Friday, October 31, 2008


The Friends of Meadow ridge Library need books, paperbacks, magazines and DVD’s for the library. For more information call 021 712 9360

A small group of people meet on Tuesdays, from 7.45 pm to 10 pm at the Moth Hall in Children’s Way Bergvliet, for tuition in ballroom and Latin American dancing in sequence.
The cost is R50 a couple a month. For more information call Wayne or Megan on 021 794 1709

The Mitchell’s Plain People’s Forum (MPPF) invites prospective suppliers of goods and service from within the Mitchell’s Plain area to apply for registration on the supplier database. Registration forms are available at its office at Hazeldene Primary School, Hazeldene Aenue, Portland.
For details call 021 392 6633 during office hours.

The Tygerberg Hospital’s Faculty Board is having a fundraiser ball at the Disa Hall on the hospital grounds. It starts at 7 pm. The cost is R50 each. For Tickets call Laticia Penaar at 021 938 5454

Little Snow Drops Educare in Rocklands will have a Community Outreach at Wavecrest Primary School in Rocklands on Saturday November 8, at 9 am.
Stalls are available at R30. For details, call Ruwadya Solomons on 021 392 9770

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to or fax them to 021 448 5451 or call us on 021 448 5450. You can even send a sms to 32158. Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcast free of charge.

Blue Waters camp facing closure

By Yamkela Xhaso
31 October

The Blue Waters Camp accommodating the recent xenophobic attack victims is said to be approaching its last day.

The government has been forcing to close this camp which is known to be the last xenophobic refugee camp in the Western Cape despite legal threats from both the Treatment Action Campaign and Aids Law Project.

The refugees are afraid of been reintegrated back into communities despite rape and intimidations in the camp.

Scott Dunlop from the Treatment Action Campaign says that they are still negotiating with the government about this issue.

“We are still in negotiations with the government and other role players to see if there are another options besides closure” said Dunlop.

TAC raised its concerns if the camp would be closed thus it would leave dozens of people in the streets. He added that they will still provide humanitarian need from various agencies and individuals.

Mxolisi Nkosi briefs media on President Kgalema Motlanthe's visit to the DRC

By Sasha Forbes
31 October 2008

Yesterday afternoon at the Union Buildings in Pretoria, South African Foreign Affairs' Deputy Director General Mxolisi Nkosi briefed media on President Kgalema Motlanthe's working visit to the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Nkosi says that this visit should be view with in the frame work of on going attempts by South Africa to strengthen and consolidate bilateral, political, economic social and technical relations with African counties. “The visit will indeed go along way in re-enforcing on going efforts aimed at assisting the DRC in its effort towards post conflict, reconstruction and development.

The visit will be used to review progress with regards to the implementation bilateral projects within the frame work of the existing Bi-National Commission between South Africa and the DRC

Dr Ayanda Ntsaluba speack on the US elections

By Sasha Forbes
31 October 2008

Dr Ayanda Ntsaluba at a media briefing yesterday, briefed the media on the US elections. Ntsaluba says that South Africa is working well with both the democratic and republican administrations in the US.

Ntsaluba says “we are following very closely to what is happening in the US preliminary assessment is that essentially when it relates to bilateral relations with South Africa or with respect to practically to engagement to the continent, at least there is nothing that has been pronounced by any other party that is fundamentally different from what we would generally expect.”

Ntsaluba also said that they are looking forward to seeing who the victor of the elections will be on the 4th of November 2008.

Ward councillor attacked by angry protestors

By Cindy Witten
31 October

On Wednesday night members of the low-cost housing scheme in Masiphumelele were attacked, following a disagreement with protestors who refused to be moved from a piece of land. The area, which is to be used to build a block of flats, will house 352 families.

Those living on the plot were given an alternative piece of land on which to stay, but rejected the offer, saying that the land was too small. Residents also demanded that ward councillor Felicity Purchase ensure that electricity was provided, but she dismissed the request.

“We were than mobbed by about 20 very angry residents who said that they were now going to fight. They demanded that I give then electricity straight away,” said Purchase.

Realising that the situation was getting intense, Purchase agreed to immediately contact the electricity department, but before she was able to do so, protestors burst in and began to attack the members with knives and stones. Four suspects have thus far been arrested in connection with the attack.

City launches fund to tackle homelessness

By Cindy Witten
31 October 2008

The launch of the street people’s conference was said to be a great success. The fund will afford the public an opportunity to contribute to solving the problem of homelessness in the City.

Deputy Mayor Grant Haskin urged Ngo’s to work closely with government to utilize the funds wisely and to tackle issues surrounding the homeless. He said that by doing so, “ We will be able to specifically target interventions and treatments for street people where they are most needed”.

He added that often donations that are made to individuals do not really go as far as they could.

“If we had one particular fund that directs resources into tangible and measurable interventions that rather ends homelessness rather than perpetuate homelessness,” said Haskin.

DA sends copy of poverty plan to Deputy Minister

By Sasha Forbes
31 October 2008

Yesterday the Democratic Alliance sent a copy of its recently released policy on eradicating poverty to Deputy President Baleka Mbete, because they believe that many of their proposals could strengthen the Presidency’s own new poverty plan. Many of the Presidency’s proposals have yet to be properly fleshed out and the DA hopes that the suggestions they provides in their document will assist with this process.

Spokesperson for the DA Lindiwe Mazibuko says they have done this because they believe that many of their proposals could strengthen the Presidency’s own poverty plan. “Most importantly the ANC recognises the fact that eradicating poverty must just be a top down process but it must rather involve the collective efforts of all South Africans.”

The DA has long recognised that a system based on hand-outs only creates more dependency and less individual initiative. Mazibuko says “for this reason all our proposals require active rather than passive involvement by beneficiaries. Guardians of children who receive child support grants, for example, must show that the child is benefiting from the grant, by going to school and receiving regular health check-ups.”

Sod turn at site of City’s Transport Management Centre

By Yamkela Xhaso
31 October

Councillor Elizabeth Thompson, Mayoral Committee Member for Transport, Roads and Storm water, will turn the first sod at the site today in Goodwood where the City’s new Transport Management Centre is to be built.

The project will cost an estimated R130 million.

Thompson says The Transport Management Centre will facilitate the management of traffic incidents, provide a safer transport environment and give road users reliable information that will enable them to select the best route

Thompson says

“It is one of the first integrated transport management and this will happen in Cape Town”

“Now the city has a unique transport challenge in terms of improving public transport, transport management and networks of operations”

Thompson added that the will be visual network monitoring from real time video and cctv cameras.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

DA proposes steps to reach 2014 redistribution goal

By Sasha Forbes
30 October 2008

In parliament yesterday Director-General of Land Affairs, Tozi Gwanya said that his department will not be able to reach the target of redistributing 30% of agricultural land to black farmers by 2014. Today the Democratic Alliance has written and sent a strategy plan to the department of Land-Affairs suggesting ways in which the department could reach its goal date.

Spokesperson for the DA Lindiwe Mazibuko says the DA firmly believes that a serious turn around strategy is needed within the Department and should include “the Department becoming an active player in the land sale market, ensuring that market-related compensations are paid to former land owners, the state must release the many many hectares of land it holds to emerging farmers and lastly the state must ensure that land reform beneficiaries are not given land without the necessary skills to work the land.”

The suggestions put forth will be sent directly to the Minister which, and if implemented, will give our land reform programme the momentum it urgently needs in order to get back on track.

Nkosozana to visit the DRC

By Cindy Witten
30 October 2008

The minister of foreign affairs, Dr. Nkosozana Dlamini Zuma plans to depart for the Democratic of Congo at the end of November where she will meet with President Kgalema Motlanthe. The aim of this visit is to monitor more closely the processes made by bilateral projects. Presidential spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa says that this is Mothlante’s first visit to the DRC since being elected as the president of South Africa.

“The visit is aimed at assessing progress on bilateral projects, since the Last ministerial review meeting, attended by the then Minister Geraldine Fraser-Moloketi, held in August this year,” said Mamoepa.

City to roll out plans for Green Building Guidelines

By Cindy Witten
30 October 2008

The City of Cape Town is to launch its draft of Green Building Guidelines from 2- 4 November. According to Jacques Du Toit who heads the department of Sustainable Livelihoods and Greening Programmes Environmental Resource Management for the City Of Cape Town, this is the perfect opportunity to impact how much energy we use and to what extent we impact the environment.

“The aim of the Green Building Guidelines is to promote the greening in the construction industry, in all buildings in the City of Cape Town area,” said Du Toit.

According to Du Toit, more than 40% of all energy that we use is used in the construction and management of buildings. That includes the production process for material manufacturing, management as well as the energy consumed during the running of any building. By buying into the idea of Green Building Guidelines, the city will be able to “minimise the negative environmental impacts of the built environment, while maximising positive social and economic impacts”.

Obama and McCain battle it out for top US position

By Nadia Samie
30 October 2008

With just a few days to go before Tuesday's election, and Barak Obama and John McCain are pushing hard in the battleground states of Ohio, Colorado, Florida, Missouri, and North Carolina. The candidates are pulling out all the stops to win over undecided voters in the final leg.

The Democrat candidate Barak Obama is paying millions of dollars for a 30 minute advertisement which aired on numerous television networks last night. The advertisement highlights the stories of a selection of Americans who personified US challenges including retirement, health care policies and education.

Republican John McCain has taken to ridicule Obama’s tax policy. The Arizona senator emerges popular with voters on issues of national security, which he capitalises on in public appearances. McCAin was prisoner of war in Vietnam for five years and wastes no time telling voters that he spent his time voting for them.

