Thursday, July 31, 2008

Table Mountain’s new safety strategy

By Mishkah Anthony
31 July 2008

The Table Mountain National Park will today announce the launching of their adjusted strategy for safety on Table Mountain National Park to be implemented bi 1 September 2008.

The strategy has the full support of the South African Police Services. Support will also be sought from a number of NGOs, and friends of Lions Head, and friends of Silvermine that are already involved in various activities in the Park.

Coordinator for the visitors safety programme Paddy Gordon says this is not an entirely new strategy; it forms part of a strategy which was decided by the National Park to be adaptive since working together with partners such as South African Police Service.

Paddy says “the adaptive strategy is obviously necessary as crime adjusts to our programme and we are necessarily adjusting to crime. Over the winter months, working very closely with SAPS, we’ve exchanged information, we’ve learnt from each other about crime tendencies and crime vulnerabilities.

The new safety strategy for the coming season will include, the existing 52 members of Table Mountain National Park dedicated to visitors safety, there has been an addition to the parks vehicle fleet, and there are now five patrolling vehicles at Table Mountain Nation Park. There is also an active 24 hours visitor’s centre. The call centre operators have been given training so that they are more familiar with the mountain and place around the mountain. The operators have been given maps so they can respond much more effectively.

Gordon added, “We continue working with SAPS with a completely integrated approach with their forces that are dedicated to mountain safety and we would like to embrace the volunteer action that has taken place in the past.”

Premier Lynne Brown announces her Cabinet members

By Cindy Witten
30 July 2008

Premier Lynne Brown confirmed her Cabinet reshuffle at a media briefing earlier today. The former finance and tourism MEC was inaugurated as the premier at the provincial legislature last Friday. Brown is the sixth person to hold the position of the Western Cape premier since 1994. She then emphasised there wouldn’t be any major cabinet reshuffle. Today at a media briefing, Brown announced the names of those who would serve beneath her.

- Finance, Economic Development and Tourism - Garth Strachan

- Agriculture - Cobus Dowry

- Local Government, Environmental Affairs and
Development Planning - Piere Uys

- Housing - Whitey Jacobs

- Community Safety - Patrick McKenzie

- Health - Marius Fransman

- Education - Yousuf Gabru

- Social Development - Zodwa Magwaza

- Cultural Affairs and Sports - Cameron Dugmore

- Transport and Public works - Koleka Mqulwana

ID’s launch its own student organisation

BY Yamkela Xhaso
31 July

Independent democrats has launched their very own student organisation.

The launch took place yesterday afternoon at Wits University in Johannesburg.

The purpose for the Young Independent Democrats student organisation, is to promote a fresh approach towards politics in South Africa. Lance Sterling, ID parliamentary member said,

“Other institutions where the launch of our student organisation will be at University of Western Cape and Cape Peninsula University of Technology formerly know as Pentech.’

“ I think we need a youth that will have a fresh approach at South African politics and the youth that will help the poor from poverty, Sterling added.

Animals starve on Robben Island

By Cindy Witten
31 July 2008

The SPCA says they are committed to finding the best possible way to solve the issue concerning wild animals living on Robben Island.

The organisation received reports that populations of non-endemic wildlife on Robben Island were starving and in a poor condition after suffering from malnutrition due to depletion of natural grazing areas.
The SPCA assessed the condition and well-being of the animals and will make recommendations regarding the immediate dilemma of the animals.

At the time, many of the animals risked starvation due to severe over-grazing as a result of over-population.

“These species are particularly fallow deer and european rabbit. As an organisation committed to prevention of cruelty to animals, we are working closely with the conservation authorities, as well as Robben Island nature reserve authorities to find the most humane solution to this issue,” said Sarah Scarth, communications manager for the Cape of Goodhope SPCA.

Following this meeting, the SPCA submitted a full report to the authorities with recommendations to prevent further avoidable suffering of any animal. These included the need for supplementary feeding, provision of water points and mineral licks, as well as parasite control measures.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

New Premier must urgently get Provincial Government working

By Mishkah Anthony
30 July 2008

Independent Democrats Deputy Leader Simon Grindrod has today called on new Western Cape Premier Lynne Brown to urgently end the uncertainty and confusion surrounding the appointment of new MECs to her provincial cabinet.

The ID says currently there are no ministers in charge of critical portfolios such as Finance and Tourism, Economic Development and Environmental Affairs and uncertainty surrounds who exactly is managing other departments critical to service delivery.

