Sunday, August 31, 2008

Storm causes mayhem in the Mother City

By Mikhaila Crowie
31 August 2008

Strong gale force winds and heavy rain continues to lash the Cape Peninsula, causing havoc in several areas.

Emergency services had their hands full yesterday when seven people were injured when the roof of Pick n Pay Hypermarket in Ottery caved in.

Reports have also been flooding in of trees falling and roofs being blowen off.

Meanwhile four people were burnt to death in several shack fires in the Cape. Firefighters were called out to at least five shack fires in various informal settlements.

Authorities believe the fires were caused by the bad weather. Cape Town Disaster Management Teams are still busy assessing the damage

Kids get high during lunch breaks

By Mikhaila Crowie
31 August 2008

Pupils at a Mitchell’s Plain school have been buying dagga muffins and cookies during their lunch break.

25-year-old painter, Vuzumsi Mhlawuli , has been arrested last week on suspicion of selling dagga cakes to pupils at Westridge High School.

Full sized cakes were selling for R100 while cupcakes and muffins were going for R5 each. It was discovered that the pupils were cutting up the cakes and selling it at school.

Westridge High has since fired Mhlawuli and banned him from entering the school’s premises.

Mhlawuli was arrested last week Tuesday at the school’s fence and appeared in the Mitchell’s Plain Magistrate’s Court. He will reappear in court on September 25. He was released with a warning.

SA contingent head for Angola

By Mikhaila Crowie
31 August 2008

10 South Africans, including members of parliament will form part of a SADC observer mission team, which will help co-ordinate the elections in Angola.

The elections will be running from 5-6 September.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aziz Pahad, said South Africa would form part of a large group of election observers, which will also include the African Union and the European Union.

The Executive Secretary of SADC, Dr Tomaz Augusto Salomoa, has participated in the launch of the SADC observer mission in Luanda.

“The executive secretary has noted that SADC is in Angola with an open spirit, not only to observe the elections but also to assist in post-election process, which includes reconstruction and the social economic development in Angola.”, said Pahad.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

South African government “happy” that relief workers are safe

By Mikhaila Crowie
30 August 2008

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Aziz Pahad briefed the media at the Union buildings yesterday.

He said he was relieved and happy that the two South Africans who were detained in Uganda, were released.

Islamic relief workers Mufti Hussain Bhayat and Haroon Saley were arrested at Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport 13 days ago.

“We are happy, that we continued to interact with authorities at every level to seek some access which we got quite quickly.”, Minister Pahad said.

Pahad said the government was on a mission to meet with the detained and get their side of the story and to confirm whether or not they were in good condition.

“We continued to interact with the Ugandans and we were very happy that they have been released now.”

The Cape braces itself for the mother of all storms

By Mikhaila Crowie
30 August 2008

Emergency services are on high alert as heavy rainstorms lash the Mother City.

The first cold front moved in last night, bringing along gale force winds with the speed of 85 km per hour and persistent rainfall.

The City of Cape Town’s Disaster Risk Management is closely monitoring the weather after a warning was issued by the South African Weather Services.

The Disaster Risk Management Centre is urging citizens to be cautious. These are the steps individuals should follow to protect their families, against adverse weather conditions:

  1. Learn to be aware of severe weather warning signs
  2. Develop an emergency supply kit. Include basics such as water and non-perishable food.
  3. Flashlights, a blanket, a first aid kit and medicines.
  4. Have access to a battery-operated radio to tune-in into for regular updates of news bulletins

Residents can reduce their vulnerability to flooding by implementing the following tips:

  1. Check that the drainage system on your property is not blocked
  2. Raise the floor level of your house to be higher than the land outside
  3. Move to higher ground if you stay in a flood-prone area
  4. Dig furrows around the house to divert water away from the home
  5. Report any blocked drains, intakes and illegal dumping
  6. Waterproof roofs
  7. Clear gutters, down-pipes and furrows
  8. Remove dead branches from trees
  9. Secure furniture that can be blown over or damaged by the wind.

City grants R200 000 to Money for Jam project

By Mikhaila Crowie
30 August 2008

The City of Cape Town has approved a R200 000 grant for an innovative job creation scheme in the Du Noon Informal Settlement

The project, dubbed “Money for Jam, is a result of a feeding scheme, currently underway in the community. A foundation encouraged a group of retired women to make bottled jam from leftover fruit.

The foundation received a surplus of high quality fruit, resulting in a need to find a way to use the fruit as quickly as possible.

The brainwave proved to be a huge success and the retired women found themselves with more orders.

Apart from the huge cash injection, the City of Cape Town will make professionals from its Economic and Social Development Department available, in order to provide assistance and advice where required.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Saccawu members demand better living wage

By Mandisi Tyulu

29 August

The Saccawu members gathered outside Pick n’ pay head office’s with placards written all kinds of massages demanding better living wages. The stood outside the gate of the Pick n pay head office waiting for a representative of pick n pay to come take their memorandum.

The sang songs of freedom and finally the Pick n’Pay representatives arrived to accept the memorandum, say the look at their demands and take them to consideration when they make a decision with top management.

Saccawu has given Pick n Pay management a 24 hour period to respond to their demands and if they do not respond the workers will mobilized other workers and embark on a national strike.

Western Cape spokesperson of Saccawu said that, the wages being paid to workers is not even a living wage its peanuts as compare to what the bosses are getting.”

Pick n’Pay worker Johnston Swart said it is said what the company is doing to them because he been a loyal worker for a period of 25 years and this is how he is rewarded for his service. Members of Saccawu are still waiting to hear from the Pick n’Pay management.

Jacob Zuma’s legal fees costing the state

By Sasha Forbes
29 August 2008

The DA has always maintained that the state should not have to pay for Jacob Zuma’s legal fees. Even though it is common practice in different countries to pay for such costs when cases relate to the carrying out duties.

Len Jobert spokesperson for Justice and Constitutional Development says “when Mr Zuma committed the alleged fraud, he did not do that in his official capacity and because you cannot do such a thing in your official capacity. So it was in his private capacity, for that reason the state should not be paying for his legal fees.”

By Sasha Forbes
29 August 2008

This afternoon the body of a man was found among some bushes between Gie Road and the railway line in Table View.

Inspector Bernadine Steyn says that “the deceased was found by his brother and had several open wounds to his head, neck and abdomen. The motive and circumstances surrounding the incident are being investigated.”

A murder case docket has been registered and anyone with information can contact Detective Inspector Conrad Legit on 021 521 3300.

Attempted armed robbery in Delft

BY Mishkah Anthony
29 August 2008

Yesterday afternoon at about 12:20am three men attempted to rob a cash vehicle at a garage in Main Road, Delft.

The security vehicle stopped at the garage to collect money. Three armed men approached the vehicle from different directions and allegedly took an firearm from one of the guards.

Several shots were fired by the suspects, which prompted one of the guards to retaliate by returning fire.

The suspects then fled the scene in a cream Honda Ballade, that was parked nearby.

Police Captain Joe Wilson reported that, nobody was injured during the incident and no money was taken.

“Shortly after the incident the suspects abandoned the Honda Ballade in Delft-South and allegedly hi-jacked another vehicle, a white Toyota bakkie The vehicle was also found abandoned in Delft-South.”

Five people, aged between 18 and 32 years, were taken in for questioning near the R300 in Delft South in connection with the incident.

Police have opened a case of Armed Robbery and Hi-jacking for investigation.

Murder suspects arrested in Observatory

By Mishkah Anthony
29 August 2008

Yesterday Woodstock Police arrested 2 male suspects at their Rondebosch - East apartment, following a shooting incident that took place last week.

The incident occurred on Tuesday at about 1pm in Penzance Street, Observatory. It is alleged that two men entered the house and fired several shots at two victims. Both were taken to hospital where 28 year old Washeen Dollie passed away.

Woodstock police spokesperson Hilton Malila says, “Police also recovered a pistol of which the serial number had been filed off, we later discovered the revolver was reported stolen in Wellington during February 2007. Two packets of Tik with an estimated street value of about R10 000-00 were confiscated and an amount of cash was also seized.”

Police say, the two suspects, aged 26 and 29 years respectively, are expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate's court on Monday on charges of Murder, Attempted Murder, two counts of possession of unlicenced firearms and ammunition and possession of drugs.

The Congress of South African Trade Unions welcomes Minister of Social Development

BY Mishkah Anthony
29 August 2008

The Congress of South African Trade Unions welcomes Minister of Social Development, Dr. Zola Skweyiya’s, announcement on new regulations for social grant, which will allow over a million more people to be in a position to apply for a grant.

The union has been calling for increases in social grants to help the poorest South Africans for the cut in their real standard of living as a result of the major increases in the prices of food, fuel, paraffin and other goods.

COSATU spokesperson Patrick Craven says, “It is therefore encouraged that the Minister agrees with us that the cost of living has increased as a result of high food and petrol prices and that the lack of adjustment of the means test to make it in line with inflation had diminished the value of the grants more especially in purchasing the basket of goods and services that is mostly consumed by the poor’’.

COSATU agrees with the Minister that the measures are part of government’s war on poverty campaign and COSATU agrees with him that “This is indeed a step in the right direction especially in these hard times.”

The federation will however continue to campaign for other measures to protect the poor from rising prices, including a war on price-fixing and more goods to be zero-rated for VAT.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Lesbain woman case postponed again

By Mandisi Tyulu

28 August

The Aids and Gay rights activists warn neither law enforcement officials nor the justice system is doing enough to stem homophobic violence.Members of the Triangle Project have expressed their outrage, following several postponements in the trial of 9 alleged killers.

