi Twalo says we have children to consider as the community halls are over crowded and it’s difficult for so we need all the help we can get.

“We are pleading to the public to donate blankets as we are in shot of.’

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

City clamps down on drunk drivers

By Mishkah Anthony
23 September 2008

An increasing number of motorists are risking driving under the influence of alcohol in Cape Town.

11 drunken drivers were apprehended over the past few days in the city centre and in Camps Bay by Cape Town Traffic Services.

Cape Town Traffic Services spokesperson Merle Lourens says far too many road accidents are related to drunk driving, especially late at night or in the early.
As part of an on-going road safety campaign, traffic officers will increase their patrols between 9pm and 1am.

"We are also targeting unsafe and unlicensed taxis. During the past few days, six unroadworthy combi taxis were immediately suspended from use on a public road, and others were fined for driving with smooth tyres.”

"Several taxi drivers were caught for driving unlicensed vehicles, or without driving licenses, road carrier permits or professional driving permits.”

The Traffic Department is urging members of the public to report any reckless driving to 0860 POLICE (0860 765 423).

DA nominates Joe Seramane as Presidential candidate

By Mikhaila Crowie
23 September 2008

The Democratic Alliance intends to nominate Federal Chairperson, Joe Seramane as a likely candidate for President on Thursday.

The DA believes Seramane has the vision and wisdom to lead.

The DA’s Lindiwe Mazibuko says Seramane draws on a long history of politial activism and leadership.

“Joe Seramane has served his country with distinction throughout his life and made great sacrifices for the attainment of a non-racial, democratic South Africa.”

He was imprisoned on Robben Island from 1963 to 1969, before being ‘deported’ to the former homeland of Bophuthatswana.

He was detained without trial between 1976 and 1978, and again on several occasions between 1982 and 1984.

He joined the Democratic Party in 1994, conscious of the need for a strong opposition party to consolidate democracy in South Africa, and has served as a Member of the National Assembly since 1999.

He was elected Federal Chairperson of the DP in March 2000, and became the founding chairperson of the Democratic Alliance on its formation.

14 Ministers resign

23 September 2008

The Presidency has just released a statement to say that President Thabo Mbeki has to date
received letters of resignation from the following members of Cabinet, which regretfully he has had to accept:

Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka,
Minister of Defence Mosiuoa Lekota,
Minister of Finance Trevor Manuel,
Minister in the Presidency Essop Pahad,
Minister of Intelligence Ronnie Kasrils,
Minister of Correctional Services Ngconde Balfour,
Minister of Public Enterprises Alec Erwin,
Minister of Science and Technology Mosibudi Mangena
Minister of Public Works Thoko Didiza
Minister of Provincial and Local Government Sydney Mufamadi
Minister of Public Service and Administration Geraldine Fraser-Moleketi,

The following Deputy Ministers have also resigned:
Foreign Affairs deputy Aziz Pahad
Finance deputy Jabu Moleketi
Correctional Services deputy Loretta Jacobus

It has been reported that the resignations will be effective from the date of Mbeki’s resignation. All the affected people have vowed to help with a smooth transition to the next administration.

Mixed feeling about Thabo Mbeki’s resignation

By Sasha Forbes and Mandisi Tyulu
23 September 2008

There have been many mixed feelings flying around concerning the resignation of the President. Some parties feel that it was a wise move by the ANC and some feel that the idea of a recall was not at all a wise idea.

Cosatu yesterday welcomed the ANC’s decision to recall President Thabo Mbeki, they also applauded the ANC on the way they carried out what could have been a very difficult and damaging procedure. Patrick Craven says “the Cosatu central executive committee welcomes the ANC’s decision to recall President Thabo Mbeki. We also congratulated the ANC on the successful way in which they carried out something that could have been a very difficult and damaging procedure.”

Other parties, such as the African Christian Democratic party says it is not happy about the way Mbeki has been pushed out by supporters of the Zuma faction. ACDP leader Kenneth Moshoeshoe says “we believe that the man should have been given an opportunity to present his case, particularly after he denied the fact that he was interfering with the NPA.”

ACDP not happy with Mbeki's exit

By Mandisi Tyulu
23 September 2008

The African Christian Democratic party says it is not happy about the way Mbeki has been pushed out by supporters of the Zuma faction.

The party says it believes that Mbeki should have been given a chance to present his case particularly after he denied interfering with the National Prosecuting Authority.

ACDP leader Rev Kenneth Moshoeshoe says Mbeki made a huge mistake by not speaking to his party the African National Congress because he had all the warning signs that he was gone be moved.

Moshoeshoe added that he ignored what people were saying instead he travelled to Zimbabwe and he did not communicate with his party until it was too late and already a decision had been taken.

‘Mbeki should have spoken to the nation as the man I watched on Sunday, as man of reconciliation and a man who wanted this country to go forward.”

Singapore gets ready for first ever night race

By Mikhaila Crowie
23 September 2008

Formula One will experience one of its darkest days ever as the first night race will parade through the streets of Singapore.

No doubt, this will be challenging for many as this will test the mental agility.

The race has already demanded unusual preparation. Mclaren driver Lewis Hamilton said they will get up at early afternoon for breakfast and will go to bed at 3am.

Hamilton’s rival, Kimi Raikkonen, said he prefers a night race as he is “more awake in the evenings than in the mornings”.

BMW’s Nick Heidfeld agreed with Raikkonen said he is more of a night person than an evening person.

As if a night race was not hard enough, forecasters are predicting it to rain, as the region is known for its monsoon downpours.

However, track officials said the night time will not pose any major challenges.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Zuma applauds Mbeki’s leadership

By Mikhaila Crowie and Mishkah Anthony
22 September 2008

The National Executive Committee (NEC) of the ANC has decided, after careful debating, to recall President Thabo Mbeki, after the NEC met over the weekend.

ANC President, Jacob Zuma, addressed the media at the Luthuli house today.

Zuma said the country needs a strong and united party at the helm of government, capable of galvanising support for the government’s development agenda.

Zuma also said the ruling party needs to sustain the confidence of the people of the ANC and its government.

Zuma continued by praising Thabo Mbeki, saying he is a “discipline cadre of the movement” and will readily accept and abide by any decision taken by the organisation.

“We appreciate the co-operation of Comrade Mbeki and the dignified manner with which he has conducted himself during this difficult situation.”