The party deputy says, failure to appoint vacancies in the cabinet results in a lack of decision making and impacting on service delivery.

Grindrod adds that, “the Premier must worry more about service delivery and less about the problems in the ANC which are obviously causing delays in appointing new Ministers.”

Mitchell’s Plain traders forced to relocate

By Mikhaila Crowie
30 July 2008

The Mitchell’s Plain Concerned Hawkers and Traders are set to join the Western Cape Anti-Eviction Campaign.

This comes after the Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre traders faced forced removals by city officials and well-connected businessman.

This new organisation began on 13 March 2008, when SAPS and Metro Police, raided Town Centre on the Cape Flats, cracking down, not on criminal activity, but the dozens of men and women who make their living selling everything from fruit and vegetables to cigarettes and clothing.

Mieshka Cassiem, of the Anti-Eviction Campaign, said they put the objection through about the relocation of Town Centre hawkers and said there is now a major dispute.

“There was money allocated to upgrade the Mitchell’s Plain CBD and officials have allowed certain organisations to act unconstitutionally, so this is now also under dispute.”

Memorial lecture held in the memory of Ashley Kriel

By Cindy Witten
30 July 2008

The Institute of justice and reconciliation together with the University of the Western Cape will this evening hold the annual Ashley Kriel memorial lecture.

Executive Director of the Institute for justice and reconciliation, Dr. Fanie Du Toit invites all those who are interested to attend the annual Ashley Kriel memorial lecture. It will be held at the University of the Western Cape at 7pm this evening.

“We hounour this young man Ashley Kriel who gave his life for a particular vision. That vision is one of a non-racial South Africa where everybody is equal, everybody has a place and where everybody has access to the basic resources to make a decent living. And we think that ideal is worth living for, it’s worth dying for, it’s the ideal for which we fought and for which Ashley fought,” said Dr. Du Toit.

Tonight, Allan Boesak, who launched the UDF 25 years ago, will be speaking and be reflecting on the past 25 years and how South Africa has travelled down the road to democracy.

City’s spending reaches record highs

By Cindy Witten
30 July 2008

The City of Cape Town has reached record highs with regards to spending over the 2007/2008 financial year. Provisional figures show that the City of Cape Town has spent a record R3,1 billion on capital projects.

Mayoral committee member for Finance, Ian Neilson, says that the money was definitely spent constructively.
“Upgrades to water sewerage works for example, increases in cemetery space and upgrading to cemeteries, improvements to our electricity supply system, improvements to roads, and general upgrading of all our services across the city,” said Nielson.

According to Nielson, the tremendous efforts of the past two years of rebuilding the City organisation, improving cash flows to their services, collecting consumer debts and better project administration, is paying off in a better serviced city.
“We need to keep the momentum of delivery up at these levels so that we can overcome the backlogs and unlock development further."

Medical researchers say a daily intake of anti-retroviral drugs may be the answer to prevent HIV/Aids.

By Yamkela Xhaso
30 July

Medical Researchers at the University of Cape Town say that a daily intake of Anti-Retrovirals maybe the answers to prevent HIV/Aids.

The study involves men from all over the world and the results will be available in two years time.

Linda Bekker Medical Associate Professor at UCT and Co-director of the Desmond Tutu HIV foundation said that this was an experimental clinic trial that is about to start in Cape Town in a month or so.

“It will test whether the daily intake of the pill made up of two Anti Retroviral agents, whether that anti viral is taken everyday could prevent the acquisition of HIV in uninfected high risk men who have sex with men”

Bekker added that this study is multi centre and it has already started in Latin America and Anglo America, Thailand will be joining and South Africa is the only country in Africa doing this study

Delft girl dies after being raped

By Mishkah Anthony
30 July 2008

A seven year old girl has died after being raped.

Police say Chelsea Jacob’s mother sent her to a shop late yesterday afternoon. When she didn’t return, a search was launched.

A passer-by found the severely injured girl next to a road near her home in Delft. Chelsea was rushed to the Red Cross Children’s hospital where she later passed away.

It was reported that a blood stain brick was found on the scene of the crime. Police Captain Joe Wilson from Delft Police station said, late last night the local detectives at Delft Police station made a break through in the murder and sexual assault of Chelsea Jacobs by a arresting a 23 year old suspect in Leindein, Delft.