Unprecedented use of technology has been used in this election. E-mails, short messages, videos and social sites are regularly used by the Obama campaign to keep in touch with supporters. Obama continues to lead in opinion polls by a small run up to Tuesday’s election.

Durbanville Library extensions to be opened

By Yamkela Xhaso
30 October

Executive Mayor Helen Zille and Ronelle Shuttleworth of the Shuttleworth Foundation will officially open the extension of the Durbanville Library on today.

The Shuttleworth Foundation contributed R6 million towards the project.

City of Cape Town Merle Lourens said

“This library had already 16 837 members and circulated 442 786 books, magazines and DVDs in the previous financial year ending 30 June 2008”

“This places it, in terms of circulation, amongst the top five libraries in the city”

Also to be added to the building are improvements to the building, the library has spent R58 000 on books, two additional sets of encyclopaedias for its reference and study areas and furniture for the teenage and children’s book sections.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Four arrested for the shooting of a minibus taxi driver

By Yamkela Xhaso
29 October

Four people, have been arrested for the robbing and shooting of a minibus taxi driver in Cape Town, on Wednesday evening.

It is reported that the driver and his employee were filling up the Toyota minibus when they were approached by two unknown men, one of them armed.

The pair allegedly ordered them out of the taxi, shot the driver and fled with an undisclosed amount of money which was in the taxi.

The driver was taken to hospital in a while his worker was unhurt. The minibus was reported to be recovered in Eastridge, Mitchell's Plain.

”The arrested are expected to appear in the Cape Town magistrate's court soon facing charges of attempted murder and armed robbery” said Captain Randall Stoffels of the SAPS

Matriculants all the country put pen to paper

By Mandisi Tyulu
29 October 2008

Grade 12 pupils around the country will begin testing their knowledge today as they tackle the first of 28 nationally set papers in the matric exams.

There is still a great deal of unhappiness among teacher unions about the lack of adequate preparation for the first outcomes-based exams.

It is reported that Sadtu secretary general Thulas Nxesi was quoted as saying the issue of lack of proper training and development, or a teacher development strategy will definitely impact badly on the outcome of the exams

But the Union’s media officer says that they like to convey a massage for a best success to matriculates writing their exams for 2008.

“According to our provincials’ educational conveners the system is in a high state readiness in terms of logistics, so we do not expect any hitches.”

DA requests that Safety and Security Minister answers questions

By Sasha Forbes
29 October 2008

New Safety and Security Minister Nathi Mthethwa has not yet responded to a number of parliamentary questions that were put forth by the Democratic Alliance on the capacity and the resource allocation for the SAPS. DA spokesperson Lindiwe Mazibuko says that the questions that were put forth by the DA goes to how South Africa will win the war on crime.

“We submitted a series of questions asking for information on visible policing, detective and crime intelligence capacity at police stations around the country, and asking for details on the capacity of border security, Crime Combating and the Family Violence, Child Abuse and Sexual Offences units. It is vital that this information be available to Members of Parliament and in particular to the Official Opposition.” said Mazibuko.

The DA has requested that the Minister be called to present himself before the Safety and Security Portfolio Committee as a matter of urgency submit the answers to the legitimate parliamentary questions, and to provide the information required.

IEC affords youth the opportunity to make their voices heard

By Cindy Witten
29 October 2008

Over the past few weeks, while travelling across the country and engaging with various stake holders, the electoral commission (IEC) noticed a similar trend relating to youth in South Africa. Youth felt that they did not have a say in the electoral processes.

“We felt that instead of us trying to represent our voice, we would allow young people to have a dialogue and to discuss amongst themselves as peers to say what their role is in the electoral processes,” said Kate Bapela from the Independent Electoral Commission.
“Not only looking at the elections now, but also those in years to come to say that it starts with being able to grasp issues that are significant to them.”

The aim of the Dialogue is to create awareness amongst South African youth who are legally of age to vote, so that they will understand the importance of electoral process.

“We feel that we should provide them that platform and allow them to dialogue, come up with initiatives and really allow them to really lead their initiatives.”

Chinese Ambassador donates R120 000 to Bulwer

By Sasha Forbes
29 October 2008

Today at a community Imbizo that was hosted by Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma in Kwa-Zulu Natal, the Chinese Ambassador Zhong Jianhua presented a cheque of one-hundred-and-twenty-thousand-rand from the Chinese government to the community of Bulwer in order to help the community purchase a water pump to help distribute water more effectively.

Chinese Ambassador Zhong Jianhua said in his handing over speech that “we want to develop a piece of land, which can grow so many agricultural products here and we are happy to see that. We want to show our support, so we decided to donate a system of irrigation, including a pump and a pipe-line.”

Health workers' lives at risk following outbreak of air born disease

By Cindy Witten
29 October 2008

Nurses based at the Morningside Medi-Clinic feel that their lives are at risk following the outbreak of the viral haemorragic disease identified as arenavirus.

The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa (DENOSA) is disgusted at authorities for claiming that the forth victim, a cleaner at Morning side Medi clinic’s, death was caused by an AIDS related disease, after discovering that she was in fact a victim of the haemorragic fever. According to the DENOSA, it proves the ignorance of management regarding the disease.

DENOSA’s Ayanda Fongqo says that health workers' lives are at risk and that the Medi-Clinic should be examined incase the air born virus still lurks in its corridors.
“This quarantine and isolation processes that also applies to XTR TB patients should be applied because the very same disease is also contaminated through the air,” said Fongqo.

The Organisation calls for the examination of other health workers working at Morningside Medi-Clinic in order to check whether they are at risk so that the disease can be controlled.

Cosatu is concern about unemployment

By Mandisi Tyulu
29 October 2008

Cosatu says it is seriously concerned at the rise in South Africa’s official unemployment rate, with four-million-122-hundred-thousand workers officially without jobs.

Spokesperson Patrick Craven says alarm bells are ringing for workers as the trend reverses a recent succession of small reductions in unemployment.

Craven says the unemployment figures are especially disturbing when viewed in the context of the global financial crisis, which is being predicted to lead to more job losses. However, the latest increase in unemployment pre-dates the current crisis and must reflect other causes.

“We as Cosatu are calling on government to adopt policies that will reverse the situation we are facing.”

Murder suspect dies after police chase him

By Yamkela Xhaso
29 October

The accused of murdering an Eerste Rivier woman Monica Sippel died after collapsing during a police pursuit in Stellenbosch last week.

It is reported that 23 year old Jacques Linders appeared very tired after a 3.5 kilometre chase by the police then died a moments later on his way to the hospital.

A post mortem on Linders death is yet to be carried out. Captain Renee Mathee said that they sent their condolences to the suspect’s family.

Mathee said that Sippel’s results came up yesterday.

“After the suspect collapsed we called the ambulance and the ambulance notified that they are busy and they would not be able to attend sooner”

“The Independent Complaints Directorate attended the scene to investigate the cause of death”

Mathee told reporters that there was no foul play suspected in Linders death.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Body of four-year-old girl found in dam in the Boland

By Mandisi Tyulu
28 October 2008

This morning at about 07h00, the partially clothed body of a four year old girl Abranesia Pass was found by relatives in a dam about 400 meters from her home on De Krome Fountain Farm in Wellington.

She was last seen just outside their house at about 18h45 and she was reported missing to police at about 20h30 last night.

A search was conducted with the assistance of Police Dog Unit until 03h30 this morning. Her body was found at the time when the search was scheduled to resume this morning.

Police senior superintendent Billy Jones says, a preliminary investigation by the pathologist on the scene indicates that she died as a result of suffocation. Blood was also found on her mouth and lower body. A Post mortem will be conducted to confirm the cause of death.

“A case-docket of Murder and Rape is being investigated. A man in his late twenties was taken in for questioning last night while the search was still underway.”

Policeman shot and killed while on duty

By Mandisi Tyulu
28 October 2008

During the early hours of the morning at approximately 03h15, a Khayelitsha Police Constable was fatally shot in his head while sitting behind the wheel of the police van in Phambile Street, D-block, Lingelethu-West.

The constable and his partner, also a constable had just returned to the police van after assisting a person (allegedly mentally ill) to his home in the same street. They were approached by an unknown armed man who immediately opened fire on them.

Police senior superintent Billy Jones says, the deceased member was also robbed of his service pistol before the suspect fled on foot. His partner is physically unharmed, but he is receiving trauma debriefing.

‘’We have launched a search for the suspect.’ ‘A case-docket of Murder, Attempted Murder and Armed Robbery is being investigated. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111.’

City of Cape Town to invest in Traffic safety

By Sasha Forbes
28 October 2008

The City has re-launched its Road Incident Management System and introduced careful measures to prevent road accidents. Traffic Services have been separated from the Metro Police to focus on their core mandate and funding for traffic control which has increased. This has enabled the City to increase visible policing and cracking down on hazarders drivers.

Spokesperson for the Transport, Roads and Stormwater, Trevor Steyn says “the City of Cape Town together with its government partners are seriously looking at ways to improve traffic safety on our roads and also we take the investment in traffic safety very serious.”

Steyn says they will also be looking at how to manage an accident scene and how best to deal with it and so to make sure that there is an integrated approach. “We are also working on the establishment of a traffic management centre.” says Steyn.

DA’s plan to eradicate poverty

Cindy Witten
28 October 2008

“The DA’s policy on social development aims to break the cycle of poverty by extending opportunities to all South Africans,” said the Democratic alliance’s Frits de Klerk when asked about the party intends on eradicating poverty.

