Monday, June 30, 2008

Smart card pilot project in steady progress

By Tina George
30 June 2008

The Western Cape Department of Transport and Public Works is ready to install its Integrated Fare Management System (Smart card) in a Golden Arrow Bus on route in the Simon's Town/Ocean View area.

Al-Ameen, spokesperson in the Department's Transport branch says after months of field and backroom testing the smart card system on a minibus taxi, the department is now finalising the analysis of the technical data, collected during the tests.

“After the extensive tests we are now actually confident that we can now go ahead and install that system in one of the Golden Arrow bus systems.

Kafaar added that Golden Arrow has indicated that they are quite satisfied with their results thus far.

Golden Arrow Bus Services, Vuyisile Mdoda says Golden Arrow has given its commitment to assist with the operation of the smart card pilot project on its buses operating on the Simonstown route corridor.

“The smart card will be used to "preload" bus fares or clip cards for bus routes. Commuters and passengers will swipe their cards when embarking a bus, instead of paying the conventional fare or producing your clip card,” says Kafaar.

“We have employed a number of Brand Ambassadors to be part of this programme and the systems will be installed by the end of July.”

Police find body in water canal near N2 Gateway

By Henry Booysen
30 June 2008

Langa Police have discovered the body of a male in a water canal near the N2- Gateway in Langa.

According to police spokesperson Inspector Odwa Makupula the deceased had head injuries and stab wounds in his upper body.

“He was wearing a blue tracksuit pants, red T-shirt, grey jersey and black jacket,” he says.

He elaborated that police have opened a murder case for investigation and urges anyone with information to contact Investigating Officer, Inspector Elroy Ruiters at the Langa Police on 021 695 8000

24 die on SA roads on Monday

By Ilhaam Hoosain
30 June 2008

In three provinces since the early hours of this morning 24 people have been killed and 11 others seriously injured in separate accidents.

In a head-on collision between a minibus taxi and a car near Tarkastad in the Eastern Cape 15 people were killed and four others seriously injured. Meanwhile eight people were reportedly killed and two are in a critical condition following an accident on the Xavier Road off-ramp on the M1 north, south of Johannesburg.

One person died and five others were seriously injured in a multiple- vehicle pile-up on the R34 between Mpangeni and Richards Bay in Northern KwaZulu Natal.

Solidarity supports Eskom’s Maroga

By Anela Siwa
30 June 2008

The trade union Solidarity has welcomed the news that Jacob Maroga, chief executive of Eskom, has rejected the bonus for this year.

“We would like to join in the constructive criticism against Eskom. This means that we would like to work with Eskom to realise a new dream for the provision of electricity in South Africa, but we will be critical about obstacles in the way of realising the dream. We appeal to everyone in South Africa to seek a positive solution to the electricity crisis, but to do it in a critical manner,” says Dirk Hermann, deputy general secretary for Solidarity.

Hermann says Maroga has an open move towards to employees and pay careful attention when solutions are required.

“Answers to the electricity problems often come from workers on the job floor and not from council chambers,” he added.

According to Herman under Maroga’s leadership a number of changes were made.
Herman mentioned the termination of the contract of the managing director concerned with coal acquisition as one of the major changes.

This follows after Maroga rejected to take his bonus and made several changes to Eskom’s top management.

“Solidarity dreams of an Eskom that could provide South Africa with affordable and sustainable electricity. We dream of the successful implementation of extensions to the value of R350 billion and extensions of R1,3 trillion within 20 years. We dream of generating an additional 22 000 MW by 2017. We dream of the successful training of approximately 1000 engineers and 6000 artisans that would be required for the expansions. We dream of an Eskom that is the backbone of an economic growth of 6%. We are willing to work hard with Maroga to realise the dream, at times the cooperation will be cordial and at times it will be tense,” he explained.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Trade unions lock horns with employers

By Anele Siwa and Sasha Forbes
29 June 2008

The wage negotiations in the industrial chemical and glass sectors at the National Bargaining Council for the Chemical industry employers and trade unions continue.

“Employers in the industrial chemical sector on Tuesday made a final offer of 11% as wage increase to be implemented on 1 July 2008 and a further 1% increase for implementation on 1 January 2009. This is a record offer in this sector and is the highest offer ever made since the inception of central collective bargaining in the industry in 1996,” says Jaco Kleynhans Solidarity spokesperson.

According to Kleynhans Solidarity will now get permission from its members to decide whether the offer is to be accepted.

“If members decide not to accept the offer, an application will be made for a strike certificate,” he explained.

“The dispute round in the glass sector has meanwhile been concluded on Thursday. Employers in this sector are currently offering an increase of 11%, while trade unions are still demanding a better offer. Although employers are pressuring trade unions to sign a three-year agreement, trade unions still contend that a one-year agreement will be the workable solution this year,” says Kleynhans.

According to Kleynhans trade unions are of the view that the possibility of a multi-year concord should first be referred to a task team for further examination.

“Employers have applied for a “cooling-off period” before negotiations are resumed on 10 July,” he added.

“Rising inflation, interest rates and the cost of living are placing extreme pressure on negotiations and the trade union’s negotiators are doing their utmost to negotiate the best wage increase for its members. The enormous growth that companies have experienced in the various sectors during the past year now has to filter through to employees’ salaries to create hope in the shaky economic climate for employees,” says Marius Croucamp, Solidarity spokesperson for the industry.

Attempts to get comments from employers in the chemical and glass industry have failed.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Zimbabwe regime on etv reporters

By Mishkah Anthony
28 June 2008

An E-tv news reporter and a cameraperson have been arrested at Beitbridge on Friday while covering a protest march against the Zimbabwean elections.

“The two men were released this morning, with thanks to the tireless efforts of the South African Police Service, Home Affairs and Foreign Affairs as they have been locked in talks with the Zimbabwean authories to secure their release that happen early this morning.” Says E-tv’s Nina Callagham.

According to reports reporter Tumaole Mohlaoli, and camerperson Elelewani Rampfumedzi have been given permission to film by South African authorities, but Zimbawean police accused them of straying into their country.

The two were filming on the bridge which is between the South African and Zimbabwean border posts.

Zwelinzima Vavi speaks at NEHAWU 21st Anniversay celebrations

By Anele Siwa and Mishkah Anthony
28 June 2008

COSATU General Secretary Zwelinzima Vavi has today addressed the NEHAWU tombstone unveiling for Bheki Mkhize and the 21st Anniversary celebrations at Ulundi.

“On behalf of the COSATU Central Executive Committee I bring to you revolutionary greetings and messages of solidarity on this important occasion, when you pay tribute to Bheki Mkhize, one of the best unionists you helped to produce, as well as on your anniversary celebrations,” says Vavi.

According to Vavi Bheki was a warrior in the true sense of the word.

“He was fearless! He was an all-rounder who understood that he was a member of the community first. He was in the forefront of the liberation struggles as a member and a leader of the African National Congress,” says Vavi.

Vavi says Mkhize knew that only when the country attained its freedom and democracy could we begin the long process of reconstruction to address the legacy of colonialism of a special type.

“He knew that freedom would be meaningless unless we addressed all the three major contradictions that launched our revolution. He wanted to see an end to the oppression of black people. He hated the oppression and exploitation of workers. He understood that freedom and democracy on their own would not see a complete eradication of the oppression and exploitation of women,” he elaborated.

According to Vavi Bheki was assassinated by the then KwaZulu Police right at his home after he had fought hard battles with the apartheid forces in the Gauteng Province and elsewhere.

COSATU spokesperson Patrick Craven says Mkhize was a role model for the entire trade union movement and set a pattern for NEHAWU which has been one of the strongest, biggest and most militant unions in the public sector.

“The DA and the liberals, and now surprisingly the Human Rights Commission, would be horrified that Bheki Mkhize was so ready to die for his people.

All those who have been distressed by our commitment to lay down our own lives for our revolution, who do not come from this tradition, need to understand that this is not a empty commitment.

It’s a real commitment. This is no propaganda its demonstration of love for basic freedoms enshrined in the constitution,” says Vavi.

Annual bonuses for Eskom's management forfeited

By Ilhaam Hoosain
27 June 2008

Top management at Eskom will not be receiving their annual bonuses this year, after troubled months for the state-owned power utility.

Eskom’s CEO Jacob Maroga has decided not to take any bonus this year, because of the tough year Eskom's had, this is according to Chairperson Valli Moosa.

The SABC also reports that Moosa says the utility had planned to pay Maroga a good bonus, without giving any details.

The bonuses of another five senior executives, including Finance Director Bongani Nqwababa and Chief Officer of Systems Erica Johnson will be halved.

