Friday, November 30, 2007

Police search for missing Kraaifontein girl

By Henry Booysen
30 November

Samantha Bianca Jacobs a 15-year-old from Kraaifontein has gone missing.

The Kraaifontien police are requesting all members of the public to assist in the search for the girl who was reported missing by her mother on Wednesday the 28th of November.

According to police, the girl allegedly ran away from her home in Aspot Street, Kraaifontein on Monday the 26th of November.

“Samantha Bianca Jacobs is light of complexion, has green eyes, is 1.6 metres tall and weighs about 55 kilograms. She has a scar above her right eye and another scar caused by a cut on three fingers on her right hand," says Police spokesperson Billy Jones.

The 15 year old was last seen wearing a khaki pants, black t-shirt with gold prints and black sandals. It is believed she might be in the areas of Bishop Lavis and Valhalla Park.

Anyone with information should please contact the Kraaifontein police office on 021 980 5500 or Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

Festive season brings on unsafe roads

By Tina George
30 November 2007

During the festive season roads are busier than usual due to schools, factories and most workplaces closing for the year-end holidays.

The challenges that are normally experienced on the country's roads over the festive season and tend to push the fatality count high, include the following contributing factors:

· High speed
· Drinking and driving
· Driving when tired
· Unsafe overtaking especially on barrier lines
· Unsafe crossing of roads
· Tyre bursts
· Unsafe following distances

“It’s very important that all those using the roads this festive season take heed of this situation because we know that lower speed would saves lives, safety belts saves lives, and that when you drive sober you are likely to reach your destination,” says spokesperson for the Department of Transport, Ntau Letebele.

Dyanti announces commission of enquiry

By Anele Siwa
30 November 2007

The MEC for Local Government and Housing in the Western Cape, Richard Dyanti on Friday announced the names of the commission of enquiry set up to look into the possible occurrence of maladministration, fraud, corruption and serious malpractice within the City of Cape Town.

“The Commission of enquiry does not have anything to do with the toppling of the City of Cape Town. Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool has approved this commission,” says Dyantyi.

According to Dyantyi the members of the commission: Justice Nathan Erasmus as the Chairperson of this commission, Mr George Papadakis a forensic auditor who is the curator in the Fidentia case, Ms. Herdie Vermeulen a local government expect, Mr Zithulele Twala, a practising attorney as the secretary to the commission and Advocate France Petersen will lead evidence for the commission.

“The commission will perform its duty without fear, for the benefit of the country, says Justice Erasmus.

“The City has agreed to co-orperate fully with the commission. We believe that this investigation is nothing more than the political ploy by the ANC controlled provincial government to undermine the malt-party government of Cape Town,” says mayoral spokesperson Robert Macdonald.

No specific date about when the commission will start its investigation has been provided.

March for the disabled this Monday

By Marthe van der Wolf
30 November 2007

There will be a march in Cape Town this Monday to celebrate the International day of the disabled persons.

The march will start from the Newlands swimming pool at 9am, finishing at the Newlands Stadium.

Several officials, including Premier of the Western Cape Ebrahim Rasool and Health Minister Manto Tshabalala-Msimang, will attend the event. Rasool will deliver the keynote address.

The day is an annual event started by the United Nations in 1992. The theme for this year's celebration is ‘decent work for persons with disabilities’.

“With this day, we want to promote understanding of disability issues and raise awareness on the rights of the disabled persons amongst communities,” says spokesperson for the Department of the Premier, Sampson Phkwago.

MEC gives message to pupils and edcators

By Tina George
30 November 2007

Thousands of learners across the province can kick their feet up, after the school year came to an end on Friday.

According to the Western Cape Education Department this year has been a tough year for the education community as the strike action of teachers in June and the re-write of the English Higher Grade matric paper caused frustration .

MEC for Education in the Western Cape, Cameron Dugmore appeals to all teachers, principals, pupils as well parents to have a very safe holiday especially to the learners.

“All matriculants can do is wait till the 28th December and have a good and safe time. When our teachers leave school on Tuesday they should spend time with their families, recuperate and think again about what it is that made them become teachers in the first place,” says Dugmore.

Dugmore added that he wants to thank all the officials of the department who also put in a lot of work helping to develop all the targets for high schools this year.

“I predict that 2008 is going to be the best year yet for education in the Western Cape,” says Dugmore.

Domestic Workers receive wage increase

By Chanel September
30 November 2007

Domestic workers can expect to spend more, after a wage increase comes into effect as of 1 December.

In a statement released by the South African Labour Guide, domestic workers' wages will increase by 9.3%.

“The increase is based on the CPIX rate of 7.3% and a further 2% making the increase a total of 9.3%,” says SA Labour Guide spokesperson, Jackson Sinonohi.

“If you are paying your employee an amount of R1200, 00 per month then an increase is not legally required,” Sinonohi.

“We welcome the increase in domestic salaries; it’s a commendation to the department of Labour. This is great news to domestic unions who have been campaigning for these increases,” says Cosatu provincial secretary, Tony Ehrenreich.

Salaries for employees working for more than 27 hours a week in urban areas will increase from R1066.83 to R 1166.05 per month.

However employees working in rural areas for 27 hours or more per week are entitled to R946.04 per month.

Tables regulating the wage increase are available on the Labour Guide website at

City cancels slavery march

By Henry Booysen
30 November 2007

The City of Cape Town has regrettably cancelled the abolition of slavery march which was supposedly planned for this evening.

According to Mansoor Mohamed the executive director of economic, social development and tourism, the City had only received a notice from the organisers of the event for the first time on the 9th of November 2007.

Due to an increase of festive season activities and due to law enforcement, police already being occupied with 34 other events this weekend, for safety reasons the City cannot accommodate 500 people marching from the parliamentary precinct to the top of Strand Street.

“For next year we are planning to provide extra support for the organisers so that the event can go ahead without any hassle,” says Mansoor.

“The ANC is really concerned about the cancellation of the march, because keeping alive the memory of slavery is very important. Coloured and black people were affected by slavery in the Western Cape, and we will ask for a proper explanation into the why the march was cancelled, “says Garth Strachan ANC provincial spokesperson.

ANC calls for allowance of Abolition of Slave Trade march

By Henry Booysen
30 November 2007

The ANC has seriously called on the City Council to reverse what they believe seems to be a bureaucratic decision to not have a march commemorating the abolition of slavery on the 1st of December 2007.

They believe that it is important to commemorate and signify the ending of slavery in Africa in which many people in Africa were affected.

“It is particularly relevant I today’s context where modern forms of slavery such as human trafficking, sex slavery and others are emerging,” says ANC provincial spokesperson Garth Strachan.

According to a city council official it is usually a joint venture between police, traffic and other affiliated organisations but he could not elaborate further.

The African National Congress hopes that the march will be taken into a significant cultural and heritage way and will be celebrated by many South Africans in future.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Four people gunned down in separate shooting incidents

By Chanel September
29 November 2007

Two Gugulethu brothers were gunned down in their homes in the early hours of Thursday morning.