The case was due to have started yesterday after being postponed on Friday, but it has once again been postponed - this time to the 4th September.The men are accused of murdering a teenage girl in Khayelitsha more than 2 years ago, reportedly because of her sexual orientation.19-year-old Zoliswa Nkonyana was stabbed, kicked and beaten to death by a mob.

Triangle project director, Venessa Ludwig, says “this case has been going on for more than a year and if we recall Zoliswaw Nkonyana was killed on 4 February 2006,one wonders when the family and friends who also victims will get justice,right now the is a constant postponement because the defence is never ready.”

Community Halls housing the displaced foreigners close today

By Mishkah Anthony
28 August 2008

The move of displaced people from City of Cape Town community halls to three safety sites has begun this morning in Bothasig.

Today displaced people will move from two community halls and a safety site to the Harmony Park safety site in Strand.

Pieter Cronje from the City of Cape Town says, the movement of 55 people started at 9am this morning at the Bothasig hall,87 people will be moved from the Leibrandt van Niekerk hall,Table View at 11am, and 108 people will be moved from Silwerstroom Strand at 14pm.

“This process will continue over the next few days, we are trying the make this move as convenient for people as possible.”

Cronje says the City is trying to wrap up this move before the month of Ramadan.

DA urges Government to come clean about state that Productivity SA is in

By Sasha Forbes
28 August 2008

The problem stricken Productivity SA which plays an essential role in the development and enhancement of productivity and competitiveness in the workplaces throughout South Africa is technically insolvent.

The company’s liabilities exceeded its assets by more that R7 million by the 31 March 2008 which is seven times more than 2007. Independent auditors highlighted the fact as an emphasis in order to point out that this raises uncertainty about the company’s ability.

DA’s labour spokesperson Anchen Dreyer says, “I have been aware of problems that have been onto me confidentially by employer’s months ago by the end of last year already.” Dreyer says that she has asked questions from the minister about them. “They mostly deny the allegations, but now with the auditor general’s report things seem to be coming to ahead.”

Electricity crisis vindicates COSATU mass action

By Mishkah Anthony
28 August 2008

The Congress of South African Trade Unions says admissions made about the cost of the electricity crisis “totally vindicate” its campaign of mass action.

National Energy Regulator of South Africa chief executive officer Smunda Mokoena said at a conference this week that Eskom's load-shedding earlier this year cost the economy around 50-billion-rands.

COSATU says this confirms its view that the energy crisis poses a real threat of job losses, an economic slowdown and far fewer new jobs being created.

COSATU spokesperson Patrick Craven says,
“We feel our campaign was justified and we think now that more and more people are getting their electricity bills, people are realising that they are paying for this crisis.”

Craven says this definitely reinforces the unions determination to keep campaigning to make sure that the workers do not pay for the electricity crisis by losing their jobs, and that the poor do not pay by being charged outrageous amounts for electricity.

Craven added, “This is none of their own responsibilities but the governments.”

Alleged sword killer gets evaluated

By Sasha Forbes
28 August 2008

The alleged sword killer Morne Harmse will be assessed by three psychiatrists and one clinical psychologist once he is sent to a psychiatric hospital for evaluation.

Harmse is accused of killing Jeaques Pretorius, 16, with a samurai sword and wounding three other people at the Nic Deidericks Technial High school last week Monday.

Harmse made a brief appearance at the Krugersdorp Magistrates Court yesterday.

Black Sash calls on government to address the needs of the poor

By Mikhaila Crowie
28 August 2008

The Black Sash has called on Government to re-double its efforts and to take action, to address the needs of the unemployed and working poor. This comes after a report released by the World Bank which indicated that poverty in the Sub-Saharan Africa- including South Africa- is “more pervasive” than previously thought. The report indicated no significant decrease in poverty levels.

Black Sash spokesperson Elroy Paulus said the Black Sash has always been passionate about the rights of the poor. “The extent of poverty has been way below especially in Sub-Saharan Africa and it demonstrated the need of the South African government to increase equitable shares and distribution of income in favour of the poor.”

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Scopions to prosecute perpetretors of xenophobia

By Mandisi Tyulu

27 August 2008

The Deputy Director of Public Prosecutions in the Western Cape has announced that they're pressuring prosecutors to bring forward cases relating to xenophobic attacks.

They are currently 123 cases are on the Western Cape Court rolls, 389 people face charges ranging from public violence, theft, house breaking, intimidation and assault. 28 cases have been withdrawn, while 69 cases are trial. NPA's JC Gerber says all the cases must be finalized as soon as possible.

New cables provide power for Soccer World Cup

By Sasha Forbes
27 August 2008

The City of Cape Town’s Electricity Service has already started installing high voltage underground cable in the CBD and Green Point. The cables will provide a higher capacity of electricity supply to both areas as well as the new Green Point stadium.

There will be different routes affected by the laying down of these cables. Here is a map of the routes:

Table Bay Boulevard – Oswald Pirow Street to Heerengracht
Coen Steytler Avenue
Buitengracht Street
Western Boulevard

For safety purposes all motorists, cyclists and pedestrians are asked to abide by the temporary road markings.

DA calls for Pallo Jordan’s interference in Robben Island

By Mishkah Anthony
27 August 2008

The new Robben Island Ferry was impounded yesterday by the boat's builder "Far Ocean", after being operational for only 7 months.

The firm claims museum management owes it millions of rand.

The Democratic Alliance feels Arts and Culture Minister Pallo Jordan must stop ducking his responsibilities on this matter, and must take steps to prevent a further decline in this institution’s reputation.

DA Spokesperson on Arts and Culture, Desiree van der Walt says,“Although the museum falls squarely within Minister Jordan’s responsibilities, he appears not to have fulfilled a promise made in a response on 1 August to a letter from me to ask the Robben Island council to release a forensic report on the museum.”

Van de Walt claims the Minister has not taken any steps to intervene or keep the public informed, and she is still waiting for a response to a request that she made two weeks ago for a meeting with him to discuss the island.

She says many questions still remain unanswered, especially questions around the tendering for the new boat, why more was paid for it than was initially budgeted, why no penalties were included for late deliveries and why the lowest bid was not accepted.

The DA feels that Robben Island is part of South Africa’s history, and it is a vitally important part of our tourism industry, on which the livelihoods of many people depend. It also receives many millions of rands in public funding every year.

“It is therefore far too important an issue to our country for the public to be kept in the dark about it. The Minister must reassure the public that Robben Island is being properly looked after.”

Implicated MPs should not be involved in Scorpion hearings

By Mikhaila Crowie
27 August 2008

The African Christian Democratic Party has welcomed businessman Hugh Glenister application in the Cape High Court to interdict Members of Parliament, implicated in the Travel gate scandal, from voting on legislation, to disband The Scorpions.

The ACDP raised the issue at the beginning of the public hearings.

Steve Swart, spokesperson on justice matters and ACDP member of parliament, said the party fully supports the urgent application by Hugh Glenister.

“We believe there is a clear conflict of interest and such members of parliament should be excused from all proceedings, dealing with the future of The Scorpions.”

Police commissioner's son to appear in court

By Mandisi Tyulu

27 August 2008

The son of the Western Cape Police Commissioner expected to apply for bail in the Khayelitsha Magistrates Court today. The18-year-old Lwazi Mzito and his 2 co-accused were arrested last month both on charges of hijacking and housebreaking. This will be Mzito's 4th court appearance. The case was delayed after the State requested a final identity parade 2 weeks ago. His lawyer said that Mzito was only identified by 1 of 5 witnesses during a line-up. He was then identified as a suspect and later.

Moving displaced foreigners out of Community Halls

By Mishkah Anthony
27 August 2008

The time has come for some 1 000 displaced people will be moved out of 11 community halls across Cape Town on Thursday, this includes those displaced from Soetwater and Silwerstroom camps.

They can return to their communities or be relocated to Blue Waters or Harmony Park. Youngsfield refugee camp will remain open but will not receive additional people.

The City of Cape Towns Pieter Cronje says that, “of the initial estimated 20 000 people displaced after incidents of xenophobic violence earlier this year, just more than 3 300 remain.”

He says, Provincial Government and the City of Cape Town senior officials as a joint task team, will today explain the process of moving the displaced people and bringing to a conclusion the declared Provincial disaster at a media briefing held at Cape Town Civic centre.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

New Police Academy in Observatory

By Mikhaila Crowie
26 August 2008

Cape Town mayor Helen Zille has opened the city’s first Metro Police Training Academy in Observatory.

The training provided at this academy will enhance the service delivery of traffic services and law enforcement.

Some of the training courses offered include service delivery training, peace officer training and fire arm training.

Manager of Specialised Services for he City of Cape Town, Rudolf Wiltshire said the project had been running since 2005 when the Metro Police decided to have its own capacity in training. Wiltshire said these facilities were needed in Cape Town.

“We’ve upgraded our shooting range and this will give us our own capacity and our own high standard, in terms of training our members.”

The Mfuleni police have warned residents

Mandisi Tyulu

26 August 2008

The Mfuleni police have warned the public to be careful when they are sitting in parked vehicles in secluded areas. This follows the hijacking and murder of a 23-year-old Kuilsriver man who was shot dead at the weekend in Blue Downs. His 23-year-old companion was raped several times before the hijackers took off with her.Mfuleni police says the two were parking behind the local clinic when they were approached by 2 men who demanded the vehicle.