Moosa says Eskom is reviewing the way they determine bonuses since it is currently based on the utility having excess power capacity.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Solidarity secures wage victory in petroleum sector

By Tina George
27 June 2008

Solidarity secured a bonus in the petroleum sector with the signing of a wage agreement for a wage increase of 12% for employees in this sector.

According to Solidarity, the agreement follows after a dispute round in the sector that was concluded yesterday. A dispute was declared in this sector in June after employers and trade unions reached a deadlock during negotiations.

Solidarity spokesperson for the chemical industry Marius Croucamp said that with the start of this week’s dispute round employers had only offered an increase of 10,5%. Solidarity and the other trade unions represented in the petroleum sector opened the round with a demand of 14%.

“The agreement is a victory for Solidarity and its members and a benefit to employees in the current economic climate. Solidarity started the negotiations with a double-figure target and we attained that target,” says Croucamp.

Ivan Toms Clinic to be opened in Mfuleni

By Ilhaam Hoosain
27 June 2008

Executive Mayor Helen Zille will open the Ivan Toms Clinic in Mfuleni on Monday, 30 June 2008. The R 9.4 million Clinic will provide daily medical assistance to 500 patients.

The clinic will be opened on Monday the 30 June 2008 at 14:30 at the venue c/o Umbashe and Nqubelani Roads Mfuleni.

As previously reported.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008
Director of city health found dead in his home

By Nadia Samie

Cape Town’s Director of City Health, Dr Ivan Toms was found dead in his Mowbray home on Tuesday morning.

Police spokesperson Inspector Billy Jones says there is no sign of forced entry or robbery at the Strubbens Street home. The discovery was made by members of the city's VIP Protection Unit and the Mowbray police at about 9:30AM. This after Dr Toms’ colleagues became concerned about him when he did not pitch up for for an important meeting on Tuesday.

In a statement the Western Cape Health MEC Pierre Uys says:"Public Healthcare had a great champion in Dr Toms. He will always be remembered for the enormous contribution he made to healthcare in our province and country. He was a member of both the Western Cape Health Council and the Aids Council in which he made played a significant role. Dr Toms also worked tirelessly to improve the quality of the personal primary healthcare services provided by the City of Cape Town.

"Dr Toms was born in Cape Town in 1953. He was awarded the The Order of the Baobab in Bronze from the state president in 2006 for what was described as his, “outstanding contribution to the struggle against Apartheid and sexual discrimination.”

According to the presidency's website, Dr Toms completed his medical degree at the University of Cape Town in 1976. This was followed by a year-long medical internship at Kimberley Hospital. In 1978, Toms was conscripted to serve in the South African Defence Force (SADF) and later became active in the End Conscription Campaign.

He worked as a doctor for over a decade in the Crossroads squatter camp in the Cape Flats. At one point he was the only doctor seeing to over 60 000 patients.

Dr Toms was last seen alive by his neighbours on Thursday. He leaves behind a brother who resides in Australia.

CEPPAWU speaks out against the petrol price

By Henry Booysen
27 June 2008

The Chemical, Energy, Paper, Printing, Wood and Allied Workers Union CEPPAWU has expressed its disappointment on the 80c petrol price increase and the extra 5c levy on the petrol to boost profits of the Petroleum Companies.

According to the General Secretary of CEPPAWU Welile Nolingo the 5c per litre levy is not acceptable and comes at a wrong time as food prices are going up as well.

“We call upon the Honourable Minister of Minerals and Energy Ms Buyelwa Sonjica to do the honourable thing and withdraw the 5c per litre levy to boost the profits of the Petroleum Companies who are making huge profits on the back of the rocketing oil prices,” Says Nolingo.

He elaborates that CEPPAWU will have a National Congress in August where they will take a resolution which is used by the Department of Minerals and Energy to agree on the monthly petrol price.

Community Information Network

By Mandisi Tyulu
27 June 2008


The SPCA in grassy park is looking for volunteers to help care for animals in Kennels. Last year 6238 animals were admitted. If you can help call Margie on 021 700 4179 or Kim 021 77 4146

The Children Magic Festival will take place during winter school holidays. Lots of goodies will be available on sale. It takes place on 2nd July till 5 July 2008 Saturday on the College of Magic, 215 Lansdowne road, Claremont with two hour programme. Tickets cost R40 and include a magic bag of goodies on arrival. Booking is essential and for more information, call Tamsyn on 021 683 5480.

The 2008 Development Practical Learnership at Training fundamentals Centre [FTC] are organising a project which will coincide with Youth Day & Junes youth month, where performing arts are presented with a message of hope. The event will be held on 28 June 2008 from 12-00pm 6-00pm at 164 Long Street at La-Refrance. For more info call Raoul Dyssell on 021 4218 577 or fax 2142 186 36.

Ezengwe Sports and Entertainment Company, presents a Hip-Hop Explosion from 3pm till midnight .it features the likes of Durban finest Dj Sox, Dj Cindo and Mc’s Dangatya and many other local acts. The venue is at White House in Delft on Saturday June 28. Entry is R40.For more info call Shepherd Dyani on 083 6921 657

Learners from Langa high are invited to a workshop on Life Skills .The workshop will be held at Langa high for grade 8-9 learners. For more information please contact Mr D Gubuza on 072 079 7817 or 076 527 0156

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to or fax them to 021 448 5451. You can even give us a call on 021 448 5450. Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcasted free of charge.

NUM and De Beers in agreement about wages

By Ilhaam Hoosain
27 June 2008

The National Union of Mineworkers had finally reached an agreement with diamond producer De Beers on wage increases for 2008.

The parties had agreed on a 12% wage increase after the NUM tabled an initial demand of 15% and the company made an initial move of 10,4%.

“It is a wonderful offer given that it is a one year agreement. We will negotiate further next year” says Peter Bailey, the NUM Chief Negotiator at De Beers.

He adds that the issue of the CPIX for the next year will be sorted out that time.

NUM says they are excited that it has reached this agreement for the workers without having to go on industrial action as is normally the case.

“We applaud De Beers for setting a good precedent. It is a precedent we hope other companies should follow. We simply want companies to avoid the unnecessary confrontation” says Bailey.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The UDM criticises governments Youth ministries

By Cindy Witten
26 June 2008

The United Democratic Movement of the Western Cape says the formation of the Youth commissions has not proved to produce substantial results.

According to Velile Yayi these commissions are wasting the tax payers’ money.

“There are no proper programs to develop the youth of South Africa and we think that those monies could be diverted elsewhere and be utilised to its fullest potential.”

They have called upon the president to disband these commissions claiming that their involvement is nothing more than the ANC’s dynasty in all government institutions, and have requested for a youth ministry, that will be dedicated to the development our country’s youth, be formed.

Yayi says that in order for our youth’s status to be elevated, competent people should be appointed to run the Youth Ministry.
By doing so, all their energies can be focused into building our country.

Visitors fall victim to violent crime at the Silvermine Dam

By Cindy Witten
26 June 2008

Four visitors and a guide were mugged at the Silvermine damn in the Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) on Wednesday.

It has been reported that the guide managed to get away and immediately called for help while a park ranger notified the Kirstenhof police.

One of the visitors was stabbed and victims were sent to hospital.

TMNP visitor safety rangers and the TMNP dog unit are searching the area and will continue to patrol until the Silvermine section closes at 6pm.

Visitors to the park are warned to be on the look out for any unusual activity.

38 families receive their slice of the 238 housing development

by Ilhaam Hoosain
26 June 2008

The last 38 houses will be handed over to families that are part of the 238 unit housing development at Morgen’s Village in Mitchells Plain on Thursday.

Bheki Enkonyane from Cape Town Community Housing Company says that on this coming Thursday and the ceremony will be lead by the Minister of Housing Qubudile Richard Dyanti.

“This is just a two phased programme, housing project and we are done with phase one and actually this is phase two that we are finishing. So this is one of those institutional subsidies that we provide in fact we targeting an income group of about R3500.

“We are the only company in the country, I think, that is able to actually turn an income of R3500 and actually make them house owners not just your typical small houses. The houses that I am talking about are your 48 square metres and we are very proud of them,” says Enkonyane.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Delft suspects arrested

By Tina George
25 June 2008

Early Wednesday morning four people were arrested for possession of Illegal firearms, possession of drugs and possession of possible stolen property by Bishop Lavis Vispol members.
According to police spokesperson, November Filander, this comes after police executed a search warrant on two identified informal settlements in Freedom Farm, Delft.

“During this operation three males aged 20, 34 and 44 from the area and a female aged 21 from Bishop Lavis was arrested.

“The 21 year old female suspect and a 44 year old male suspect were arrested for possession of drugs and possession of possible stolen property while the 20 and 34 year old male suspects were arrested for possession of Illegal firearms & ammunition,” says Filander.

