Protests against load-shedding and electricity tariff hikes in Pretoria

Two civic organisations marched through the Tshwane CBD in protest against load shedding and electricity tariff hikes. A small group of around 60 protesters marched from Paul Kruger Square to Nersa in protest against the approved tariff hike of 18.65% amid the rolling blackouts.


A memorandum was handed over to the National Energy Regulator of South Africa, demanding they apologise for approving electricity tariff increases. The demand was made by #NOTINMYNAME and the Mamelodi Nellmapius Eesterust Stakeholders Forum, the two organisations that marched to the regulator's offices on Friday. 


"NOTINMYNAME and Mamelodi Nellmapius Eesterust Stakeholders Forum have observed and are appalled at the decision-making (or lack thereof) that has legitimised the looting scheme that is load shedding," the memorandum to Nersa read.


#NOTINMYNAME usually protests against violent crime, however, load shedding has become such a pressing issue that the organisation took to the streets to voice their frustrations. 


Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien 



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