Zuma noted the achievements of government during Mbeki’s reign. He said the ANC has created conditions for a sustained expansion of the South African economy since the Second World War with the rate of growth averaging over 4.5% a year since 2004.

“Government also scored several gains in the social arena such as increasing access to housing, water, education, electricity and other basic services.”

“Comrade Mbeki also succeeded in placing Africa in the forefront of international debates. He made his mark in promoting an African renewal as well as South-South co-operation, between our country and the developing world.”, Zuma continued.

Zuma said there was no reason for South Africans to be apprehensive. He continued by saying the transition will be managed with care and precision.

“We will announce the name of our Candidate in Parliament at an appropriate moment. We have in Cabinet many experienced Ministers including the Deputy President of the ANC, Comrade Kgalema Montlanthe.”

Zuma said they will call upon ANC Ministers and Deputy Ministers, to continue their work and serve the people of the country, supported by the Public Service.

“We also appeal to all South Africans to support the government and its new leadership, and work with them to promote access to a better life for all.”

Two security guards shot in a cash heist

By Mandisi Tyulu
22 September 2008

During the early hours of the morning a cash transit heist took place at a BBP garage in Salt River road.

Members of the Group 4 security officers were confronted by four armed men who open fire on them. Several shots were fired and two of the Group4 security guards were injured during the robbery.

One of the security guards got injured in both his legs while the other one got injured in his shoulder and both his legs. Both guards are reported to be in hospital in a stable condition. The four suspects went away with an undisclosed amount of money.

Police’s Sear gent Hilton Malila says the police are pursuing all the alleged in order to apprehend the four suspects and that no innocent by stander was injured during the incident

Matriculants need to be more careful on the roads

By Sasha Forbes
22 September 2008

The City’s traffic department has urged matriculants to be more cautious on the roads as more car crashes involving teenagers are expected.

Traffic department spokesperson, Merle Lourens, has appealed to teens not to drink and drive during the holiday season.

“The city traffic department is urging matrics not to go out there and drink and drive, we know their farewells are coming up, as well as the school holidays.”

Backyard dwellers moved at gunpoint

By Mandisi Tyulu
22September 2008

About 300 backyard dwellers have returned to the open piece of land on Lansdowne Road, next to the Fezeka municipal buildings and are going to start building their shacks there.

The community has twice tried to occupy this land, yesterday and last weekend, and the dwellers were on both times driven away at gunpoint by the police and metro cops.

Anti Eviction Campaign co-coordinator Mcedisi Twalo says this is very unjust as they have with them their "red cards" showing that they joined the housing waiting list many years ago, and besides, they have been promised this piece of land as backyarders by many different politicians especially just before elections.

“The community has vowed to go to the land every day and try to erect their shacks, until they succeed in getting the right to live on the land permanently”.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Full text of Mbeki address to the nation on his resignation

Saying goodbye: President Thabo Mbeki at the State of Nation in February 2008

Address to the nation by President Thabo Mbeki
21 September 2008

Fellow South Africans,

I have no doubt that you are aware of the announcement made yesterday by the National Executive Committee of the ANC with regard to the position of the President of the Republic.

Accordingly, I would like to take this opportunity to inform the nation that today I handed a letter to the Speaker of the National Assembly, the Honourable Baleka Mbete, to tender my resignation from the high position of President of the Republic of South Africa, effective from the day that will be determined by the National Assembly.

I have been a loyal member of the African National Congress (ANC) for 52 years. I remain a member of the ANC and therefore respect its decisions. It is for this reason that I have taken the decision to resign as President of the Republic, following the decision of the National Executive Committee of the ANC.

I would like sincerely to thank the nation and the ANC for having given me the opportunity to serve in public office during the last 14 years as the Deputy President and President of South Africa.

This service has at all times been based on the vision, the principles and values that have guided the ANC as it prosecuted a difficult and dangerous struggle in the decades before the attainment of our freedom in 1994.

Among other things, the vision, principles and values of the ANC teach the cadres of this movement life-long lessons that inform us that wherever we are and whatever we do we should ensure that our actions contribute to the attainment of a free and just society, the upliftment of all our people, and the development of a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it.

This is the vision of a South Africa that is democratic, non-racial, non-sexist and prosperous; a country in which all the people enjoy a better life.

Indeed the work we have done in pursuit of the vision and principles of our liberation movement has at all times been based on the age-old values of Ubuntu, of selflessness, sacrifice and service in a manner that ensures that the interests of the people take precedence over our desires as individuals.

I truly believe that the governments in which I have been privileged to serve have acted and worked in the true spirit of these important values.

Based on the values of Ubuntu, the significance of which we learnt at the feet of such giants of our struggle as Chief Albert Luthuli, OR Tambo, Nelson Mandela and others, we as government, embarked, from 1994, on policies and programmes directed at pulling the people of South Africa out of the morass of poverty and ensuring that we build a stable, developed and prosperous country.

Accordingly, among many things we did, we transformed our economy, resulting in the longest sustained period of economic growth in the history of our country; we introduced an indigent policy that reaches large numbers of those in need; we made the necessary advances so as to bring about a developmental state, the better to respond to the many and varied challenges of the transformation of our country.

This is, of course not the occasion to record the achievements of government. An additional critical few are however worth mentioning. They include our achievements with regard to many of the Millennium Development Goals, the empowerment of women, the decision to allow us to host the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and our election as a non-permanent member of the UN Security Council two years ago.

Despite the economic advances we have made, I would be the first to say that even as we ensured consistent economic growth, the fruits of these positive results are still to be fully and equitably shared among our people, hence the abject poverty we still find coexisting side by side with extraordinary opulence.

Importantly, we had an obligation to ensure that democracy becomes the permanent feature of our lives and that all our citizens respect the rule of law and human rights. This is one of the cornerstones of our democracy, which we have consistently striven to protect and never to compromise.

We have also worked continuously to combat the twin challenges of crime and corruption, to ensure that all our people live in conditions of safety and security. We must admit that we are still faced with many challenges in this regard.

Work will therefore have to continue to strengthen and improve the functioning of our criminal justice system, to provide the necessary resources for this purpose, to activate the masses of our people to join the fight against crime and corruption, and to achieve new victories in the struggle for moral regeneration.