According to police, the Ngubo brothers who both reside in New Rest Informal Settlement, were approached by two unknown gun men who opened fire.

The suspects fired two shots at Mzukisi (20) wounding him in the head and upper body, he died meters outside his house.

The suspects then moved next door to Mfikeleli (34) house and fired shots while he was sleeping.

“The suspects fled the scene with at least R6000. The motive for the incident seems to be robbery,” says Police spokesperson, Randall Stoffels.

In a separate incident two people were fatally wounded during an armed robbery at a spaza – shop in Harare Khayelitsha. The incident occurred in Ezindlovini Informal Settlement this morning.

“Two unknown men entered the premises and ordered the owner and an employee to lie face down. The suspects then robbed them of an undisclosed amount of money and air – time vouchers,” says Police spokesperson, Billy Jones.

“The suspects then fired two victims to their heads before they fled the scene on foot. We investigating a case of robbery and murder,” says Jones.

The suspects in both shooting incidents are still at large.

Anyone with information can contact crime Stop on 08600 10111.

COSATU condemns trucks as use of transporting workers

By Henry Booysen
28 November 2007

The Congress of South African Trade Unions has expressed its disgust at the revelation that 103 farm workers were being transported at the back of a truck to work yesterday morning. Spokesperson Patrick Craven says that they have been campaigning against the method of transporting as it puts many lives at stake.

They have congratulated the traffic officers who had stopped the truck and praised them for refusing to let the truck move until alternative transport had been arranged.

“As one of the traffic police said at the time, they were packed into the truck like loaves of bread and I think that is the attitude of many of the people who use this form of transport, it is illegal and it has to stop,” says Craven.

COSATU have appealed that traffic officers should have a consistent campaign to stop and inspect trucks and bakkies and impose severe penalties if found guilty.

Community Safety spokesperson Eric Ntabazalila says that the department is appalled at the way in which farmworkers are transported to places of work.

"We appeal to traffic officers to enforce strict laws to those who break the law. We are with Cosatu because these are the most vulnerable people in the country," he said.

Protea specialist returns to supersport series

By Ilhaam Hoosain
28 November 2007

Paul Harris was only bowled nine overs in the entire Castle Test series against New Zealand thanks to the dominant Dale Steyn and the rest of the Proteas seam attack.

“But he can look forward to getting much longer spells when he plays his first SuperSport Series match of the season for the Nashua Titans against the bizhub Highveld Lions at SuperSport from Thursday,” says Michael Owen-Smith Cricket South Africa’s Media Officer.

The Titans have had their pace bowling resources severely tested by the absence of the Morkel brothers, Steyn and Andre Nel and they well turn to spin as their main source of attack as they and the Lions attempt to get off the bottom rungs of the log in this derby match according to Owen-Smith.

“Morne van Wyk has returned from Standard Bank ODI squad duty to play for the log leaders although it may still be some time before their leading bowling all-rounder, Ryan McLaren, returns after a serious illness,” says Owen-Smith.


Police raid Gympie Street, Woodstock

By Marthe van der Wolf
29 November 2007

The police raided houses in Gympie Street in Woodstock this morning and arrested 8 residents.

Woodstock police say that the people were arrested on warrants issued by Cape Town courts for contravening a previous High Court order. The order was given last year for an eviction of the residents.

According to their lawyer Zehir Omar, the residents lived on the streets for weeks. As the City didn’t provide them with housing, they moved back into the flats, but at different numbers.

"The owner failed to get a new court order against the occupants," says Omar.

The residents of Gympsiestreet hope to get out on bail as they will appear in the Cape Town High Court today.

Warning for learners who stay at home

By Marthe van der Wolf
29 November 2007

MEC of Education Cameron Dugmore has issued a warning to school principals and parents that they should not discourage learners from attending school.

After the exams that finished last week, most learners of schools in Cape Town haven’t been attending classes anymore. Principals' say they can’t do anything about it as the learners ignore the warnings of the schools.

"Parents can be fined up to R5000 if they fail to ensure that their children attend school," says Dugmore.

Principals who fail to enforce this could face anything from a reprimand to a discharge.

"Especially in the last week of the year there are many things a school could organise for their pupils like inviting the local policeman or rolemodel," says spokesperson for the Department of Education, Gert Witbooi.

HIV testing targets exceeded

By Tina George
29 November 2007

The City of Cape Town has been running a get tested campaign to get people to know their HIV status. Their annual target for HIV testing of adults older than 15 years of age has gone beyond their average number.

A total of 223 089 residents have been tested across the Cape Metropole.

Last year, the city succeeded in testing nearly 2000 residents at eight shopping malls on World Aids Day.

“We are doing similar outreaches this World Aids Day, we reach out to people who don’t come to the clinics and offer them an opportunity to test themselves to get to know their status,” says Executive Director for City Health, Dr Ivan Toms.

Toms added that the reason for encouraging people to get tested is that if more people know their status they are most likely to change their behaviour.

“If they’re HIV positive we would then direct them to either a support programme, if their cd4 count is low we’ll refer them onto an anti retro viral site for treatment,” says Toms.

The municipality offers free testing throughout the year at all 86 clinics in the city.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

BVK's Mr Fat dies in hospital

By Nadia Samie
27 November 2007

Popular Cape Town artist Ashley Titus, known to fans as Mr Fat, has died in hospital this morning. He was a member of the group Brasse Vannie Kaap.

Born and bred in Bonteheuwel on the Cape Flats, Mr Fat’s entertainment career spans from the 1980s and included many collaborations with local artists, before he embarked on a solo hip-hop career. Mr Fat was also one of the original presenters of the hip-hop show on Bush Radio.

In an interview in May this year, Mr Fat described himself as an MC, artist and hip-hop activist.

When this rising star from the Cape Flats broke into the music market rhyming tunes in gam taal about life in the ghetto’s, most artists were more focused on doing things in English, whether it be cover versions or their own stuff. To put it mildly, it was a bit of a culture shock to the masses, but the brasse on the Cape Flats loved it, and that was what it was about. For Mr Fat the important thing was to speak with his own voice.

“The reality of the story is what you see is what you get. People have got that notion that you must do happy music. It is our prerogative in life that you’ve got to cut out stereotypes, that’s our calling,” he said in the interview.

The artist’s grandmother said from the family home in Bonteheuwel this morning that Mr Fat had died in Groote Schuur hospital at approximately 9AM. According to his mother, Mr Fat died of complications arising from Lupus, which is a disease that can affect the skin, heart, lungs, kidneys, joints, and nervous system. Lupus is a chronic inflammatory condition caused by an autoimmune disease, the latter occurs when the body's tissues are attacked by its own immune system.

In October this year Mr Fat had spent some time in hospital, but had been released about two weeks ago. His grandmother said he became sick at home and was rushed back to Groote Schuur hospital, where he later died.
He leaves behind his mother and grandmother.

50 000 people expected at opening festive season

By Marthe van der Wolf
28 November 2007

Fifty thousand people are expected to gather in Adderley Street when Mayor Helen Zille will switch on the festive lights on Sunday.

