Thursday, February 27, 2020

Mass thikr for Emaan Solomons

After the death of a 7-year-old girl who was shot during gang crossfire in Ocean View, the Ocean View community stood together and had a peaceful protest at the entrance where the children shouted “Stop killing us.” At just around 8pm last night they held a Mass Prayer in front of young Emaan’s Solomons house which led to people targeting and petrol bombing 5 drug dens in Ocean View. People retaliated as a result of the houses being set alight. Groups of people then decided to started looting shops.
Not to long after the shops were looted a voice note surfaced to Ocean View residents to stay indoors.

Two suspects have been arrested in connection with the death of seven-year-old Emaan Solomons from Ocean View. Radio 786 can reveal that one of them is being linked to the murder of the child. The pair remain persons of interest and police detectives are working around the clock to charge the perpetrators. A firearm was also confiscated during the arrests. It is not known whether the weapon was used in the murder of the child who died while playing in the front courtyard of her home on Tuesday. Her burial takes place later today and members of the community gathered at her home yesterday to pay their condolences.

UPDATE: Ocean View

People Against Gangsterism and Drugs (PAGAD) has distanced itself from the violence in Ocean View yesterday where shops were looted and the houses of alleged gangsters set alight. It is understood that violence broke out late last night, after a peaceful picket was held early evening. A mass thikr was held in honour of 7-year-old Emaan Solomans who was shot and killed in gang-cross fire while playing in her yard. Police are yet to confirm the alleged arrest of at least two suspects in relation to her murder. National co-ordinator Haroon Orrie disputed that those responsible for the fires were part of the movement, saying members of the group that initiated the vigilantism were previously disbanded from PAGAD. Orrie says they will be meeting with the public this evening. Police continue to monitor the area.

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Your Child is my Child

Your Child is my Child let's unite

In today's Society where children are sent to school to enrich their future and to broaden their Horizons it paints a sad picture when horrific crime incidents ,inadequate results and outcry are the order of the day .
These are some of the reasons why teachers from various Primary and High School's took the initiative to implement change and to restore Hope more especially where struggling community's are concerned,according to Carmen Witbooi Williams(Deputy Principal)of Littlewood Primary School in Mitchell's Plain whom i had the pleasure of speaking to over the phone,it takes a special kind of Teacher that can go the extra mile to enable Learners to achieve academic excellence.
They have an initiative called Grove Spot where important traits such as discipline is taught,this initiative is in honor of Chad Arendse who was shot dead last year,food is provided as they have a Feeding scheme.
It is sports orientated as it consists of sports such as Cricket,Netball,Tennis,Soccer,they also have spelling bee's where top achievers are rewarded.There is hope for Children from all walks of life ,it is highly possible and achievable to live a drugfree life through the support from Teachers,Parents and the Community at large.

Done by Lizeka Tsotetsi

Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Communities take matters into their own hands

There have currently been five cases of mob justice in Hillview, Vrygrond. The most recent case resulting in three people being burnt to death. Pastor Lorraine Moko explains that the community is tired of the robberies that have been taking place and that some of the community have decided to take matters into their own hands - hence the various attacks. She explained that the ratio between the police and community members is rather low. This allows for a lot of crime to take place as police officials cannot successfully divide themselves up between all the criminal activities. Pastor Lorraine Moko is also a child protection officer and a social worker, she pleads with the community to think about the psychological effects (Trauma/PTSD) of their actions and whether crime can honestly be solved with another crime.

Done by; Gugulethu Nyatsumba.

Monday, February 17, 2020

San Souci teacher summoned back to court

Clarrisa Venter summoned back to court six months after charges of assault have been dropped.
She was served with the summon on Tuesday by the police. 34 year old Clarrisa is to appear in Wynberg magistrates court on 11 March 2020. 
Venter’s lawyer was surprised by the summon after months of representation before the charges were dropped. The lawyer had said that they cannot recharge his client; the case was withdrawn by the chief Wynberg procecutor.
It was said that the reason for the attack was provocation. The pupil was asked to stop playing with her cell phone in class and later was asked to leave the classroom. The pupil refused to leave, pushed her desk towards Ms Venter and charged at her. Ms Venter said she acted lawfully.
The lawyer said the pupils’ mother brought an application before the equity court against San Souci, Ms Venter, the Western Cape and the National Minister of the Education for being racist when dealing with the case. 

Done by:
Zola Ntsepe

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

30th anniversary of Madiba's release from prison

Today, 11 February 2020, marks the 30th anniversary of the release of Nelson Mandela from then Victor Verster prison. To commemorate this moment, the Nelson Mandela Foundation hosted three, connected events in the Western Cape.
This year’s theme: ‘New prisons of Africa’’, that have come to define life for many and focus on how to achieve substantive liberation.
The first event was a reunion of members of the original Reception Committee that facilitated Madiba’s return from prison. Followed by a lecture by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Lemayah Gwobee, and a panel discussion between Gwobee; author Danai Mupotsa; and co-founder of 'Black Lives Matter', Opal Tometi.
With the focus on this year’s theme, Gwobee elloborated on the different kinds of ‘’African prisons’’: ‘’Africa's prison is millions of individuals having a (tertiary) education, but can't put food on the table’’
Gwobee added: "If we’re only celebrating his release of prison, we're missing the mark. It's about the rebirth of the nation; the rebirth of the continent. Madiba's walk out of prison, should be considered as release of our minds."

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