Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Prince Albert Community Trust hosts a Youth Indaba for the Youth

Western Cape’s Social Development MEC, Sharna Fernandez, joined dozens of young people on Saturday for a Youth Indaba hosted by the Prince Albert Community Trust.

Prince Albert Community Trust is a Non-Profit Organisation providing services to uplift, empower, and transform communities in the Prince Albert Municipality. Its three focus areas are education, health and well-being, and youth and skills development.

The purpose of the Youth Indaba was to share information about job opportunities that will arise from the maiden Journey to Jazz Festival, taking place in May 2023 in Prince Albert. The Indaba also had experts in different Arts field sharing their knowledge with the youth.

Minister Fernandez shared her Kannaland Municipality experiences, where she had recently visited. During her visit, she joined Western Cape Department of Social Development social workers on site visits to clients. She saw the immense challenges facing communities, especially the youth, including a lack of job opportunities, substance use disorders and abuse.

“I want to encourage you as young people to keep hope alive, no matter your circumstances. Embrace opportunities like this Youth Indaba, because you are the drivers of change, you are the future of this country,” said Minister Fernandez.

Done By Esona Mfazwe

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Over 5 000 incidents reported to the EMS over the weekend.

The Western Cape Department of Health experienced a high demand for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), over the weekend.

Reports states that 5 105- incidents were reported in just over three days, including 30% incidents of a life-threatening nature such as injuries, infections and obstetric complications.

The provincial health departed stated the majority of the incidents were chest pains 790, followed by weapon assaults 659, respiratory complaints 401, and physical assaults & obstetric complains 327 each.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) escorted the EMS when attending to incident in Red Zone neighbourhoods, with 40 emergencies in Beacon Valley, 32 in Tafelsig, 19 in Hanover Park and 2 in Chicago.

Dial 10177 or 0860 142 142 in case of an emergency.

by Everngelista Muza

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City of Cape Town urges residents to reduce water consumptions as dams lower to pre-drought levels

As damn levels continue to fall to pre-drought levels, Cape Town Mayor, Geordin Hill-Lewis, has urged residents and businesses to reduce their water consumption. He encourages everyone in the city to “unite behind the City’s proactive water savings target of using less than 850 million litres daily.”

The city’s damn levels are currently at 62%, almost 25% lower than it was at the same time last year.
Besides the risk of a dry rainy season, power cuts due to prolonged stages of load shedding can also disrupt drinking water production and reticulation, affecting residents in high-lying areas.

“Cape Town’s dams are still above 50%, but our models show that dam levels will drop below 50% by the end of summer if we don’t meet this proactive water savings target. This may increase the need for water restrictions down the line, which we would ideally want to avoid,” says Mayor Hill-Lewis.

“Capetonians can help by reducing outdoor water use, such as watering gardens, filling or topping up pools, and following the permanent water use regulations. Together we can achieve a water-wise Cape Town,” says Councillor Siseko Mbandezi, Acting Member of Mayoral Committee for Water and Sanitation.


Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien

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Premier Alan Winde to request a meeting with the President over energy crisis.

Energy crisis could be declared a national disaster. This is according to President Cyril Ramaphosa, who stated that the declaration will be similar to the state of disaster that was in effect with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ramaphosa says work is already underway within government “to establish whether the legal requirements for the declaration of a national state of disaster are met.

Currently, the country is on stage 4 load shedding and the system is still under pressure.

He says the imposition of the state of disaster will be at the top of the list of the cabinet’s lekgotla which will take place tomorrow.

Meanwhile Western Cape’s Premier Alan Winde said that he is to request a meeting with the President over energy crisis.

This is after he convened another meeting of the Western Cape Energy Council on Friday to receive an update on efforts to reduce the impact of loadshedding in the province.

The Premier  once again reiterated, “The Council is looking at all options to make the Western Cape more energy resilient and to, over time, for us to become independent of Eskom.”

He said, “The Council is looking at this crisis and identifying how to prioritise our responses as a provincial government. Short, medium, and long-term measures, as well as emergency interventions for 2023 were, discussed at the Energy Council meeting to ameliorate loadshedding. This work will inform immediate budget discussions and determinations for the Western Cape government’s 2023/24 financial year which begins in April 2023. Further announcements will be made shortly on our plans, in particular for 2023.