Besides the lights, a carnival parade will start at 3 o’clock from the Heerengracht Fountain. There will be a food village, Bafana Bafana Captain Lukas Radebe will appear and many performances by artist such as JAG, Johnny Clegg and Brandon October.

"There will be two 40 square metre screens, one at the Heerengracht Fountain and one at the corner of Strand and Adderley Street. These will have to ensure that everybody can follow what is happening at the main stage," says spokesperson for the event Chalres Kadalie.

The switch on of the festive lights is a 41-year-old tradition for the city. With the large crowd it attracts, it has become one of the largest open-air events in the centre of Cape Town.

Captonians to brace themselves for more load shedding

By Chanel September
28 November 2007

Residents of Cape Town can expect more blackouts this week as load shedding will continue through the course of the day and possibly this week.

Areas affected in the city thus far: are Bothasig, Edgemead and Mitchell’s Plain as power cuts were experienced last night due to a generator that tripped at Koeberg.

“We will re-asses the situation. The only way we can stop load shedding is to build new power stations,” says Eskom’s General Manager of Strategy, Andrew Etzinger.

“Koeberg lost its unit two generator and this put a large strain on the grid nationally,” says City Lighting Manager, Charles Kadalie.

Kadalie added that Eskom has asked the city to assist with the load constraints.

Consumers are urged to use electrical equipment such as air-conditioning, geysers and swimming pool pumps sparingly.

Gibbs fit to play for ODI series

By Ilhaam Hoosain
28 November 2007

On Tuesday Herschelle Gibbs passed a fitness test and will now be part of the One Day International team for the second and third matches in the MTN ODI series Sahara Oval St. Georges on Friday and at Sahara Park Newlands on Sunday.

“(Team physiotherapist) Shane Jabaar told me that Herschelle came through his fitness test very well and could have played as early as today (Wednesday),” says national coach Mickey Arthur.

“Consequently, Morne van wyk has been released from the Standard Bank squad will play for the Gestetner Diamonds Eagles in their SuperSPort Series match against the Chevrolet Warriors, starting at OUTsurance Oval, Bloemfontein, on Thursday ,” says Michael Owen-Smith Media Officer, Cricket South Africa.

City of Cape Town discusses animal safety

By Marthe van der Wolf
28 November 2007

The City of Cape Town will hold a meeting on Thursday around the concerns of violent attacks on dogs. Residents have expressed their concerns with the violent attacks. A new Animal By-Law is under the spotlight by the city’s working group.

The main issues concerning dogs was the impounding of barking dogs and restricting the number of dogs on properties.

The City has received many complaints of people who have protested against any actions taken against barking dogs. But an equal number of people have let the City know that barking dogs have made their lives very unpleasant.

"The new issues include violent dogs, the poor state of the animal pound, the need for major sterilisation, identification tags for animals as well as control of backyard dog breeders will also be discussed," says Chairperson of the City’s Safety and Security Portfolio Committee JP Smith.

The capacity of the City’s Animal Control Unit will also be discussed in the by-law.

Permits ready for traders

By Tina George
28 November 2007

Greenmarket square traders can now collect their permits from the Green Point Traffic Department as from today.

The City of Cape Town is thankful of the traders who have handed in their application forms for trading.

“Traders must rest assured that the City will not allow a situation to prevail which results in traders being prevented from collecting their permits or being exploited over rent issues,” says Mayoral Committee member for Social, Economic Development and Tourism, Simon Grindrod.

Collection hours for the permits are from 08:00 – 16:00 and traders who need to check if their permits are ready for collection can contact 021 406 8861/70.

“The City will resume the management of Greenmarket Square from Saturday, 1 December 2007. The logistical planning has been completed and the City’s internal services are ready to guarantee a smooth period,” says Executive Director for Social, Economic Development and Tourism, Mansoor Mohamed.

Inspection procedures will take place on 1 December and all traders are requested to have their permits available.

Strike action to hit over 60 companies next month

By Ilhaam Hoosain
28 November 2007

The National Union of Mineworkers (NUM) and the mining companies — as represented by the Chamber of Mines — met yesterday with the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation and Arbitration (CCMA).

At the meeting it was formalized that next Tuesday, 4 December 2007, the workers will embark on strike action.

According to NUM the reason for the strike is to highlight the accidents that are happening on a daily basis as a result of rock falls and other mine accidents, that the union believes can be prevented.

“The NUM finally got the go ahead from the CCMA to stage a stay-away,” says NUM spokesperson Lesiba Seshoka.

“Well obviously we have anticipated that there was a possibility of this course of action by members of the NUM. We believe that this is not the best course of action.

“We all agree that unions and companies/employees must work together to improve safety and health on mines,” says Goldfields Andrew Davidson.

Some of the companies facing this action are

In the Gold Sector:
· AngloGold Ashanti
· Goldfields
· Harmony Gold

In the Platinum and the Coal sector:
· Angloplatinum
· Impala Platinum
· Lonmin
· Anglo Operations
· Delmas Colliery
· Exxaro Resources
· Ingwe collieries
· Kangra group
· Sasol Mining
· Twee Waters Fuel
· Umcebo mining
· Xstrata

These are just a few of the mines that will be hit. According to NUM this will be the first industry-wide strike to hit mining industry since mining began. Meanwhile, trade unions globally are sending protest and memorandums to various South African embassies to push them to act on the genocide that is unfolding in the mining industry.

COSATU expresses concern over SABC rights of ANC Conference

By Henry Booysen
28 November 2007

The Congress of South African Trade Unions has expressed their concern with regards to the South African Broadcasting Commission gaining exclusive rights to the ANC conference in Polokwane in December.

Besides having the exclusive rights to provide a television feed from the conference, COSATU doubts whether the SABC can be relied upon to provide objective and politically free coverage of the conference, especially with regards to the leadership battle.

“COSATU appeals to the ANC to review its decision and open up the conference to all bona fide media organisations,” says COSATU national spokesperson Patrick Craven

The SABC were unavailable for comment.

Joe Slovo residents take to streets again

By Henry Booysen
28 November 2007

Joe Slovo residents marched in the Cape Town CBD on Wednesday to protest against Thubelitsha homes and First National Bank.

The informal settlement residents are demanding not to evict them from the area.

While many residents have already been relocated to Delft, many have vowed that they will not leave the area, as work and school will be too far for them to travel.

“We are told by residents in Tsunami from Delft that many of the public toilets have been closed for a year and that people must relieve themselves in the bushes. This is unsatisfactory,” says Mzwanele Zulu representative of the Joe Slovo task team.

In the memorandum handover to First National Bank the demands listed to the bank is to withdraw from the N2 Gateway Project, and to put communities’ needs first before contracts and profits.

“What I want see happening here is for people to face reality, and not for people to be informed by people who undermine the policies of the government,” says the Project Manager of the N2 Gateway Project and representative of Thubelitsha Homes Prince Xhanti Sigcawu.

First National Bank and Thubelitsha Homes accepted the memorandums.