Traffic Officer’s widow finally gets justice and closure

By Mandisi Tyulu
26 August 2008

The widow of a traffic officer in Kuilsriver says she's relieved that justice is being served on her husband's 5 convicted killers. Traffic officer Denver Langeveldt was beaten and stabbed to death by 5 men, near his home more than 2 years ago. Western Cape Community Safety MEC, Patrick McKenzie visited the slain officer's widow yesterday. Langeveldt says she's been struggling to pick up the pieces over the past 2 years. She’s been in and out of hospital after several emotional breakdowns. But she's relieved her husband's killers will be sentenced on the 10th of October 2008.

Gender activists outraged at Khayelitsha murder trial being delayed

By: Sasha Forbes
26 August 2008

Gender activist are “out rage ‘”after the trial of nine men accused of brutally murdering a young women in Khayelitsha more than two years ago the trial was postponed yet again after a three months delay because another man’s lawyer with drew, citing non payment of fees as a reason.

Zoliswa Nkonyana, 19 years old was murdered by a mob of 20 men in February 2006.She was apparently targeted by her attackers because she lived a life of a lesbian openly. Nine men were arrested in connection with her death. The nine men last appeared in court on 20 May 2006.

The trial always gets postponed.Venessa Ludwig, director of the Triangle Project, said ‘the suspects always constantly switching lawyers is absolutely unacceptable delaying tactics”.

Cash - in -transit heist in Malmesbury

By Mishkah Anthony
26 August 2008

This yesterday morning at approximately 09:20 am a cash-in-transit heist took place in-front of a bank in Kerk Street, Malmesbury. SAPS spokesperson Bernadine Steyn says the cash vehicle stopped in-front of the bank to collect money. One security guard went into the bank to fetch money, another security guard waited outside the vehicle with the driver seated in the driver’s seat.

When the guard returned from the bank with two money boxes, he was approached by an armed man. Police says it is alleged that the suspect pointed a firearm at the guard and took both money boxes containing an undisclosed amount of money.
Another armed suspect approached the security guards and a struggle ensued during which a guard's official firearm was taken.

“The suspects ran to a nearby parked white Mercedes Benz with a third suspect assume be the driver. The suspects made off with the money boxes and firearm and are still at large”
No shots were fired and nobody sustained any visible injuries.
Police have opened a case of armed robbery for investigation and anyone with information can contact the Investigating Officer, Constable Steven Tole at the Organized Crime unit in Bellville on 021-950 1400.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Health MEC committed to improve township health care

By Mishkah Anthony
25 August 2008

After being swamped with reports from the public about inhumane and near collapse of services at different health facilities, Clinics and Day Hospitals in the townships and the Cape Flats.

Western Cape Health Minister Marius Fransman has decided to embark on a visit to state health institutions tomorrow to find out exactly what needs to be improved.

Health MEC spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila says Minister Fransman will be accompanied by a delegation of officials, trade union representatives, Members of the Provincial Legislature and representatives of local Health Forums.

The Minister will begin his visit in the Mitchells Plain Health Care Facility. The Western Cape Department of Health committed itself to provide an accessible, affordable, reliable and dignified health service to the 3, 9 million uninsured people in the province.

The department says this commitment can only be recognised if the facilities and staff perform optimally.


The Rondebosch Village Market is open every Saturday from 7:30 am to noon, next to the Rondebosch Library in St. Andrew’s Road. Organic produce, home bakes, books and bric-a-brac are on sale. For details call Dee on 021 696 5749 or Pieter on 072 222 6410.

Dennegeur Primary School will be holding its Food Fair on Friday 29 August from 5pm till 9pm. Coupons are R50 each and are available at the school. For more information contact Dennegeur Primary on 021 393 3475

# The Lions club of Goodwood will host a bingo evening at the cultural hall on Tuesday September 9 from 8pm. 10 games will cost you R20. For more information contact call Richard and Janet Hayes on 021 558 5866 or 072 359 5917.

# Durbanville Lions Club will hold a fun horse race evening at Rosehaven, Queens Street, Durbanville, on Friday August 29, at 7.30 pm. Tickets are R35 and include a meal. Call John on 021 976 2236 or Pierre on 021 914 0845

If you have any information for the CIN team regarding events happening in you community, please feel free to contact us on 021 4485450 or fax us on 021 448 5451. Alternatively you can email us on If you have missed any of the numbers mentioned you can give us a call.

Operator for new Green Point stadium selected

By Mikhaila Crowie
25 August 2008

A consortium of the Sail Group and Stade de France has been named the preferred bidder to operate the new multi-function Green Point stadium after the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

The City of Cape Town will negotiate a contract with the consortium by the end of October.

The Stade de France is an 80 000 seat stadium in France and Sail is the largest sport management company in the country.

Once the contract is signed, the operator will be involved in before 2010, to help with the detailed design of the stadium.

Mike Marsden, the Executive Director for Service Delivery Integration, said finding an operator with experience proved to be the most crucial element in the joint bidding process.

A bid was received from Investec Bank for both the naming and operating rights for the stadium but did not meet the tender requirements for the stadium.

Man gets killed girlfriend gets raped

By Mandisi Tyulu

25 August 2008

A man was shot dead and his girlfriend raped by hijackers at Mfuleni at the weekend, Cape Town police said on Monday.The couple were hijacked by two armed men in the early hours of Sunday morning outside the Blue Downs magistrate's court, said Captain Anneke van der Vyver.The 23-year-old driver, Steve Petersen from Highbury, resisted and was shot dead.The men drove off with the woman in the dark blue Toyota Corolla and later raped her on the beach before tying her up.She managed to free herself after the men left and went to the nearest house for help.No arrests have been made. A case for murder and rape has been opened.

The department of housing will negotiate with Joe Slovo resident

By Mandisi Tyulu
25 August 2008

The department of housing has told its legal team to engage with lawyers representing Cape Town's Joe Slovo squatters in a bid to thrash out a settlement for the Constitutional Court.

The court on Thursday urged all sides in the dispute to co-operate in putting together a draft order to replace an eviction order issued earlier this year by Cape judge president John Hlophe.

The squatters are challenging the order, which seeks to remove them from land destined for the N2 Gateway housing project."We have instructed our lawyers to urgently prepare to engage with the legal team representing the other parties to try to reach a common position on the draft order," housing director-general Itumeleng Kotsoane said in a statement on Friday.

He said there could be no disagreement with the sentiment expressed from the Bench that the best way to resolve challenges in housing delivery was "by agreement with the people"."From the outset of the N2 Gateway pilot project, in all our consultations with residents of Joe Slovo... we have sought to affirm the dignity of the people," Kotsoane said.However, delivery should not be hamstrung, he said.

No sympathy for dying South African babies

By: Sasha Forbes
25 August 2008

Next week, the Democratic Alliance’s (DA) second Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) application for the report into the deaths of 122 babies in the Eastern Cape will be expiring. The DA expects the Health Minister to finally release this report so that the families can know what happened to their children.

Last week 153 people were killed in a plane crash in Spain. In response, the government declared three days of mourning, flags are flying at half pole and the king and queen have paid personal visits to the morgue where the bodies are being kept.
In contrast to South Africa, where almost as many babies die due to dirty water as people were killed in this plane crash. However, nothing has been done. The Minister of Health is still refusing to release the results of the enquiry into their deaths.

The people of South Africa should not have accepted a government which acts with such little concern to the value of their lives – especially when this is contrasted with the care and compassion shown by the governments in other countries.

Motorist killed on the M3

By Sasha Forbes
25 August 2008

It has been reported that a motorist was killed on the M3 near the university over the weekend, when a boulder fell against her windscreen.

According to city Traffic spokesperson Merle Lourens, the boulder was made loose when another driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into the metal barricade while heading into Cape Town on the M3 upper lane on Saturday evening.

When paramedics arrived, the woman was given treatment, but died at the scene shortly after.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Man shoots wife and himself

By Mishkah Anthony
24 August 2008

Yesterday afternoon at about 16:40 a shooting incident occurred at a house in Kleinvlei.

A married couple visited a friend's house in Trafalgar Street, Malibu Village. While the man, his wife and the female friend were talking in the main bedroom, the man allegedly took out a firearm.

The female friend ran out of the bedroom when she saw the firearm. Several shots were heard and upon returning to the room, the friend found the dead bodies of the couple.

SAPS spokesperson Inspector Bernadine Steyn says the male 35 year old Neville Lubbe had a gunshot wound to his head and his wife 24 years old Nicolene Lubbe had two gunshot wounds to her head. She was a Student Constable at Worcester Police station.

The couple leaves behind two children, aged 4 and 7 years respectively.

Police say the firearm used in the murder is registed in another person's name and motive for the incident is still unknown.

Police have opened a Murder and Inquest docket for investigation.

Man hands himself over after killing his girlfriend

By Mishkah Anthony
24 August 2008

A 24 year old man was arrested last night after he handed himself over at the Bellville Police station.

It is alleged that at about 10:30pm last night the suspect had a argument with his girlfriend in her bedroom on the premises of University of the Western Cape residence.

SAPS spokesperson Inspector Bernadine Steyn said Lithenba Jama a 22 year old student originally from Port Elizabeth was stabbed to death by her boyfriend.

“she was stabbed several times with a knife on her body and died on the scene.”

The suspect, who is a student originally from Bloemfontein, will appear in the Bellville Magistrate's court on Tuesday.

Mini-tsunami hits Cape Coast

By Mishkah Anthony
24 August 2008

The National Sea Rescue Institute says it is concerned that a mini-tsunami may have hit the Cape West Coast without prior warning.

Spokesperson Craig Lambinon says they have been inundated with calls about unusual tidal patterns since Thursday.

Some buildings along the St Helena Bay coast were apparently slightly damaged. Lambinon says the cause could have been seismic activity in the Atlantic Ocean.