Since 1999, spending on social development has increased by 280%, with more than 10 million South Africans being added to the welfare register. Even though government has allocated billions of Rands to help solve this problem, according to de Klerk, the current model of poverty eradication fosters dependency on government.

The DA’s approach enables those stricken by poverty opportunities at every stage of their lives. The policy ensures that children born into poverty are able to acquire the necessary sustenance, education and health care, while young adults are provided with support needed develop their talents. And it affords the elderly access to a support system once they are no longer unable to take care of themselves.

“They are animated by the DA’s vision of an open opportunity society,” he said.

Youngsfield safety site officially closed down

By Cindy Witten
28 October 2008

Leaving over 140 displaced foreign nationals with nowhere else to go, the safety site at Youngsfield military base has officially been closed and deregistered. The last remaining site, being Blue Waters, accommodates more than 900 people. According to the City of Cape Town’s Pieter Cronje, most of the foreign nationals have been reintegrated into society.

“The vast majority of the 20 000 people who where displaced, have either been repatriated back to their own countries or relocated to their own or other communities with the help of United Nations agencies,” said Cronje

He added that the sites were not refugee camps, but rather safety sites, which would inevitably have had to be closed down.
According to the City of Cape Town, once Blue Waters is closed, the provision of food, shelter and other services to displaced people by government will cease.

Robben Island rabbits to be slaughtered despite protests

By Yamkela Xhaso
28 October

The recent rabbit population explosion in Robben Island has given authorities no choice but to decrease the numbers by slaughtering them.

This is according to the SPCA chief executive Allan Perrins, who said there have been huge protests and opposition to the activity but it is going ahead.

Perrins says there is no other solution to this crisis but to proceed and he assured that the slaughter will be as humane as possible.

SPCA CEO Allam Perrins says they wanted more time to solve the problem but the numbers were growing bigger rapidly.

“There are far too many rabbits in the island, a number of about twelve thousand rabbits and the numbers are still growing daily an thus the food sources are decreasing daily”

Perrins says that the food is dangerously approaching scarcity and if nothing is done the rabbits face extreme starvation.

“Despite protests by animal rights group at the Waterfront in the weekend, the culling will go on and initially it was thought we could curb the problem in two weeks however the process is going top take much longer than the two weeks which was thought to be adequade”

Minister of Social Development signs Memorandum of Understanding

By Sasha Forbes
28 October 2008

Today the Minister of Social Development Ntombizodwa Magwaza signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Principality of Monaco. The signing of the MOU was to enable the Western Cape to upgrade and capacitate the staff at three Early Childhood Development Facilities in Khayelitsha.

Minister for Social Development Ntombizodwa Magwaza says “the MOU based on the fact they are assisting us in the improving the infustructure in the ECD centre. Up to date now they have done that”

The department of social development will now be extending the building to make three large classrooms for the kids and they will also be providing a space allowing kids to have a place to go to after school.

Bush Radio's Everyday People re-launch

This monday, the 3rd November 2008, Bush Radio 89.5 FM's popular afternoon drivetime programme, Everyday People will be relaunched.

Following the successful revamp of the breakfast show with Victor J, Bush Radio expects a huge response to the new Everyday People.

City to host Street People’s Conference

By Cindy Witten
28 October 2008

In conjunction with Western Cape Provincial Government, the City of Cape Town will host the Street people’s conference from the 30 - 31 October 2008. The Executive Deputy Mayor Cllr Grant Haskin will lead the City’s presence at the conference.

“In order to assess the impact of our program, that is aimed at improving the quality of life of all people in the City of Cape Town, particularly street people who are often a very marginalised and stigmatised group, we want to make sure that the programs we roll out for them are efficient and effective and they are the best use of the City’s financial recourses that we could possibly have,” said Haskin.

The Deputy Mayor has promised an issue-driven and outcomes based conference. While a stringent agenda has been set that aims to address the issues at hand, such as identifying strategic interventions so as to enhance delivery and to confirm a review of the City’s Street People Policy and Strategy.

Dlamini Zuma to hold an Imbizo in KZN

By Yamkela Xhaso
28 October

South African Foreign Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma will today October 2008, host a Government Imbizo at the Kumba Primary School in Bulwer, Midlands, KWAZULU –NATAL.

The Imbizo is expected to be attended by mebers of the National executive council, provincial legislature as well as members of the local traditional authority.

Foreign Affairs' Ronnie Mamoepa explained

“This Imbizo will be a week long initiative by the government to report back to the communities around the country about aims at improving service delivery”

“In this regard Chinese ambassador Zong Xia Nua will hand over R120 000 to assist to buy a water pump for the community” Mamoepa added.

Monday, October 27, 2008

ANC condemns those who disrupt Lekota rallies

By Yamkela Xhaso
27 October

The ANC has dismissed statements that it will create chaos ans anarchy to the members who have supported Mosiuoa Lekota’s National Convention.

This is after series of disruptions militant youth league members all over the country in Lekota Rallies. Even the president Mothlanthe has didmissed those who are unruly.

ANC Media officer Brian Sokutu says that the ANC supports the freedom of association.

Sokutu said, “The ANC subscribes to the principles of multi party democracy which is enshrined in the constitution”

The practice of multi party democracy accommodates the formation of new parties, that is at the core of democracy which many South Africans fought for”

Sokuto added that it is against background that the ANC will not interfere with Lekota and Shilowa from campaigning.

Shack fire claims a life

By Mandisi Tyulu
27 October 2008

On Friday in Brams farm just of Lansdowne, a fire occurred were it left 81 people homeless. It is also reported that a man died during the fire.

The fire burned twenty two shacks as a result people we moved into community halls for temporally accommodation.

Disaster Management Wilfred Solomon says we have opened community hall and provided the necessary disaster relief they need.

Solomon says the situation currently has stabilised and that some community members are rebuilding their homes again.

Suspect appears in court for carrying an unlicenced firearm and ammunition

By Sasha Forbes
27 October 2008

On Saturday morning during routine police patrols members of the Woodstock Police station arrested a 24 old man in Pope Street, Salt River for being in possession of an unlicenced firearm and ammunition. During patrols the members noticed that the man was dropping, what appeared to look like a firearm on the ground as they approached.

Sergeant Hilton Malila says “during a preliminary investigation that the item that was dropped was in the road was fully loaded 38 special firearm. The police also found a Fritos packet containing seven 38 special rounds in the inside jacket pocket of the man.”

The suspect is a 24-year old man and will appear in the Cape Town’s Magistrates Court today. “The suspect is facing charges of possession of an unlicenced firearm and ammunition.”

DA launches new Social Development Policy tomorrow

By Sasha Forbes
27 October 2008

While some of South Africa’s people live in prosperity and even in opulence, for many millions of others, daily life is a constant struggle simply to stay alive.

In a media briefing tomorrow, the Democratic Alliance will launch its new policy on social development, which advances a range of ground-breaking and innovative proposals which, if implemented, will not only ease the suffering of the poorest of our people, but also provide them with the opportunities they need to lift themselves out of poverty and realise their full potential.

Spokesperson for the DA Lindiwe Mazibuko says that “the media briefing will be presented by DA leader Hellen Zille along with our Social Development spokespeople, our spokesperson on health and child abuse and our spokesperson on finance.”

Mazibuko also says “together they will outline the details of how the DA plans to bring about this turnaround in South Africa’s social development system.”

6 boys safe after being kidnapped

By Cindy Witten
27 October 2008

Six boys, between the ages of 10 and 13 years old, from Mountain Road Primary School in Woodstock were abducted from their after-care class on Friday afternoon. A man led the boys out of the class, after telling the lady over seeing the children that he needed some help moving computers from his vehicle. He than led the boys down Main Road in Woodstock before managing to catch a lift with an elderly couple.

The man fled after the noticing that the couple were suspicious of him. The boys were returned to the school and charges of kidnapping were laid at the Woodstock Police station. Police have opened a case of kidnapping, but no arrests have yet been made.

“There has been no break through at the moment, but detectives are following all leads that they get in the case,” said Woodstock Police Sergeant Hilton Malila.

Malila says that primary school pupils will be spoken to about the dangers of talking to strangers.


The Hout Bay Yacht Club runs a social quiz every evening on Mondays at 7 pm for 7.30 pm. Entry is R20 for teams of two to six. All are welcome and there will be snacks and meals on sale. Call the Hout Bay yacht club on 021 790 3110

# Applications for Grade R and Grade 1 are now open at Blossom Street Primary School. Enrolments take place at the school from Mondays to Thursdays between 9am and 10 am. Take the learner’s birth certificate and parent’s ID documents. Come early to avoid disappointment. Contact the school at 021 637 1424

The Mitchell’s Plain People’s Forum (MPPF) invites prospective suppliers of goods and service from within the Mitchell’s Plain area to apply for registration on the supplier database. Registration forms are available at its office at Hazeldene Primary School, Hazeldene Aenue, Portland.
For details call 021 392 6633 during office hours.

The Mitchell’s Plain Titans Athletics Club is hosting a potjiekos and games evening at33 Palmino Way, Westridge, on Saturday November 1, from 2pm Entry is R30 each. Call Irma at 021 391 9141

Little Snow Drops Educare in Rocklands will have a Community Outreach at Wavecrest Primary School in Rocklands on Saturday November 8, at 9 am.
Stalls are available at R30. For details, call Ruwadya Solomons on 021 392 9770

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to or fax them to 021 448 5451 or call us on 021 448 5450. You can even send a sms to 32158. Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcast free of charge.