Filander added that among the stolen items were cellphones, drugs and R1640.40 in cash with the street value of the drugs approximately R 5000.00.

The four suspects are to appear on Friday, 27 June 2008 in the Bellville Magistrate Court.

Anyone with information with regard to activities of this nature should contact Crime stop share call number 08600 10111.

City to officially open Tafelsig Matrix Clinic

By Yamkela Xhaso
25 June 2008

Cape Town Executive Mayor Hellen Zille will take part in the opening of the first Matrix Clinic in Tafelsig , Mitchels Plain on International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking.

According to a media statement residents attending the clinic will receive treatment for alcohol and drug addiction as outpatients.

The treatment that will be received is based on methods developed by the Matrix Institute in the United States of America. These methods are also used in a number of countries where places like Cape Town that have tik as a big problem.

The treatment model was chosen because it has delivered good results in countries that have had tik problem far before Cape Town.

Man found dead aboard fishing vessel

By Henry Booysen
25 June 2008

The National Sea Recue Institute on Tuesday responded to assist a fishing vessel off Smitswinkel Bay after reports that the crew were resuscitating a man on board.

According NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon the crew aboard the vessel were making their way towards Simonstown. He said that they then launched the rescue craft which then connected with the rescue craft off-shore of Boulders near Simonstown.

“Cape Medical Response paramedic Colette Botha was transferred from our rescue craft aboard the vessel and declared the man, believed to be approximately 56 years old, dead,” says Lambinon.

He elaborated that the body was transported from the Simonstown harbour and then handed over to the SA Police Services.

“Education and skills key to youth empowerment for poverty”

By Anele Siwa
25 June 2008

The MEC for education in the Western Cape Cameron Dugmore has on Tuesday given ten practical steps that young people can choose from to empower themselves, which include finishing school, college or higher education.

Dugmore was addressing a group of about 150 young people from across the province at the annual youth month celebrations of the Western Cape Provincial Legislature today.

MEC Dugmore says there are so many chances for young people today and he offered the following practical options to think about:

> Staying at school and finishing matric
> Go to an FET college
> Study at an adult education centre
> University
> Learnership
> Internship
> Start a business
> Join the army or police service
> Study to become a teacher
> Volunteer your time

“Adult Education and Training remains a key tool in Government's efforts to combat unemployment and poverty. The youth can also play an important role in the Mass Literacy Campaign as they can be trained as volunteers and be equipped to provide basic literacy to communities,” says MEC Dugmore

More than 90% of airline technicians want to leave

By Ilhaam Hoosain
25 June 2008

The trade union Solidarity today made an urgent appeal to the technical division of the South African Airways (SAAT), to seek a solution for the low morale of its employees at this company.

The trade union also warned the company that the high levels of alienation in SAAT could lead to a crisis. The company is facing a mass departure of skilled employees as well as directly affecting airline safety.

An opinion poll that was recently held by Solidarity among approximately 110 SAAT employees, 90% of employees are considering resigning while 91% are totally demotivated. Approximately 82% of these employees are technicians and approximately 80% have between 16 and 20 year service with the company.

“The 20 experts who have been imported because of the shortage of skilled technicians by SAAT are paid between £22 and £30 an hour (between approximately R340 and R470),” says spokesman Jaco Kleynhans.

“The aviation industry and more specifically SAAT can no longer ignore the exodus of skills. The departure not only results in the immediate loss of experts, but also leads to a loss of investment in training. For every South African technician who is attracted abroad, SAAT technically loses approximately R1,6 million in the form of a training investment made in the technician. SAAT is not making any effort to protect its investment and is alienating the employees even further with the appointment of these foreign employees,” Kleynhans said.

He adds that the South African aviation technicians are still attracted abroad by large salaries as local salaries are not internationally competitive, but foreign technicians are imported at high salaries to resolve the skills crisis here.

He concludes that the employees are extremely displeased with the salary structures of the foreign experts and some are even threatening industrial action.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Public to give input on upgrading of Community Hall

By Tina George
24 June 2008

Nomzamo Community Hall Precinct has been selected for inclusion into the City’s Quality Public Spaces programme by the City of Cape Town.

The hall has been chosen out of 23 sub-councils in the province.

Urban Design consultants, Holm Jordaan Group, working in association with Kayad Consulting Engineers and Megan Anderson Landscaping Architect, have prepared a Preliminary Concept Plan.

“The purpose of this upgrade is to get interaction within the community, enhance and beautify the area and get the communities together where they can hang out, have meetings or trade,” says City spokesperson Julia Maranyane.

Maranyane adds that other improvements include the relocation of the fence around the hall, upgrading the play area and lawns, as well as tree planting and pavement repairs along and behind the wall. Work is to be completed by December 2009.

Proposals to transform this precinct into a quality space will be presented for public comment at a meeting for residents of the Sub-Council area to be held at 18:30 on Wednesday, 9 July 2008 at the Nomzamo Community Hall in Michael Street.

House breakings under spotlight

By Anele Siwa
24 June 2008

House breakings have reached unprecedented levels in the Greater Grassy Park, Cape Town.

“The community is concerned about house breakings and theft out of motor vehicles which seem to be the major problems,” says Philip Bam, Chairperson of the Community Policing Forum (CPF).

The Grassy Park community is today planning to have a meeting with police management and CPF.

According to Bam few businesses experienced armed robberies lately and this meeting with the police management and CPF is an opportunity to address these issues.

“We need the community input to plan more effectively to make our area safer. We urge all members of the Pelican Park, Grassy Park, Lotus River and Ottery communities to come and share their concerns and solutions so that we can strategies together to beat the criminals,” says Bam

Police searching for missing Wellington girl

By Henry Booysen
24 June 2008

Wellington police are searching for a 13-year-old Lauren Jansen who resides in Van Wyk Vlei in Wellington.

According to police spokesperson Elliott Sinyangana said the 13 year old left her home on Friday June 20 at approximately 2pm and was dressed in a white top, blue jeans and brown boots.

“Her height is estimated to 1.3m, slender built, brown complexion, shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. She never returned home after leaving her home on Friday 20th June 2008,” says Sinyangana.

He elaborated that the police has since launched a search after she was reported missing and a joint operational centre was put up to monitor the developments in the search

Anyone that can assist should contact Detective Inspector Ilse Smith or Inspector Denzil Hendricks on 021 864 8440 or 079 894 1419.

Cricket South Africa suspends agreements with Zimbabwe

by Hasan Thomas
24 June 2008

Cricket South Africa (CSA) ended its bi-lateral agreements with the Zimbabwe Cricket Union on Monday until further notice.

In a media release on Monday 23 June 2008 the president of (CSA) Norman Arendse said that CSA has reviewed its position in relation to Zimbabwe cricket.

“In the light of worsening situation in Zimbabwe we have decided to suspend our bi-lateral agreements with the Zimbabwe Cricket Union until further notice” he said.

He elaborated in the past CSA has defended Zimbabwe cricket against heavy odds, but the general situation in Zimbabwe has now made this untenable.

CSA will otherwise continue to comply with the International Cricket Council’s future tours programme regarding Zimbabwe.

He further said that CSA is bound to this programmes as a full member of the ICC.

International day against substance abuse and illicit trafficking

By Ilhaam Hoosain
24 June 2008

The 26 June every year, International Day against substance abuse and illicit trafficking is celebrated.

This year’s event will be celebrated under the theme “do drugs control your life?”

The Department of Social Development will celebrate the International Day in line with the General Assembly Political Declaration on the drug problem.

The event aims to raise awareness of the all round problem that drugs represent in society and their destructive effect as well as inspire people and mobilise support for drug control.

The keynote address will be delivered by the Deputy Minister of Social Development Dr Jean Swanson-Jacobs and among the speakers will be the Gauteng MEC for Social Development Kgaogelo Lekgoro and the representative of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Dr Jonathan Lucas.

Celebrations will be held at the Chris Hani Stadium (Orange Farm) on the 26th of this month at 9am.

Minister Pandor to address graduates

By Anele Siwa
24 June 2008

The Minister for Education Naledi Pandor will on Tuesday deliver a keynote address at the African Institute for Mathematical Science graduation ceremony in Muizenberg.

“AIMS is a unique partnership between the three universities in the Western Cape and three European universities which are: Cambridge, Oxford and Paris-Sud-XI,” says Pandor.

According to Pandor as from the opening in September 2003 AIMS has fast gained international acknowledgment as centre of excellence preparing students for research and teaching careers in the quantitative sciences.

“AIMS recruit students from all over Africa for an intensive nine moth course thought by outstanding international lectures, building research skills through research exposure to cutting edge,” she added.