Done by: Alungile Njemla

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Four suspects arrested for murders committed in Ravensmead in 2019

Four suspects were arrested by the Western Cape’s SAPS for serious and violent crimes committed in Ravensmead in 2019

This is in the Police services continued efforts to deal with the scourge of gang violence on the Cape Flats.

Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi said, the accused were sentenced in the Western Cape High Court on Thursday 26 January 2023.

“ Members of the “Ama don’t care” gang arrived at a residence in Geranium Street in Ravensmead on 25 March 2019, with the intention to extort the resident at the mentioned address. They returned the next day 26 March 2019 for more protection money, and the resident resisted their actions. Later in the day unknown males returned to the house, firing gunshots at the victim, fatally wounding Christopher Cornelius and his four year old grandchild Likeshia Joubert. On 7 April 2019, the only witness Glenda Ruiters was gunned down in Erica Road by unknown men while her daughter escape injuries when the gang members shot at her in a bid to kill her with her mother “.

An Anti-Gang unit-investigating officer was lauded as a credible investigator, after he was able to bring perpetrators of justice to book.

Swartbooi said that the investigator was able to have the four suspects arrested on charges of murder and possession of unlicensed firearm and ammunition.

“ He successfully opposed bail for the suspects and they were remanded in custody for the full duration of the trial “.

by Everngelista Muza

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Monday, January 30, 2023

Metro Police arrested more than 3 000 arrests over a six-month period

The City of Cape Town officials made more than 3 000 arrests over a six-month period. Despite this, Metro officers faced policing challenges, prompting ramped up education and awareness, particularly around smash and grab incidents.


The City’s Metro Police Department has seen a 59% increase in arrests over a six-month period (July to December 2022).

According to the Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security,  JP Smith., there has been an increase compared to the same period in 2021, when 1 830 arrests were made.

'The increase in arrests and related successes can be attributed to a number of factors, including increased operations, both autonomous and joint undertakings with SAPS; ongoing and growing cooperation from members of the public who are sharing information about criminal activity, and our continued investment in technology and additional resources to amplify our policing efforts,’ said Alderman JP Smith.

by Everngelista Muza

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Strandfontein residents “on high alert” this “snake season”

Strandfontein residents say they have been spotting various snakes on their properties since December, including mole snakes, and the excrement and skin of a cobra. Attempts to catch the snakes have been unsuccessful thus far.

"I was outside when I saw a black snake slithering through our passage I alerted my wife, and called my neighbour to say, ‘look, be careful there's a snake in your yard’. I stood there to make sure it didn't come back, as my wife put the dogs away and enclosed every possible entry," said Brandon Heunis, a Strandfontein resident.

After looking around for a bit, Heunis found the skin of a cobra and its fresh excrement near the neighbours pool pump.

PHOTO: A Cape Cobra

Three days later, he found a mole snake curled up between the garage two doors away from Heunis’ house.

Another resident, Candice Thompson, said she called a snake catcher for assistance after spotting a snake on her property.

"We saw it in the garage and immediately called a snake catcher. Unfortunately it wasn’t found as we lost sight of it while waiting for the guy to arrive,” she said.

According to Juanita Eitkenhead, a snake handler from Pet Health Care, the boomslang, puff adder, and the mole snake are common in Cape Town; she also warned that there are many non-venomous snakes that have similar markings and colours to venomous snakes.

“Snakes are more likely to flee if they feel threatened. Do not try to catch or kill the snake. This can be dangerous and may even be illegal in some areas,” she added.


Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien

Another bloody weekend sees three people killed in Hanover Park

Residents of Hanover Park in Cape Town are still shocked after another bloody weekend, where three people were killed, and a fourth person wounded after suffering gunshot to the head.

In the latest incident, a 22-year-old man was shot at the Donigal flats on Sunday morning.  It is alleged that he was in his Wendy house when he was shot. He was rushed to hospital, but he later passed.

On Saturday night, two people died after one was stabbed in fountain place after an argument. Another young man was shot in the head at Moray Court. The police say he ran to the day hospital after the shooting, but died before he could receive medical treatment.