ACDP concerned about ANC as Ramaphosa and Mandela distance themselves.

By Yamkela Xhaso
27 October

Two of the ANC’s most prominent leaders who led the ruling party in dispensation in 1994, has now distanced themselves from the ANC. According to the African Christian Democratic Party’s Western Cape MPP Pauline Cupido, the party is increasingly becoming unpopular as more prominent leaders distance themselves from the ANC. Cupido added that these are warning lights for the ANC is fast becoming clear as daylight to the public that they have completely lost confidence in the ANC.

ACPD’s Cupido said “We have noted in the media that Cyril Ramaphosa and former president Nelson Mandela are distancing themselves from the ANC and its campaign towards next years election campaign”

“We have noted that some of the leaders who have brought the ANC to the new dispensation do not want to be associated with the ANC a this stage”

“The ANC is in big trouble” she said

Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Italian national goes missing

By Yamkela Xhaso
26 October

Fransesco an Italian national has been reported missing. Fransesco went missing on the 2 of October which he was last seen by a friend of his mother.

He suffers from psychosis and needs hospitalization and he also suffers from drug addiction. He is known to be talking irrationally and usually cuts himself in wrists and neck.

Inspector Endriette Botha said,

“He is a 31year old male, weighing 62 kilograms black hair and he was last seen wearing beige shorts, orange t-shirt, a stripped waist coat, short puffed black jacket and brown sneakers.

Botha added that Francesco has an Italian passport in his possession and they are trying to make contacts with the Italian embassy.

If anyone has information he or she can contact Inspector Hein Smith on 021 782 6289 or 072 214 7439

Minister Nkqakula still in peace talks in Burundi

By Yamkela Xhaso
26 October

Newly appointed minister of defence Charles Nkqakula addressed a media on Friday discussing the recent peace talks in Burundi.

The talks were about the political demands of opposition party in Burundi who according to the ruling party were impossible which led to a deadlock.

Minister Nkqakula told reporters that it was tough task but they have not yet reached a dead end.

“We are hoping that we are going to be able in the basis of instructions from the regional leadership to overcome this stalemate” said Nkqakula

Charles Nkqakula added

“There is a stalemate, but our hope is to find a formula that will unlock the current deadlock”

Fortunately according to Nkqakula over a number of interactions they have to a position where both parties have agreed that the resort to arms is the thing of the past.

Nkqakula was assured that there is no time for that kind of activity .

“The issue of the war as they reiterated yesterday it is over and done with”

Saturday, October 25, 2008

SPCA pleads with public to take care of their pets

By Yamkela Xhaso
25 October

SPCA inspectors are refreshing themselves for a noisy weekend as frightened animals run away from their homes terrified by the noisy Diwali fire works.

It is reported that some school children have been warned about misusing fireworks, with so far as 14 dogs have been taken to the SPCA this week and more are expected to flock SPCA centres.

It is reported that inspectors will be on support for Diwali, which falls on Monday and Tuesday evening.

According to reports SPCA spokesperson Caroline Smith said that the organization had taken a tough position against the irresponsible use of fireworks to hurt animals.

Inspectors will be on support for Diwali, which falls on Monday and Tuesday evening.

It is the 200th anniversary of slave revolting today

By Yamkela Xhaso
25 October

Today in 1808 was the day when Cape slaves revolted against their masters. It is reported that this day where the biggest and first slave uprising is commemorated by Iziko Slave Lodge Museum.

A number of events are taking place in the museum during the course of the weekend, where a conference on the event and a dramatic play about the uprising by theatre group the Rooster Collective will take place today.

Louis of Mauritius who worked is Strand Street is famously known to have led that first revolt by Cape Slaves.

It is believed that Louis and other slaves went to Vogelgezang, Petrus Gerhardus Louw’s farm north of present-day Malmersbury, to start the uprising.

The slaves were disguised as lieutenants and visiting sea captains and began the rebellion the following day. Louis is said to have collected a force of slaves from both Koeberg and Swartland farms and went to 30 farms spreading slave rebellion.

The slaves attacked several a number of farms and more than 300 slaves marched to Salt River and the Cape of Good Hope.

Iziko Slave Lodge Museum possesses the reminder of the day, a silver beaker which was located through the detective work of Iziko Museums' social history department.

Rev Meshoe concerned about war talk

By Yamkela Xhaso
25 October

The African Christian Democratic Party leader Kenneth Moshoe has won the ANC member who spoke about kill talk when former ANC chairperson Mosiou Lekota was campaigning in the Free State in Orange Farm he said this kind of talk is not good for South Africa.

ACDP leader Kenneth Moshoe said

“We are very concerned about the war talk by the ANC, when Mr Lekota was campaigning in the Free State”

Meshoe added that he met president Mothlante in the union buildings and he assured Meshoe that the war talk will not be tolerated.

“We also urge the ANC to call their members and call them in to order because we do not want war”

Malema’s matric results made public

By Cindy Witten
24 October 2008

Newspapers across the country have made Julius Malema’s somewhat poor matric results a matter of public knowledge. The ANC youth league president’s matric record that had been making its rounds via e-mail, has now been published in various newspapers as well. At first the ANC youth league claimed that the records were false, but later the department of education confirmed that they are in fact correct.

According to YCL spokesperson, Castro Ngobese says that the Young Communist League condemns the publishing of Malema’s matric results. “We believe it is part of a well constructed political strategy to destroy the political career of the ANC youth league president,” said Ngobese.

He added that that Malema’s matric results have nothing to do with being a good leader and that the education department had no right to confirm the results. “The department of education has got a case to answer, in the conspiracy with dealing with the integrity of the ANC youth leagues president.”

Friday, October 24, 2008

HRC signs agreement to increase legal services

By Cindy Witten
24 October 2008

In order to improve access to justice to those whose human rights have been violated, today the SA Human Rights Commission signed a memorandum of understanding with a Johannesburg-based non-profit organization, Pro bono, which facilitates access to free legal services. The HRC’s Vincent Moaga says that those seeking assistance from the human rights commission will now be able to make use of the services provided by ProBono.Org.

“We always say that we’ve got resource constraints. This will enable us to have a wider choice for people to go to when they need assistance with human rights challenges they experience,” said Moaga.

Even though ProBono.Org is based in Johannesburg, Moaga confirmed that there are branches all over the province.
“We are broadening options. In addition to the availability of the Human Rights Commission there will be Pro Bono as well.

Community Information Network


# On Friday 31 October Garlandale Primary School will be hosting an International Food Fair. The food fair will take place at the school, General Street, Garlandale, Athlone and starts at 5pm. Entry fee to the fair costs only R2 and everyone is welcome.

# The Western Province Blood Transfusion Service has issued a call to regular donors and volunteers to roll up their sleeves and donate blood in order to beat the current blood shortage in the province. Any persons between the age of 17 and 65 years weighing more than 50 kg and is healthy, can donate. Prospective donors are welcome to attend a clinic, but are reminded to have something to eat before donating. For more information call 021 507 6300.

# The Greater Bulls Disabled Sports Club will host a karaoke evening to raise funds for new sporting equipment. The karaoke evening will be held on the 31 October at the Indoor Sports and Recreation Centre in Portlands from 8pm. The entry fee is R20. For more information you may contact Peter Levin on 082 254 6040, Charles Murray on 079 672 4806 or Anthony George on 078 280 8156.

# Montague Drive Primary will have a 25th Anniversary dance at the Rocklands Civic Centre on Friday 31 October from 8pm to 12.45am. DJ Catt will provide the entertainment. Tickets are available at the school for R30. The dress code is to fit in with the 80’s theme. For details call 021 392 4104.

# The department of Public Works and Transport will host a bicycle fun ride on Saturday October 25 from the Khayelitsha Cricket Oval. It starts at 7.30am and finishes at 4pm. Cyclists are advised to bring along their own bikes. There will be lots of activities including a live radio broadcast, live entertainment and plenty activities for kids. For more information you may contact Kurt Hendricks on 021 483 2355.

If you have any information for the CIN team regarding events happening in you community, please feel free to contact us on 021 4485450 or fax us on 021 448 5451. You can even send us an sms to 32158. Alternatively you can email us on If you have missed any of the numbers mentioned you can give us a call.

Scorpions soon to be a thing of the past

By Mandisi Tyulu
24 October 2008

The disbandment of the Scorpions was approved in the National Assembly, despite the opposition’s vehement protests.

The Democratic Alliance’s Dianne Kohler Barnard says the five cases that Willie Hofmeyer requested to be investigated were refusing by parliament. She added that it was a sad day for parliament as the effective crime unit will be no more.

While the African Christian Democratic party leader says the Scorpions consisted of highly trained prosecutes and investigators who the SAPS does not have.

Moshoe says the South African Police Service will not have the muscle to prosecute their leaders such as high commissioners who are involved in corruption but the Scorpions had the muscle and the bite and the courage to prosecute anyone who was involved in corruption.

‘‘This can not be said about the SAPS and the ANC made the biggest mistakes of their lives it will haunt them for a very long time to come.”

Meanwhile the United Democratic Movement Bantu Holomisa says the reasoning behind disbandment of the Scorpions and the people who were champions of this programme are actually suspects who are wanted by the police for crime related matters.

‘So can expect there for that the criminals yesterday had a fill day in parliament because there uncertainty about this new police force, so South African when there go to vote next year must not put their eggs in one basket.’’