With regard to the latter, our successive governments from 1994 to date have worked consistently to encourage the entrenchment in our country of a value system whose observance would make all of us Proudly South African, a value system informed by the precept of Ubuntu – umuntu ngumuntu ngabanye. Among other things this means that we must all act in a manner that respects the dignity of every human being.

We have sought to advance this vision precisely because we understood that we would fail in the struggle to achieve the national and social cohesion that our country needs, as well as the national unity we require to enable us to act together to address the major challenges we face.

Fellow South Africans,

Since the attainment of our freedom in 1994, we have acted consistently to respect and defend the independence of the judiciary. For this reason our successive governments have honoured all judicial decisions, including those that went against the Executive. This did not mean that the Executive did not at times have strong views which we would have publicly pronounced upon. The central approach we adopted has always been to defend the judiciary rather than act in a manner that would have had a negative impact on its work.

Indeed, on the infrequent instances when we have publicly expressed views contrary to those of the judiciary, we have done so mindful of the need to protect its integrity.

Consistent with this practice, I would like to restate the position of Cabinet on the inferences made by the Honourable Judge Chris Nicholson that the President and Cabinet have interfered in the work the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA). Again I would like to state this categorically that we have never done this, and therefore never compromised the right of the National Prosecuting Authority to decide whom it wished to prosecute or not to prosecute.

This applies equally to the painful matter relating to the court proceedings against the President of the ANC, Comrade Jacob Zuma.

More generally, I would like to assure the nation that our successive governments since 1994 have never acted in any manner intended wilfully to violate the Constitution and the law. We have always sought to respect the solemn Oath of Office each one of us made in front of the Chief Justice and other judges, and have always been conscious of the fact that the legal order that governs our country was achieved through the sacrifices made by countless numbers of our people, which included death.

In this context it is most unfortunate that gratuitous suggestions have been made seeking to impugn the integrity of those of us who have been privileged to serve in our country’s National Executive.


Again, as you know, we have often pointed to the fact that our liberation movement has always been pan-African in its outlook and therefore that we have an obligation to contribute to the renaissance of the African continent.

All of us are aware of the huge and daunting challenges that face our continent. In the short years since our freedom, as South Africans we have done what we could to make our humble contribution to the regeneration of our continent.

We have devoted time and resources to the task of achieving the Renaissance of Africa because this is what has informed generations of our liberators, even before the ANC was formed in 1912. We have done this fully understanding that our country shares a common destiny with the rest of our Continent.

I therefore thank the many dedicated compatriots – men and women – who have made it possible for us to contribute to the resolution of conflicts and the strengthening of democracy in a number of countries including the Kingdom of Lesotho, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Côte d’Ivoire, Comoros, Zimbabwe, Sudan and elsewhere. We have also done this work conscious of our responsibilities as a State Member of both SADC and the African Union.

I would like to thank my colleagues, the many Heads of State and Government on the African continent whose abiding vision is that Africa must be free; that all our countries, individually and collectively should become democratic, developed and prosperous, and that Africa must unite. These African patriots know as I do that Africa and Africans will not and must not be the wretched of the earth in perpetuity.

Similarly we have worked to contribute to the achievement of the aspirations of the countries and peoples of the South, conscious of the need for us to act in solidarity and in unity with the billions with whom we share the common challenge to defeat poverty and underdevelopment.

Accordingly, I depart the Office of President of South Africa knowing that this country has many men and women who have dedicated their lives to ensure that South Africa, Africa and the countries of the South will, in time, manage to ensure a better world for all of humanity.

I depart this Office conscious that the sterling work done by the Presidency, the Ministries and departments, the provinces and local government structures will continue, driven by the determination to achieve the goal of a better life for all.

I am convinced that the incoming administration will better the work done during the past 14-and-half years so that poverty, underdevelopment, unemployment, illiteracy, challenges of health, crime and corruption will cease to define the lives of many of our people.

I have received many messages from South Africans, from all walks of life, through e-mails, telephonically and through cell phone text messages as well as those conveyed through my colleagues. I thank all of you, fellow South Africans, for these messages.

To everyone, and responding to these messages, I would like to say that gloom and despondency have never defeated adversity. Trying times need courage and resilience. Our strength as a people is not tested during the best of times. As we said before, we should never become despondent because the weather is bad nor should we turn triumphalist because the sun shines.

For South Africa to succeed there is more work to be done and I trust that we will continue to strive to act in unity to accelerate the advance towards the achievement of our shared national goals.

In this regard, it may be worth repeating what I said during the inauguration of the President of the Republic in 1999. Using the metaphor of the Comrades Marathon, I said then that:

“Those who complete the course will do so only because they do not, as fatigue sets in, convince themselves that the road ahead is still too long, the inclines too steep, the loneliness impossible to bear and the prize itself of doubtful value.”

Once more, I thank you most sincerely for affording me the opportunity to serve you and to serve the people of Africa.

Thank you, ngiyathokoza, ke ya lebogang, ndo livhuwa, ndiyabulela, ndza khensa, baie dankie, ngiyabonga.

Issued by: The Presidency
21 September 2008

Source: http://www.info.gov.za/speeches/2008/08092208451002.htm

Woolworths workers continue to strike

By Mishkah Anthony
21 September 2008

Due to failure of any response from Woolworths, the National Woolworths Strike at a meeting on Friday 19 September have decided to extend the notice of strike and served the notice to the company.

This means that if workers decide to continue with the strike from Monday it will continue to be a legal protected strike.

SACCAWU media liaison Mike Abrahams says, the workers remain committed to their demands and they are willing to struggle for the realisation of it.

General meetings will be held throughout the country today where a renewed mandate will be obtained from striking workers to decide on a way forward.

Despite many attempts by the company to frustrate, and intimidate striking workers more than 65% of Woolworths stores are affected by the strike.

Tony Ehrenreich Provincial Secretary for Cosatu in the Western Cape says Woolworths has the most casual workers who work under the most exploitive conditions and society cannot be complicit in this exploitation by supporting Woolworths.

City clamps down on illegal taxi operators

By Mishkah Anthony
21 September 2008

The City of Cape Town Traffic Services has clamped down on illegal taxi operators.
In just one day, the City of Cape Town detained 29 illegal taxi operators and issued a total of 114 fines. This included fines for 12 taxi drivers who did not have professional driving permits, 35 who were not carrying their driving licences in the vehicle, and 22 who were driving unlicensed motor vehicles.