 In another incident on Friday night, a man was shot in the head while standing in front of a shop in Lansry Walk. He was taken to the clinic for emergency treatment and is still recovering.

No arrests have yet been made, but police are asking anybody who has information to contact them.

Done by Esona Mfazwe

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R88.81 million in emergency funding allocated to the Western Cape to reduce impact of load shedding.

R88.81 million in emergency funding has been allocated to the Western Cape to reduce the impact of load shedding.

According to Premier Alan Winde, the funding is needed to reduce the consequences of load shedding on the economy and other aspects was discussed as a key priority for the provincial Government for the year ahead.

Minister of Finance and Economic Opportunities, Mireille Wenger, authorized the money to be allocated to the Department of Local Government for purchasing of backup generators for the treatment and supply of water services.

She said the devastating impact of load shedding on basic service delivery across many municipalities in the province.

“This funding will also help mitigate against the real risk of spillage of raw sewerage into watercourses and interruptions of potable water supply, both of which have potential adverse health implications for citizens. We face an emergency that requires an urgent response and emergency funding to protect our residents”, said Wenger.

Done by Esona Mfazwe

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A tiger recaptured in Eastleigh Ridge, Edenvale

 A roaming young tiger which was sighted in Edenvale, on Monday, has been recaptured.

The Swat SOS 24/7 company security, Gary Wilson confirmed that the tiger was located and drugged. He added that the animal will be kept a safe house.

The authorities warned the residents to be vigilant and keep all animals indoors after a CCTV footage of the wild animal surfaced on Monday.

According to Wilson, the tiger jumped from house to house in the Edenvale area. It is not yet clear who the owner of the animal is.

Done by: Alungile Njemla

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Body found on Camps Bay Beach

 The body of a woman has been found on Camps Bay beach, a week after an unknown woman was reported missing. According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI) the missing woman left her belongings on the beach.

According to police spokesperson Joseph Swartbooi, a passer-by spotted the body of an unknown woman on the beach in Camps Bay and the victim was declared deceased on the scene by the medical personnel.

He said it remains unclear whether the two cases are related and if the body was that of the woman who disappeared into the ocean last week and police are investigating both cases

Anyone with information that can assist with the identification of the victim is kindly requested to call Crime Stop on 08600 10111.


Done by: Alungile Njemla

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Friday, January 27, 2023

SAPS arrested three suspects in their crime prevention operations

SAPS in the Western Cape arrested three suspects for the possession of unlicensed firearms, in their crime prevention operations.

Officer Joseph Swartbooi said that, police arrested a 28-year-old suspect after the Anti-Gang unit received a tipoff on a residence harboring illegal property, in Helderberg Street in Tafelsig. At about 19:00 police confiscated 357 magnum revolver with ammunition hidden in a dustbin, following a search operation

A 32 year old suspect was also apprehended after he was found to be in possession of a firearm.

“ Mitchells Plain police responded to a complaint and upon arrival in Highlands Drive Colorado found the security guards who detained a suspect who was found in possession of a .38 special revolver “, said Swaartbooi.

In an unrelated incident, a 30 year old man was arrested after a Grassy Park Crime Prevention unit performed stop and searched operation when they noticed a suspicious man standing close to a local shop.

“ They approached the man and searched him, found and confiscating a consignment of methamphetamine and cash. They arrested and detained the man on a charge of dealing in drugs.

The suspects are expected to make their first court appearances in the Mitchells Plain and Wynberg Magistrate court’s once charged.

by Everngelista Muza

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SAPS to investigate death of two officers in Kraifontein

Western Cape Provincial Minister of Community Safety and Police Oversight Reagen Allen, has expressed his condolences after two officers lost their lives in an accident in Kraifontein, on Wednesday morning.

Sixolile Maram and Simphiwe Ntsham, were off duty when their vehicle overturned at Boy Briers Road, Joostenbergvlakte, Kraaifontein.

According to reports both the deceased, were found outside the vehicle before being declared dead on scene.

Allen said that the public should allow the affected families time to grieve and to prevent speculations around the incident. Meanwhile The South African Police Service (SAPS) stated that it would be investigating a case of culpable homicide.