Pandor says AIMS graduates continue to advanced programmes in broad range of scientific fields.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Institute calls for judicial officers’ code of conduct

By Tina George
23 June 2008

According to the Institute for Constitutional and Labour Law Studies, an initiative of the trade union Solidarity, a compilation of a comprehensive judicial officers’ code of conduct has been called whereby their conduct in court and in chambers is to be directed and regulated, in addition to legislation already in place to judicial officers.

This follows after the recent publication of claims of misconduct against Judge John Hlophe.

Chief executive of the Institute, Johan Kruger, says the code of conduct will serve to direct judicial officers, in future, as to exactly when it becomes necessary to lay a complaint against a colleague in circumstances like the present.

“It would prevent situations as that which Judge J Nkabinde and AJ Jafta of the constitutional court found themselves in after being approached by Judge Hlophe whereby they didn’t lodge a complaint and alternatively didn’t act immediately in informing other constitutional judges of this approach and that’s regrettable,” says Kruger.

“One wonders in what circumstances would they have found it necessary and prudent to have lodged a complaint or make a statement and I think that this is something that can be encompassed in the judicial offices codes of conduct.”

Are you interested in testing your presenting skills live on air?
Bush Radio is offering an opportunity for newcomers to volunteer to host Everyday People (weekdays 16h00 – 19h00).
What you need to do, is submit a radio demo of no more than 15 minutes, a motivation letter and a CV.
Drop it off at 330 Victoria Road, Salt River during office hours only by the 1st July 2008
If you think you got what it takes to host everyday people, then this is your chance.

Grab it!

Applications must include:
· A clearly labelled demo of no more than 15 minutes on CD (we are more interested in the presentation style and content than the music used)
· A motivation letter stating the reasons you are interested in hosting the programme, what can you bring to Bush Radio.
· A detailed CV with at least 2 references and their contact details
· Applications should be marked for the attention of the Programme Integrator
· No correspondence will be entered into (only successful candidates will be contacted)
· This is a volunteer position. No pay.
· You may send a demo as a group or individual. (If more than one person in a team please include all CVs.)

Community Information Network

By Ilhaam Hoosain
23 June 2008

Diabetes SA needs unwanted books for their annual book sale. The books must be in a good condition and can be dropped off at their offices in Pinelands. For details, call (021) 425 4440 from 9am to 2pm or email

Big Brother Big Sister are looking for volunteers who can spend one hour a week being a mentor or role model to a child in need. Some children need assistance with their school work, others just need support and encouragement. For more information contact 021 551 6996.

Magystics Dance Group will have a dance competition at the Rocklands civic centre at 7pm on Saturday, June 28. Prize money and trophies are up for grabs. For details, call (021) 376 7827 or 076 560 7180.

A young, newly established brass band in Ocean View is looking for donations of instruments. Most members are poor and cannot afford their own. If you can help in any way call Yusuf on 021 783 0265 for details.

Animal Rescue is appealing for donations of bric-a-brac, antiques, clothes, books, CD’s and saleable household items for their markets. All funds benefit township and informal settlement animals. Call Julia on (021) 396 5511 for details.

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to or fax them to 021 448 5451. You can even give us a call on 021 448 5450. Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcasted free of charge.

Cricket South Africa extends condolences to Glenn McGrath

By Henry Booysen
23 June 2008

Cricket South Africa has extended its condolences to Australian cricketing legend Glenn McGrath and his family on the passing of his wife Jane.

According to Michael-Owen Smith the President of Cricket South Africa Norman Arendse said that it is with great sadness to hear about the passing of the cricketer’s wife.

“Glenn has been a model cricketer and a great advertisement for the game. The fact that he has been most supportive of his wife during almost a decade of her illness makes his achievements even more astonishing,” says Arensdse.

Owen Smith elaborated that Glenn and his late wife was dominant on the forefront of breast cancer awareness.

“We wish Glenn and his family everything of the best during this difficult period,” Arendse extended.

Solidarity welcomes salary adjustment

By Ilhaam Hoosain
23 June 2008

The trade union Solidarity expressed its appreciation for the salary adjustment Anglo Platinum awarded to its 46 000 employees.

Anglo Platinum indicated in a letter to the trade unions, that due to prevailing inflation and the CPIX currently on 10,4%, and the pressures workers are experiencing to survive an increase of 10,4% is to be implemented.

The company also said that no other wage negotiations are to be entered into. A two-year agreement has been decided with the company.

“Solidarity welcomes Anglo Platinum’s concern for its employees. The trade union discussed the dilemma of high inflation with the management of Anglo Platinum and is heartened by the understanding and positive feedback.

Due to the drastic rise in inflation in 2008 employees struggled to make ends meet. The price of platinum also supports Anglo Platinum’s step. Labour peace before 2010 is important,” Reint Dykema, Mining spokesman of Solidarity added.

Trade unions currently recognised at Anglo Platinum include NUM, The Alliance, NUMSA, TAWUSA, Uasa and Solidarity.

Police search for 24-year-old male

By Ilhaam Hoosain
23 June 2008

Police are searching for a 24 year old male, Ashley Holzheimer, who went missing from his home on Thursday the 19 June2008.

“Ashley can be described as having an average build and is approximately 1.7 meters tall. He has short black hair with a brown complexion.

“(He) also has a history of mental illness and at the time of his disappearance he was wearing a brown jacket and blue jeans,” says Inspector S Knapp.

For any further information please contact the investigation officer, Inspector Godfrey Arendse or Inspector Smith on 021 700 3953.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Tension between foreign nationals at Blue Water displacement camp

By Ilhaam Hoosain
22 June 2008

At the Blue Water displacement camp violence has erupted between two nationalities namely Zimbabweans and Congolese foreign nationals.

“Well there has been tension between the Congolese group and the Zimbabwean group. There is a claim among the Congolese that the Zimbabwean group is playing loud music, smoking dagga and playing soccer near where they are staying disrupting their families.

“We have sent in a mediating team to calm tension there and to talk to the people and get them to reach an agreement so that they don’t come into conflict with each other,” says city spokesperson Robert Macdonald.

There are currently only about 200 people staying at the camp with accommodation space for up to 2000 people.

According to Macdonald the incident was sparked when one of the soccer players from the Zimbabwean group broke a window in one of the places where the Congolese group was staying and it resulted in a minor confrontation.

He says that there was no serious incident and there were metro police on the scene to calm the situation.

More people for Blue Water

“We are going to be moving more people into Blue Waters but we going to be moving them to a separate section, it is actually a very large sight.

“We are going to spread the people out a bit so that they do not get in each others way,” says Macdonald.

He adds that they have a mediating team in place as well as metro police to prevent any incidents.

Xenophobic attacks death toll rises to 62

By Ilhaam Hoosain
22 June 2008

The death toll due to xenophobic attack in South Africa has risen to 62 with the earlier toll being 56.

The death toll rose when six people who were injured in the attacks died in hospital. National police spokesperson Sally de Beer says a total of 670 people have been injured.

The xenophobic violence appears to have dropped in the last few days. The attacks began in Gauteng in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg, and then spread to other provinces.

Also according to the SABC, reports from Brits in the North West say foreigners, mainly Zimbabweans and Pakistanis, have been returning to their homes in local townships after fleeing the violence earlier this month.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Floods leave scores destitute

By Hasan Thomas
21 June 2008

2000 people were affected by the floods in some informal settlements in the Western Cape, after heavy rainfalls on Thursday night.

The affected victims were moved into community halls or lodged with friends, this is according to a weekend paper.

According to the South African weather bureau isolated heavy rainfalls were possible over greater Cape Town parts.

The areas which are considered at high risk are Kosovo in Philippi, Gugulethu and Khayelitsha.

Meanwhile the city’s disaster management assessed the damage and went to the aid of rained out families, providing them with warm meals and blankets.

Teenager linked to toddlers' deaths, appears in court

By Ilhaam Hoosain
21 June 2008

A 16-year-old boy linked with the death of three toddlers appeared on Friday in the George magistrate's court this is according to Western Cape police.

The boy did not plead and was remanded to the Mossel Bay Correctional Facility, spokesperson Captain Malcolm Pojie said.

"His formal bail application will be heard on Thursday (June 26) at the George Magistrate's Court," said Pojie.

They have been identified as three-year-old Jamaine Geduld, four-year-old Hendrolene Koetaan, and Adnill Pienaar who was five.

They were all of Bossiesgif, Rosemore, George and they were found dead on Thursday night after they were reported missing.

According to a daily newspaper their bodies were found hidden, piled up on top of each other in a ditch on the banks of a river in Bossiesgif.

Pojie said an autopsy would be conducted early next week to determine the cause of death.

Housing Hand over to take place in Phillippi

By Henry Booysen
21 June 2008

On Saturday 21 June MEC for Local Government and Housing MEC Qubudile Richard Dyanti will be doing a housing hand over in Phillippi.