A minibus taxi with defective brakes, smooth tyres and no number plate was one of several unroadworthy vehicles to be pulled off the road during a series of road safety checks conducted in Mfuleni and Khayelitsha by Cape Town Traffic Services.

“These are death traps, not only for the driver and the passengers, but also for other road users," says Merle Lourens, spokesperson for Cape Town Traffic Services.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ANC executive recalls Mbeki

By Mishkah Anthony
20 September 2008

This afternoon in Kempton Park ANC secretary general Gwede Mantashe announced the African National Congress decision to recall President Thabo Mbeki.

This follows a meeting of the national executive committee at Esselen Park early this morning. Mantashe says Mbeki has been informed of the decision and hails Mbeki as a loyal member of the movement and he says the ANC’s main purpose now is to retain stability and build unity.

Mantashe says the crisis was elevated by the ruling of Judge Chris Nicholson in the Pietermaritzburg High Court in which he said that Mbeki may have interfered with the judicial process.

Speaking on behalf of the ANC Mantashe stressed that Mbeki was not being punished and that he would be given space to continue his mediating role in Zimbabwe. He says Mbeki is in charge of the country until he resigns and will be consulted by the ANC.

Meanwhile the Democratic Alliance says the ANC has allowed that its own internal power struggles become a crisis for the people of South Africa.

Independent Democrats leader Patricia de Lille says the party will like to see a clear plan to deal with the impact that Mbeki’s exist will have on the running of government, service delivery and economic stability.

She also said that what South Africa needs now is to give hope to ordinary South Africans that the enormous challenges we face will be dealt with.

Mantashe says the parliamentary process will now kick in where the acting president will be selected. But as for Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka’s plans to resign in the wake of the developments, Mantashe said the ANC had not yet been informed of the step.


Lwazi Rode was last seen at about 6pm on the 16 August 2008,when he left his home at 22322 N2 Gateway, Leiden.

At the time of his disappearance he was wearing a pair of brown trousers, a grey tractop and a pair of white training shoes with a white panama hat.

Anyone with information please call Sergeant Manasse on 021 954 000 or 082 4969 6403 or Crime Stop at 08600 10111

UDM youth says ANCYL doesn’t represent all South African youth

By Mishkah Anthony
20 September 2008

The UDM Youth Vanguard condemns the improper behaviour and unwarranted insults that the African National Congress Youth League and its affiliates are perpetrating on a daily basis.

The UDM youth says if the ANCYL aren't busy humiliating democratic institutions they are organising rallies that result in looting and vandalism.

UDM Youth Vanguard Spokesperson Velile Yayi says, “Yesterday's ANCYL media conference cannot go unchallenged. They showed disrespect for both the President of the Country, Thabo Mbeki, and ANC President, Jacob Zuma, with threats that everybody must toe the line of the ANCYL. This attitude cannot be allowed to spread into the rest of society; it would lead to anarchy.”

He says the UDM distance themselves from that kind of behaviour because it does not reflect their values, or the values of the majority of South African youths. As future leaders they believe that, elders have to be treated with respect and dignity no matter what.

“We accept and support diverse views as the lifeblood of
democracy. Mr Malema is a great comedian, but a mediocre democrat, the fate of our country should not be determined by the likes of him.”

Grandson assaults grandfather

By Sasha Forbes
20 September 2008

A grandfather was allegedly raped and assaulted by his own grandson who was apparently under the influence of tik.

Substance Abuse Task Team Glen Kleinsmith says “the city was shocked once again shocked by the brutal attack, where the mans own grandson assaulted and then raped him. This is one of the cases that are becoming very concerning in the city of Cape Town.”

Kleinsmith says that the substance is extremely dangerous and people who use this substance are more susceptible to violence and crime.

The man has been admitted into hospital.

Friday, September 19, 2008


# Strandfontein Mets Softball club is having fun in the parks of Strandfontein every week from 11am to 1pm. Catch them on the 21st of September at Mainstay Way Park, Admirals Hill and 28 September at the park situated between Watussi and Rotterdam street, Bayview. For more information you may contact Beulah Poole on 082 740 2794 or Margi Hill on 078 544 8164.

# Youth from Woodlands and Lentegeur West are invited to take part in hip hop classes and life skills programmes, every Friday at Aloe Junior High school from 3pm to 5pm. This project is hosted in conjunction with the Sector Crime Forum. For details call Kamen Desmore on 073 122 8376.

# The Douglas Murray Home will be hosting a fete on Saturday October 4th at 9am at the home in 12th avenue Retreat. Entry is free, For more information you may contact Sharon Mackrill on 021 712 2146.

# Mitchells Plain Young Tycoon promotions will present Tillie and Tippie se Hairdresser on the 10th of October from 7:30pm at the Westridge Civic centre. Entrance fee is R45. For more information you may contact Nazeem on 079 9255 441.

# The Cafda clothing production project is offering courses in pattern making, basic sewing and advance sewing at the Mary Atlee Centre in Retreat Road. For more details you may call Christine or Cynthia on 021 706 2050 or on 076 050 1492.

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to news@bushradio.co.za or fax them to 021 448 5451. You can even give us a call on 021448 5450 . Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcast free of charge.

City to commemorate the 90th Anniversary of the Battle of Square Hill

By Mandisi Tyulu
19 September 2008

The City of Cape Town together with the South African National defence force will tomorrow hold a reframing ceremony with the intention of remembering the Battle of Square Hill.

The Battle of Square Hill was fought during World War I when Turkey decided to side with Germany. The battle, on 19 September 1918, saw the first battalion of the Cape Corps capturing 181 Turkish prisoners, eight officers, about 160 soldiers of lower rank, as well as an enemy field gun. Only one Cape Corps member was killed and another wounded.

The 12 452 South African servicemen who died in the First World War, 3 901 were Black, Indian or Coloured.

City of Cape Towns Robert McDonald says the ceremony is very important in the history of the country because the man who died they died for cause.

Traffic department clamps down on unruly drivers

By Mikhaila Crowie
19 September 2008

The City has released a list of Cape Town’s Top Ten traffic offenders.

The traffic department said roadblocks have been conducted on a daily basis to clamp down on motorists who have outstanding warrants of arrests.

Traffic Department spokesperson, Merle Lourens, said the most wanted traffic offender on the road, has more than R33 600 of outstanding warrants of arrest against his name.

Lourens continued saying the department has a total of 348 outstanding warrants totalling R155 000.