Alderman JP Smith added: "I have reached out to both families to speak to them personally to commiserate with them about these tragic deaths.  Each staff member in our directorate is part of our Safety & Security family and their deaths are felt by us all.  We will support their families with counselling and any arrangements they need to make."


By Sibulele Stuurman

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Alleged Parliament Arsonist, Zandile Mafe, refuses to appear in court again

Alleged Parliament arsonist, Zandile Mafe, has again refused to leave Pollsmoor Prison for his court appearance today at the Western Cape High Court, delaying the case once again.

This is the third time that Mafe has refused to appear in court.

According to Mafe’s defence attorney, Luvuyo Godla, Mafe refused to leave his prison cell on Friday morning, when the pre-trial was set to commence.

The 50-year-old faces charges of terrorism, arson, housebreaking, and theft, and also refused to attend pre-trial hearings last year.

Godla told Judge, Nape Dolamo, that Mafe should be referred for psychiatric evaluation.

"I would humbly submit before this honourable court, that it be attributed as well to the urgency of this matter indeed that he be referred. I've communicated with him on a number of occasions," said Godla.

Judge Dolamo has postponed the matter to 10 February 2023.


Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien

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Western Cape school reported 48 incidents of burglary and/or vandalism during the December holidays

The Western Cape Department of Education has appealed to the public to help it end the vandalism of schools, after 48 incidents of burglary and/or vandalism were reported.

According to the Department, 42 schools were vandalised during the December/January school holidays. An increase from the 34 schools that were vandalised in the province the previous year.

This is despite the provincial education Department providing subsidies for holiday security at 439 schools.

Stolen items include computers, windows and doors.

Western Cape MEC for Education, David Maynier, says the public must always report suspicious activity near schools.

" The total cost of repairs and replacing stolen property is still being calculated. It is disappointing that our department and our schools will once again have to divert funding that could have been spent on the educational needs of our learners to cover this entirely unnecessary cost.

Arrests were made in relation to some of the incidents, and we will closely monitor the progress of these cases", said Maynier . 

The MEC has also encouraged witnesses to report these incidents to apprehend of retrieve stolen property.

" We again make this appeal to the public: do not underestimate your ability to thwart crime in our schools. If you see something, speak up. There must be no place where the criminals targeting our schools can hide", he added.

by Everngelista Muza

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44 year old woman killed in a hit and run on Robert Sobukwe Drive

Bishop Lavis Police is turning to the public for help with tracking down the driver of a motor vehicle involved in a hit-and-run incident on Robert Sobukwe Drive, close to Netreg.

According to Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi, a 44 year old woman succumbed to her fatal injuries after she was knocked over by a motor vehicle, on Thursday 25 August 2022.

“The victim was declared deceased on the scene by the medical personnel.  It is alleged that the driver of the vehicle failed to stop at the scene of the accident and fled the scene in a unknown direction”, said Swartbooi.

Members of the public who can help with investigations have been kindly requested to call the investigating officer Warrant Officer Rochelle Van Schalkwyk on 082 312 7221 or alternatively call Crime Stop on 08600 10111


By Everngelista Muza

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Maneneberg Police looking to identify unknown man found with gunshot wound to the head

Western Cape’s SAPS is asking for the publics’ assistance, in identifying a man who sustained a gun shot wound in Maneneberg.

Captain Frederick van Wyk, in statement said that the seriously injured man was found, after the incident took place at about 21:00 on Sunday 15 January 2023.

The victim believed to be approximately 30 years of age, was discovered next to the canal in Arries Road, Surrey Estate, and sustained a gunshot wound to the head.

“ He is currently in a stable but serious condition and was put in an induced coma to assist with his recovery, stated Van Wyk.

Maneneberg detectives are kindly asking anyone who can assist with identification or information regarding the incident, to come forward or to contact the investigating officer  Sergeant Solomons on 021 699 9400 or Crime Stop 08600 10111.


By Everngelista Muza

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Thursday, January 26, 2023

500 suspects arrested by Metro Police for various crimes, after search operations

Western Cape Police arrested close to 500 suspects for various crimes, after conducting operations that commenced on Thursday, 19 January  and concluded on the 23 January 2023.