Western Cape Forensic Laboratory to receive donation

By Anele Siwa
28 November 2007

The DNA Project handed over DNA Profiling Equipment worth more than R200 000 to the Western Cape Forensic Laboratory on Wednesday.

The reason for the handover is to increase the efficiency of the laboratory.

“The money raised by the organisation was used to buy the equipment as the laboratory often faces financial restrictions,” says the project Director, Venessa Lynch.

“This equipment is going to help provide as much as possible to the forensic Science Laboratory in South Africa in order to develop and expand the National DNA Criminal Intelligence to the point where it provides a conclusive form of evidence to prosecute serious offenders,” says Lynch.

The Head of the Biology Unity in the Western Cape Superintended Mafiki Maluleke agreed that they received the DNA Profiling equipment from the DNA Project. “We are still waiting for delivery from overseas for some of the equipment,” he added.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Refugees not allowed to sleep outside Home Affairs

By Marthe van der wolf
27 November 2007

Refugees in Cape Town can not sleep at the Home Affairs office anymore. If they do, they may be arrested.

About hundred refugees sleep at the Home Affairs Office at the foreshore every night. The queues are very long and only a certain amount of people are helped everyday. Spending the night is for them the only hope to be first in line the next day.

"It is not safe for the refugees to sleep outside. We know they make fires which could surround the office," says Public Works regional secretary Makgonye Maphile.

Although some refugees said they would rather be arrested than leave the premises at night, the organisation People Against Suppression, Suffering, Oppression and Poverty is looking for alternative accommodation for the people who are staying at Home Affairs.

"It’s very frustrating because these people sleep there to get their applications in the morning. Some have slept there for more than two months," says Passop spokesperson Braam Hanekom.

Parts of Blaauwberg to experience possible low water pressure

By Henry Booysen
27 November 2007

There might be possible low water pressure in parts of Blaauwberg today.

The areas that may be affected are Table View, Parklands, Sunningdale, Blouberg Rise, Bloubergstrand, and Big Bay.

“The City Water services need to carry out an urgent repair on the main water feed from the Melkbosstrand reservoir into these areas,” says spokesperson for the City of Cape Town Charles Cooper.

The scheduled time of work on the water main is 09:00 to 17:00, and the City Water services regrets if any inconvenience is caused

Shocking conditions at police stations

By Ilhaam Hoosain
26 November 2007

The Democratic Alliance (DA) released a document that describes the five worst police stations in the country as examples of the challenges and difficulties that are faced by the South African Police Services (SAPS).

"Well we’ve examined police stations the length and breadth of the country and the following five were had been selected as the five worst in the country,” says Safety and Security Spokesperson Dianne Kohler Barnard.

1. Verena police station in Mpumulanga
2. Mfuleni police station in the Western Cape
3. Inyibiba police station in the Eastern Cape
4. Mdantsane police station in the Eastern Cape
5. KwaMashu police station in KwaZulu-Natal

Matters have been put into place to refurbish most of our police stations in the country, this is a process that is still going on,” says ANC’s spokesperson on Safety and Security Hangwani Mulaudzi.

Manenberg police station in the Western Cape was identified as an extremely well-managed and resourced station in the country.

“In terms of making sure South Africa is a safe country. We will be moving ahead everyone has a right to criticise. At the same time we need to make sure that when we criticise we don’t criticise just for criticising but we criticise in the sense that we make sure that we build on what we have now and also make sure that the South African population is safe,” says Mulaudzi.

“The worst police stations some of them have appalling staff situations with hundreds and hundreds of their staff up on disciplinary hearings for coming to work drunk or not coming to work at all,” says Barnard.

Many of the following problems were experienced at the stations:

· Personnel shortages
· Vehicle shortages
· Shortages of bulletproof vests and operational equipment such as hand-held radios, pepper spray and handcuffs
· Lack of adequate space in the holding cells
· Lack of office space
· Inadequate storage facilities for equipment and evidence
· Lack of secure storage facilities for dockets
· Absence of interviewing rooms and secure suspect identification rooms
· Non-compliance with the Domestic Violence Act (DVA) and
· Unsuitable station premises.

Kewtown suspects behind bars.

By Henry Booysen
27 November 2007

Police apprehended the three suspects that were involved in the Kewtown murders last week. Five people were killed and another four people were seriously wounded. Police spokesperson Elliot Sinyangana says two of the suspects aged 26 and 20 appeared in the Wynberg Magistrate’s court yesterday. Another suspect aged 27 appeared in court on Monday.

“The three suspects appeared for the alleged murder of the five people, Mogamat Frank Meyer, Faroek Fagan, Rashaad Mohamad and Moegamat Shadiek Adams,” says Sinyangana.

The suspects are due to appear in court on the 3rd of December 2007 in the Wynberg Magistrate’s Court.

Improved transport system set to benefit the masses

By Tina George
27 November 2007

The MEC for Transport and Public Works, Marius Fransman will launch and showcase the works of the new Public Transport Improvement programme at the Cape Town International Convention Centre on Thursday and Friday.

The new five year programme will change the way buses, minibus taxis and trains operate in the city.

Key features of the new system includes services that will operate 24/7, vehicles accessible to the disabled and the issuing of the smart card ticketing system that will be used for all modes of transport.

“George and Simon’s Town will be the first areas to be given attention in order to test the success of the new programme,” says Head of Transport Department, Thami Manyathi.

Manyati added that by 2010 the programme will be a third way through and the Cape winelands area will be looked at after 2010.

“Taxi operators will be formalised into companies who will enter in contracts with government to provide public transport services. Bus operators will also be brought in and liked up with the taxi companies,” says Manyathi

The public is encouraged to use and promote public transport.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Department of Water Affairs and Forestry to visit victims of abuse

By Marthe van der Wolf
26 November 2007

The Department of Water Affairs and Forestry is sending its employees to a shelter housing vulnerable victims of abuse and affected by HIV/Aids. The Wellness Unit of the Department will be engaged in a Corporate Social Responsibility Activity during an event at the Sarah Baartman Center.

The event is to make employees of the department aware of the goals of the 16 Days of Activism Campaign. "We want to encourage our employees to speak out against abuse on women and children," says Head of Wellness, Cheryl Damon.

"We want people to face the real trauma caused by abuse. That’s why were bringing them face to face with some abuse victims," says Damon.

New test to detect Human Papilloma Virus

By Marthe van der Wolf
26 November 2007

A new test that is used for cervical cancer is able to detect the presence of the cancer-producing virus causing cervical cancer in women. The test has to decrease the mortality rate through ‘more accurate and earlier detection’.

The Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) has about 100 types. Some of those types can cause cell changing, which can lead to cancer. The virus is present in eight out of ten women and thus the most common sexually transmitted disease. In developing countries it is the most common cancer.

The new test, which is recommended internationally, is more expensive than a Pap smear but Lancet Laboratories says with its 100 percent sensitivity, it enables women to take the test at considerably longer intervals.

"That makes this test a far better option for women who may only be tested once in a lifetime, which would be a more realistic case in developing countries," says Jason Penrose of the Lance Laboratories.

Lance Laboratories adds that safe sex is still the best way to prevent anyone from getting the HPV virus.