“We do ask the public out there to call 0860 POLICE or 0860 765 423, to assist us in apprehending these vehicles.”

Vehicle type Registration Warrants of arrest outstanding
Nissan CA 445 433 49 R25 550
Honda CA 431 523 45 R23 100
Volkswagen CA 49640 31 R13 000
Toyota CA 784 467 29 R13 450
Mazda CA 660 946 22 R16 400
Toyota CA 695 302 20 R33 600
BMW CA 350 208 16 R 7 950
Renault CA 299 999 13 R 7 150
Volkswagen CA 838 592 12 R 7 800
Opel CFR 510 505 12 R 7 000

New low cost housing for Scottsdene

By Mikhaila Crowie
19 September 2008

The City of Cape Town have identified 12 hectares of land in Scottsdene, for the development of low cost housing.

The deal has been finalised and the City will now appoint consultants, for the development outlay.

The City expects to build 6-hundred-and-83 houses.

Councillor Dan Plato, Mayoral Committee member for housing, said the target market for the new housing development are people on the council’s housing waiting list, particularly those who were longer on the waiting list.

Plato continued by saying the City has seen a dramatic increase in numbers of backyard communities.

“People have been living in the backyard communities for the past 15 to 20 years, so we are looking at portion of those people also, to benefit from this major housing project.”

Collaborative patrol successful

By Mandisi Tyulu
19 August 2008

Officials from the Department of Environmental Affairs and Tourism’s marine and coastal management division and the South African National Parks this week arrested four alleged poachers in the Cape Point area during a joint enforcement patrol.

A total of two-thousand-616 abalone was confiscated and one vehicle was seized. Abalone shucking tools and four sets of diving equipment including snorkels and flippers were also confiscated.

The first arrest happened around 17:00; yesterday 17 September 2008, near Smitswinkel Bay after the suspect was spotted in the area. A total of 122 abalone was confiscated.

In a separate incident at 6:00 this morning, 18 September 2008 another person was arrested near the Simons Town police station after officials inspected a vehicle and found a total of 1800 abalone. The vehicle was also confiscated.

An hour later, at 7:00 this morning, three alleged poachers were arrested in the Cape Point area after observations were made of illegal diving activities. A total of 694 abalone was confiscated.

City of Cape Town’s Carol Moses says all suspects are held at the Simon Town police station and are expected to appear in the Simons Town Magistrate court on poaching-related charges.

Ronnie Mamoepa speaks at Derrick Moyo’s memorial

By Sasha Forbes
19 September 2008

Yesterday morning a Memorial Service in honour of Deputy Ambassador of Washington DC Derrick Moyo. Moyo passed away last week Wednesday. Foreign Affairs Minister Ronnie Mamoepa says “it is sad to announce the death of South Africa’s Deputy Ambassador to Washington DC Derrick Moyo. He spent many years in exile under the ages of the ANC in order to find peace, freedom and justice.”

Moyo completed specialised crosses in diplomacy in the United States of America and India.

Mamoepa says “on behalf of President Thabo Mbeki, Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Director-Generals in management, staff, ambassadors and high commissioners stationed abroad send our heart felf condolences to his children and the entire Moyo family.”

Ronnie Mamoepa speaks at Derrick Moyo’s memorial

By Sasha Forbes
19 September 2008

Yesterday morning a Memorial Service in honour of Deputy Ambassador of Washington DC Derrick Moyo.

Moyo passed away last week Wednesday. Foreign Affairs Minister Ronnie Mamoepa says “it is sad to announce the death of South Africa’s Deputy Ambassador to Washington DC Derrick Moyo.

He spent many years in exile under the ages of the ANC in order to find peace, freedom and justice.”

Moyo completed specialised crosses in diplomacy in the United States of America and India.

Mamoepa says “on behalf of President Thabo Mbeki, Ministers and Deputy Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Director-Generals in management, staff, ambassadors and high commissioners stationed abroad send our heart felf condolences to his children and the entire Moyo family.”

Thursday, September 18, 2008

The partnership that could help save the environment

By Mikhaila Crowie
18 September 2008

Petroleum Company, BP and the Automobile Association (AA) of South Africa has joined forces in aid of motorists, to help save fuel and minimise their cars’ impact on the environment.

Joe Mahlo, representative for BP, said this is an exciting partnership that will provide safer motoring.

Mahlo said the partnership came about a while back, when the petroleum company launched a new product.

“We went to them and said; we believed we have the best technology in the country and we would like you to certify yourself, that our claim is correct.”

However, Mahlo continued that the AA were not willing at first, but when the necessary tests were done, the association jumped on board.

“We will also be collaborating in terms of a new product launch.”

City Police arrest Camps Bay criminals

By Sasha Forbes
18 September 2008

Police officials managed to arrest the Camps Bay criminals that have been ducking the system for awhile. Friday morning SAPS and Metro Police found the group living in the Kloof Neck area. They were arrested for both recent and previous crimes. Senior inspector Shawn Smith says four people were arrested.

“The people who were arrested were positive for outstanding cases; one dating back to 2006 which was for shoplifting and housebreaking out in the Cape Town area.” Says Insp Smith

The others were arrested for car breakings in the and around the Camps Bay area and also want for cases that are pending.

Civic movements to provide solutions for displaced foreigners

By Mandisi Tyulu
18 September 2008

The Treatment Action Campaign and other organizations from civic society will release a report on the current positions regarding the conditions in the refugee’s camps of the displaced foreign nationals.

Representatives from the following organizations - Cosatu, Sonke Gender Justice, EDICo, AIDS Law Project, PASSOP and TAC will release a report jointly compiled and collated by the South African Human Rights reflecting the current conditions of displaced people in the Western Cape.

This report highlights problems concerns and challenges with regards to humanitarian support, education, reintegration, documentation, employment, violence and socio-political problems within communities.

TAC’s Scott Dunlop says the report provides a lot of information that can be of interest to government and other parties involved in the xenophobia attacks .He added that the report is up to date.

“This report aims to persuade government to hold off closing camps of the refugee’s camps until they provided a better plan for the integration and repatriation ’.

Cosatu not happy with NPA’s appeal

By Mandisi Tyulu
18 September 2008

Cosatu says that it is extremely concern about the news that the National Prosecuting Authority is to appeal against the judgment of Judge Chris Nicholson on Friday while of course they have the legal right to appeal.