According to Sergeant Christopher Spies, weekend crime combatting operations under the theme “More boots on the ground towards enhanced police visibility” yielded positive results. Police arrested 494 suspects, meanwhile police confiscated drugs with an estimated value of R57 000 as well as 329 litres of liquor in the Garden Route District.

Spies stated, “ The operations were conducted after the deployment of members of the Tactical Response Team(TRT), George Public order Police, Garden Route Crime Combatting Team, Rural Flying Squad, K9, Crime Intelligence and crime prevention units across the district. Efforts also included Western Cape Provincial and Local Traffic and other Law enforcement agencies. The operations aimed at crime stricken areas included search and seizure operations, closing down of illicit drug and liquor outlets, vehicle check points and high density patrols with a special focus on serious and violent crime stations “.

The various operations led to the following arrests:

Drug related offences – 77

Possession of dangerous weapon – 37

Driving motor vehicle whilst under the influence of liquor – 20

Selling liquor without a licence – 4

Possession of stolen property – 13

Warrants of arrest executed- 8

Police confiscated 276 mandrax tablets, 4 grams of Mandrax powder, 159 grams of tik, 1 gram of cocaine and 329 litres of liquor.

Eight suspect were arrested On Friday, 20 January, after a surprise search operation in Knysna Taxi Rank at Nelson Street. The suspects aged between 21 and 48, were aprehended for drug related offences. Police found the suspects with over R3000 in cash; they also confiscated 134 mandrax tablets, 7, 1 gram tik and 1576 grams of dagga.

In an unrelated incident on the same day, following two sting operations at Du Plessis in Kranshoek just outside Plettenberg Bay two suspects aged 24 and 28 were arrested. The police confiscated 211, 53 litres of liquor and various items used in the illicit liquor trade. Similar operations were also conducted at Knysna and Still Bay where two more suspects were arrested.

Garden Route District Commissioner, Major General Norman Modishana, had nothing but praise for those deployed in the region since the start of festive season operations.

by Everngelista Muza

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SAPS apprehends a teen wanted for raping a 75-year-old woman

The Western Capes’ SAPS arrested a 19-year-old suspect wanted for  sexual offences.

According to Sergeant Christopher Spies, the teen was apprehended by the Metro police after he allegedly rape a 75-year-old woman was at her residence in Wilson Street, Riversdal over the weekend.

Spies stated that members attached to the Riversdale police and Mossel Bay Family violence, Child protection and Sexual offences (FCS) unit made the arrest on Monday, following further investigations.

Investigations revealed that the teen- well known to the victim- forcefully entered the elderly woman's flat, at 9:40 on Sunday.

“ He allegedly assaulted the victim before he forced himself unto her and later violated her before he fled the scene. The victim managed to raise alarm and neighbours responded who alerted police. Upon arrival the police found the victim who was later transported and admitted to hospital for medical care”, stated Spies.

The suspect made his first court appearance in the Riversdale Magistrates’ court on Wednesday, on a charge of rape and assault with the intent to commit grievous bodily harm.

By Everngelista Muza

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A wanted murder suspect dies in a police shootout in Umzinto North

Three people died in Umzinto North, following a shoot out with the police on Wednesday afternoon.

According to Sergeant Christopher Spies, one of the suspects was wanted for a murder he allegedly committed in Dududu in October 2022.

In a statement Spies said that the trio were fatally wounded after they started a gun battle with police along the R612 road, following a high speed police chase.

“ Police had operationalised intelligence information and cornered the suspects as they were leaving a mall in Scottburgh. The police ordered the suspects to stop but the trio defied the lawful instructions and sped off “, said Spies.

The alleged murder suspect along with his accomplice sustained fatal gunshot wounds, after firing art police as they closed in on them. Reports stated that no police officer was reported injured.


By Everngelista Muza

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Metro Police to investigate a kidnapping incident in Thubelitsha

City of Cape Town officials are looking into a kidnapping incident that took place in Thubelitsha, over the weekend. Four suspects were recently arrested after two victims were taken from a home in Empress Tree Street, Thubelitsha.

The incident took place on Sunday, after the victims were held hostage in a house at Crescent road, Phillipi East, where the suspects drove off in a Blue XLT Bakkie.