It may have registered below seven on the Richter scale, explaining why the Hawaii Command Centre did not pick it up.

“We are investigating the matter further in consolation with a host of organisations, but at this stage it appears, base on the evidence that we have that it was in fact a mini-tsunami.”

Saturday, August 23, 2008

New detour road proves 2010 stadium progress

By Mishkah Anthony
23 August 2008

In close to a week, a new detour road will open in the vicinity of the 2010 stadium in Green Point.

The City of Cape Town’s Director of Roads and Stormwater, Henry du Plessis, says it provides concrete proof that the Granger Bay Boulevard project is on track and on time.

"The project includes the reconstruction of the Green Point traffic circle to allow pedestrians to cross under the elevated circle. To facilitate the construction of the new traffic circle, traffic using it has to be diverted onto a temporary bypass road which is being constructed around the circle.”

Du Plessis says the new intersection is controlled by traffic lights, and links the Western Boulevard to Main Road and to Bill Peters Drive was opened on Tuesday. The old link from the existing Green Point Circle to Main Road opposite York Street has now been closed to allow the new detour road to be completed.

The detour will be opened to traffic next Friday. The existing traffic circle will then be removed to make way for the new elevated one.

Changes to means test benefits more

By Mishkah Anthony
23 August 2008

The Minister of Social Development, Dr. Zola Skweyiya, yesterday announced the new regulations which will allow more people to apply for social grants.

This means that just over a million people who were excluded before, will now get an opportunity to apply for a social grant.

The Minister announced that the means test applicable to the child support grant is changed from R1100 to R2200 per month. The Care Dependency grant income threshold is increased from R4000 to R9400 per month. For the adult grants, the income threshold is increased from R1900 to R2200 per month and the value of the assets increases from R338 000 to R450 000 per year for unmarried persons and doubled for married persons.

Minister Skweyiya said this brings relief to those who are faced with distress and undue hardship. The measures are part of government’s war on poverty campaign. She says this is indeed a step in the right direction especially in these hard times where the cost of living has increased as a result of high food and petrol prices.

Metro Police Chief suspended

By Yamkela Xhaso
23 August

The City of Cape Town Chief of the Metro Police, General Bongani Jonas, has been suspended on Friday 22 August until the end of September 2008 in the light of criminal charges he is facing in the court in Carletonville and an ongoing internal investigation into related matters.

Peter Cronje from the City of Cape Town says that after the end of his suspension it will be reviewed.

“ At the same time there is an internal investigation which has not been concluded into related matters. The suspension is on full pay and it does not imply that he is either innocent or guilty”

“He and the city manger Achmat Ebrahim, came to an agreement about his suspension today in the interests of service delivery, the public’s confidence in the metro and the city’s residents”

While he is away Deputy Chief Pinky Mathabathe will be acting Chief.

Friday, August 22, 2008


By Yamkela Xhaso
22 August 2008


# Guided tours will be held at the Green Point stadium from Mondays to Fridays at 12pm.The tours will include a visit to the Green Point Stadium and new visitor Centre as well as a 3D Virtual tour of the completed 2010 stadium. Tickets cost R20 for children and pensioners and R40 for adults. For details call Bernadette or Lana on (021) 430 0410/8.

# The Heart and Stroke foundation are looking for volunteers to help out with admin duties. If you are interested, call Azraa on (021) 447 4222.

Durbanville Lions Club will hold a fun horse race evening at Rosehaven, Queens Street, Durbanville, on Friday August 29, starting at 7.30 pm. Tickets are R35 and include a meal. Call John on 021 976 2236 or Pierre on 021 914 0845

Grassy Park library invites children from six to 12 years old every Wednesday at 3.15pm for storytelling and crafts. Call Asa Majiet on (021) 706 2267.

The Western Cape cerebral palsy association will be participating in the Cavendish Square Book Sale from Thursday August 28 to Sunday August 31, and need donations of books of any kind. If you can help, call Joy or Debbie on 021 685 4150.

Mitchell’s Plain Network Opposing Women Abuse will hold a fundraiser called Brunch with a Difference at 11 am, on Saturday August 30. Tickets are R50. For details call Daphne Jansen on 083 998 3760

If you have any information for the CIN team, please feel free to send us an e-mail to You can also contact us on 021 448 5450 or fax us on 021 448 5451 if you have missed any of the numbers mentioned. From the CIN team.

Newfields Village blame poor housing for burglaries

By Mikhaila Crowie
22 August 2008

The community of Newfields Village in Hanover Park have been hit by 10 burglaries in the past two days.

This come after the Cape Town Community Housing Company (CTCH), fitted all the houses in the area, with plastic window latches.

Residents are angry and now fear for their lives.

Newfields Village Anti-Eviction co-ordinator, Gary Hartzenberg, condemned the CTCH, saying they are being paid millions to upgrade homes in the area but are not spending it on the repairs for these homes.

“Some people are reluctant to go to work, because then they will have to leave their home.”

Residents told the CTCH last week that they want proper metal latches but the company ignored them.

This follows an incident earlier in the month when the resident complained about the old window frames, which the company left behind while doing repair work.

Residents complained that the shattered glass from the windows could be dangerous when the children are around but the company simply said it is “not their problem”.

Hartzenberg said the matter needs to be addressed very urgently.

FEDUSA disappointed with the arrest of Swazi union leader

By Yamkela Xhaso
22 August

The Federation of Unions of South Africa has condemned the arrest of Mr Jan Sithole, Secretary General of the Swaziland Federation of Trade Unions.

Mr Sithole was arrested due to his participation in the protest march to the 28th Summit of SADC Heads of State which took place on the 16th of August in Sandton.

According to a letter which was received from International Trade Union Confederation, Sithole was raided on the 21st of August by an army of police officers.

He was eventually arrested with no charges laid against him FEDUSA Secretary General Dennis George said,

“It is totally unacceptable that the police force would send 30 officers to arrest one person.

George added,

“We want to call on the South African Government and President Thabo Mbeki as the chairman of SADC to intervene because in any democratic country, a right to protest is a right.

We also want him to be released with immediate effect”

Praises for the Goodwood traffic department

By Cindy Witten
22 August 2008

The Goodwood Traffic department has been awarded a trophy for service excellence, by the Parow Industria City Improvement District (CID). Businesses in the area are impressed with the professional service of Goodwood’s traffic officers and have decided to award their service excellence trophy to the department.

The City Improvement District is known as one of the best run CID’s in the city and is made up of major companies including; Peninsula Beverages, Clover, Parmalat, Simba, Pep, Panasonic, Alpine Lounge, Foschini, Freudenberg Nonwovens, Gyproc, Toyota Forklift and CFW Industries. Glynis van Lill, manager of the CID says that they are extremely grateful for the department’s efficient response to crime and traffic violation, whenever called upon by people working in the area.

Merle Lourens, National spokesperson for Traffic says that the Goodwood Traffic Department most definitely deserved the award.
“Parow doesn’t have as many traffic officers as Goodwood does, but they are all servicing the same area. It’s a best service delivery award which is given out by the Parow CID annually. It’s for quicker response regarding complaints, etc,” said Lourens.

Van Lill added that the CID aims to build confidence in the area by making it as safe, attractive and clean as possible. In doing so, it will lead to an environment in which business can be conducted because an effective response to high levels of crime is provided.

40 arrested in Metro Police blitz

By Mikhaila Crowie
22 August 2008

40 people were arrested for drunk driving during a vehicle raid this week.

Over 200 traffic fines were issued and Metro Police vowed they would continue to nab drunken drivers at roadblocks and vehicle checkpoints.

Metro Police spokesperson, Nowellen Petersen said: “During the past week, Metro Police members had various road blocks and vehicle checkpoints in the Mitchells Plain area and as a result 40 drivers were arrested.”

Metro police help to curb drug trafficking

By Yamkela Xhaso
22 August

Metro Police returned fire at suspects who have rammed their vehicle during a car chase and arrested a suspect with ecstasy with a street value of R70 000.
Metro Police spokesperson Nowellen Petersen said that being a Metro police officer is a profession that can provide the enthusiasm of grave situations as well as the pleasure of knowing that you are placing an obstacle between a community and the evil forces that look for to damage it.

According to reports, the first case, two Metro Police officers on patrol in Eisleben Road near Philippi Police College saw a bakkie with three occupants jump a red traffic light and almost crash with a bus

The vehicle then stopped, reversed and rammed the police vehicle and tried to ram it a second time but, when they were not successful in stopping it, they raced towards Brown’s Farm and stopped in Bristol Road.
As they jumped out of the car, one pointed a firearm at the pursuing police but, before he could fire, he was shot in the thigh.
One of his companions picked up his firearm and four shots were fired at the pursuing police as the two of them fled down an alley and escaped.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

City warns of sharks this time of year

By Mikhaila Crowie
21 August 2008

The City of Cape Town has warned those who use the sea for recreational or for income purposes, that shark season is soon approaching.

In the past few days, sharks have been spotted at Muizenberg Beach on Monday just before midday, and at Sunnycove on Sunday.

The City’s Gregg Oelofse encouraged Capetonians to swim, kayak and surf in groups.

“We just want to inform people that, we find that White Sharks move closer inshore round about this time of year, in Spring and Summer.”

Oelfose said it was not unusual to spot Sharks this time of year and wanted to warn swimmers and surfers to be careful.

Even if you’re late, you pay. No matter what the occasion!

By Cindy Witten
21 August 2008

Funeral delays on Saturdays is causing traffic congestion and overcrowding at City of Cape Town cemeteries and it has become necessary to impose a fine of R298,00 for those funeral processions who show up late for arrival.