500 Western Cape builders suspended

By Henry Booysen
26 November 2007

The National Home Builders' Registration Council has suspended 500 builders in the Western Cape after they refused to fix structural defects this year.

The suspension follows after thousands of poor quality houses are continued to be built. It is believed to be done by inexperienced building contractors whose poor work costs a fortune to repair.

Residents from the Blue Downs area in the Northern Suburbs have complained about cracked walls, uneven flooring and their homes cornice collapsing. A cornice is the ornamental moulding around a room, just under the ceiling.

Developers say that the houses problems could be because it’s built near the R300.

Blue Downs resident Verna Jantjies says that her house is falling apart, and the price of fixing the property is very expensive.

Joe Slovo to march again

By Henry Booysen
26 November 2007

Residents from informal settlements across the Cape Flats will march to First National Bank in Cape Town on Wednesday.

The angry protesters are up in arms because the bank bought a piece of land which currently houses the Joe Slovo community.

According to a statement released by the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign, the communities of Joe Slovo, Langa, Gugulethu, Backyard Dwellers, QQ Section, Mandela Park, Site C Khayelitsha, Tafelsig, Blue Downs, Hanover Park, Gympie Street, and Newfields Village will all be participating in the march.

The statement also says that FNB is directly involved with the forced removals of the people of Joe Slovo and that the bank did not buy the land because they are in a working partnership with government to deliver houses.

“We need for them to stop from supporting the government from evicting the residents of Joe Slovo. The main objective why we need to demonstrate against these institutions,” says Joe Slovo task team representative Mzwanele Zulu.

First National Bank could not be reached for comment.

Floods mark final matric exam

By Anele Siwa
26 November 2007

Despite heavy downpours that occurred in the Southern Cape on Friday, matric learners wrote their final paper uninterrupted.

Candidates who were assisted by parents, volunteers and officials of the department could finish their final matric examination as for many it was the end of their school career.

“We had continuous plans in place and all matric candidates were able to write,” says Deputy Director of the Western Cape Education Department Brian Scheuder.

Scheuder added that the department has created alternative assessment centres in Plettenberg Bay.

“Only one student who’s in the farm in the Reenendal, Karatara that could not come out and write examination and we will make an alternative arrangement,” says Scheuder.

The Kysna Secondary School principal Mr Mellet Herman confirmed that a leaner didn’t write the exam on Friday.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Suspect arrested for Kewtown murders

By Henry Booysen
25 November 2007

Police has arrested one suspect after the Kewtown incident where five people got killed sitting outside a flat. Investigations led the police to a 26 year old man.

According to police spokesperson Elliot Sinyangana detectives made the arrest after an intensive investigation dedicated to the incident which occurred on Thursday 22nd of November 2007.

“It is important to bear in mind that the name of the suspect cannot be released under any circumstances unless he appeared and pleaded in the court of law,’ says Sinyangana.

The suspect will appear in the Wynberg Magistrate court on Monday 26 November 2007.

16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children kicks off

By Marthe van der Wolf
25 November 2007

The 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children campaign is being launched nationwide today. The campaign kicked off in several provinces like the Western Cape.

In Cape Town, a couple of hundred people walked in a march from the Vangate Mall to the Athlone Stadium. Premier of the Western Cape Ebrahim Rasool joined the march as did about a hundred police officers.

In the other provinces, the kick off also starts with a march. The march has to highlight the plight of women and children in South Africa.

Minister of Safety and Security Charles Nqakula is expected to address a gathering in Bloemfontein where a group of men will participate in the ‘Million men’s march’.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

COSATU praises Senzeni Zokwana

By Henry Booysen
24 November 2007

Congress of South African Trade Unions has congratulated the President of the National Union of Mineworkers Senzeni Zokwana for his achievement by being elected as President of the International Federation of Chemical, Energy, Mine and General Workers Union (ICEM).

“It’s a great honour for him and other unions in the country,” says COSATU national spokesperson Patrick Craven.

“We are very excited because our president will be leading the 20 million strong membership if the ICEM,” says spokesperson of the National Union of Mineworkers Lesiba Seshoka.

The announcement that was made yesterday in Bangkok follows that of SADTU General Secretary, Thulas Nxesi as President of Education International and Randall Howard General Secretary of SATAWU as President of the International Transport Education.

Another mineworker died

By Marthe van der Wolf
23 November 2007

A mineworker died at the Harmony Gold’s Elandsrand Mine yesterday morning. The mine is near Carletonwille. The mineworker died when a rock fall broad mining activity to a standstill. Full details about the accidents are not known yet.

“Solidarity wants to convey its heartfelt sympathy to the family of the deceased,” says Solidarity spokesperson Reint Dykema.

According to trade union Solidarity, 182 people working in South African mines have died this year. In 2006 the death toll was 199.

Solidarity made a 10-point charter for a safer working environment. Mineworkers should also know that they have the right to withdraw from any unsafe work situation or risk and the right to refuse dangerous work.

City Minstrels get R1 million rand

By Tina George
24 November 2007

This year will be the 100th anniversary of the minstrels in Cape Town. The Mayoral Committee yesterday supported a recommendation to Council that R1 million be donated to fund the prestigious milestone.

“The minstrel’s forms part of Cape Town’s rich history as it has an important place in our culture and is a major tourist attraction,” says Mayoral Committee Member for Economic, Social Development and
Tourism, Simon Grindrod.

The city is dedicated to providing its full support for this event in the history of the minstrel carnival.

“It will be a whole day celebration where there will be over 60 troupes with full costumes and massive hundred piece street bands,” says Managing Director of Kaapse Klopse Karnival Association, Melvyn Matthews.

Department of Trade and Industry’s campaign in Western Cape

By Marthe van der Wolf
24 November 2007

‘Taking the DTI to the people’ is a new campaign of the Department of Trade and Industry that will be held in the Western Cape from the 26th of till the 30th of November. The Deputy Minister of the department will lead the DTI delegation.

“The campaign aims to create awareness about the department’s products and services. Also we want to strengthen government’s commitments to work with communities to ensure progress and sustainable improvement of the lives of all South Africans,” says spokesperson Kgothatso Chuene.

The campaign will take form of information sessions to advice entrepreneurs, whether they have already started or want to start a business. The session will inform about growing and sustaining a business.

Housing hand over takes place in Nyanga

By Henry Booysen
24 November 2007

This morning MEC for Local Government and Housing in the Western Cape Richard Dyanti accompanied by city councillor Dan Plato publicly launched the Ilinge Labahlala Housing Co-operative Limited.

The project which is the first of its kind in the Province is a community driven housing Co-operative program.

The department together with the City of Cape has converted what is so called ‘migrant labour hostels’ into units where families can live.
274 housing subsidies have already been approved for Ilinge Labahlali by the Department of Local Government and Housing.

“There have already been 70 units built while a further 50 units is in the process of being built,” says Local Government and Housing spokesperson Vusi Tshoshe.

The City of Cape Town has approved a 30 year leasehold arrangement with Ilinge Labahlali for the respective development.