In a statement, Police spokesperson Zinzi Hani said, a multidisciplinary Provincial Kidnapping team was activated after the matter was reported, this included the Hawks’ Serious Organised Crime Investigation together with Provincial Organised Crime, Crime Intelligence and Special Task force.

” The suspects later recovered at Covid informal settlement near Faure drive. The team followed up on information on the victim’s whereabouts and made a breakthrough resulting in the four suspects being arrested and the safe release of the victims who were immediately taken to hospital for treatment after they were badly tortured by the suspects”, said Hani.

The suspects are expected to appear in the Bellville magistrate court on charges of kidnapping, theft of motor vehicle and torture.


By Everngelista Muza

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Cape Town Businessman in court for viral video of him beating his wife

A disturbing video has emerged of a prominent Cape Town businessman beating his wife in bed has emerged on social media.

According to AfriForum, who will be representing the mother and child, the surveillance footage would form part of the evidence against the accused, known as a "successful businessman based in Cape Town".

The unit said the couple's CCTV captured several incidents, including the viral video. In the footage the man can be seen on a bed overpowering a woman, punching her all over her body, including her face, and strangling her. While he is doing this, a young girl tries to stop the assault.

The businessman, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his daughter, made an appearance in the Bellville Magistrate’s Court on several charges of assault on Tuesday.

According to the organisation, the abuse has been ongoing for years, and in 2018 charges of assault were filed against the businessman, however, he was granted bail and her attorney at the time said the mother and child were unable to testify.


Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien

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The Free State racial attack trio trial postponed


Yesterday the Free State “racial” attack trio Kobus Klaasen, Johan Nel and Jan Stephanus van der Westhuizen appeared in court.

The men face charges of common assault and crimen injuria following an allegedly racist attack that took place at the Free State resort on Christmas day.  Klaasen is facing an additional charge of attempted murder.

 The video of the incident has been circulating on social media clearly shows white adult men assaulting two black teenagers at the Maselspoort resort.

The trial has been postponed to 28 February.

Done By: Sibulele Stuurman

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The City of Cape Town alerts the public on electricity scams.

 The City of Cape Town’s energy directorate has alerted residents about scam of unauthorized selling electricity at a discount price.

 Mayoral committee member for energy Beverley van Reenen stated that fraudulent tokens will not be accepted by the prepaid meters.

 She added that residents are encouraged to purchase electricity from reliable vendors and could make use of City’s load-shedding app or by visiting the City’s website to find vendors. The City’s app can be downloaded on Apple and Android devices.

The City of Cape Town would not give refunds and residents were reminded that if a deal seemed too good to be true, it probably was.

Residents can report any suspicious behaviour to the City’s fraud hotline at 0800 323 130 or to the SAPS.


Done By: Sibulele Stuurman



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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

A 39-year-old man shot his ex-girlfriend and turned the gun to himself in Hoplen place in Lenham at 6am this morning in KZN.

 According to police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshiunda, the man went to his former girlfriend’s home as she was about to take her transport to work and demanded to speak to her.

The man allegedly took out a firearm and shot the woman, and she was declared dead at the crime scene. Reports indicate that the suspect left the scene and went to his place which is metres away from the scene.

The man was later found lying in a pool of blood with a gunshot wound and a firearm was found lying next to his body.

Police said the investigations revealed that the firearm did not belong to him. SAPS are investigating cases of murder.

Done by: Esobusi Mkangelwa

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Seven suspects arrested in two days for illegal possesions

 Seven suspects were arrested in the past two days, as the Western Cape’s continued efforts to eradicate illicit firearms and drugs yielded positive results. The suspect were apprehended for various charges that inclued the possession of unlicensed firearms, ammunition and drugs.

Maitland Police arrested five people yesterday on the R300 freeway. This is after Police recognized a vehicle that been reported to have been hijacked earlier in the day.

Following a chase with the suspects, police found an unlicensed firearm with ammunition. The occupants will also be charged with the possession of a stolen motor vehicle.

In an unrelated incident, police arrested a 40-year-old man in Wilger Plain, Delft South. This is police confiscated a revolver and a 9mm pistol with ammunition  following a search operation.