The Independent Democrats leader Patricia De Lille says her party voted against the disbandment of the Scorpions and that the party will continue the fight against crime.

‘Sadly the battle against dissolve of Scorpions was won yesterday and the war against crime has weakened.”

NSRI Shelly Beach rescues seven lost divers

By Sasha Forbes
24 October 2008

Yesterday afternoon National Sea Rescue Institute Shelly Beach were activated following a report of seven divers who went missing 4 nautical miles off-shore at Southern Pinnacle, and 5 nautical miles from Shelly Beach. NSRI spokesperson Craig Lambinon says the seven divers had reportedly lost sight of their dive boat.

Lambinon says that “the dive boat reported that they couldn’t find the divers anymore. A full scale search ensued, a rescue craft from Port Edward and from Shelly Beach NSRI base responded, fire and rescue craft responded as well as five private boats and a rescue helicopter from Durban’s Transnet Ports Authority.”

During the search the seven divers were found safe and they were all loaded onto one of the private boats and all brought back to NSRI Shelly Beach. Lambinon says “the divers were all checked and medically fine, except for the skipper who was taken to hospital suffering high blood pressure.”

Further than that it all ended well with the divers; despite them drifting in the sea they were all safe

Missing children update

By Sasha Forbes
24 October 2008

Sheraaj Anderson who went missing on the Saturday the 11th of October has been found and is now with social workers in order to sort out any further issues. Dezzie from the Pink Ladies says “due good cop work by Inspector C Julies in mitchell’s Plain Sheraaj has been found; now everyone can relax and he is with the social workers, and they hopefully will be able to sort out why done a little run.”

Also an updated on Olivia Naidoo from Fish Hoek, she has made contact with an aunt and she and her father are in KwaZulu Natal. Dezzie from the Pink Ladies says “we don’t know there where abouts right at this moment, but that a little bit rewarding for us because we know she is alive and well and now we just need to sort out the problems and try and get her home, to see what we can do for the family.”

Dezzie from the Pink Ladies also just wanted to say“I thank-you Bush Radio and all the listeners who always make awareness out there for us and keep it up and keep up the good work.”

Man shot dead during police arrest

By Cindy Witten
24 October 2008

While patrolling in the Heinz Park area this morning, police arrested a 28 year old man who was carrying with him large amounts of drugs. During the arrest, a community member opened fire and police shot back fatally wounding him.

“The 28 year old man was arrested and will soon be appearing in Philippi Magistrates Court. Whilst the officers were busy arresting the suspect, some members of the community threw stones at them. One of the community members fired shots at the Metro Police officers, they retuned fire and fatally wounded him,” said police spokesperson Captain Sitshitshi

According to Sitshitshi, police also arrested another 25 year old man who threw stones at the Metro police vehicles. He will appear on a charge of Malicious Damage to Property at the Philippi Magistrate's Court tomorrow.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

One thousand homes in Delf handed to new owners

By Mandisi Tyulu
23 October 2008

Today its been 10 months after one of the biggest home invasions in South Africa’s history where 1 000 homes in Delft will be handed to their rightful new owners by, the Minister of Housing Lindiwe Sisulu.

The damage to the homes following the invasion has been repaired by construction completed and the homes allocated according to the agreed N2 Gateway formula of 70% to former occupants of informal settlements, who are mostly from Joe Slovo and 30% to families that used to live in backyards in the vicinity of the development.

Approximately 1700 Delft Symphony homes in various stages of completion were invaded last December by backyard dwellers duped into believing that if they did not grab the homes they would all be allocated to former informal settlement residents.

The invaders were evicted in February by order of the Cape High Court. Some of these families now live in a temporary camp provided by the City of Cape Town (called Blikkiestown by the residents); approximately 100 families have elected to stay in shacks along Symphony Way opposite the project – and about 200 families who were verified N2 Gateway beneficiaries have been officially allocated new homes.

The Delft Symphony homes are of the Breaking New Ground (BNG) variety, the new standard introduced with the new integrated housing policy of the same name to replace RDP production.

Housing spokesperson Xolani Xundu says, whereas RDP homes were 20-27 square meters single bedroom structures, BNG homes are 40 square metres in extent and contain two bedrooms, a bathroom, open plan living area and kitchen. The first BNG home in the country was handed over to an Aunty Katie Hoffman in Delft Symphony in June 2007.

‘The N2 Gateway is altogether delivering nearly 11000 homes in Delft, 2400 of them in Symphony. Approximately 9000 of the 11000 total will be given free to families qualifying for the full housing subsidy from government.”

Xundu says the remainders are a combination of affordable bonded and rental stock, for families that do not qualify for the subsidy.

‘This is part of government to make sure that people are housed in this area that faces an acute shortage of house and there was another commitment that next month another houses will be handed over, says Xundu.

City encourages people to reconsider their modes of transport

By Cindy Witten
23 October 2008

October marks National Transport Month, where the City of Cape Town, focuses on all transport related matters. This year the City aims to promote awareness around using public transport or even cycling as a means of transport, instead of driving.

It is no secret that our roads are heavily congested during peak driving times, using public transport would lead to the elimination of motor vehicles on the road, thereby easing congestion.
The City plans on providing more cycle lanes as well as improving pedestrian walkways. A short cycle tour to be held in Goodwood has been arranged, to encourage people to make use of alternative means of transport.

Head of Transport Network Information, David Sampson says that if we all become part of the solution, everyone will benefit.

Motlanthe address the SADC summit in Uganda

By Mandisi Tyulu
23 October 2008

South African president kgalema Motlanthe said that regional integration is central component in Africa’s development and that all this was aimed at achieving sustainable development because of the recent market upheavals.

Motlanthe was speaking at the Southern African Developing Countries summit in Uganda. Motlanthe says while Africa and other developing countries had marginal influence over the decision that have brought the international financial system into the bring of collapse and that the poor of these countries will bare the effect of this crisis.

He added that since SADC establishment it has made trumederous strides in regional co-operation and integration. He said today SADC comprises 15 member states, a population of 200 and forty eight million and a combined GDP of over three hundred and seventy five billion Us dollars.

‘‘All this is aimed at accelerating efforts to achieve sustainable development and more recent upheavals in the financial markets.’’

High School Principal escapes with life

By Sasha Forbes
23 October 2008

The principal of Lentgeur High School Aboeakr Frieslaar escaped yesterday with his life, after two men who followed him from the bank, shot him in the leg.

After parking his car Frieslaar was confronted by two men who threatened him with a firearm. Mitchell’s Plain’s Inspector Ian Williams says “the complainant then fought with the two suspects and one of the suspects then started shooting at him and they injured him in the leg.” The suspects then fled the scene in their vehicle.

Pupils who witnessed the incident wanted to go and assist Frieslaar but scattered after the gun shot were fried.

Inspector Williams says “a case of attempted murder and attempted robbery is being investigated.”

Frieslaar is now at home and is in a stable condition.

Ngcakula speaks at Burundi Peace Process conference

By Sasha Forbes
23 October 2008

South African Minister of Defence, Charles Ngcakula who spoke during a media interview on Burundi Peace Process yesterday in Burundi said that a meeting was held in order to discuss certain political elements that have become difficult to deal with. The matters have risen out of demands that have been made.

Ngcakula said in his speech that “the matters arise out of the demands that have been made. It is political demands and the government are saying they are unable to respond to those demands because they impact on the letter head spirit of not only the constitution but also the agreements which were arrived at earlier and negotiations that were happening in Tanzania.”

Therefore because government is unable to resolve the political issues they will be taking them to the regional leadership for them to provide some direction.

Suspect arrested for dealing in drugs

By Sasha Forbes
23 October 2008

Yesterday afternoon Woodstock Police followed-up information that suggested that drug activity was taking place at a home in Fenton Road, Salt River.

Sergeant Hilton Malila says “a search warrant was obtained and executed. During the search we confiscated 10 x plastic bags containing Cocaine and 17 x plastic bank bags containing Tik with an estimated street value of about R30 000.”

The 28-year-old male suspect, who was arrested on the premises for Dealing in drugs, is expected to appear in the Cape Town Magistrate's court tomorrow.

1000 homes to be handed to deserving Delft residents

By Cindy Witten
23 October 2008

As part of the N2 gateway housing project, the Minister of housing, Lindiwe Sisulu, will be handing over 1000 houses to deserving Delft residents.
“These are the houses, that were this time, last year invaded following the call from a city counsellor to occupy the houses,” said Evelyn Holtzhauzen.

Since the people were evicted, the houses have been repaired and the renovated properties will be handed back to community members. Not just anybody was given a home, according to authorities, a housing list, that had been heavily scrutinised, was drawn up to determine who needed the homes the most.

The hand-over will take place in Delft, Symphony way at 11h00 today.

“It’s one of the biggest hand-overs of houses on the Cape Flats ever,” Holtzhauzen added.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Bush Radio 89.5 FM launches SMS line

Bush Radio 89.5 FM has launched its SMS line which will allow listeners to send feedback, dedications and other messages directly to the presenters in the studio.

Bush Radio programme integrator, Adrian Louw says that this is just another way the station is using technology to create a platform for its listeners to interact with station.

The launch of the number follows the success of the station's news blog and Facebook group.

The SMS line number is 32158.

City to close safety sites for displaced foreign nationals

By Mandisi Tyulu
22 October 2008

The Youngsfield safety site with some 600 displaced people is due to close this week after the closure of Harmony Park over the weekend.

Youngsfield is due to close on Friday, 24 October and the two Blue Waters sites on 31 October 2008. After the Youngsfield closure, all services to displaced people will be diverted to Blue Waters. Once Blue Waters is closed the provision of food, shelter and other services by government will cease.