Bus Tour in Western Cape against sexual violence

By Marthe van der Wolf
24 November 2007

Rape Crisis Cape Town Trust will have a bus tour in the Western Cape during the 16 Days of Activism to End Violence against Women and Children. The bus tour will start the 26th of November and will end the 8th of December.

“In the bus we will have volunteer trainers, community activists and councillors. In the communities of the Western Cape they will give workshops, network meetings, training and counselling on issues relating to rape and sexual violence,” says counselling coordinator Nazma Hendricks.

Rape Crisis Cape Town was established in 1976. It is one of the oldest organisations in South Africa working in the sexual violence sector.

“We cannot turn away from the horror of what is happening in our streets, schools and homes. We need to work together to turn this crisis around and change the society that we live in,” says Hendriks.

Friday, November 23, 2007

City to target number plate transgressors

By Tina George
23 November 2007

The City of Cape Town Traffic Services says that some motorists are deliberately removing number plates from their vehicles specifically when it comes to automated traffic law enforcement.

“What we also find is that number plates are obscured by towbars and this could be a deliberate attempt by motorists to prevent prosecution,” says Traffic spokesperson Searle Johannes.

They ask members of the public to please relook at the situation with the placing, whether they have a number plate at the back and front and also look at the legality of that number plate.

The colours that motorists should have on their number plates are either a white or yellow background with black letters and numbering.
“Any motorists found not adhering to the regulations will face prosecution,” says Mayoral Committee member for Safety and Security, Dumisani Ximbi

Fines range from R300 for non-compliant number plates to R500 for vehicles without number plates.

Five dead in suspected gang-shooting in Athlone

By Nadia Samie
23 November 2007

Four people – including a woman – died on the scene at Block 28 in Kewtown, Athlone at approximately 8pm on Thursday night after 3 men opened fire in what is thought to be gang-related activity. A fifth died in hospital this morning and five others are reportedly injured in the attack.

It is speculated by community members that the shooting is linked to the execution-style shooting in Woodstock a few weeks ago, in which five people were killed, one of whom is believed to be from the Kewton area.

Police will not confirm if the incident is gang-related. Spokesperson Captain Elliot Sinyangana says that cases of murder and attempted murder have been opened for investigation. No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information is asked to contact crime-stop on 08600-10-111.

Water supply in areas of the city to be cut on Tuesday

By Marthe van der Wolf
23 November 2007

The water supply to Du Noon, Potsdam and Doornbach will be cut of on Tuesday, 27 November. The cut will be from 9am till 4pm.

"We regret if any inconvenience is caused. But the City Water Services have to install bulk water meters," says Charles Cooper of the City of Cape Town.

The City urges residents to ensure they store enough water supply to see them through this rough time. Residents should also be aware that a temporarily discoloration of the water could be experienced when the supply is restored.

"Please ensure that all taps opened during the interruption are closed again. If you leave a tap open and nobody is at home when the supply is restored, and it could be restored any time
during that day, wasting will occur and you will be billed for it on your account," says Cooper.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Passop: 'Refugee beaten up by security guard'

By Marthe van der Wolf
22 November 2007

A refugee from Angola was allegedly beaten up on Thursday morning at 7.30 by a security guard of the Home Affairs office at the Foreshore.

"While he was beaten with battens, the other officials stood back and laughed," says chairperson of People Against Suffering, Suppression, Oppression and Poverty (Passop), Braam Hanekom.

The man from Angola was taken to hospital. He has severe bruising but his condition is improving.

"The security guard threatened to kill him and told him to go back to his country," says Hanekom.

The Home Affairs office hasn’t responded to requests for comment. Passop has said it will open a police case against the security guard.

Search continues for missing man

By Chanel September
22 November 2007

The search for a Stellenbosch man, who went missing this past week, continued on Thursday despite an intensive search by police and NSRI divers.

The 24-year-old construction worker went missing, after going for a swim while working on a demolition project at Clifton Beach.

“Police divers have entered the water again to continue with the search. Eyewitness saw the man disappear into the surface of the sea,” says National Sea Rescue Spokesperson, Craig Lambinon.

Lambinon added that there are no signs of the man thus far, but the search will continue.

According to Police Spokesperson Elliot Sinyangana the man cannot be identified until his family has been informed about his disappearance.

Khanya schools project wins award

By Marthe van der Wolf
22 November 2007

The Khanya project has won a national award for service delivery. Khanya’s work includes installing computer laboratories at schools. Also teachers get training and support of how to use ICT.

The project got the CPSI Public Sector Innovation award in the category of innovative use of ICT and information, communication technology. Khanya was the only finalist coming from the Western Cape.

“Thanks to Khanya, every high school in the Western Cape has at least one computer laboratory. Khanya is making steady progress in its efforts to provide ICT support for teaching and learning in all primary schools,” says Head of Education in the Western Cape Ron Swartz.

The award recognise successful and effective service delivery projects and initiatives.

“They try to award innovation in government service,” says manager of the Khanya project Kobus van wijk.

Violence Intervention and Prevention Summit

By Henry Booysen
21 October 2007

On the 20th and 21st of November the Violence Intervention and Prevention summit was held at the His People Conference Centre in N1 City.

The main speaker at the summit, Dr Joseph Marshall is the co-founder of the Omega Boys Club and President of the Street Soldiers National Consortium, he is also the creator of the Alive and Free Movement.

The Alive and Free Movement project aims to keep youth from across the globe alive, free and out of prison.

“I started the organisation because my students did well with me, and later I started going to the funerals of my students and I could not handle that,” says Dr Marshall.

Deptuy Mayor of Cape Town councillor Grant Haskins opened the summit with an address discussing statistics about violence on the Western Cape, and how the City of Cape Town aims to deal with violence and drugs problems across the Western Cape.

The YMCA of South Africa together with the US Consulate arranged the trip to South Africa so that he can teach his anti-violence strategies that he implemented in San Fransisco, USA, to South Africans so that they can implement it in their own communities.

On Friday the 23rd of November the YMCA together with Dr Marshall will have a meeting with the Education Department discussing whether the violence intervention and prevention can be implented in South African schools.
picture courtesy of: www.street-soldiers . org

ID councillors involved with fraud

By Henry Booysen
22 November 2007

The African National Congress has attacked the Independent Democrats after two of its councillors were involved with fraud.

According to a press statement released by the ANC the councillors respectively from Eden District Municipality Laetitia Arries have been found guilty and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment which has been suspended for four years. The other councillor is Gordon April from the Oudtshoorn municipality who was convicted in April.

“The fraudulent behaviour is seriously prejudicing poor people,” says ANC Provincial spokesperson Garth Strachan.

The ANC said that both April and Arries continue to serve as councillors.

“We have summonsed Laetitia Arrie to our head office we have dealt with her in the same fashion as we have dealt with Gordon April’s case,” says Saki Jenner from the Independent Democrats.

The City puts safety Plan for Festive Season into action

By Tina George
22 November 2007

The City of Cape Town has started a full safety and cleansing strategy to ensure that residents and visitors enjoy a clean and safe summer holiday. Over a million visitors are expected to gather on the city over the peak summer holiday season representing a growth of 3% on last year’s figures.