Meanwhile a 28 year old man was also arrested this morning for the possession of a pistol with ammunition and drugs.

Delft police members were busy with patrols in Blikkiesdorp in the early hours of Wednesday 25 January 2023 when they noticed a suspicious man carrying a backpack. The unknown male fled when he noticed the patrol vehicle. The members gave chase on foot and apprehended the man when he ran into a shack “, said Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi.

Once charged the suspects are expected to make their respective court appearances in the Blue Downs, and Bellville Magistrate court’s on the mentioned charges.

by Everngelista Muza

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Delft police asking for public assistance after body found in bushes with bruises

City of Cape Town police looking for the culprit behind the murder of a unknown man found with multiple bruises.

Delft police are investigating the body of Jon Doe that was retrieved from bushes in Gushindoda Informal settlement, Symphony Way on Monday.

“At the time of the murder, the deceased was dressed in a purple shorts and a cream “Original Identity” T-shirt. Reports suggested that the deceased sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg previously and multiple bruises is visible all over his body’. said Warrant Officer Joseph Swartbooi.

Swartbooi said that while the motive for murder is still unkwon, police are looking for the publics assistance in looking for the suspects.

Anyone with information that can assist with the investigation is kindly requested to call the investigating officer Detective Sergeant  Shiraz Abdurahman on 082 522 1779 or alternatively call Crime Stop on 08600 10111

by Everngelista Muza

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Friend of the mutilated victim testifies in court


Friend of the mutilated victim testifies in court

Police have completed their investigation against Flavio Hlabangwane. It is alleged that he murdered his cousin, Tshepang Pitse, who was believed to be in a romantic relationship with the accused, killed her before he cut her body into pieces and hid them in a deep freezer.

During the court proceedings the victim’s friend gave chilling evidence at the Gauteng High Court on Tuesday about the abuse allegedly suffered by the 23 –year old Tshepang in the hands of her 28 – year old lover Hlabangwane.

The friend, whom the court ordered not to be identified for her safety, testified that her friendship with Pitse began in 2014.

The court ordered that the friend not to be identified for safety reasons and in her testimony she shared that her and victim had been friends since 2014.Which is round about the same time the two start dating.

The friend relocated but later came back. The first time they met was at Westgate Mall and went home together to the witness’s home in Roodepoort. During that time she Pitsi mentioned that she was being abused by her lover.

 She added that on the following day she again complained that Hlabangwane was beating her and she advised her to leave him for good. She refused, saying that the friend won't understand. She said she can't see the colour without Flavio. [Sometime later Hlabangwane] phoned Pitse and she put the phone on the loudspeaker. My roommate was present.

The witness testified:

They heard him demanding Pitse return to him, saying, 'You know what happens when you abandon the ship. When you return, I will shave or put a scar on your face.' He gave her 30 minutes to return home using a taxi.

Hlabangwane is accused of killing Pitse between the Hlabangwane killed Pitse between.

It is alleged that he later dismembered her body and some of her  body parts were found inside a freezer at Hlabangwane's rented property in Protea Glen.

Hlabangwane faces a charge of premeditated murder, obstruction of justice and violation of a corpse.

The hearing continues on Thursday.

Done by: Sibulele Stuurman




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Two suspects arrested for Beaufort West woman’s murder

Western Cape Provincial Serious and Violent Crimes detectives made a major breakthrough in the investigation into the gruesome killing of 55-year-old Lydia Njadu from Beaufort West with the arrest of two suspects.

The investigation took the team to Kwa Mandlenkosi in Beaufort West on Monday, where they arrested the suspects, aged 30 and 35, on murder charges. They remain in police custody.

According to Sergeant Christopher Spies, the victim was at her place of residence on Sunday when three armed men arrived. After a short conversation, the trio then randomly shot at the woman fatally wounding her.

However, despite the two arrests, the investigation remains in its early stages and more suspects are expected to be arrested.


Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien


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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

A man who was accused of having a sex ring with Human rights lawyer Paul Kennedy continues his trial

Human rights lawyer Paul Kennedy and Gerhard Ackerman are accused of more than seven hundred crimes ranging from human trafficking to child pornography and rape.