The housing hand over comes into effect because in 2001 floods affected the informal settlements in Phillippi.

According to spokesperson for Local Government and Housing Vusi Tshoshe people were placed in temporary accommodation. The department in 2003 had procured from Norwich/Fedsure Investments so infrastructure may be put up by the City of Cape Town so that the affected communities may be accommodated.

“The project will consist of 1137 houses that will accommodate beneficiaries from the areas of Kosovo, Sweet Home and Phola Park. The project is divided into two phases. Phase 1 consists of 250 houses and will be completed in the current financial year. Phase 2 consist of 887 houses that will be implemented under the new financial year subsidy quantam,” says Tshoshe.

He elaborated that the project had suffered difficulty as beneficiaries from other areas also wanted to qualify for houses in Phillippi Park.

The housing hand over will take place at 12pm at the Phillippi Sports Complex, Sherfield Road, Phillippi.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Suspects arrested for dealing in tik

By Anele Siwa
20 June 2008

On Thursday night two suspects aged 38 and 46 years have been arrested with dealing in tik at premises in Da Gama Street, Strand.

“Search warrant was executed at premises in Da Gama Street, Strand,” says Inspector Bernadine Steyn police spokesperson.

According to Steyn the search warrant was obtained after information was gathered and observation held over a period of time.

“We seized chemicals and instruments that can be used to manufacture Tik (Methamphetamine), as well as a small amount of Tik in the bedroom,” she added.

Steyn says the total value is estimated at R100 000-00.

The two male suspects are expected to appear in the Strand Magistrate's court on Monday.

Cape Town celebrates World Refugee Day

By Tina George
20 June 2008

Many refugees as well as South Africans gathered on Friday at the Future Desmond Tutu Peace Centre in Cape Town in commemoration of World Refugee Day.

The theme for this year “We are family” is a call to all to uphold tolerance and understanding by standing in solidarity against the inhumanness of xenophobia.

Among the speakers at the event were three refugee children who shared their experiences and read the declaration of rights along with students from various high schools who also read poems against xenophobia.

The main speaker of the event Archbishop Desmond Tutu addressed the crowd saying he is “deeply humbled yet proud” after hearing the children’s stand against the violence.

In the same breathe he exclaimed that the xenophobic attacks that have occurred are “totally unacceptable and un-african” as we are known to be a culture that welcomes other cultures.

He made a plea to the refugees to forgive us as South Africans for our inexcusable actions shown towards them.

He added that just like apartheid, we are going to defeat xenophobia.

“Let us create new kinds of societies, where there is no war, no oppression and create countries that are compassionate and caring.”

Mayor of Cape Town Helen Zille shared a few words saying that “we must look at people for who they are and understand people for their identity and that nobody chooses to be a refugee.”

The event was ended off with the South African national anthem and a dance by a refugee group.

MEC launches Youth in Agriculture and Rural Development

By Anele Siwa
20 June 2008

The Minister for Agriculture in the Western Cape Cobus Dowry has today opened the launch of the Youth in Agriculture and Rural Development (YARD).

“I believe that as South Africans we are faced with two major challenges in the Agricultural sector. Globally the marketplace is changing on a daily basis with its own specific set of demands for Agriculture. We have to keep up with the highly competitive invaders of our traditional export markets and unequal competition with subsidised produce that is offered to the consumers at much lower prices, even in our own country,” says Dowry.

According to Dowry many countries recognise the value of continuing research with the emphasis on niche markets.

“Locally we have to deal with the total transformation of the agricultural sector in order to rectify the injustices of the past and to make sure that land is distributed in a orderly fashion at the same time ensuring that all new entrants to agriculture become sustainable farmers who can contribute to the growth of the sector and thus making a meaningful contribution to the economy of the country,” he explains.

Dowry goes on to say the Government is placing a very high premium on the growth of human capital which is also one of the core aims of ASGISA.

“We believe that we can develop our human capital to become more productive and susceptible to the challenges of an ever-changing environment. Human capital development can therefore make a significant contribution to attain the goals for sustainable growth in agriculture as a whole,” he added.

City of Cape Town to reduce safety sites for displaced persons

By Henry Booysen
20 June 2008

The City of Cape is to reduce the number of safety sites for persons displaced due to last months xenophobic attacks due to the continuing bad weather.

People currently being held at Soetwater near Kommetjie will be now sheltered at the Blue Waters safety site in Strandfontein as the site is more sheltered.

According to the Director of Communication for the City of Cape Town Pieter Cronje the Blue Waters site can accommodate more people, is closer to residential and commercial areas and more shelters from strong winds.

“The overall aim is to reduce the number of people in the safety which the City is managing. This will help ease the management pressures of the sites. The sites will be reduced and ultimately closed through repatriation or re-integration of the displaced people,” says Cronje.

He elaborates that because bad weather is expected for the weekend a joint disaster operations centre will be established by the Disaster Risk teams from the Province and the City.

“Work between the officials of the Province and the City together with the Department of Home Affairs with the UNHCR performing an advisory board will continue,” he says.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Solidarity says Nersa decision only resolves coal problem

By Henry Booysen
19 June 2008

Solidarity has welcomed Nersa’s decision to grant Eskom a rate increase of 27.5% and has expressed their relief of not considering the 53% increase.

According Solidarity spokesperson Jaco Kleynhans the increase provides for the electricity supplier’s rising primary energy costs, mainly coal.

“It does not, however, allow for expansion of Eskom’s capacity and the cost of demand management and we still have no idea how the solution to the electricity crisis is to be financed,” says Kleynhans.

Secretary General of Solidarity Dirk Herman says that if government does not take responsibity in financing Eskom them higher increases will be required.

“Eskom’s initial submission to Nersa only mentioned coal prices and the cost of demand management for the increase,” says Herman.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

SA u20 team named for semifinal against England

By Tina George
18 June 2008

The SA U20 team has been named for the International Rugby Board World Junior Championship semifinal clash against England.

According to Media Manager, Rayaan Adriaanse,South Africa advanced to the semifinals of the tournament after easy victories over USA, Scotland and Samoa.

“Samoa was bit of a tough match but the team survived that onslaught and finished unbeaten during the pool stages and also topped their pool,” says Adriaanse.

The match will take place tonight at Cardiff in Wales at 22:10pm where Supersport will show the match live.

Adriaanse added that the other semi-final match before the game against England will be between Wales and New Zealand.

The SA U20 team vs. England:
15. Wilton Pietersen
14 Cecil Afrika
13. Stefan Watermeyer
12. Robert Ebersohn
11. Lionel Mapoe
10. Francois Brummer
9. Francois Houghaard
8. Gerrit-Jan van Velze (captain)
7. Thiliphaut Marole
6. Johan van Deventer
5. Cornell Hess
4. Martin Muller
3. Frederick Kirsten
2. Henri Bantjes
1. Corne Fourie

16. PJ van Vuuren
17. Wiehahn Herbst
18. Sobelo Nhlapo
19. Ralph Koster
20. Dewaldt Duvenhage
21. Josias Ebersohn
22. Stephan Dippenaar

Bishop Lavis suspects arrested after four vehicles discovered

By Tina George
18 June 2008

On Wednesday police arrested two male suspects after four vehicles believed to have been stolen were recovered in Friesland Street, Montana.

Two males aged 30 and 31 years old were arrested on the premises.

According to police the action followed after a tip-off in the area, led to the busts at two houses.

“At the first house two vehicles, a white VW Golf and a white VW Jetta of which the engine and chessy numbers had been tampered with were recovered,” says police spokesperson November Filander.

“At the second house a maroon Pajero Mitsubishi, with a false number plate and a white VW Golf of which also the engine and chessy numbers had been tampered with were recovered, “says Filander.

The two suspects are expected to appear in the Bishop Lavis Magistrate's court on Thursday for possession of suspected stolen vehicles.

Police requesting help with missing 14 - year - old boy

By Anele Siwa
18 June 2008

The police are requesting the public’s help in finding Rodwin van der Westhuizen a 14-year-old boy, who went missing more than two weeks ago.

“He was last seen on the 5 June 2008 at about 14:30 at Princess Vlei, Prince George Drive,” says police spokesperson Stephen Knapp.

According to Knapp, Rodwin is about 1.5m tall, weighs approximately 45kg, short brown hair, brown eyes and a fair complexion.

“Before reported missing, he was wearing a blue top with a zipper, grey denim jeans and blue and white takkies,” he explains.

The police request anyone with information to contact the investigating Officer, Inspector GJ Arendse at the Grassy Park Police Station at 021 700 3953.
Pics: Family picture

South Africa celebrates World Day to Combat Desertification

By Henry Booysen
18 June 2008

On Tuesday South Africa celebrated World Day to combat Desertification. According to Mava Scott from the department of Environmental Affairs, the day is important to South Africans, because with desertification, no crops can be grown.