Executive Support Officer for Safety and Security, Bongani Maqungwana says that they want to assure tourists and citizens at large that they are fully prepared with about 770 metro police office, 453 law enforcement officers and 120 seasonal workers who are going to be patrolling our beaches.

The utilities services department is going to have 1000 people who will be dedicated to cleaning the streets and beaches of the city.

Spokesperson for Disaster Management, Johan Minnie says that they have adequate stand by levels for any type of emergencies that may arise.
Minnie added that any member of the public especially within the festive season should call 107; alternatively they can call the number 021 480 7700 and will be put through to the relevant emergency services.

Bogus police robs family

By Marthe van der Wolf
22 November 2007

An armed robbery occurred in Strand on Monday night by what seems to be bogus police. Four men entered the house at Barracudastreet.

"The complainant, a 31 year old woman, was at home with her husband, mother and 10 year-old daughter," says police spokesperson Inspector Bernadine Steyn.

Two of the suspects, dressed in to what seemed to be police-issue uniforms and two wearing civilian clothing, held the family at gunpoint when they allegedly robbed them of money and valuables of about R40 000.

One of the suspects allegedly stabbed the young husband with a knife. He was released after receiving medical attention.

The suspects fled in a white Volkswagen Polo.

Anyone with information can contact officer Lionel Farmer at 021 854 9144.

A 19 year old man arrested for Malicious Damage to an ATM

By Anele Siwa
22 November 2007

A 19-year-old suspect was arrested by Mfuleni Police on Thursday morning inconnection with malicious damage to a Standard Bank Automated Teller Machine (ATM).

“The incident occured at a business in Main Road, Wesbank in Mfuleni,” says police spokesperson Siphokazi Mawisa.

It is alleged that the three men damaged the ATM by using explosive material to gain access.

“They were unable to proceed and fled when police arrived on the scene,” says Mawisa.

According to Mawisa the suspects ran away and police members gave chase to arrest the suspect.

The two other suspets are still at large. The suspect faces charges of malious damage to property and is due to appear in the Bluedowns Magistrate Court on Monday.

Attempts to get comment from the nearby Score Supermarket have failed.

Anyone with infomation can contact Crime Stop on 0800 10111.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Upgrade of Bosmansdam/N7 interchange underway

By Tina George
21 November 2007

Motorists using the Bosmansdam/N7 interchange will soon experience improved traffic flow after the City of Cape Town’s on going requests for upgrades were accepted by Provincial Government roads infrastructure branch.

“We are very pleased to report that the Provincial Government Roads branch has accepted our proposals to proceed with the much needed improvements to the Bosmansdam/N7 interchange,” says Chairperson of De Grendal Sub – Council, James Vos..

Vos says that they have negotiated with the branch since 1997 about the needed improvements to come and are elated with the outcome and progress.

“We now await the roads department implementation details and financial indications to see exactly when we can expect the improvement to be undertaken,” says Vos.

The improvements to the interchange consist of additional lanes on three legs of the system. The south bound leg from Milnerton, the west bound leg from Edgemead and the East bound leg from Montague Gardens.

“The N7 particularly is under revision and has been subject to assessments. Due to these assessments strategic changes were made to accommodate all types of vehicles that being light and heavy motor vehicles because of the increase in volume along that section of roadway,” says spokesperson for Traffic, Searle Johannes.

Within the eastern half of the interchange, an added lane will be constructed on the link between the east and west bound carriageways of Bosmansdam Road.

This particular lane will allow better use of the green signal time alleviating peak hour traffic flows at the interchange.

‘Adjusted budgets a victory for poor people’ says COSATU

By Ilhaam Hoosain
20 November 2007

Western Cape Minister of Finance and Tourism Lynne Brown held a briefing on Tuesday to present the Medium Term Budget Policy. The budget which is set to be in place for 2008 and the next three years will affect at least 30 municipalities in the province.

The Western Cape’s COSATU says it welcomes the adjustments to the budget and specifically the allocation of the R322 million towards Health Care in the province. It is said that the National Government will increase the 2008/2011 budget by approximately R3 billion.

The economic growth performance of the Western Cape remains positive and is expected to outperform the national economy in the current financial year, with a provincial growth rate of 5.1% for 2007 compared to a national rate of 4.7%.

The recent cut in beds at both Tygerberg and Groote Schuur hospitals made COSATU take legal action against the State. They made a Section 77 application for the right to strike against these violations of the right to effective Health Service.

“For years poor people have been plagued by poor service delivery from especially this department,” says COSATU Provincal Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich.

The 21 areas identified by Premier Ebrahim Rasool, requires urgent social and economical investment to fight crime, gangsterism, reduce poverty, create employment, speed up performance of the Integrated Sustainable Rural Development Programme will also be focussed on according to Brown.

The areas are: Mitchells Plain, Khayelitsha, Manenberg, Hanover Park, Nyanga, Elsies River, Bishop Lavis, Delft, Kleinvlei, Gugulethu, Phillipi, Muizenberg, and in the rural areas Vredenberg, Kannaland, Paarl, Cederberg, Central Karoo, Witzenberg, Matzikama, Theewaterskloof and Oudtshoorn.

According to Brown job creation is happening but at a very slow pace, which means the Medium Term Budget Policy Statements should look at investment in infrastructure, skills development and access to social services.

“Policy imperatives include Education, Housing, Health, Social Development, Job Creation and SMME Development, to name a few. Other targets are: reducing inequality, providing a basis for sustainable livelihoods and increasing investment in communities,” says Brown.

“But we remain concerned that government only seems to respond to threats of action against them before they take action which will improve the lives of our people.

Every victory gained, like this one, is borne out of peoples’ struggles,” says Ehrenreich.

Briefing session for Greenmarket square traders

By Ilhaam Hoosain
21 November 2007

A briefing will be held for Greenmarket Square informal traders from 10 until 11 in the morning on Friday the 23 November 2007 at the City Hall.

Details of the upcoming upgrade will be discussed a landscape architect from the City’s Spatial Planning Department.

“The City has also extended the deadline for the traders to register their current status on the City’s database from the 19 November to the close of business on 21 November 2007. To date, 200 applications have been received for trading permits,” says the City of Cape Town’s Simon Grindrod.

The City has terminated Badih Chabaan’s lease, as he was the previously administrator Greenmarket square.

From the 1 December, the city will resume possession and control of the property and the management of that section of the informal trading market previously controlled by Chabaan.

Badih Chaaban was unavailable for comment.


SA still has largest HIV positive population

By Marthe van der Wolf
21 November 2007

South Africa still has the largest HIV positive population in the world. This was said in report of the United Nations that was released on Wednesday. However, in general, the number of people living with HIV is declining.

About 33.2 million people in the world have HIV compared to 39.5 million in 2006. Still, about 1.6 million people have died of Aids in sub-Saharan Africa in the past year according to the report of the United Nations.