The High Court in Johannesburg heard how he paid to watch the sexual abuse of teenage boys to fulfill his desires on Monday, also Kennedy died by suicide while out on bail last year.

But his co-accused, fifty-two-year-old Gerhard Ackerman, is still facing more than seven hundred charges ranging from human trafficking, producing and distributing child pornography, and rape.


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Missiondale residents endue sewerage spills for five years now


Missiondale residents in Gqeberha don’t know what to do anymore as they continue to live with sewerage spills in their neighbourhood.

The issue started in 2017 when piped water and flush toilets were introduced to the area. It’s also a serious health hazard and even the local pre-school care centre is affected.

Missionvale Care Centre Management says this is a health hazard. A number of residential areas in the Nelson Mandela Bay Metro is experiencing sewerage problems. However, the Missionvale community has been living under these appalling conditions for over five years – without any permanent solution

 She added that the problem started when drains are full the spill, we have children, and the whole area is wet, sewerage goes to our homes and the smell is unbearable, I always talk to my councillor but nothing is done.”

Many have left these unbearable living conditions however not every has that as an option. Residents have vowed to continue to fight for their basic human rights.

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Scopa; André De Reyter said that Eskom is today paying for past sins

The outgoing Eskom CEO, André de Ruyter, during his appearance before Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) blamed loadshedding on the previous administration.

He also said that the power utility is today paying for past sins. De Ruyter says 95 percent of blackouts would not be happening if the previous Eskom executive had made different decisions.

Scopa and Eskom were discussing outstanding matters and also shed light on why exactly the country is dealing with the worst bout of loadshedding yet.

De Ruyter says while the power utility expects blackouts to ease over the next 18 months, he wouldn't count on an end to power cuts.

by Everngelista Muza

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South Africans urged to bury dead bodies within four days

An industry body has warned that ongoing power cuts along with the heatwave are causing bodies to decay faster at funeral parlours in South Africa.

The South African Funeral Practitioners Association’s (SAFPA) national secretary-general Vuyisile Mabindisa urged people to bury their loved ones within four days of their death to ease pressure on funeral parlours, and to ensure that they are buried with minimal decay.

"The industry is seeing a large number of putrefied bodies being buried. Burying one’s kin within four days, or less, is cost-effective and prevents families from seeing their departed ones in a poor state of decomposition," said Mabindisa.

The SA Weather Service added that parts of KwaZulu-Natal, including Pietermaritzburg, are expected to approach a high of nearly 40 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.


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A man accused of being a serial rapist arrested in Gauteng on Sunday in connection with 35 cases

A man accused of being a serial rapist was arrested in Gauteng on Sunday in connection with 35 cases that date back to 2018 and involve multiple charges. The 38-year-old man allegedly targeted women in Tembisa and Benoni and his youngest victim was 14 years old.

According to Gauteng police spokesperson Colonel Dimakatso Sello, the man was arrested by members of a task team examining the series of rape incidents involving a similar procedure in Tembisa and Benoni.

Officers tracked down the alleged Tembisa and Benoni serial rapist, until one of the officers noticed a vehicle matching the description of the alleged suspect heading towards the direction where he reportedly targeted most of his victims.

"The driver of the said vehicle was busy making his way to the area where the alleged serial rapist targeted his victims. Without hesitation, the team proceeded in the same direction and intercepted the vehicle and arrested the suspect".

The provincial police commissioner, Lieutenant General Elias Mawela, saluted members of the task team for their “relentless efforts and vigilance”.


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Search for missing woman in Camps Bay continues

The search initiated for a woman who went missing in the surf at Camps Bay has seen little results thus far.

According to the National Sea Rescue Institute (NSRI), the police responded to reports of an unidentified, middle-aged, white female, wearing a white bikini, entering the water and not returning. Her belongings remained on the beach, however, there was nothing left that could identify her.

"A beach towel, a dress, a bag with personal belongings and a hat belonging to the lady remained on the beach. There is nothing in the bag that identifies the female," says Luke van Riet, station commander of the NSRI.

The search continued over the weekend, however, no missing person’s reports were made matching the woman’s description, and there was no sign of her.

Anyone with information that could assist police in this investigation can call Camps Bay police station on (021) 437-8150.

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