City of Cape Town’s Pieter Cronje says, the people from the remaining two safety sites will reintegrate into communities, including those who are awaiting repatriation. They can choose to return to their original community or a different community. United Nations agencies will continue to assist those who qualify to repatriate, even after they have returned to communities.

Cronje added that, the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has been assisting government since the outbreak of violence and looting on 22 May this year. They have assisted those who wish to repatriate or reintegrate into communities, and have provided other assistance such as tents and technical expertise.

“From an initial total of some 20 000 displaced people in five safety sites, community halls and other private shelters, numbers have steadily declined. Youngsfield has 608 people and the two sites at Blue Waters just over 900, with the majority being single men. There are no displaced people in community halls.”

“The safety sites were never designed as a permanent solution. Those staying there have been informed repeatedly that they will close. They are again being informed when the remaining sites will finally close and what they need to do for assistance to repatriate or reintegrate.”

Cronje says, most of the displaced people have made use of various forms of assistance to move out and to return to their countries or communities. This includes repatriation or reintegration assistance (rental assistance, a food parcel, and transport to communities). A minority has refused all assistance

Tygerberg Hospital to open a newly renovated Neonatal Ward

By Yamkela Xhaso
22 October

The Western Cape Department of Health has officially opened the newly renovated 30 bed Neonatal Ward at Tygerberg Hospital today at 14:00.

This facility will be known as a Kangaroo Mother Care Facility. Professor Kirsten of the Tygerberg Hospital says that the facility will admit both babies and their mothers and premature babies will no longer live in incubators.

Professor Kirsten of from the Tygerberg Hospital said

“This is a 2010 plan by the Western Cape Health Department, which has seen rising number of babies born in the hospital and it is planning to build another ward next year”

Kirsten added

“The premature babies instead of using incubators they will be put between their mothers’ breasts and chest and use the heat they absorb from their mothers”

Missing Persons Alert

By Sasha Forbes
22 October 2008

The Pink Ladies Organisation is requesting the assistance of the public in order to find 14-year old Sheraaj Anderson, who went missing on Saturday 11th of October 2008 from his Lentegeur home. Sheraaj is a black male, with short brown hair and brown eyes. He is medium in weight and small in build.

Anyone with any information PLEASE call or sms Inspector C Julies on
073 804 2000 or the Pink Ladies on 072 214 7439.

Trevor Manuel’s budget med term praised

By Mandisi Tyulu.
22 October 2008

The ANC and most opposition parties have welcome Finance Minister Trevor Manuel’s medium term budget. But the People’s Budget Coalition, comprising the SA Council of Churches, the SA non-governmental coalition and the Congress of SA Trade Unions, says Manuel’s plans will not even begin to bring about the kind of radical improvements in the lives of the majority of poor and marginalised people.

The coalition says, the increase in social grants does not keep pace with the rate of inflation. It has also repeated its calls for the implementation of a universal basic income grant.

The U.D.M ‘s Jackson Baci says,’ the twenty rands given to social grant is minimal and that every year the funds allocated to education increases yearly but the still kids that are studying under trees.’’

On the other hand the Independents Democrats leader says, ‘the med term budget speaks to many issues the party had predicted but the party says it is disappointed that the minister did not budget for the immediate of the extension of social grants to the age of 18 years.”

ACD Steven Swart says,’ in a time of great storm minister Manuel has sent the right massage to investors that his prudent policy will not change and this is re-assuring because we need that foreign investment for job creation.”

Meanwhile the D.A‘s Deon George says, it was a very realistic reflection of the economy as it is currently and we are very please that he indicated the continuity on micro economic policy, but the party says what it would have love to see is the partnership between government and private sector to make sure that the are no job loses.’’

Mini cycle tour kicks off tomorrow

By Sasha Forbes
22 October 2008

October is National Transport Month and the City of Cape Town is hosting a Mini Cycling Tour which will be taking place in Goodwood tomorrow October 23rd to encourage the public to use alternative transport instead of relying exclusively only on private vehicles.

City of Cape Town’s David Sampson says “the purpose of the mini cycling tour that we are having is to actually highlight alternative transport modes and raise a level of awareness in the public to let them realise that there are not only cars that are an option.”

Sampson also says that cycling is a clean, fun and cheap mode of transportation. “This is what we are trying to achieve and this what we are trying to promote as part of National Transport Month.”

People who are taking part in tomorrows mini cycling tour, this is the programme
(subject to change)

1. Meet at Goodwood Fire Station, Hugo Street 11:00
2. Short address by dignitaries 11:30
3. Cycling tour starts 12:00
4. Refreshments served to returned participants
5. Participants may choose to do more than one round
6. Event wrap up 14:00

Black Slash dismayed after Manuel mid term budget speech

By Yamkela Xhaso
22 October

The Black Sash says it is dismayed that the Minister of Finance has not extended the Child Support Grant to children up to the age of 18 as demanded by civil society.

They say that these are difficult times to make budget decisions. They have quoted Minister Manuel saying, "The storm has broken" and acknowledge that they are reaping the effects of the global financial crisis.

However, they are alarmed that government has left teenagers exposed to the elements, without the umbrella of the Child Support Grant Rathula Rabiekman co-ordinator of the Black Sash said

“He has talked about the storm that we are all part of, he’s talked about a storm that we are all going to face together but he has left at least two million teenagers”

Rabiekman said that as civil society and those who are concerned about their children are facing a very tough task ahead and they musk ask the government to save them from this storm that everyone is facing.

Metro Police officer assists American Exchange student

By Cindy Witten
22 October 2008

An American exchange student based in Pretoria was robbed of his belongings shortly after arriving in Cape Town at 5:30 on Friday morning.

Bruno Buff, who is studying law through UNISA, came to Cape Town with the intention of giving a presentation to the Department of Tourism at the weekend. Buff was robbed of his lap top, money and luggage. After wandering the streets of Cape Town, Buff eventually found a church in Bonteheuwel where the Priest took him to the Metro Police office.

Based at Bonteheuwel Police station, Superintendent Melvyn Julies, offered to take Buff home with him.
“Fortunately enough, Superintendent Julies was on duty at the time and he then assisted the man with clothing and food and also housed him for the weekend,” said Metro Police spokesperson Nowellyn Petersen. Petersen added that it is not everyday that officers go beyond the call of duty.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

President Motlanthe leaves for SADC, COMESA and EAC Summit in Uganda today

By Sasha Forbes
21 October 2008

South African President and Chairperson of SADC Kgalema Motlanthe, supported by the Minister of Trade and Industry Mandisi Mpahlwa, will be departing today for Uganda where he will participate in the tripartite meeting of SADC, COMESA and EAC which is scheduled for tomorrow in Kampala.

Ronnie Mamoepa says that the Summit is aimed at providing a platform for the three Regional Economic Communities. “It is to deliberate on their enhanced integration, which will provide strategic and policy direction relating to co-operation on trade and economic liberalisation including options for establishing a pan-regional Free Trade Area encompassing the three RECs and a joint programme for free movement of persons and infrastructure development.”

These three regional organiations aim to lessen poverty and to improve quality of life for the people of the Southern and Eastern African regions. As the three RECs move into deeper integration, agreement on these strategic and policy issues at the Tripartite Summit level will help ease challenges of multiple memberships being faced by some of the member states as well as pave the way for accelerated inter-regional economic integration.

“The RECs are building blocs to the African Economic Community which is recognised by the African Union Constitutive Act and the Abuja Treaty. As building blocs, the RECs are implementing regional integration programmes in trade and economic development covering establishment of Free Trade Areas, Customs Unions, Monetary Union and Common Markets as well as regional infrastructure development programmes in transport, information communications technology and energy as a first step and a contribution to the realisation of the continental integration leading to the establishment of the AEC.” says Mamoepa

Unknown female body found in Kraaifontein

By Mandisi Tyulu
21 October 2008

During the early hours of the morning round at about 07:00am, the Kraaifontein Police were informed of a female body next to the Sports grounds in Eon Street in Scottsdene.

Police’s captain Gerhard Niemand says the deceased identity is not known and it seems to be between the ages of 14 and 16 years old.

Niemand says at this stage the circumstances surrounding her death are not clear.

A case of Murder has been opened and anyone with information can contact the Investigating Officer, Inspector Dirkie van Renen at the Kraaifontein Police station on 021 980 5500.

Western Cape scoop awards at DWAF youth competition

By Yamkela Xhaso
21 October

The Department of Water and Forestry has announced that the Western Cape has won a Aqua Enduro participatory award and numerous top honours in group activities.

Also three learners from disadvantaged backgrounds worn individual scholarships at the World Water Monitoring Day event held in Johannesburg on Friday, 17 October.

Rashid Khan from the Department of Water and Forestry said the learners were Yzane Pietersen from Suurbrak, Zanethemba Mzimba from Khayamnandi and Samkelisiwe Tengwa from Kuilsriver.

“The students also did well in their tests and the Western Cape is very proud of them as we can see there is future in the water industry and these children did maths, physics and science in school”

DA and WC provincial government oppose N1 and N2 toll roads

By Yamkela Xhaso
21 October

The Democratic Alliance and Western Cape Department of transport are jointly opposed to the tolling the N1 and N2 highways and they want to the national minister to veto against the multi-billion rand project.

It is expected that MEC of transport Kholeka Mqulwana will meet with national minister Jeff Hadebe to submit the province’s objections.