“This year’s theme “Combating Land Degradation for Sustainable Agriculture” highlights the importance of sustainable agriculture in preserving biodiversity and the well being of our citizens,” says Scott.

He elaborated that Deputy Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism Rejoice Mabudhafasi said that government needs to join with different sectors and stakeholders so that awareness can be made in the fight against desertification through measures such as environmental and development programmes.

President’s Sudan visit postponed

By Ilhaam Hoosain
18 June 2008

A scheduled visit by South African President Thabo Mbeki to Sudan for talks on peace efforts between Khartoum and southern former rebels has been postponed.

Foreign Affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa say that the visit that was scheduled for Tueday the 17th and Thursday the 18th of June was in mutual agreement between the SA government and the Sudanese government been postponed.

“The visit will be rescheduled to a later date, which will be finalised through diplomatic channels,” says Mamoepa.

President Thabo Mbeki was supposed to meet with the Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir and Sudan’s Vice President Salva Kiir, in the context of South Africa’s chairmanship of Sudan’s post conflict reconstruction and development committee of the African Union.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Independent Democrats slam Julius Malema

By Henry Booysen
17 June 2008

Independent Democrats has lashed out against ANC Youth League President for saying the league will kill in order to protect ANC President Jacob Zuma at a Youth Day rally in Thaba ‘nchu in the Free Statement.

“The Independent Democrats is lodging a complaint with the Human Rights Commission,” says De Lille.

The party has also called for the ANC leadership to call Malema to order and for him to retract his statement.

“These comments come from an organisation that over recent years has started to develop a culture of indiscipline and disrespect,” said the party leader.

ANC Youth League President Julius Malema said, “We are prepared to take up arms and kill for Zuma.”

Youth in Nyanga and Crossroads stand up against drugs

By Anele Siwa
17 June 2008

People in Nyanga and Crossroads hosted Youth Day celebrations on Monday to honour and commemorate the role played by the youth in 1976.

“We (Crossroads Youth Forum) have organised this event to try to bring the youth together and to encourage those who are using drugs to stop and to tell them that together we can deliver better things to our society,” says Xolisile Dangalasile deputy chairperson of the Youth Forum in Crossroads.

Sandile Mdalambu from social development in Crossroads says the struggle for apartheid is over and they are now facing the new challenge, the fight against drugs and alcohol.

As they were commemorating Youth Day they wore T-shits with a big label “Age of hope youth against crime”.

Miriam Makhosan founder of Bambanani Social Development in Crossroads says things have not yet changed to a point where everyone can say we are free in terms of economy.

“I want to make it loud and clear that the youth must participate in projects which are aimed at giving them skills so that they can stand on their own and not to wait for government,” says Makhosana.

Ashley Bafo from Belhar Youth Forum says the struggle against drugs is not an easy one, but she is determined that they are going to cross that bridge.


# The Lavender Hill literacy project is raising funds for school libraries in and around Lavender Hill. Bric-a-brac, jewellery, small collectables and books are required. If you can help call Graham on 073 314 5918.

# Registration for Grade8 learners for 2009, is now open at Groenvlei High School in Lansdowne. All those wishing to register there should do so buy Thursday June 26. Forms can be collected at the school. For details, call 021 703 1142.

# Big Brother Big Sister are looking for volunteers who can spend one hour a week being a mentor or role model to a child in need. Some children need assistance with their school work, others just need support and encouragement. For more information contact 021 551 6996.

# A young, newly established brass band in Ocean View is looking for donations of instruments. Most members are poor and cannot afford instruments. If you can help in any way call Yusuf on 021 783 0265 for details.

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to or fax them to 021 448 5451. You can even give us a call on 021 448 5450. Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcasted free of charge.

Reserve Sergeant kills girlfriend and commits suicide

By Anele Siwa
17 June 2008

On Monday night a 37-year-old Reserve Sergeant Samuel Teheben, shot and killed his girlfriend Edwina Titus, before taking his life at Sophia Street, Kalkfontein.

“(Teheben) had an argument with his girlfriend in front of his house during which he allegedly fired shots at her with his private pistol,” says police spokesperson Captain Isaac van Nikerk.

According to van Nikerk Titus sustained bullet wounds to her back and left side and later she passed away in hospital.

“After the girlfriend was shot Teheben who worked at Kuils River police station went to the bathroom of his house where he allegedly turned the firearm on himself. He was found with a gunshot wound to his head and died on the scene,” says van Nikerk.

Police have opened cases of murder and an inquest for investigation.

“Constitutional Court and JSC must act urgently” - ACDP

By Tina George
17 June 2008

According to the African Christian Democratic Party the Constitutional Court and Judicial Services Commission must urgently act to restore public confidence in the judiciary and avoid deepening constitutional crisis.

This statement follows claims made against Cape Judge President John Hlophe in which he allegedly tried to lobby for pro-Jacob Zuma rulings.

The ACDP believes that a crisis is being faced within the judiciary following the developments in the Judge Hlophe matter which they believe if not quickly resolved will result in a much deeper constitutional issue.

“It appears now that the constitutional court judges are clearly divided and even possibly motivated by political consideration on the issue as to whether judge Hlophe tried to improperly influence them and as to whether a complaint should be made before the judicial services commission.”

“We as the ACDP believe it is crucial for the constitutional court and the judicial services commission to act urgently and in a transparent manner to restore public confidence in the judiciary and to prevent a deepening constitutional crisis.”

He added that a full and transparent inquiry must be held to determine whether Judge Hlophe tried to improperly influence Constitutional Court judges, and whether Constitutional Court judges themselves acted improperly in releasing a public statement without a proper complaint first having been filed with the JSC.

Nersa to announce tariff increase on Wednesday

By Ilhaam Hoosain
17 June 2008

National Energy Regulator of South Africa (Nersa) decision over Eskom's tariffs will be announced on Wednesday and consumers, investors and the Reserve Bank will watching closely.
The power utility applied to have its tariffs increased by 53%.

Meanwhile at recent public hearings the ANC, the Reserve Bank and trade unions were among the interested parties who rejected such a large increase this is according to the SABC.

Reserve Bank governor Tito Mboweni insists that a 6% rise in electricity tariffs would be reasonable and anything above that would stoke inflation.

Eskom need to raise electricity tariffs to fund its R350 billion expansion project. But analysts have warned that any sharp increase could trigger off a spate of rises, including a lending rate increase before the Reserve Bank's scheduled meeting in August.

Monday, June 16, 2008

UWC celebrates Youth Day

By Henry Booysen
16 June 2008

The University of the Western Cape today played hosts to the Youth Day celebrations. The event which was attended by thousands of people mainly youths took place in the Stadium of the university.

MEC Safety and Security in the Western Cape Leonard Ramatlakane welcomed the different organizations to the event and National Youth Commission Chairperson Nomi Nkondlo delivered a speech on behalf of the Commission.

“The youth are amongst the highest affected and infected by HIV/AIDS. All these compounded by inadequate educational opportunities. As they seek to protect and defend this democracy,” says Nkondlo.

The Chairperson later elaborated that the Commission is urging government to find different ways to ensure that the youth finds different ways to challenge the problem of unemployment.

Xenophobia was addressed at the event and a strong appeal was made for South Africans to accept and embrace other Africans.

President Thabo Mbeki addressed the crowd and his main focus was that the youth of 2008 should regard themselves as the “Young Lions”, a term the late Oliver Tambo described the youth of 1976.

Mbeki addressed the issue of Xenophobia saying that the youth of 2008 should educate one another to stop all attacks against foreigners, and should act as first defenders for both South African communities and other Africans.

“At the same time we must admit that all of us have been humiliated and shamed by the small number of young people who recently took it upon themselves to the criminal attacks against fellow Africans who live among us, and participated in looting their property,” says Mbeki.

The President mentioned that government has recognised that the youth is the most vulnerable members of society and will ensure that youth development and empowerment takes place at programmes including the Expanded Public Works Programme.

The event then ended with a local teenager surrendering items to the crowd about hope.

“I wish everyone, including foreign guests who live among us, a happy and safe National Youth Day,” Mbeki said in closing.

Soweto heroes remembered

By Ilhaam Hoosain
16 June 2008

32 years ago high-school students in Soweto started their protests for better education on 16 June 1976.

Youth day, a national holiday marks the loss of hundreds of lives in the struggle against Apartheid and Bantu Education and is a commemoration to all the youth that lost their lives in the struggle.

According to reports the issue that was being protested, was not so much the Afrikaans but the whole system of Bantu education, which was characterised by separate schools and universities, overcrowded classrooms and inadequately trained teachers and poor facilities.