Susan Brice, Cemetery Co-ordinator in the City Parks Department, says that on order to meet demand and provide the maximum number of burial opportunities on Saturdays, the City needs to insist that burial times are strictly adhered to in future.

“As it is becoming critical that people adhere to their booking times on Saturdays, that we actually must find some way of enforcing that people do not come late too regularly,” said Brice.

She added that when people are late, they arrive when other burials are taking place, which causes major disturbance, especially to the dignity of others who are trying to pay their last respects to the person that they are burying. Religious leaders and undertakers are urged to make sure that they arrive on time. It is also suggested that funerals be arranged for during the week, when the cemeteries are quieter.

24-year-old dies after Observatory flat shooting

By Mikhaila Crowie
21 August 2008

The Woodstock police were called out to a shooting which took place in Penzance Road.

Police are still trying to establish the motive for the shooting which left a female wounded and a 24-year-old male dead.

Woodstock police spokesperson, Hilton Malila, said on arrival they saw blood stains in the living room and according to an eyewitness, two armed men entered the flat and an argument erupted.

“Two people, a male and a female, were shot. The two people that were shot were taken to Groote Schuur Hospital.”

The male died an hour later due to a gunshot wound he sustained to his body.

Malila said police are currently investigating a murder case as well as an attempted murder case and urged anyone with information to contact the Woodstock Police station on 021 442 3129

NSRI searches for the missing owner of a rubber duck

By Yamkela Xhaso
21 August

The National Sea Rescue Institute is looking for the owner of a rubber duck which was found semi-submerged washed against the rocks at Rooikrans, Cape Point.

The boat is reported to be in a bad state with a splitting of the rubber between the rigid hull and the pontoon and with the hull partially eaten away by what appears to be long term decay.

Earlier on in the day Table Mountain National Park rangers saw a similar looking boat with 2 males on-board who appeared to be divers in the common surrounding area.

Then, at around 11h30, the crew of the catamaran Southern Comfort reported seeing and speaking to 2 Afrikaans speaking men who claimed to be fishing and were on a similar looking boat but who didn’t look like they were divers as they were wearing clothes and not wet-suits.

Graig Lambinon of the National Sea Rescue Institute said,

“It is a blue rubber duck with a white hole, it also had a black mercury 40 hose power engine. There is no sign of anyone who owns the boat”

Lambinon added, “at this stage it remains a mystery we are asking anyone who the owners are”

Graig Lambinon said if anyone has information can call NSRI communications at 0823803800 or NSRI Head Office during office hours at (021) 4344011.

City’s water ranked as one of the best water supplies in the world

By Cindy Witten
21 August 2008

The City’s water department has received international visitors from Romania as well as members from Bloemfontein water. They come with the hope of discovering how the water department runs its operations.

Mayoral Committee Member for Utility Services, Clive Justus, says that the delegation was very impressed with the processes and checks and balances to deliver high quality potable water. Our water services were held in high esteem and is something we, as Capetonians should be very proud of.

“We’ve received rewards from the department of water affairs and the water institute over the past few months. This is an assurance that the water quality the citizens of Cape Town enjoy is excellent. There is absolutely no concern of the cities water condition and citizens should be reassured that things are well with our water supply,” said Justus.

According to the department, the awards included the Water Services Authority Checklist Award for achieving 90% overall legislative compliance in Water Services function, the Water Conservation Award in recognition of excellent water conservation practices and, the Drinking Water Quality Management Award in recognition of outstanding drinking water quality management practices.

When Cape Town’s water is compared to that of other developing countries, it is ranked amongst the best. And when compared to developed countries, it is also ranked as one of the best quality water in the world.

Five arrested for armed robbery in Khayelitsah

Yamkela Xhaso
21 August

Police arrested five suspects for armed robbery in Khayelitsha’s Site B and Site C areas on Tuesday night

The police were conducting their daily operation when they arrested the suspects who are know for committing armed robberies in the Site B areas.

The suspects whose ages are between 17 and years old will appear in the Khayelitsha Magistrate Court today.

Police are still investigating if these suspects are linked to other armed robbery cases committed previously in the area.

Constable Mthokozisi Gama of the SAPS in Khayelitsha said’

“The first two suspects were arrested were pointing a firearm on a complainant and took his cellphone and then undress him of his clothes and ran away.”

“The other three alleged Suspects arrested and detained at Khayelitsha SAPS during the same daily operation of tracing suspects”

Gama added, “three of the suspects were found with an undisclosed amount of money and a cellphone”

But Gama sadi investigations are continuing

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Full steam ahead for Philippi stadium upgrade

By Mishkah Anthony
20 August 2008

The Philippi stadium will be officially handed over to contractors tomorrow. The stadium has been selected by the 2010 World Cup organising committee as a practice venue.

Western Cape 2010 co-ordinator Dr. Laurine Platzky explains that on a call for proposal for a tenant for the Philippi stadium, a club, a business involved with sport, young people and youth development to operate the stadium for the next ten years, and the lease is also available for an extended period for another ten years.

“the call for proposal went out on Friday and we looking forward to responses from the private sectors and clubs to run the Philippi stadium with programs such as youth and sport development.”

Dr. Platzky added that once the contractors are finally on site, one will begin to see developments ahead of 2010 that will also be part of our legacy, which is a very exciting development for one of the poorest areas in our province.

4th annual Woman’s Parliament, proved to be a huge success

By Cindy Witten
20 August 2008

Addressing the national assembly on the second day of Woman’s Parliament, rapporteurs reflected on previous Woman’s Parliaments.

Since 2004, women from different organisations have annually come together to discuss matters affecting women in South Africa. Topics such as: Women and education, Women and environmental affairs and Women and child trafficking were addressed. The first rapporteur added that no government can lead successfully without the support of woman.

When the topic of Women and macro economic policy was discussed, the second rapporteur heavily criticised the government’s policies and programs. She said that they failed to reach the woman who needed them the most. She added that National government cannot take all the blame and that programs should be implemented at a provincial level, saying that the private sector is not properly involved in the development of women.
She concluded that the gap needs to be bridged between the public and private sectors so that they can equally contribute to the development of woman in South Africa.

The third rapporteur addressed the topic of social movements and regional woman’s organisations in eradicating poverty. She mentioned that one of the major challenges facing social movements in South Africa is the lack of financial resources and support. Illiteracy in rural areas is a major cause for concern, but there is a lack of communication with regards to promoting programs to combat the problem, especially in the rural areas. She suggested that there be an on-going process by government to ensure that reading and writing workshops reach the grasslands and rural areas.

Eskom leaves City station in the dark

By Mikhaila Crowie
20 August 2008

A power outage at the Salt River Eskom sub station this morning left Cape Town train station without any power.

Metrorail were unable to service any of their signals and to make centralised announcements.

Commuters were told to make alternative arrangements this morning.

Metrorail spokesperson, Riana Scott, said Eskom were unable to tell them when the power would be back on.

Scott also apologised to commuters saying it was beyond their (Metrorail) control and said Golden Arrow were assisting them during the crisis.

“People with weekly and monthly tickets were able to use Golden Arrow bus services and Golden Arrow will continue to service those customers.”

City pioneers health initiative for deaf children

By Mishkah Anthony
20 August 2008

The City of Cape Town is to develop its pioneering initiative in the early detection of hearing impairment among children by funding a follow-up intervention programme.

The Health Portfolio Committee approved an ad hoc funding of R190 000, from the Mayoral Projects fund, to the Hi Hopes early intervention programme which is supported by the Wits University.

Cape Town recently launched South Africa’s first systematic community based hearing sifting test for babies at Ravensmead Clinic.

Chairperson of the Health Portfolio Committee says, the City believes that early treatment can transform hearing impaired children into productive and valued members of society.

The programme is linked to the Wits Centre for deaf studies and provides a home-based, family-centred support which assist families in caring for their hearing impaired children.

Retired Detective vowed to successfully finish his cases to long sentences

By Yamkela Xhaso
20 August

Recently three males were found guilty of a string of serious cases after a lengthy investigation into the cases. Apparently on the 14th October 2004 in the evening these three males invaded a Shebeen house Hlati street in Nyanga.

Their presence there was robbery motivated and they yielded fire arms and fired gun shots inside the house.

They fatally wounded three people, injured three people and assaulted grievously other three people. They took an undisclosed amount of cash and fled the scene on foot to an unknown direction

It is reported that the retired Detective Superintendent Griffith Adonis made sure that his excellent work finishes with pride.

Although he was no longer in the police force, he still played vital role in ensuring that this case get the well deserve out comes.

He was attending court proceedings as he was the prime investigator of this case before he retired last year.This case was in the Supreme Court and on the 14th August 2008 all his suspects were found guilty of all charges

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

UDF to celebrate its 25th anniversary tomorrow

By Yamkela Xhaso
19 August

The United Democratic Front turns 25 on the 20th of August. At a media briefing today hosted by Western Cape Provincial Premier Lynn Brown, who was accompanied by alliance partners and MDM structures Proudly Mannenberg in Particular.

Brown said, “It was not a single organisation but many organisations participated fight against apartheid.

“The late Wilfred Rhodes said that to build strong democracy we must pull together the broadest sectors of all the organisations in the Western Cape.”

Brown said that in order to fight poverty the organisation in the Western Cape must unite. Brown called on all the sectors of all the organisation in the Western Cape to work with and alongside each other to fight this big enemy.