Democratic Alliance spokesperson Robin Carlisle says they are severely going to economically affect the poorest of the poor.

“It is the people of Khayelitsha, Bluedowns, Mitchell’s Plain, Delft and Wallacedene who are going to be affected” said Carlisle.

Carlisle said that he was very pleased that the MEC transport Kholeka Mqulwana too did not support the toll roads.

“So we now have a situation where we have both the city of Cape Town, DA, Cosatu, ANC and the Chamber of Commerce are all opposed to these toll roads”

Further request to help find missing Olivia Naidoo

By Sasha Forbes
21 October 2008

The Pink Ladies Organisation is still requesting help from the community in finding 12-year-old Olivia Naidoo. Olivia is an Indian girl and has long black hair and brown eyes. She was last seen last week Tuesday, wearing a black tracksuit pants, red and black tracksuit top and black takkies.

Dezzie from the Pink Ladies “there has been no news yet, there have been sightings of her. It is more a family thing than a missing persons matter but never the less her mother wants her home and so we continue looking.” Dezzi says she hopes that all the people in Lentegeur, Ocean View, Fish Hoek, Mitchell’s Plain and Muizenberg have handed out the flyers.

A special request to Olivia’s dad Raj from Dezzi “I’m appealing to Raj, Raj phone me 072 214 7439, we’ll talk about this. Your daughter deserves a better life.”

ACDP expresses dissatisfaction relating to disbandment of Scorpions

By Cindy Witten
21 October 2008

The ACDP has expressed its disappointment of the disbandment of the Scorpions which was to be voted on by parliament yesterday. The party says most of the members of the effective crime unit will resign because the do not want to be incorporated into the South African police.

ACDP’s Steven Swart says that the ACDP will vote against the legislation which aims to disband the Scorpions. “We are very concerned about this legislation, as there are very effective crime fighting members who will then leave the scorpions and who will not want to work in the SAPS. This will have a negative impact on our fight against crime. We believe that it is disgraceful for this very effective unit to be disbanded when we have such high levels of crime in our communities.

The outcome of the vote pending the disbandment of the Scorpions is expected to be revealed soon.

City extends its road safety campaign

By Mandisi Tyulu
21 October 2008

The City of Cape Town’s Traffic Services has extended the focus of its road safety campaign to motorcycles.

"At the weekend, the Traffic Services highway patrol team set up a roadblock on the N1, near Joostenbergvlakte and checked 183 motorcycles for compliance with road traffic regulations", says Principal Inspector Merle Lourens, spokesperson for Traffic Services.

"Eleven were deemed to be unsafe and may not be used again until they have passed a roadworthiness test. The team also issued 70 fines for registration plate offences – 31 did not display number plates, 25 number plates were obscured and in 14 cases the letters and figures were too small".

"Twenty five motorcyclists were charged for not having driving licenses and another 25 for operating unlicensed motorcycles,’’ she says.

During the roadblock, 20 taxis were also stopped, four drivers were charged for being unlicensed operators and various other fines were issued.

"Our officers also arrested a man for the possession of 41 bags of dagga and some tik lollies. They pursued and caught him after he abandoned his white Nissan Sentra near the roadblock.’’

"Road safety is of utmost importance to Traffic Services and we will continue with random roadblocks to ensure our roads become safer," Principal Inspector Lourens says.’’

Human Rights organisations call for child support grant age limit to be extended

By Cindy Witten
20 October 2008

The Black Sash, in partnership with other Human Rights organisations, will tomorrow hand over a petition to parliament, signed by over 12 000 supporters, imploring that the age limit of children eligible for child support grants be extended to 18 years old.

Advocacy program manager at the black Sash, Elroy Paulus, believes that it is vital for the age limit to be extended. “The Black Sash believes that the extension of the child support grant from 14 to 18 is absolutely critical for teenagers wanting to complete school. The child support grant for children and young people in this age group, the constitution defining a child up to the age of 18, is absolutely for us to develop a skilled economy,” said Paulus.

Selwyn Jehoma, Deputy Director General of Social Development, as well as a representative from the Ministry of Finance, will accept the 2500 page petition. The petition is expected to be handed over before 11am tomorrow.

26 Arrests made by metro police over the weekend

By Cindy Witten
20 October 2008

The City of Cape Town’s metro police were on high alert this weekend, which resulted in the arrest of 26 offenders. Twenty one people were arrested for drunken driving while 5 were arrested for the possession of illegal substances. Between Friday morning and Saturday night, metro police operated in the Helderberg and Goodwood areas.

Media spokesperson for Metro Police, Nowellyn Petersen says that the offenders have been handed over to the South African Police services, who will take the case further.
“We have seen that the men were arrested. We now hand them over to the South African Police Service (SAPS), who see that they get through the judicial process. Once they have been handed over to the judicial process, it is then up to the magistrate and judicial department to decide what they are going to do with the case,” said Petersen.

Monday, October 20, 2008

UDM says there is confusion in the ANC about the economic policy

By Yamkela Xhaso
20 October

The United Democratic Movement leader Bantu Holomisa said that according to him it is clear the ruling party is confused about the economic policy.

Holomisa told reports that president Motlhante was quoted assuring international investors that no dramatic changes in policy will happen and Jacob going to the United States of America where he will assure Americans of the same thing.

Holomisa said that Cosatu Secretary General Zwelinzima Vavi and SACP secretary general Blade Nzimande have made insightful statements about the future economic policy.

“There is no guarantee that he proposed new system will work, we will test it for 15 years like the current one and we will find out it will not work” said Holomisa

Holomisa added

“We cannot put the future of the country on the hands of one party, they were given a chance and they have been producing a jobless economic growth”

Alliance Economic Summit consolidates economic policy

By Mandisi Tyulu
20 October 2008

Over the weekend the Alliance between ANC and the South African Communist party held an economic summit.

The focus of our Summit was to consolidate the economic policy perspectives that will inform common election manifesto as a move towards an ANC-led election campaign in the coming months.

Cosatu’s spokesperson Patrick Craven says the summit was paving a way for the changes that will take place in government priorities in the next five years.

Craven says the summit did not only discuss economic issues only but a whole range of issues ranging from trade, agriculture as well as unemployment.

He added that ‘all of these challenges require fundamental micro-economic interventions that transform the structural character of our economy.’

DA urges government to give Mugabe an ultimatum

By Sasha Forbes
20 October 2008

Due to failure by former President Thabo Mbeki to resolve the deadlock over the allocation of cabinet ministries between ZANU-PF and the MDC reaffirms the dominant perception that he is incapable of finding a permanent solution to the political impasse in Zimbabwe.

The Democratic Alliance urges President Kgalema Motlanthe to mobilize the Southern African Development Community to give Robert Mugabe an ultimatum that he must either agree to share the key ministries with the MDC or the regional organization will not recognize his government when the SADC Troika on Peace, Politics and Security meets in Mbabane today.

DA spokesperson Joe Seremane says that “the ultimatum is merely a strong signal from SADC to the people in Zimbabwe that they can not go living like that and being entrusted especially to Zanu-PF. It is quite clear that they are playing political games, but they forget about the backgrounds people who are suffering.”

The DA believes that it is high time that President Robert Mugabe and Zanu-PF have got to start being more responsible and not play game.

Suspect arrested for murder

By Mandisi Tyulu
20 October 200

On Sunday at about 23:00 a suspect was arrested after a Police member was killed and two Police members wounded in Browns Farm, Nyanga.

The members, who were on duty and part of a routine crime operation in the area, saw a stationed red Mazda with four occupants in Sikhwalimanzi Street and approached the vehicle, several shots were fired at the members.

A Reserve Constable stationed at Philippi East Police station sustained a bullet wound in the chest and died on the scene. Twenty nine years old Bulelani Ndita, who resides in Lower Cross Roads, was a Reservist for one and a half years.

The 30 year old Detective Constable who is also stationed at Philippi East Police station sustained a gunshot wound in his leg. He is in a stable condition in hospital.

A SAPS senior officer based at Provincial Visible Policing was shot in the stomach and both legs. He is currently in a serious but stable condition in hospital.

Inspector Bernadine Setyn says the four males in the Mazda abandoned the vehicle and fled on foot. One of them a 18 years old from Browns Farm was apprehended and will appear in court soon on charges of Murder and Attempted Murder 2 charges. The other three suspects are still at large.

Anyone with information can contact the Investigating Officer, Captain Paul Hendricks at the Provincial Organized Crime unit on (021) 950 1400

Just another step for Lewis

By Mikhaila Crowie
20 October 2008

Lewis Hamilton has moved to the brink of the world title as he drove to victory at the Chinese Grand Prix yesterday.

But Hamilton should not be celebrating just yet.

Ferrari’s Felipe Massa finished second, leaving the title decider down to the wire.

Massa’s team-mate, Kimi Raikkonen finished third while Fernando Alonso finished fourth.

Hamilton takes a seven-point lead over Massa into the season finale in Brazil.

The 23-year-old Englishman will be a strong favourite to become the youngest champion in F1 history at Interlagos.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Tripartite alliance said job creation should be primary focus

By Mikhaila Crowie
19 October 2008

An economic summit of the tripartite alliance has concluded that the creation of decent work for all South Africans must be the primary focus of all economic policies.

The African National Congress, South African Communist Party and Congress of South African Trade Unions met to discuss economic policy in the run up to next year’s election.

They say the aim must be to create five-million new jobs despite the global economic crisis’ impact on South Africa's economic growth prospects.

The alliance says this will require a major shift and upscaling of industrial policy with significant additional resources.