On this day 32 years ago approximately 20 000 pupils from Soweto began a protest march. In the struggle almost 700 hundred people, many of them youths, were killed and property destroyed.

President Thabo Mbeki gave a key note speech at the University of the Western Cape on Monday in which he said that the youth of 2008, should carry the title “young lions”, which Oliver Tambo in 1976, called the youth of then.

He stated that the youth should be at the forefront of the struggle to defeat violence and rape against women and children.

Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign to support Youth Day by hosting a sports day

By Henry Booysen
16 June 2008

The Western Cape Anti Eviction Campaign will be having a soccer tournament to commemorate youth Day. The event will be in memory of an eleven year old who was found murdered at Parklands Primary.

According to spokesperson for the Anti-Eviction campaign Gary Hartzenberg the event will be known as the Zubair memorial.

“The late Zubair was part of the under 13 team and the Anti-Eviction Campaign feels it fitting that he should be commemorated,” says Hartzenberg.

The tournament will take place at 10am at Parkfields Primary, Newlands Village and will feature 11 soccer teams.

Crossroads fire leaves one dead and 15 displaced

By Tina George
16 June 2008

A fire that blazed through an informal settlement has claimed the life of an old Crossroads resident and left 15 people displaced at the weekend.

The blaze at the Klipfontein Road settlement was tended to by fire fighters however the man had already died on their arrival.

Police spokesperson, Elliot Sinyangana says the victim is said to be identified as Z Nqiqhi, is estimated to be around 41-year-old however an inquest docket has been opened.

Head of City’s Disaster Risk Management Centre, Greg Pillay said the fire started on Saturday at 1.20 am.

“15 people were displaced but they are being provided with necessary food and blankets from the Mustadafin foundation,” says Pillay.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Township cyclist to race for European cycling team

By Henry Booysen
15 June 2008

Luthando Kaka a 22 year old cyclist will become the first black South African to ride for a European continental road cycling team.

Kaka who is currently the Western Province under 23 road cycling champion and the lead rider of the acsis professional men’s cycling team will now join the Danish based cycling team Glud and Marstrand Horsens (GMH) at the end of June.

According to Glyn Broomberg CEO of Life Cycling Academy the organisation to which Kaka belongs, the cyclist have shown good form this year, especially during the Giro del Capo which he took the lead for more than 30 minutes and his performance in the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour.

“This performance, together with Luthando’s strong showing at the Western Province Championships, gave us the confidence to recommend him for the Danish team,” says Broomberg.

Team Glud and Marstrand Horses which is owned by Micheal Skelde is a unique cycling team with world class riders.

“Being selected for a Continental team is a significant achievement for both Luthando and the LCA and we want to ensure that the move is a successful one, which is why Luthando will be given time to adjust to his new environment,” says Broomberg.

Mthunzi Mdwaba CEO of Torque IT and a member of the Life Cycling Academy said he hopes Luthando’s move to Europe will inspire other township youths to find interest in cycling.

NSRI rescue crew from capsized yacht

By Henry Booysen
15 June 2008

The National Sea Rescue Institute rescued four crew members safely last night after the yacht they were travelling in capsized at Cape Point.

According to NSRI Simonstown Station Commander Darren Zimmerman they were alerted after a female reported that her husband and three others were in trouble as the yacht they were in was taking water fast and sinking about 5 nautical miles off Cape Point.

“NSRI Simonstown launched its rescue craft and alerted the NSRI Gordon’s Bay for assistance,” says Zimmerman.

Zimmerman elaborated the crew had launched distress flares to make it easier for assistance to locate them.

The four crew members were found in a life boat and not injured were taken to Simonstown where they later left home.

National Sea Rescue Institure spokesperson Craig Lambinon says the survivors report they have not slept yet and are overwhelmed that they were rescued.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

City’s health partnerships boosted

By Henry Booysen
14 June 2008

A wheelchair gift donated to the City of Cape Town’s Bothasig clinic by the Tygerberg Hills Rotary Club has strengthened ties with the private sector and public institutions.

According to the Chairperson of the City Health Portfolio Committee James Vos thee City clinics are the frontline in the provision of primary health care and plays a pivotal part in the communities they serve.

“The donated wheelchair shows that communities acknowledge that role and wish to reciprocate in a positive way. The wheelchair enhances our service provision and is welcome addition to the existing facilities provided by the R7million clinic,” says Vos.

Vos says the City welcomes health partnerships who involve themselves by donating money and equipment, yet they believe that a valuable contribution can be made by those who can share their expertise and offer voluntary service to the elderly and frail who attend their clinics.

“I hope this latest partnership will encourage more organisations to become part of our efficient primary health system,” he said.


By Tina George
14 June 2008

With the recent approval of the Council budget and tariffs for the 2008/2009 financial year indicating a price increase for electricity of around 20% from the 1st July the city urges the public to save electricity.

Councillor Clive Justus, Mayco Member for the Utilities Services portfolio says that if we all make the necessary effort to reduce our electricity usage the tariff increases can be minimised.

“What still looms over us, however, is the request by Eskom of a 53% increase electricity prices, a request that the National Energy Regulator of South Africa (NERSA) still has to decide upon,” says Cllr Justus.

Saving electricity saves money and helps the environment, we could save electricity by switching off our geysers during peak demand which occurs between six and ten o’clock in the mornings and evenings.”

Friday, June 13, 2008

Judge Dumisani Zondi ruled in favour of TAC

By Anele Siwa
13 June 2008

Cape High Court has today ruled in favour of Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) against DR Matthias Rath. The TAC applied to the court to stop Rath from conducting clinical trials and from advertising his multi-vitamins as a cure for AIDS.

“We are extremely happy about this court ruling, but I want to start off on a slightly glamour note, if you see on the court paper there are affidavits of two people who wrote testimony about how their people die in the hands of Rath,” says TAC’s Nathan Geffen addressing media at Westminster House.

Geffen says although this is the great victory the country must not forget that many human lives have been lost.

According to Nosisa Mhlathi TAC spokesperson DR Rath started working in Khayelitsha in 2005.

“He claimed that his remedies can cure AIDS and convinced people to use it,” she explains.

TAC’s Zachi Achmat refused to comment saying he is still reading the court papers.

Attempts to get comments from DR Mathias Rath have failed.


By Tina George
13 June 2008

# On Monday June 16, Zolani Centre in Nyanga will be hosting a hip-hop explosion show at 12 pm. People from the surrounding Cape Flats townships are all invited. For more information, call Ndikho Kwinana on 071 279 6061.
# Social and ballroom dancing for singles takes place every Saturday at the Atlantic Green Point Bowling Club from 8pm. The cost is R35. Call Jenny on (021) 554 3400.

# The Lavender Hill literacy project is raising funds for school libraries in and around Lavender Hill. Bric-a-brac, jewellery, small collectables and books are required. If you can help call Graham on 073 314 5918.

# Registration for Grade8 learners for 2009, is now open at Groenvlei High School in Lansdowne. All those wishing to register there should do so by Thursday June 26. Forms can be collected at the school. For details, call (021) 703 1142.

# The time trials of the Bellville Athletic Clubs’ road and cross country division will be held every Thursday at 6pm at the Bellville athletic stadium until August. Evryone is invited to join the club for a 5km time trial. For more details call Quintus van Rensburg at 082 221 1835.

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to or fax them to 021 448 5451. You can even give us a call on 021 448 5450. Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcasted free of charge.

“Attacks on Skwatsha clearly were organised”

By Anele Siwa
13 June 2008

African National Congress Western Cape secretary Mcebisi Skwatsha was stabbed in the neck on Thursday night during a meeting held in the Boland region.

It is alleged that he was stabbed by an ANC member.

“The attacks on Skwatsha clearly were organised and those people were not invited in the meeting. They targeted Mcebisi particularly when they were disrupting the meeting,” says ANC’s Max Ozingski.

Ozingski says this is not the behaviour of ANC members or ANC supporters.

“We strongly condemn the incident and we want to applaud police for quickly reacting and arresting the suspects,” he added.

This incident happened when Skwatsha was talking to a meeting of ANC branches about the decision of dissolving the Boland executive.

He was treated for neck wounds at a Worcester hospital and he is since been discharged.

50 basis points increase only the beginning says economist

By Ilhaam Hoosain
13 June 2008

The Reserve Bank Governor Tito Mboweni raised the repo rate by only 50 basis points on Thursday.

Some economists have expressed relief because this takes the prime interest rate that banks charge their clients to 15.5 percent.

Econometrix economist Tony Twine says that the rising of the interest rate (by 50 basis points) will not be the end of it. As long as the inflation rate in the South African economy continues to move upwards, Governor Tito Mboweni has made it clear that the Reserve Bank will be forced to keep raising interest rates.