“We must fight with organised formations, with people in communities. We want to see a collective spirit and collective action in the Western Cape”

The Congress of the South African Students has honoured the UDF ahead of its anniversary tomorrow. The Cosas honoured the UDF of its achievements in the educational sector. The Cosas Western Cape Branch Chairman Benjamin Zantsi said that the Cosas owes it to the UDF because it has always stood up for teachers who produce

“It is very important for us because we owe it to UDF because we demand teachers that produce not only teachers who teach using the latest curriculum” said Benjamin

Also among the attendants from the education sector in the conference was Mayenzeke Sophaqa who is the chairperson of the School Governing Body in the Western Cape said that the role played by the UDF during the fight against the apartheid regime was important

Railway thieves arrested in lightning speed

By Yamkela Xhaso
19 August

The City of Cape Town’s cable theft task team successfully arrested those involved in the theft of railway equipment that left Cape Town’s rail commuter service severely affected on Friday last week.

The team is reported to have acted on a tip-off from a scrap dealer and swooped on A L Scrapyard in Woodstock on Friday.

The team known as Copperheads arrested the cashier in possession of stolen goods.

The team is said to have been working closely with Metrorail’s security contractor.

Councilor Pieter van Dalen chairman off the Copperheads said that the team also held another five people suspected with ripping out railway clips and tracks to be sold as scrap metal.

The Copperheads investigators revealed that there was a syndicate based in both in Athlone and

Woodstock, and the team also suspected that the syndicate was involved in the theft of rail equipment which resulted in Friday’s Metrorail’s disruptions

The theft resulted in costing Metrorail R48 000 to replace copper signalling cables and caused the disruptions of hundreds of thousands of commuters thus negatively affecting business.

Pieter said that the successes are based mainly on the tip-offs made anonymously. He added that police should introduce a 24 hour fraud line.

Van Dalen thanked the people of Cape Town for their tip-offs and encouraged them to continue reporting any suspicious activity to the Copperheads on a toll free hotline 0800 222 771

SA strengthens global contacts

By Mishkah Anthony
19 August 2008

South African Deputy President Phumzile Mlambo- Ngcuka, accompanied by Deputy Minister Aziz Pahad departed yesterday for Istanbul, where they will lead the South African government delegation to the first Africa- Turkey Summit scheduled for 18-21 August 2008.

The South African government delegation will include a SA representative to the African Union, Ambassador Pepani and SA’s Ambassador to Turkey Tebogo Seokolo.

Presidency spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa says this summits comes in context with the African Unions decision to establish strategic partnerships with developed and emerging economies with a view to tackling Africa developmental challenges.

“In this regard the summit will seek to explore cooperation in such areas, such as intergovernmental cooperation, trade and industry, health, peace and security, infrastructure, development in energy, culture and education aswel as media and communication”

President Mbeki addresses National Assembly at Woman’s Parliament about War on poverty campaign

By Cindy Witten
19 August 2008

Addressing the National assembly at Woman’s Parliament today, President Thabo Mbeki saluted all women on the African continent for the role they play in the running of our country.

The President made reference to the war on poverty campaign recently launched by government. He said that the campaign aims to visit the poorest of the poor communities with the hope of eradicating poverty and to empower woman to become self reliant.
“Government has launched a national War on poverty campaign so as to accelerate and strengthen our struggle against poverty. Naturally, the main focus of this campaign, which will concentrate on the poorest of the poor in all nine provinces, will be woman and children,” said Mbeki.

He added that South Africa is a long way from becoming a non-sexist society, but what we, as South Africans, should strive for is to progress beyond the legacy of apartheid which oppressed woman.
“As society and as public representatives we should never, ever lose hope that we ultimately reach our goal. We should never be discouraged by the occasional setbacks, because if we do, we would demoralise the millions of people whose hopes rest on our shoulders.”

R3 million to restore Princess Vlei

By Mikhaila Crowie
19 August 2008

The City of Cape Town is to pump R3 million over the next two years to restore Princess Vlei in Retreat.

According to Ward Councillor Jan Burger, the project has already created 12 job opportunities.

Burger said the aim of the project is to transform Princess Vlei into a top fynbos sanctuary for recreational and educational purposes.

Burger said Kelvin Cochrane of Biowatch approached him about the restoration of Princess Vlei.

“The Princess Vlei has always been a Cinderella Vlei, nothing occurs around it. There is a lot of dumping and criminal activities so we want to bring it back as it used to be.”

Burger said at the end of the day, the legend of the Princess Vlei could be revived and therefore it is a vital task for the City of Cape Town.

Monday, August 18, 2008

eNatis system crashes countrywide

by Mishkah Anthony
18 August 2008

Cape Town Traffic department's operating system, E-Natis was down again this morning.

Officials say a technical error in Gauteng has caused all traffic centres across the City to crash. But just a few hours ago Cape Town traffic officials have confirmed the E-Natis system is up and running again. Cape Town traffic's Merle Lourens says the system is back in operation.

“So far the Western Province is up and running but I am not sure for the risk of the country.”

Lourens said there was a power outage in the Midrand branch in Gauteng which caused the entire country’s operations to crash.

Five men convicted in the Cape High court

By Yamkela Xhaso
18 August

The Cape High Court has found five men guilty of murdering and kidnapping a Kuilsriver traffic officer Denver Langeveldt.

Judge Richard Brusser has commended the investigative work done by the police.

The court found Arnold Presence, Llewellyn March, Craig Daniels, Yoland Roode and Bradley Shaun van Reenen had acted with common purpose when they forced Denver Langeveldt into the boot of his car, stabbed and kicked him and then left him on a field to die.

Langeveldt was murdered on January 28th 2006.

More money spent on Olympics expo than on athletics

By Mishkah Anthony
18 August 2008

The Democratic Alliance says more money was spent on an unsuccessful Olympics expo than on team preparation.

The DA will today write to the chairperson of the portfolio committee on sports, Butana Komphela, requesting him to summon the Department of Sports and Recreation to appear before the committee to explain its decision to host an R11 million rands expo at the Olympics which opened a week late and will close a week earlier than arranged.

Reports from Beijing indicate that the department’s hospitality centre, which was supposed to showcase the country at the games, is reportedly a big flop due to poor preparations by officials in the Department of Sports.

Invitations which should have been posted more than a year ago to members of the International Olympic Committee and other sports dignitaries at the games were only sent out a week after the centre should have been up and running.

Furthermore the DA says the department has not bothered to provide reasons for staging such an expensive event, including its delayed opening and the premature closure.

Lee says, “It is ironic that the Department has spent more on a poorly planned event than it has on Team SA’s preparations for the Olympics. Last year, the department gave the South African Sports Confederation and Olympics Committee only R9 million to prepare for the Olympics.”

“The underfunding of team preparations for international competitions is one of the major reasons for South Africa’s dismal performance at the Olympics.”

The DA feels the public deserves to know the real reasons for this waste of taxpayers’ money. It is unacceptable that an event of this importance can be mismanaged in this manner without action being taken against those responsible. The DA will use its representation in the portfolio committee on sports to ensure that appropriate action is taken against those responsible for this scandal.

Mbeki warns SADC members of the challenges that lay ahead

By Mikhaila Crowie
18 August 2008

South African President Thabo Mbeki assumed the Chair of Southern African Development Community (SADC) this weekend, during the official opening of the 28th Ordinary SADC Summit of Heads of States and Governments in Johannesburg.

At the summit, President Mbeki highlighted the challenges the region will face. Mbeki said part of the challenge will be the need to put our limited capacity to use, particularly scientific and technological resources, which will help lessen the impact of climate change.

“Infrastructure development is central to our efforts to stimulate economic growth, accelerate regional integration and enhance our global competitiveness.”

Mbeki said therefore it is important for SADC to continue to address investment in infrastructure because it is vital to the regional economic development and growth.

Harmful bacteria found in City’s rivers

By Mikhaila Crowie
18 August

The City of Cape Town has warned that our rivers are fast deteriorating.

Water quality scientists have, over the past decade, detected increasing amounts of harmful bacteria in our 14 rivers. Mayoral committee member for utility services, Clive Justus, said the rivers are monitored on a monthly basis.

The department has seen a negative trend as a result of pollution and run-off, particularly in the informal settlements but also in the formal settlements.

“It is the city’s intentions to upgrade the waste waters treatment plants to the value of R290 million this year.”

Justus said hopefully this will contribute to a cleaner water body, be it a river or a wetland.

Joe Slovo task team to appear before constitutional court

By Cindy Witten
18 August 2008

The residents of Joe Slovo shack settlement in Langa, will stand before the Constitutional Court on Thursday to contest the order obtained by Housing Minister Lindiwe Sisulu in the Cape High Court in March to evict them and send residents to the outskirts of Cape Town in Delft. Residents are furious at the idea of being relocated to Delft.

The community of Joe Slovo is supported by the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign, which includes communities in Mitchell's Plain, Gugulethu, Athlone, Hanover Park, Ocean View, Khayelitsha, Atlantis and elsewhere in the province. People from these areas will also be going along to Johannesburg in Support.

Organiser of the Joe Slovo task team Mzwanele Zulu explains that because Judge John Hlope ruled against them, issuing them with a ruling that they must be evicted from Joe Slovo, they will be heard by the Constitutional Court.
“We have appealed against the ruling. We are leaving Cape Town tomorrow and will be going to Johannesburg to the Constitutional Court. Our case is going to be heard in the Constitutional Court on Thursday August 23.”

Tree suicide man believed to sick

By Yamkela Xhaso
18 August 2008

It is reported that the man who committed suicide by hanging from a tree is believed to have been ill.

The man by the name of Adrian Maguni is said to have left a written note about his medical condition but refused to reveal what it was.