It will require, among others, a discussion on the mandate and practices of the South African Reserve Bank.

The summit noted with concern the high levels of executive pay in the corporate sector as well as the huge income inequalities in the labour market.

It advocates the extension of child-support grants to 15- to 18-years-olds. It also expressed concern about the country’s ability to fight crime.

ANC Western Cape expect mass resignations today

By Mikhaila Crowie
19 October 2008

Disgruntled former African National Congress leaders in the Western Cape expect mass resignations from the party today.

A meeting is taking place in Philippi in Cape Town with former Gauteng premier Mbhazima Shilowa expected to address the crowd.

Dismissed ANC caucus chair in the region Mbulelo Ncedana says about two-thousand members are ready to follow Shilowa and former national chairperson Mosiuoa Lekota.

The ANC itself has reportedly called an emergency general council meeting in Cape Town. Members of the national executive committee are expected to address regional leaders.

Meanwhile, Lekota had lodged an urgent interdict against the Free State University of Technology in Bloemfontein after it reneged on an agreement to use the venue for his meeting today.

Lekota had paid the university for the use of its hall for a meeting of supporters in the run up to next months' national convention.

Lekota says the meeting has now been shifted to the Vista University in Mangaung.

Earlier this week, a group of disgruntled ANC members were also refused the use of facilities in Winburg.

Three suspects arrested for assault and robbery

By Mikhaila Crowie
19 October 2008

Three suspects were arrested yesterday afternoon by two Security Officials and a member of the SA Police Services after robbing a 22-year-old man at a shopping centre in St Georges Street in Cape Town.

The suspects allegedly approached two men at an ATM and ordered one of the men to hand over his bankcard and pin number.

Two nearby Security guards approached the suspects and victim.

The suspects then fled and the security guards pursued on foot. A Security guard arrested one of the suspects while the other guard continued to pursue the other two suspects, who fled to a nearby parked white VW Polo.

Inspector Bernadine Steyn said as the suspects got into the vehicle, one of the suspects stabbed the guard in his left arm.

“A constable on patrol saw the guard hanging on to the fleeing vehicle trying to stop it. The constable fired a warning shot into the ground in an attempt to stop the vehicle.”

The constable fired another two warning shots when the car refused to stop.

When the vehicle stopped, both suspects fled on foot. Steyn said one suspect was apprehended by the constable and the other by the security guard.

“The injured security guard was taken to hospital and was discharged after medical assistance.”

The three suspects, aged 31, 33 and 41, will appear in the Cape Town Magistrates Court tomorrow.

Amakhosi crash out while Ajax sail to second round

By Mikhaila Crowie
19 October 2008

Richard Henyekane scored a brilliant hat-trick as a woeful Kaizer Chiefs were thrashed 4-1 by Golden Arrows in the Telkom Knockout Cup first round in Durban.

Defending champions Amakhosi were anything but the "Cup Kings" as they crashed out.

Arrows have already beaten Orlando Pirates and Mamelodi Sundowns this season.

And in Cape Town, Ajax Cape Town beat a 10-man Platinum Stars 4-3 in a penalty shoot-out in an uninspiring match.

Referee Jonas Nhlapo sent off Stars defender Joseph Mkalipa in the 40th minute.

Alliance discusses economic policy

By Mishkah Anthony
19 October 2008

Tripartite Alliance members, the African National Congress, the Congress of South African Trade Unions and the South African Communist Party held a two day economic summit on 17 and 18 October in Gauteng.

The ANC's Brian Sokutu says the summit will put forward concrete plans for the implementation of new economic policies.
He confirmed that it was the first time that the ANC and its alliance partners have come together to discuss the socio-economic issues facing South Africa. The meeting was closed to the media.

Meanwhile the media are invited to a press conference at Luthuli House today, to hear a report on the Alliance Economic Summit.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Police seize drugs worth more than R4, 6 million

By Mishkah Anthony
18 October 2008

Cape Town police have arrested three suspects and confiscated drugs with an estimated to be worth over 4,6-million-rands.

Acting on information, police searched a garage in Bishop Lavis and found a huge stash of heroin, tik, mandrax and other drugs.

Spokesperson Bernadine Steyn says they also confiscated two police bullet proof jackets.
The manager of the garage and owner of the car in which the vests were found, a 46 years old man residing in Ravensmead, was arrested for Dealing in drugs and Possession of possible stolen property.
He is expected to appear in the Bishop Lavis Magistrate's court on Monday
The other two suspects are behind bars after two bags of tik were found in a car pulled over in Athlone.

The suspects, aged 42 and 43 years respectively from Table View and Milnerton, will appear in the Athlone Magistrate's court on Monday

Speculation over ANC split

By Mishkah Anthony
18 October 2008

Disgruntled former African National Congress leaders in the Western Cape warn there will be mass resignations from the party at the weekend.

A meeting is set to take place in Philippi in Cape Town tomorrow. Members of the influential Dullah Omar ANC region, covering the Cape Town metro, are apparently upset about the treatment of former regional secretary Mbulelo Ncedana, and 10 other senior members who resigned this week.

It was reported that six other provinces could also be split by the fracturing of the ANC. According to newspaper reports this week, the Western, Eastern and Northern Cape, already plagued by factionalism and division, are ripened to split.

In some provinces, rival structures are being formed ahead of next month’s convention that will serve as the launch of the party of Mosiuoa Lekota and Mbhazima Shilowa. The media reports expresses the opinion that only Mpumalanga and KwaZulu-Natal can be regarded as Jacob Zuma strongholds.

Riding for a good cause

By Mishkah Anthony
18 October 2008

Twelve women, all breast cancer survivors, will arrive in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront this afternoon after a two-thousand-kilometre journey through South Africa from Johannesburg.

Executive Deputy Mayor Grant Haskin will receive the 12 women forming the core group of the Temptations Journey of Hope, Breast Cancer Ride 2008, when they arrive at around 14:00.

The group tackled the Temptations Journey of Hope, Breast Cancer Ride 2008, in four-by-four vehicles and on Harley Davidson motorbikes to raise awareness of the illness. They also want to assure woman and men diagnosed with breast cancer that if the condition is detected and treated early, the survival rate is 95-percent.

At the start of Breast Cancer Awareness month Haskin said, “due to ignorance, lack of information and awareness, many women die of breast cancer in South Africa.

With information and education the picture could look much different. One in 27 women are diagnosed with breast cancer of which 24,4% are Asian, 18,2% Coloured , 17.9% are white and 13,3% are African women.”

Meanwhile a UK study has shown that there is even an increase in males developing breast cancer. Still, breast cancer is no death sentence, and if detected and treated early, the survival rate is 95%.

The initiator of the ride, Diane Parker says the Temptations Journey of Hope Breast Cancer Ride has a powerful message of hope and encouragement in an upbeat, positive and unique manner, in both urban and rural communities across South Africa.

Hamilton off to a good start

By Sasha Forbes
18 October 2008

Lewis Hamilton got his Chinese Grand Prix weekend off to a perfect start by putting up the fastest time in practice. The British driver was the quickest in both his first and second sessions this morning.

Reporter Sasha Forbes says “the 23-year-old Hamilton who is aiming to become the sport’s youngest title-holder, dominated both sessions in his McLaren Mercedes after laying down the day’s fastest time of 1 minute-and-35 seconds this morning.”

His time was nearly four-tenths of a second faster than title rival Brazilian Felipe Massa of Ferrari, who is only five points behind with two races to go. Massa was second quickest in the morning and sixth in the afternoon.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Goverment urges military veterans to apply for housing

By Mandisi Tyulu
17 October 2008

In a move to give support and economic assistance to military veterans, the Housing Committee of Minister and has approved the military veterans housing assistance programme.

Through this government initiative to assist and integrate military veterans into society, both socially and economically, all military veterans are called upon to apply for Government subsidized housing before December 31, 2008 in order to be given priority in the allocation of houses.

Since 1994 more than 10 000 veterans have registered for a housing subsidy and more than 1 500 subsidies have been allocated in this regard.

All qualifying military veterans who have not registered for their housing subsidies have until the 31 December 2008 to register with their respective military veterans associations who will then confirm their status with the department of defense.

veterans earning less than R3 500 a month and have not benefited from the government housing programme and do qualify, are urged to approach their nearest provincial department of housing with a copy of their green bar coded South African ID and proof from the department of defense that they are military veterans.

Government spokesperson for housing Ndivhuwo Mabaya says veterans will be afforded an opportunity to apply for three forms of housing tenure namely, ownership, rental and institutional housing to benefit from the government housing programme.

Two men arrested for the murder and rape of Ayola Adonis

By Mishkah Anthony
17 October 2008

Two men have been arrested for the Murder and rape of 3 year old Ayola Adonisfrom Masiphumelele in Ocien View.

The Toddler disappeared on Sunday while playing in a park near her home.

The breakthrough in the investigation comes after the release of an 18 year old man that was taken in for questioning on the 13 October 2008.the man has now volunteered his assistance in the Police investigation.

Police spokesperson Inspector Bernadine Steyn says the, “two male suspects, aged 29 and 31 years respectively, will appear in the Simons Town Magistrate's court today on charges of Murder and Rape.

An autopsy was conducted on Tuesday and indicates that Ayola might have been sexually assaulted. Police are investigating a case of Murder and Rape.

Steady progress being made on Cape Flats water maintenance - CoCT

The City of Cape Town says steady progress has been made across the five sites where the municipality’s 72-hour water shutdown on the Cape ...