Monday, February 17, 2020

San Souci teacher summoned back to court

Clarrisa Venter summoned back to court six months after charges of assault have been dropped.
She was served with the summon on Tuesday by the police. 34 year old Clarrisa is to appear in Wynberg magistrates court on 11 March 2020. 
Venter’s lawyer was surprised by the summon after months of representation before the charges were dropped. The lawyer had said that they cannot recharge his client; the case was withdrawn by the chief Wynberg procecutor.
It was said that the reason for the attack was provocation. The pupil was asked to stop playing with her cell phone in class and later was asked to leave the classroom. The pupil refused to leave, pushed her desk towards Ms Venter and charged at her. Ms Venter said she acted lawfully.
The lawyer said the pupils’ mother brought an application before the equity court against San Souci, Ms Venter, the Western Cape and the National Minister of the Education for being racist when dealing with the case. 

Done by:
Zola Ntsepe

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