The Union believes the issue is primarily intended to drag up the legal process this already long legal process even longer.Cosatu says the NPA’s appeal would be a futile bid to appeal against judge Nicholson judgement.

Cosatu’s spokesperson Patrick Craven says even if the NPA has a legal case, the political fallout of the judgement which severely criticised the NPA and government ministers for interfering politically in the judiciary processes and surely that discredited the NPA so much that they can not with any credibility continue this appeal.

‘We believe its just playing for time.”

Woolworths strike a success

By Mikhaila Crowie
18 September 2008

SACCAWU reported that between 60-80% of Woolworths workers took to the streets countrywide yesterday when they heeded a call for union rights at the stores.

SACCAWU also said Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban and Cape Town were hit the hardest by the strikes, but they have not received any reaction by management.

Spokesperson for SACCAWU, Mike Abrahams, said the only problem was with mall owners, who refused their members and striking workers, from picketing front of the Woolworths stores.

“We’re pursuing a legal process to overcome that obstacle but in general, we feel that the strike has been very successful.”

New centre launched in SA

By Sasha Forbes
18 September 2008

The Minister of State in India, Shri Anand Sharma, recently visited the country, to launch the new Centre for Indian studies in Africa at Wits University.

Sharma said it was an honour to visit the country and to launch the centre, which is the first of its kind in South Africa. Sharma said the institute is befitting, regarding the strong relationship between Africa and India.

Sharma says “I am truly honoured and privileged to be with you today at the launch of the centre of Indian studies. It will well be the first centre of Indian studies in the continent of Africa, given the special relationship that Indian and African continent have had over centuries, this is a momentous occasion"

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

City seeks court order against Symphony squatters

By Mishkah Anthony
17 September 2008

The City of Cape Town says it will seek a court order allowing it to forcibily remove 141 families who have been squatting along Symphony Way in Delft since Febuary.

The City says the squatters are taking up space next to a key secondary road that has been closed to traffic.

However the Symphony Way squatters led by the Anti Eviction Campaign said they refuse to move unless they are provided with proper housing.

Anti Eviction Campaign’s Western Cape coordinator Ashraf Cassiem says the community in Symphony Way has no idea this is being attempted, “it’s ludicrous that whoever wants to attempt to evict us again without providing adequate housing”.

However Hans Smith, Director for the City’s housing, says the City will not give houses to people on the basis that they squat or invade houses illegally. He also says the city does however acknowledge some people may now or in the foreseeable future, qualify for houses.

Smith says the City is adamant that these people should move to the alternate accommodation arranged by the City.

“One of the issues on Symphony Way is that it is a main transport route and the transport authorities are adamant they want that route opened as soon as possible.”

Smith says if these people refuse to move, the City has no alternative but to go and get an eviction order. He says city has already stared the process.

Bitou payment raises concerns

By Mikhaila Crowie
17 September 2008

A row has erupted between the Democratic Alliance and Bitou Municipality over money that the Municipality paid ANC member, Sipho Kroma, for his hotel accommodation.

Kroma made eight trips to Cape Town between 2004 and 2006.

The DA’s Robin Carlisle said it is unacceptable and unlawful that Bitou has paid for the bill.

“Of course it’s understandable that the ANC are desperately trying to bury the Kroma scandal because simply the ANC controls the council of Bitou and they finance the work of the ANC and its members.”

Carlisle continued by saying it is unacceptable and irregular and also a criminal offence regarding the Municipal Finance Act.

Bitou Mayor Lulama said this is just another smear campaign by the DA.

South African captives not released in Nigeria

By Mandisi Tyulu

17 September 2008

The reports that the two South Africans held by rebels in Nigeria have been released are false. This follows reports by the foreign affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa saying that they have not gotten any confirmation from the South African High commissioner to Nigeria about the release of the two South Africans.

Dan Laarman and Robbie Barry have not been released.Mamoepa said that the South African High commissioner has denied rumours linked in the media that the two South Africans have been released from the Niger delta.

But he said that the High commissioner from South Africa to Nigeria Sticks Sifingo says he remained optimistic about the release of the two South African and that he hopes that they would be released sooner rather than later.

He added that they will continue to work hand in hand with the Nigerian government until the two South Africans are released.

Two men arrested for robbery

By Sasha Forbes
17 September 2008

After an extensive investigation, police arrested two men aged twenty-one and
twenty-five for alleged robbery. The incident dates back to the 6th of September 2008.

Apparently two armed males stormed in a business place, stock road in Phillipi East. At the time of the incident the Victim was still busy with cash up in her office. The two men approached the victim in her office, pointed her with a fire arm and demanded money.

Inspector Nomdumiso Paul says “the two men fled the scene on foot in an unknown direction with the undisclosed amount of money.” The two men will appear in Athlone Magistrates Court today.

South African Local organizing committee prepares for 2010

By Mandisi Tyulu

17 September 2008-09-17

It is reported that the cheapest 2010 World Cup ticket will cost 140-rands. The chairperson of the 2010 Local Organising Committee Irvin Khoza says they agreed to an exchange rate of seven-rands to one United States dollar.

The LOC committee will bear the cost if the exchange rate goes above that mark. The rate of exchange will be in force for next June's Confederations Cup as well.

Tickets for the Confederations Cup will be on sale on 23 November, the day after the draw for the competition. Tickets for the World Cup finals go on sale in January next year.

DA plan in the wake of Zuma’s verdict

By Sasha Forbes
17 September 2008

The DA believes there is away out of the impasse created by the Pietermaritzburg High Court’s ruling on Friday and believe that that a Judicial enquiry must be appointed to get to the bottom of the arms.

Spokesperson for the DA Fritz de Klerk says “if President Thabo Mbeki has nothing to hide, then he has nothing to fear in such commission. Secondly, he must be given the opportunity to explain his alleged misconduct, he has a right to tell his side of the story and we have the right to hear it.”

As no pronouncement was made on Jacob Zuma’s guilt or innocents there is still a question and as the NPA believes he had fair case, Jacob Zuma;s prosecution should continue. De Klerk says that “after the legal defect leading to Fridays judgement has been corrected.”

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Woodstock Police arrested four suspects in Liesbeeck Parkway

By Mishkah Anthony
16 September 2008

Four suspects believed to have been involved in a hijacking in Mowbray earlier this month were arrested yesterday and will appear in the Cape Town Magistrate’s court tomorrow facing charges of possession of unlicenced firearm, ammunition and possession of a stolen vehicle.