“It won’t all happen in one go but with inflation continuing to move up, interest rates will continue to move up.

“The first sign that we can see in our models of any relief coming through on the interest rate front would be late in 2009 and that would be at the very, very earliest,” says Twine

Three high calibre players part ways with WC Cricket

By Ilhaam Hoosain
13 June 2008

Jacques Kallis, Mark Boucher and Ashwell Prince have nominated the Eastern Cape’s Warriors as their franchise for the 2008/9 season this was announced by Cricket South Africa on Thursday.

This marks the end of their association with the Cape Cobras. Mohamed Ebrahim, Chairman of Western Cape Cricket, said the franchise was sorry such high calibre players were leaving, particularly Kallis and Prince who have for long been associated with the Western Cape.

Chief Executive Andre Odendaal said they will be sorely missed, even if Mark has never actually played for the Cobras and Jacques had turned out in only one of the last 78 Cobras’ matches.

“We enjoyed the association with them and our fans and the door remains open from our side should they wish to be involved in any way in future.

“We will also miss Ashwell’s on-field leadership and enthusiasm which has been an important factor in the Cobras’ recent run of five successive semis or more in limited overs competitions,” says Odendaal.

Meanwhile Warriors delighted on the decision

“We are delighted to have Jacques, Mark and Ashwell joining the Warriors. All three of them bring with them a wealth of cricketing talent and experience. They together with our stalwart Warriors, Peterson, Ntini and Botha provide us with a great deal of experience which will be invaluable as we bring our youngsters through. ” said CEO, Dave Emslie.

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City's community halls no longer an option for Provincial Government

By Tina George
13 June 2008

Yesterday the city of Cape Town submitted an affidavit to the Cape High Court opposing the Provincial Government’s interdict to force the public to open its community halls to manage the refugee crisis in Cape Town.

This follows after Provincial Government ruled that municipal community halls be used to house displaced foreign nationals.

However the city stated that facilities which are not being used on a regular basis, like Wingfield Airforce Base, Fort Ikapa, unused schools, and vacant public works buildings be used instead as the halls are used as pension pay outs and are needed in a case of flooding and fire where people need to be sheltered.

According to spokesperson Robert Macdonald they are now able to enter into a situation where both the province and the city together with other departments can begin to negotiate and work out a functional way to address the crisis.

“We are holding a meeting tomorrow of a new task team that has been formed through the provincial government the City of Cape Town and the United Nations and Home Affairs.

“We should be able to form one strategy within the next few days so that we can find a compromise that works for all spheres of government and that provides the best solutions for the public and the refugees.”

Thursday, June 12, 2008

ANC Youth League president calls on youth

By Anele Siwa
12 June 2008

The newly elected ANC Youth League President, Julius Malema has appealed on the youth to honour the memory of June 16 1976 by continuing the uppermost levels of honesty and behave them in a way that advances the aims of the national democratic revolution.

"The memory of the events that came to pass that fateful day on 16 June 1976 provided the momentum for the liberation struggle, and ultimately our national liberation. It is a painful reminder of what should never again befall our young nation,” says Malema.

According to Malema June 16 was a catalyst for the intensified struggle that characterised South Africa’s political landscape and set the scene for the liberation.

“The blood that spilled and flowed on the gutters of our townships nourished the tree that bore the fruits of liberation. Ours is a generation whose emancipation is intrinsically linked to the struggles of yesteryear, which were embodied by the 1976 generation,” he added.

Meanwhile Benzi Soko, POPCRU National Spokesperson says there has been a worrying silence of political inclination in the youth of SA since the dawn of democracy in 1994.

Solidarity welcomes Anglo Platinum shares

By Tina George
12 June 2008

Anglo Platinum the world’s largest platinum producer yesterday handed over shares worth 4.6 billion to its workers where 40 000 workers will benefit through the Kotula Trust which will manage the shares.

According to Solidarity spokesperson Reint Dykema this is the largest worker empowerment scheme ever announced in South Africa.

“Consultation about the deal took place over a period of 18 months with the six recognised trade unions at Anglo Platinum being NUM, Numsa, The Alliance, TAWUSA, Uasa and Solidarity whereby which the process was facilitated by Gavin Hartford’s Esop Shop,” says Dykema.

Dykema elaborated that every worker, including those at D1 band who had never before owned Anglo Platinum shares, will now be a shareholder. An Esop is one of the best ways to achieve empowerment and shrink the gap between rich and poor.

“The financial structure of the Kotula Trust is made up of 40% free shares and 60% loan shares, which have to be repaid by the Trust. The outstanding loan will be paid from a dividend of 50% on the loan shares. If any money remains owing, it will be made up out of the sale of loan shares.”

He added that the Trust will be managed by 13 trustees, comprising representatives of the trade unions and the company, as well as independent trustees.

Plane crashes claim lives in Sudan and Kenya

By Ilhaam Hoosain
12 June 2008

President Thabo Mbeki expressed his condolences to the leaders of Sudan and Kenya following the plane crashes in both countries.

An investigation is under way after a jetliner that veered off a runway during a thunderstorm and burst into flames in Khartoum (Sudan's capital) on Tuesday evening.

More than half of the 214 people on board were able to escape. However reports say it is still unclear how many died in the inferno.

“On behalf of the government and people of South Africa, as well as on his own behalf, extended South Africa’s deepest condolences to Sudanese President Omar al-Beshir and Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki following the recent plane crashes in their respective countries, in which a number of people died,” says Department of Foreign Affairs spokesman Ronnie Mampoepa.

“Please accept your excellence our heart felt condolences to the governments and people of your country, occasioned by the recent aircrashes in your countries which robbed you of the lives of a number of your compatriots.

“We can only imagine the pain and hurt these crashes have brought to bear on your countries and in particular those families who lost their loved ones in these tragedies,” says President Thabo Mbeki.

Kenya has also suffered losses of a cabinet minister and an assistant minister. They died yesterday along with two others in Masai Mara game reserve when their light plane crashed near.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

City moves to curb alcohol and drugs

By Anele Siwa
11 June 2008

The City of Cape Town have responded to the fears of Cape Flats residents, and have set up an interdepartmental task team to make stronger the fight against substance abuse.

“At an initial meeting, called by the Housing and Safety and Security directorates, it became clear that drug and illegal alcohol trafficking from council owned dwellings was a major concern in Atlantis, Macassar, Ocean View, Ravensmead, Manenburg, Langa, Gugulethu and Mitchell’s Plain,” says Councillor Glen Kleinsmith.

According to Kleinsmith the housing department has been given more than 300 addresses that are being unlawfully used as drug dens and shebeens.

He elaborated that these addresses will be visited, inspected and if proof is obtained of illegal activities, they will move rapidly to put an end to them.

“We should say goodbye to the scenario where SAPS and Metro police members’ raid shebeens and drug houses on a daily basis and the culprits blithely continue their destruction of our communities. The synergies between the involved departments must be improved,” says Kleinsmith.

According to Kleinsmith the Planning Department will identify Council-owned properties where unlawful structures have been added for the illegal trade in drugs and alcohol and court orders will be obtained for the demolition of such structures.

“Metro police and Law Enforcement members will collaborate with the SAPS to expedite the arrest and prosecution of those involved.”

Cosatu plans mass action for July on electricity crisis

By Ilhaam Hoosain
11 June 2008

In July the Congress of South African Trade Unions will launch a campaign of rolling mass action in opposition to job losses because of the electricity crisis.

The 2 July 2008 marks the beginning of the campaign, with provincial action, continuing throughout the month of July and concludes in a national stay away on 30 July.

According to Cosatu the action is covered by a Notice under Section 77 of the Labour Relations Act in response to the danger of retrenchments in the mining sector and elsewhere due to the Eskom’s decision of to reduce electricity supply to industry and its threat to oppose any new major construction initiatives.

“Cosatu is further concerned that Eskom’s proposed 53% tariff increase will put thousands more jobs at risk, as companies, already facing massive increases in the cost of fuel and interest rates, try to balance their books by retrenching workers, or may be forced to close down.

“This comes at the time when unemployment is still around 35% and poverty affects around half of the population, with inequalities growing,” says spokesperson Patrick Craven.

Cosatu and the organised labour acknowledges that the current power-cuts and power shortages is a national crisis and affects all South Africans. They will work actively and constructively to help manage the power-shortage and to find a lasting solution.

“We are adamant however that workers should not be asked to pay for government's failure to invest in electricity in the late 1990s, as a result of its plans to privatise Eskom and do nothing when it was warned about the amount of investment that would be required to meet the expected rise in demand for power in the future,” says Craven.

Their demands vary from a package of proposals for short-medium-and long-term measures; an urge for an energy efficiency campaign, to significant financial contribution by government that is required.

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