More than 15 percent of adults with HIV live in Botswana, Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Swaziland, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Although the report of the UN didn’t give a figure on South Africa, the government estimates that of the 48 million people living in this country, 5,5 million are living with the disease.

ANC responds on bread price fixing finding

By Tina George
21 November 2007

The ANC welcomes the findings of the Competition Commission against Tiger Brands Foods for their role in the bread price fixing scandal. The ANC is appalled with the actions of the “Big Three”, Premier Foods, Pioneer Foods and Tiger brands.

The over pricing of bread affected all people in the Western Cape, especially the poor and causing adversity to many distributors.

ANC MPL of Western Cape Legislature, Kent Morkel said that whistleblower; Imraahn Mukaddam must be hailed as a martyr for his actions and as a result has been targeted and victimized by the “Big Three”.

He added that the Western Cape Legislature has a protective role to play and asks that the responsible Minister, MrsTasneem Essop employ the Western Cape Consumer’s Tribunal to their own investigations that could include compensation to local distributors and the public in the Western Cape

Standard Bank Pro20 goes full cycle

By Anele Siwa
21 November 2007

The Proteas will clash with New Zealand at Liberty Life Wanderers Stadium on Friday; which will bring Standard Bank International Pro20 Cricket full cycle.

“The first-ever international Pro20 game played in SA was in October 2005 against the Black Caps, at the same venue,” says Media Officer of Cricket South Africa, Michael Owen-Smith.

According to Owen-Smith the contest was one of the first internationals in this format and since then, 35 internationals have been taking place.

“South Africa and New Zealand have gone on to play ten and eleven games respectively,” says Michael Owen-Smith.

“It’s amazing that Standard Bank introduced the international version of the game only two years ago,” says The Director Group Sponsorships at Standard Bank, Clement Motale.

“Between October 2005 and the end of 2007, South African cricket fans have been exposed to the many facets of Standard Bank Pro20 Cricket, and most recently the highly successful ICC World Twenty20 World Cup,” Owen - Smith added.

Cash in Transit Heist in Ravensmead

By Henry Booysen
21 November 2007

A cash-in-transit heist took place in Ravensmead on Tuesday morning when a Coin Security cash-van collecting money in the area was forced to a standstill.

According to a press statement released by the South African Police Service, a Ford Bantam rammed into the cash van.

"A group of 6-8 unknown armed men attacked the cash van by firing several shots wounding one security officer in the leg," says police spokesperson Siphokazi Mawisa.

"The suspects opened the back of the van and took cash-boxes containing an undisclosed amount of money. They then fled the scene in two different vehicles," says Mawisa.

The suspects are still at large. Anyone with information can contact Crime Stop on 08600 10111.

Coin Security were unavailable for comment.

Cameras to add to security in Company Gardens

By Marthe van der Wolf
21 November 2007

Five cameras were erected in the Company Gardens in the Cape Town CBD. They are intended to improve the safety of visitors to the gardens.

As the Gardens will be open from 7am to 10pm, the City wants to secure the visitors safety.

“The five cameras are connected to the CCTV control room of the City and are monitored on a 24 hour basis. The control room is connected directly to the Metro Police and the Central City Improvement District security personnel via radio,” says director of City Parks Christa le Roux.

Besides the camera’s, six officers will be deployed in the Gardens and a social worker. The social worker has been employed to assist indigent and homeless people in the area.

The City also assures visitors that the light will not be so bright that it would ruin the ambiance of the Garden.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

South Africa to sign petroleum agreement with Angola

By Anele Siwa
20 November 2007

Three agreements including an agreement on co-operation in the petroleum sector are likely to be signed on Wednesday in Luanda, Angola during the second session of the South Africa – Angola Joint Commission for Co-operation (JCC).

“Two other agreements, an agreement on the promotion of tourism between the two countries and a Declaration of Intent on the waiving of visas for ordinary passport holders will also be signed during the meeting,” says the Department of Home Affairs spokesperson Ronnie Mamuepa.

According to Mamuepa Minister Dlamini Zuma is accompanied by Minister of Minerals and Energy Buyelwa Sonjica and Deputy Minister Malusi Gigaba.

They are expected to depart for Luanda on Tuesday for the Joint Commission meeting scheduled to begin discussions later in the day.

“Minister Dlamini Zuma is expected to co-chair the South Africa – Angola JCC with her Angolan counterpart Foreign Minister João Bernardo de Miranda,” says Mamuepa.

According to Mamuepa the Joint Commission for Co-operation established in 2000 will be meeting for the second time since its establishment.

Improper language at matric exam forbidden

By Marthe van der Wolf
20 November 2007

Matric candidates have been reminded by the Department of Education that improper language will not be accepted in exam answer papers. Matric students in the province have to rewrite their English first Language Higher Grade Paper 2 on Friday, after a leak that occured at one school in the province.

Many matric candidates have expressed their frustrations about the rewrite in emails and messages which were sent to the Department and the media.

“Some comments have been excessively rude and crude and some have been unacceptable,” says Brian Schreuder of the Department of Education.

Before the exam, the matrics will be reminded that Examination Instruction 5 says any personal, improper or other remarks that do not exclusively answer the questions could lead to any form of penalty at the department discretion.

Steyn now part of ODI’s and Pro20 squad

By Ilhaam Hoosain
20 November 2007

Dale Steyn who made headlines this past weekend for his fast bowling has been named for the team for the Standard Bank International Pro20 as well as the three-match MTN ODI series against New Zealand in the coming weeks.

In the only change that is taking place to the squad that beat Pakistan in the previous ODI series, Steyn will replaces Justin Kemp. Regarding the ODI series, Herschelle Gibbs will have Morne van Wyk on stanby, as Gibbs suffered a knee injury during the second Castle Test that ended on Sunday.

“With the number of all-rounders in our squad we are happy with the depth we have to our batting,” says Joubert Strydom selection convener.

“Dale gives us an exciting extra option as a wicket taking bowler,” comments Strydom.

He goes on to say that the squad has earned a full vote of confidence from its excellent One-Day International series against Pakistan at the end of October in Lahore.

The Proteas Standard Bank Squad will include:
· Graeme Smith
· Herschelle Gibbs
· Jacques Kallis
· AB de Villiers
· JP Duminy
· Mark Boucher
· Shaun Pollock
· Albie Morkel
· Vernon Philander
· Johan Botha
· Andre Nel
· Charl Langeveldt
· Makhaya Ntini
· Dale Steyn

Morne van Wyk will be on stanby for the ODI series only.

On Thursday morning the Proteas will get together and practise at Liberty Life Wanderers Stadium at 2pm.

Friday, November 23: Standard Bank International Pro20, Liberty Life Wanderers Stadium
Sunday, November 25: 1st MTN ODI, Sahara Stadium Kingsmead
Friday, November 30: 2nd MTN ODI, Sahara Oval St. George’s
Sunday, December 2: 3rd MTN ODI, Sahara Park Newlands

Two men caught in possession of Cocaine worth R252 million in Still Bay

Two men appeared in the Riversdale Magistrate’s Court on Monday after being found in possession of cocaine valued at R252 million. Picture: ...