Yesterday members Woodstock Police station spotted a Silver VW Polo in the Queens Park Avenue with four occupants during their routine patrols in the Salt River area.

As the police were approaching the VW Polo, it drove off in high speed police chase this vehicle and pulled it off on the N2, at the Liesbeeck Park road direction Somerset.

Due to preliminary investigation police discovered that the vehicle was hijacked in Mowbray early this Month.

During the arrest, police found a 38 special revolver, firearm and some live ammunition. None of the suspects had a license to own the fire arm.

Further investigation proved that the fire arm was reported stolen at Philippi East Police Station in February this year.

The suspects are estimated between the ages of 25 and 36 years old. They are all due to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate court tomorrow.

Communities respond well to Tutu Tester

By Sasha Forbes
16 September 2008

The brightly painted red, green, blue and yellow mobile clinic is proving to be a good idea. The Tutu Tester train is a mobile HIV and Aids testing clinic that travels around to different communities.

Spokesperson for Metropolitan Amos Tabane explains says “the Tutu Tester Train was launched in May in Masephumalela, the group Freshly Grounded was there as part of the testing and to encourage people to test their HIV status.”

This is an innovative programme that combines HIV testing along with screening of other common diseases; like diabetes and hyper tension.

Now the hard work begins

By Mikhaila Crowie
16 September 2008

The signing of yesterday’s framework, to unite the government of Zimbabwe will be marked as one of the most important days in the country’s history.

The new agreement will split power between the Movement for Democratic Change and Zanu-PF, in a bid to end Zimbabwe’s political meltdown.

South African President Thabo Mbeki has facilitated the talks, and has been praised for his heroic efforts during the facilitation.

Mbeki said there will be hard work ahead for the two leaders, as they begin on the reconstruction and reconciliation process of the new government.

“Now that the parties have agreed, they hereby declare and agree to work together, create a genuine, viable, sustainable and acceptable solution to the Zimbabwe situation.”

Mbeki said the two leaders need to implement the following agreement and start paving a new political direction for the country.

Independent Democrats call for motion of no confidence

By Mandisi Tyulu

16 September 2008

The Independent Democrats have called for a motion of no confidence in the Mbeki administration .The party says it feels that it has to submitte the motion of no confidence again after seeing court judgement on Friday.

The ID says Mbeki’s meddling in NPA case violets its independence.

The party has also sent a letter to the president requesting a commission of inquiry be set up by the president to investigate the arms deal. The party has also urged the ANC to support their motion of no confidence.

Independent Democrats leader Patricia de Lille says Mbeki’s interference in the NPA case should stop and he should resign with his whole cabinet and let justice prevail.

Somalian killers caught

By Sasha Forbes
16 September 2008

Somalians are fearing for their lives following the muder of a somalian shop assistant. According to police, a man had come into the shop pretending to want to borrow a lighter, however when the assistant gave the man the lighter, he refused to return it. It has been reported that the man left the store and returned with three armed men, who then demanded that the assistant hand over the money in the till.

Captain Joe Wilson says "regarding the Somalian shop assistant that was killed because he refused to hand over a large amount of money, the three suspects have been arrested. We have arrested three suspects, sixteen, seventeen and twenty years old.”

They will appear in Bellville Court tomorrow on a charge of murder and robbery.

Blatter disappointed at Bafana Bafana

By Mandisi Tyulu
16 September 2008

World body Fifa’s President Sepp Blatter says he is disappointed with the recent performance of the national team of the 2010 World Cup host country South Africa.

Blatter told journalists after a visit to the building site of Cape Town's Green Point Stadium that it was "incredible" that Bafana Bafana had gone from being the African Cup of Nation champions in 1996 to failing to even qualify for the crunch tournament in 2008. He says now is the last chance to do something about the situation.

New deal to be South Africa’s last political solution

By Sasha Forbes
16 September 2008

News that ZANU-PF’s Robert Mugabe and MDC leaders, Morgan Tsvangirai and Arthur Mutambara have finally succeeded in reaching a mutually-agreeable power-sharing deal, which was signed today, must be welcomed – particularly in light of reports that under the agreement, Mugabe’s executive powers will be greatly reduced.

Spokesperson Lindiwe Mazibuko says “ While the signing of this deal is the first significant ray of hope for the future stability – both political and economic – of our northern neighbour, the Democratic Alliance (DA) nevertheless remains concerned about the durability of this deal, as well as the dangerous precedent it will set for the future of ballot-based regime change in Africa.

They hope, however, for the sake of the people of Zimbabwe, whose country has been crippled by years of socio-economic turmoil and political violence at the hands of Mugabe’s repressive regime, that the signing of today’s agreement, however flawed, will signal the beginning of a new era of peace, stability and prosperity in the country.

Mazibuko also says “We also hope that today’s deal will be the last in a series of political solutions in Africa, which ignore the democratic consensus and threaten to undermine our chances of seeing true democracy take root and flower on the continent.”

Monday, September 15, 2008

Shack fire summit to take place

By Sasha Forbes
15 September 2008

Along with the Anti-Eviction Campaign and the Joe Slovo Task Team, ABM WC will be attending the first ever City Wide Shack Fire Summit that is taking place on Monday 22 September 2008 to find new ways of preventing fires in our communities.

AMB WC Chairman Mzonke Poni says “the purpose of this summit is to find alternative which in terms of the fires that is attacking, particularly people who are living in informal settlements and the ABM is hosting the summit in order to discuss the issues that will come up that not only affect shack dwellers but also regular people that are living in Durban.”

The summit will also cover how this situation will be taken care of country wide.

Another miner dies

By Sasha Forbes
15 September 2008

Another worker has been killed in a mining accident. This morning’s death occurred at Anglo Platinum‘s number one shaft at Amandelbult in Rustenburg. This brings the total number of mineworkers who have died this year to 121 this year. At Amandelbult alone six people have been killed. The National Union of Mineworkers calls on the company to improve safety standards.

Spokesperson Lesiba Seshoba says “NUM passes its sincere condolences to the family and we are calling on the DME to make sure that this company gets the penalties that they deserve for violating the human rights of many more of our very own people.”