The note is reported to have contained Maguni’s last wishes regarding his finances and possessions.

Police spokeman senior superintendent Billy Jones told reporters that the man was a Zimbabwe national who had acquired South African citizenship.

His possessions were found in a bag near his decomposed body and the police refused to reveal details in the notes as the investigation was still on the way.

Police have denied that this incident is related to the one that happened on Thursday when a decomposed body of a man was found floating in a nearby river.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Kulula passengers in shock after plane plummet

By Yamkela Xhaso
17 August

Passengers were in great shock when passengers sat in silence breathing through oxygen masks while their aircraft plummeted on a Kulula flight last week.

One of the passengers Candice Harrison-Train, who was flying from George to Johannesburg on Wednesday morning told reporters that after a 30 minute take off they were told that they must prepare for an emergency landing.

The aircraft is said to have dropped in altitude for two minutes.

Glenda Zvenyika, communications manager at Kulula airlines told reports that there had been a de-pressurisation problem when the aircraft, a Boeing 737-400 with 142 passengers, reached cruising altitude.

The captain then followed operating measures and the plane had to be flown back to George.

Rail commuters back on track

By Yamkela Xhaso
17 August

Cape commuter trains are reported to be back in service and operating to schedule today.

It is reported that a team of eleven Metrorail technicians and support staff battled for more than forty hours to repair multicore cables, transformers and other electronic equipment vandalised during a cable theft attempt at a Woodstock signal cabin in the early hours of Friday.

Two suspects were arrested as the train service suffered major delays as trains had to be manually authorised as a safety measure.

Stephen Ngobeni, Regional Manager of the Western Cape region is reported to have thanked the technical teams responsible for the repairs.

Members of the public are encouraged to report any suspicious behaviour and damage in and around railway tracks or stations to the CrimeStop toll-free number 08600 10111 or Metrorail's toll-free security number 0800 21 00 81.

Abahlali baseMjondolo hosts walkabout of Khayelitsha informal settlements

By Yamkela Xhaso
17 August

Today afternoon, the recently formed Abahlali baseMjondolo hosted through Khayelitsha’s informal settlements or Cape Town mayoral committee member Dan Plato and other city officials.

This walkabout will provide the residents of these communities with an opportunity to demonstrate directly to city officials the lack of even rudimentary services in their communities.

Mzonke Toni of the Anti-Eviction Campaign said,

“Dan Plato was asked to bring along and the main purpose of this walkabout is to go to these informal settlements that are not yet serviced with the foremost services”

Toni added, “We want the people to take the officials around the places that are no serviced so that the officials witness the situation”

“On the other hand, the walkabout is about creating a platform for community leaders to show the officials what kind of service they want and where do they want it?”

Saturday, August 16, 2008

ACDP objects to disbanding of scorpions

By Yamkela Xhaso
16 August

The ACDP has raised serious concerns regarding the involvement of Members of Parliament, who were investigated by the Scorpions, in the legislative process deciding the Scorpions future.

This follows a letter written by businessman Hugh “Bob” Gleinster. ACDP MP and spokespers on justice matters, Steve Swart explained

“This letter is a direct consequence of the ACDP raising this issue last week in the beginning of the public hearing into the future of the Scorpions”

Swart added, “we raised the question of how members of the parliament were investigated and prosecuted by the scorpions can objectively decide on the future of the very same scorpions who investigated them”

“In our view, there is a clear conflict of interests and this matter is unprecedented in the history of our parliament, thus we fully support this letter and we urge the speaker of parliament to remove members of parliament who were investigated by the scorpions”

Table mountain mugging figures drop

By Yamkela Xhaso
16 August

According to reports, the latest statistics show that crime is decreasing from 26 cases four years ago to only three less than a month ago.

Table Mountain National Park rangers say such cases could continue to drop if tourists follow simple safety measures.

Earlier this year the place was plagued by a series of attacks which forced park authorities to use helicopters to combat crime and come up with new security plan to combat the increasing crime cases.

Rangers patrol on the area 24 hours using dogs from the Specila Dogs unit. One of the rangers Clive Morris told reports that most of the crimes occurred when people walked alone. Thus not following one of the rules that people must walk in larger groups.

Major breakthrough for Lingelethu police

By Cindy Witten
16 August 2008

The Lingelethu West police department made a major breakthrough on Friday morning between 3h00 and 4h00, when detectives arrested six suspects in two separate incidents. The men ranged between the ages of 18 and 21 years old.

“Four males were arrested at KTC and G Block for Attempted Murder and Possession of unlicensed firearm. The arrest has been made after the suspects had an argument and shot a 19 yr old male in his stomach at F block on Saturday August 9. The victim is still at hospital in a stable condition,” said Inspector Siphokazi Mawisa, from the Lingelethu Police Station in Khayelitsha.

She added that, another two men were detained for house robbery at TR Section and S Block. The two suspects were allegedly involved in a house robbery at TR Section in June this year. The complainant claimed that he knew the perpetrators, but that they had been on the run from police ever since the time of the incident.
“Police confiscated a 7.65 Lilama unlicenced firearm. The six suspects are due to appear at Khayelitsha Magistrate Court on Monday August 18,” said Mawisa.

Friday, August 15, 2008



Grassy Park library invites children from 6 to 12 years old every Wednesday at 3.15pm for storytelling and crafts. Call Asa Majiet on (021) 706 2267.

The Western Cape cerebral palsy association will be participating in the Cavendish Square Book Sale from Thursday August 28 to Sunday August 31, and need donations of books of any kind. If you can help, call Joy or Debbie on (021) 685 4150.

The Cancer Association of South Africa is calling all interested parties to take part in Relay for Life, an event that honours those affected by cancer. The events will be held across the Peninsula from February until March 2009. For more information contact Lynne Hendricks or Clinton George at CANSA on (021) 689 5347.

Durbanville Lions Club will hold a fun horse race evening on Friday 29August at Rosehaven, Queens Street, Durbanville from 7.30 pm. Tickets are R35 and include a meal. Call John on (021 ) 976 2236 or Pierre on (021) 914 0845.

The AmaBele Belles Breast Cancer Survivor Dragon Boat Racing team will have a fundraising wine festival on Thursday August 21, at the WP Cricket club, Rondebosch, at 3 pm. Call Sharon on 082 490 7260 or Wendy on 082 449 0464.

The Woodstock police are presenting an Imbizo on the 19th August at 7pm sharp. It will be held at St Agnes primary school in Dublin Street Woodstock. All who are interested are most welcome to attend.

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to or fax them to 021 448 5451. You can even give us a call on 021 448 5450. Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcasted free of charge.

Closing down of refugee camps put on hold

By Mishkah Anthony
15 August 2008

Six camps in Gauteng, including Johannesburg, housing about 3 000 foreigners are to be formally closed today, with the remainder due to shut down over the following weeks.

However the Western Cape Province, housing about 4 200 people camped in 45 sites across the province will not be affected by today’s closures.

Almien Steyn Deputy Director for mitigation in Province Disaster Manager says the “City of Cape Town will close down only the municipal halls, which house refugees, at the end of this month.”

Styen says there no indication for the refugee camps as yet. The repatriation and integration process should to finalized by the 3 September 2008.
“Because then the three month period for the declaration of the disaster will expire.”

Hanging body found in Liesbeek Parkway

By Mishkah Anthony
15 August 2008

Early morning motorists were shocked to see a fully clothed man hanging from a tree next to the busy Liesbeek Parkway opposite the Hartleyvale soccer stadium, in Observatory.

At 08h00 this morning, the body of an unidentified man was seen hanging from a tree .Woodstock police were immediately dispatched to Lisbeek Parkway where they discovered the gruesome finding.

Sergeant Hilton Malila from the Woodstock Police Station says, Police cordoned off the suicide scene, but traffic came to a near standstill as commuters gazed in horror at the scene.

Police have filed an inquest docket for further investigation.

Constable back at work after sexually assaulting gang-rape victim

By Cindy Witten
15 August 2008

A police constable was fined R10 000 by the Khayelitsha magistrate's court after being sent to court for sexually assaulting a gang-rape victim at the scene of the crime.

Police officer Albert Phoshoko had sexually assaulted the 30-year-old rape victim after arriving at the scene of the crime. While his colleagues searched for the woman’s underwear, as he helped the her to cover herself, Phoshoko told the woman that her “nakedness” aroused him. He the n proceeded to touch her inappropriately, thereby sexually assaulting her.
According to reports, contrary to the court ruling, an internal disciplinary hearing found that the officer was not guilty of any wrong doing and is back on duty at the police station.

Chantelle Cooper, Director of the Rape Crisis Centre in Cape Town, says that it is difficult to comment on the constable as they do not know the full details of the case, she however added that,
“This case clearly doesn’t recognise the rights of the survivor and how she feels. One’s got to question the sense of justice here. I mean, how do we find a balance in terms of internal processes that the police need to follow and the ambit of the law.”

Attempted Cash-in-transit in Mfuleni

By Mikhaila Crowie

15 August 2008

On Wednesday night, police were dispatched an attempted Cash in transit heist scene on the Hindle road,Mfuleni area.

On arrival they found the armoured security vehicles with bullet holes.
Police Captain Elliot Sinyangana said a Mercedes-Benz rammed the security van off the road. The suspects then got out of the car and started firing shots at the policemen.
Sinyangana said the attackers fled the scene on foot.

“No money was taken and nobody was injured by the shooting. There are no arrests as yet and preliminary investigation indicated that the vehicle was stolen on the 7th of this month in Durbanville.”

