Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Communities take matters into their own hands

There have currently been five cases of mob justice in Hillview, Vrygrond. The most recent case resulting in three people being burnt to death. Pastor Lorraine Moko explains that the community is tired of the robberies that have been taking place and that some of the community have decided to take matters into their own hands - hence the various attacks. She explained that the ratio between the police and community members is rather low. This allows for a lot of crime to take place as police officials cannot successfully divide themselves up between all the criminal activities. Pastor Lorraine Moko is also a child protection officer and a social worker, she pleads with the community to think about the psychological effects (Trauma/PTSD) of their actions and whether crime can honestly be solved with another crime.

Done by; Gugulethu Nyatsumba.

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