Council homes owners get assistance from community officers

By Mishkah Anthony
15 September 2008

Thousands of Council tenants on the Cape Flats will now be able to sort out their housing queries more easily thanks to the appointment of community officers by the City of Cape Town.

The City has appointed a company to facilitate communication with the tenants of Council flats and hostels in Langa, Nyanga, Gugulethu, Ocean View, Manenberg, Bishop Lavis, Scottsdene and Macassar.

Grace Blouw, Manager of Existing Housing says, “We finding that it is difficult for tenants to visit the local Housing offices, so what we doing is, we’ve appointed this service provider to be sort of a middle man between us and our tenants.”

She added that ,they will be going out and visiting people at their homes explaining what needs to be done explaining the benefits that there are for them when they visit the offices.

As from September, First Community Management Services will deploy 70 community officers to pay door to door visits in order to help tenants with their rental queries and housing maintenance and safety issues.

According to Blouw, the success of this two-year pilot project will determine its rollout to the rest of the city. The community officers will also be conversant in the language of the areas in which they are working and will carry official identification cards.

If a tenant is at work during the day, the community officer will leave a card with contact details. Tenants will thus be able to contact them after hours with any rental queries or to report any health or safety maintenance issues.

The officers will then see to it that the City’s maintenance department handles these requests within 30 days.

The officers will also help to identify the lawful occupants of each housing unit, make sure that leases are in order and facilitate the signing of contracts.

They will ensure that tenants receive proper monthly accounts and facilitate the payment of rentals. Tenants with financial difficulties will also be advised how to reschedule their debts or apply for indigent grants or rates rebates.

If the officers spot any unlawful activities occurring in Council properties, including illegal drug and alcohol trafficking, they will report these immediately to the Metro Police.

Obtaining a motorcycle licence might prove problematic

By Mikhaila Crowie
15 September 2008

A request has been put forth by ANC Member of Parliament Peter Hendricks, to allow cash-strapped motorists to be able to obtain a motorcycle licence quicker than usual.

The City has reported that motorcycle applications have increased by more than 50%

However the traffic department spokesperson Merle Lourens said the traffic department has no view whether or not it is a good idea, as a motorcycle’s controls are a lot different to a car.

“The controls for a motorcycle, is way more different to that of a car or a truck. The test is also different, whoever has been driving for 20 years in a car, will not be able to do the test.”

Chiefs loses against Maritzburg United

By Mandisi Tyulu

15 September 2008

Maritzburg United beat Kaizer Chiefs 3-2 in a high tension game. United defender Gary Goldstone should have been shown the red-card for elbowing Amakhosi's striker Tshepo Bulu, breaking his nose in the process.

The game was played at Durban's Chatsworth Stadium. Chiefs' loss means that they are still on zero points after two Absa Premiership matches, while Maritzburg are on four points.

The Maritzburg win puts them in the third place in log standings while Kaizer Chiefs is on the bottom with no win.

In a press conference after the game Chiefs coach criticised United's coach, Gordon Igesund, for "instructing his players" to implement robust tactics and bone-crunching tackles in Amakhosi's second successive defeat at the start of the Premier League campaign.

Maritzburg assistant coach Clinton Larson said,” This is nothing more than a case of sour grapes and an outrageous allegation," said Larson. "If the Chiefs coach can't take the heat, he should not be in the kitchen."

FIFA President visits Cape Town

By Mikhaila Crowie
15 September 2008

FIFA President Sepp Blatter, has arrived in Cape Town today, to assess the progress for next year’s FIFA Confederations Cup and the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Blatter is accompanied by FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke.

The City of Cape Town’s Pieter Cronje said Blatter had visited the city more than a year ago, when the structure was “barely out of the ground”

Blatter will now be able to witness the progress being made to Green Point stadium, which just needs a roof and is expected to be completed by mid-December 2009.

“Mr Blatter will be accompanied by the secretary general of FIFA and chairperson and CEO of the organising committee, Dr. Irvin Khoza , Mr Danny Jordaan and Mr Tokyo Sexwale, who is a board member of the organising committee.”

De Lille continues her probe into the arms deal

By Mandisi Tyulu
15 September 2008

The Independent Democrats leader Patricia de Lille will tomorrow submit a motion to Parliament calling on President Thabo Mbeki to institute a commission of inquiry into the Arms Deal.

Referring to the ruling in the Zuma case in the Pietermaritzburg High Court, De Lille pointed to what she called “the undeniable fact” that without a full inquiry, the cloud of suspicion hanging over the heads of ANC leaders would continue to grow.

De Lille challenged the ANC to support the motion of no-confidence. The motion of no confidence is yet to be table in parliament by political parties.

SAPS compromising quality of training

By Sasha Forbes
15 September 2008

In the rush to boost SAPS number of reservists, the DA believes that the SAPS is compromising the quality of training. According to a parliamentary reply - reservist training now consists of only 113 hours or 14 eight-hour days, and firearms training a wholly insufficient two days.

Spokesperson Dianne Kohler Barnard says “can we really believe that ordinary people after two days of weapons training can be trusted to make a judgment call about when and how to use potentially lethal force? Is it fair to place ordinary citizens that kind of position, without extensive training?”

The current level of reservists’ training is a far cry from the six months of institution-based theoretical training and six months of field training that permanent SAPS members are required to undertake.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Eighty-four-year old women murdered

By Sasha Forbes
14 September 2008

At about four-o-clock this morning and armed response company responded to an activated panic alarm at a West Cliff home in Hermanus, where they found the body of eighty-four-year-old Lulu Hewitson.

Spokesperson for the SAPS Superintendent Andre Traut says that “she sustained a stab wound t the back and died at the scene. Her husband who was also in the residence survived the attack as he was in a separate part of the house.”

The police believe that the motive for the attack is house-breaking with intension to steal. The suspects fled the home and have not yet been arrested.

Body of 14- year old boy found

By Sasha Forbes
14 September 2008

The body of the four-teen year boy that went missing yesterday in Victoria Bay was found this afternoon. Spokesperson for the NSRI Craig Lambinon says that “during a search this morning, the body of a teenager who went missing at Victoria Bay yesterday was found 100 meters offshore.”

The body was put onto a NSRI rescue craft and brought to shore; the body has now been handed over to police.

Steady progress being made on Cape Flats water maintenance - CoCT

The City of Cape Town says steady progress has been made across the five sites where the municipality’s 72-hour water shutdown on the Cape ...