Captain Sinyangana urged anyone with information to call the Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

NUMSA workers embark on legal strike

By Cindy Witten
15 August 2008

More than 400 workers at Nigel’s Union Carriage and Wagon Partnerships plant- the company hired to build train coaches for the Gautrain 2010 project, have decided to go on strike to protest against the refusal by management to allow shop stewards time- off for union activities.

Angry metalworkers formed picket lines outside the company after management locked out striking workers. This has temporarily caused the production of Gautrain coaches to stop.
“The strike will definitely have an impact in ensuring that the historic train - the Gautrain, which was planned to be launched soon, will now be delayed,” said Mziwakhe Hlangani, national spokesperson for the National Union of Metal workers of South Africa.

A full blown strike by the majority workforce since started on Monday. This after management rejected demands for recognition of the full-time shop steward and grant other six shop stewards 15 days leave per year, to conduct union duties in the plant. Management refused to recognize that shop stewards have union meetings and other responsibilities to attend to. Mediation talks will continue until an agreement has been reached.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Traffic Department to end multiple booking soon

By Mishkah Anthony
14 August 2008

The Cape Town traffic department says it is suffering from an E-Natis hangover.

The electronic information system was launched last year, only to be plague by countless technical glitches. Traffic authorities say while things have improved, they are still dealing with backlogs.

This is affecting the waiting period for learners and drivers license tests. Traffic spokesperson Merle Lourens says a new electronic booking system has been introduced in Khayelitsha.

It is one of only two pilot projects in the country. Lourens says they hope this will put an end to multiple bookings.

“So far it looks successful and we are attending to have a full rollout of this at all our stations throughout the Metropolis by September.”

Lourens says in other words this means, “if you had already made a booking and you want to make another one at another station, when your ID number into the system it automatically kicks it out meaning you already made a booking somewhere else.”

The department says it’s positive this system would assist with the backlogs.

Hanover Park Community angry over substandard houses

by Mishkah Anthony
14 August 2008

The Newfields Village community in Hanover Park is angry that their children have been placed at risk by the Cape Town Community Housing Company.

The housing company is currently working in the area, having been forced to spend millions of rand on repairing all the faults it created by using substandard material to build the houses some years ago.

However, residents say the company is not removing the rubble after they finish working. Window frames and broken glass is strewn all over the community and this is extremely hazardous.

"The Cape Town Community Housing Company is again taking us, the community, as scrap" said the Anti Eviction Campaign's Gary Hartzenberg.

The community says it is also at risk from the cheap window latches that the Company is installing. The latches are made of plastic, not metal and in three houses; thieves have already broken in simply by breaking off the latches.

Gary Hartzenberg said the Anti-Eviction Campaign met with CTCHC Project Manager Mdumiso Jikela and asked him to remove the rubble in a meeting this morning, he said that if children cut their feet open, it is not his problem.

The Anti- Eviction Campaign says the Cape Town Community Housing Company has not learnt its lesson; it used substandard material to build houses for the poor and was then forced, after a long struggle by the community, to repair all the houses. But now it is doing the same thing all over again.

ACDP opposes decision to close down refugee camps

By Cindy Witten
14 August 2008

Many political parties have taken against government’s proposal to close down refugee camps, housing foreign nationals. The ACDP, one of the parties opposed to the decision is on the parliamentary task team that has been dealing with issues around the outbreak of xenophobia.

Cheryllyn Dudley, ACDP Member of Parliament insists that this is not the time to close down the refugee camps.
“The ACDP welcomes this multi-party decision that the camps cannot be closed on Friday”.
The party has implored for government not to insist that UNHCR take down the tents.
“The ACDP feels that it would be cruel to do so, because the foreign nationals are fearful of returning and they’ve been offered no assurances whatsoever for their safety,” says Dudley.

She says that the 35,000 people who will be affected by Friday’s action may be a small percentage of the original number affected, but they are a significant number, and if the situation is not handled correctly, the government will simply be inviting more attacks which will lead to another crisis.

FEDUSA writes open letter to Mboweni

By Mikhaila Crowie
14 August 2008

The Federations of Unions of South Africa (FEDUSA) has sent an open letter to Reserve Bank Governor, Tito Mboweni, regarding the meeting that took place yesterday, regarding the monetary policy.

FEDUSA secretary general, Dennis George said Mboweni should not increase the interest rates as it would be counter-productive.

“It will be totally unfair to put further burden on people with mortgage bonds and with higher purchase agreement.”

George also said FEDUSA believes that commercial banks are the only ones who would benefit from the high interest rate payments that the working class must pay on the mortgage bonds.

Parow youth accuses her parents of rape

By Cindy Witten
13 August 2008

A grade 12 student from Parow accused her father of raping her. The girl said that between the ages of 7 and 17, her father assaulted her, but it was not until she was 12 years old that her mother found out. The girl said that her father would continually rape and abuse her and that her mother had even given her contraceptives to prevent her from falling pregnant. After being silent for years the child told her teacher about the incidents which led to the mother and father being charged.

The National Prosecuting Authority views rape in a very serious light and has as a result decided to charge both parents with rape. The conviction followed after a successful plea and sentence agreement negotiations between the state, the parents and their lawyers.

Sandy Godlwana, communications manager for the NPA says that the process of plea and sentence agreement has ensured in this case that the costs involved in a lengthy trial were diminished.

“As a result of the plea and sentence agreement, the daughter will also be spared the trauma of having to give evidence and testify in court against her parents,” said Godlwana.

The father is sentenced to twenty five years direct imprisonment, and must serve a minimum of twenty years before he could apply for parole. The girl’s mother only received a ten year sentence, suspended for three years, because she agreed to testify against her husband.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City of Cape Town takes a stand against graffiti

By Yamkela Xhaso
13 August

The City of Cape Town's Safety and Security Committee has declared unsightly graffiti won't be tolerated, because it decreases property value.

Soon, the responsibility will be on home owners to remove graffiti defacing their properties if a Council bylaw is amended.

Councillor, JP Smith says they'll take action against property owners who fail to remove graffiti from perimeter walls.

Smith says they will however assist people who can't afford to clean up graffiti in their area.

“The people must get the council’s permission before tagging walls and we have put at place a mechanism which protects mural artist as opposed to graffiti vandals so that a big distinction can be made between graffiti and murals”

Smith added, “at the same time we roll out this hand in hand with a policy that allows us to clean up graffiti and we are already funding some clean-up in different areas”

“The purpose is to reach a wide reaching in terms of graffiti clean –up, so that one can be proud of their social environment.

"I think we can put more emphasis on removing gang-tagging”Smith said that those opposed to the bylaw should come forward so that a compromise must be made to reach an agreement" said the councilor

Unlawful eviction by City of Cape Town leads to murder in Du Noon

Mishkah Anthony
13 August 2008

A foreigner was murdered in Du Noon over the weekend after he was evicted from the safety camps, set up for displaced foreigners.

Scott Dunlop from the TAC says The Angolan national who was living in one of the community halls received an eviction notice approximately 10 days ago from the City of Cape Town asking those living at the hall to leave.

“He planned to go backed to Du Noon, but before reintegrating back into the community he went back there to try and set up accommodation.”

Oiled penguins rescued off Cape Coast

By Yamkela Xhaso
13 August

Eighty endangered African penguins have been found covered with oil for the past three weeks.

The penguins are thought to have been swimming through the oil waste which was illegally dumped by containers at sea.

The South African Foundation for the Conversation of Coastal birds (Sanccob) , have admitted the penguins which were rescued by Cape Nature.

Sanccob head Vanessa Strauss said that the birds were propably oiled due chronic oiling.

“Once they get to the centre, we have to stabilise them first by giving them hydration fluids and give them food to ragain their strength”

“One other thing the washing process is very stressful for the birds, once they have been washed, when the oil is clean from the feathers, we can start the rehabilitation process”

Strauss added, “once the birds are waterproofed, they wait for their blood that was evaluated until they are strong enough to walk again.

Strauss said that the Sanccob organisation is a non profit organisation which is looking for funding. Anyone interested can go log onto

Reserve Bank faces tough decision

By Mishkah Anthony
13 August 2008

Economists say the Reserve Banks Monetary Committee has a tough two days of decision making ahead as it decides on interest rates.

Over the past months inflation figures have shown a marked increase, determined by food and fuel prices. But in the last few weeks, there has been some evidence that inflation cycle has peaked.

Economist Hugo Pienaar says, in the next couple of month’s inflation could still accelerate, probably be peaking around 12% to 13 % .

“I think the most important thing is what the prospects are beyond 2008 looking into 2009”

Pienaar says they do expect to see quite a deceleration that combined with the weakness in the economy.

“We don’t expect the reserve bank to increase the interest rate this week.”

Major backlogs at traffic departments

By Cindy Witten
13 August 2008

Traffic departments across the Western Cape suffer major backlogs with a waiting period of up to six to eight months to do a drivers licensing test. Vernon Little, acting deputy chief traffic and licensing, says that one of the biggest problems facing the traffic department is that applicants make multiple bookings at three or four traffic testing centres. He says that the ideal waiting period for a drivers licensing test is four months.

He added that another concern is that learner drivers are taught by instructors who are not qualified to teach.
“Some people resort to using instructors who are not registered, who haven’t got their instructors certificates and as a result, these people are paying exorbitant fees for a teacher who is not registered to teach,” says Little.

Staff shortages also have an effect on the process of passing out. The Province needs to employ a total of 114 extra traffic officers. 64 have thus far been trained, but 50 more still need to undergo training. Unfortunately, only three colleges in the Western Cape have been accredited to train testing officers and each college can only accommodate nine trainees per year.

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