The suspect will appear in Bellville Magistrates Court on Friday on charges of abduction, rape and murder.

Mbeki thanked President Mubarak for the work he has done on the Palestinian issue.

By Yamkela Xhaso
30 July
At the joint media briefing on conclusions of discussions between Presidents Thabo Mbeki and Hosni Mubarak.

Mbeki thanked President Mubarak for the work he has done on the Palestinian issue.

Later Mbeki was asked the question of whether he could use his strong position in Israel to help Palestinians in their plight.

“We maintain a very regular contact with President Mahmoud Abbas and we always get his own view on advice on what we must do to assist in a process” said Thabo Mbeki”

“You would know that we went and participated in the Annapolis conference and they supported the decision that was taken there visualising that negotiation will be by the end of this year”

“So we are fully supportive of that process so that hoping that it will indeed produce a result”

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Woman Kidnapped from Mannenberg

By Cindy Witten
29 July 2008

A 32 year old woman was kidnapped from Mannenberg on the evening of Sunday 27 July. She is said to be undergoing trauma counselling. It is alleged that the woman was kidnapped and taken to a house in Lower Cross Roads where she was held hostage and raped repeatedly by the two men who abducted her.

“It is alleged that she was kidnapped from the Mannenberg area. Police are investigating allegations of rape, as it has been alleged that the victim was repeatedly sexually violated by the owner of the address, where she was kept,” said Police Spokesperson Inspector Nondumiso Paul.

Paul said one of the suspects has been arrested and is due to appear in at the Athlone Magistrates court tomorrow. He will be charged with kidnapping, rape and attempted murder. His accomplice, however, is still at large.

TV Viewers to pay up for digitisation

By Mishkah Anthony
29 July 2008

South Africa will change to a digital signal over the next three years.

Owners of old TV sets may have to pay for a conversion kit if they want to watch Television or some may have to buy a new digital TV as South Africa will switch over to digital transmission in 2009.

National Consumer Forum chairperson Thami Bolani expressed concern saying that many consumers do not know about the digital migration and might be unable to watch their television in three years time.

But the Department of Communications says it will soon conduct a public an awareness campaign on digital migration.

Commuunications Minister Ivy Matsepe Casaburri’s spokesperson Joe Makhafola says the Department of Communications will soon be rolling out a massive public awareness campaign regarding the digital migration starting on the 1 November 2008.

“The department is aware that consumers need to be empowered with information in order to make the right decisions and also need to be informed about the requirements such as the set-top box, which is required to access the digital signals.”

Makhafola goes on to saying that the Department will very soon be engaging the public through the media about what the digital migration is all about.

Bambanani meeting to be held at Pinelands High

By Cindy Witten
29 July 2008

In an effort to enhance service delivery and fulfill their policing obligation to the Community, police at the Pinelands Police Station will be hosting a Bambanani at the Pinelands high school in Forest drive on Wednesday 30 July at 18h00. Amongst other things, the crime statistics for the financial year 2006/2007 will be presented to the Community.

Inspector Leslie Adams urges all community members to attend in an effort to enhance service delivery in Pinelands and Thornton as various topics will be discussed.

"Inspector Waters will also be speaking at the Bambanani. He will explain sector patrolling to the community- how it functions. So that if in the future, they want to become part of it, they can join up and become part of safeguarding their own community,” said Adams.

Provincial Office representatives, Director Petrus Ignatius Robberts, other SAPS Senior Officers, Station Commissioner and his Management team as well as the local CPF Chair person, Mr Barry will be present at the meeting.

Western Cape Health Department welcomes court ruling about XDR 6 TB

By Yamkela Xhaso
29 July

The Western Cape Department of Health is pleased to with the outcome of the Cape High Court ruling on the extreme drug-resistant TB patients.

The court ruled out that XDR 6 TB patients to be isolated from the general public for safety reasons.

Western Cape Health Department minister Pierre Uys the case began in September in 2007 has come to an end.

“I am very pleased with the outcome and it is really around whether in terms of human rights of patients and clients of service whether we allow to isolate them”

“The court said yes, the second question was whether that can take place at Brooklyn Chest Hospital and again it was a yes”

“Thirdly I think it is a very important test case not only for the Western Cape but for the whole country.

“This will put the tools, the ways and the means in our hands that we can secure the health of the people out there and isolate people and this is done to protect the broader community out there.

Dlamini Zuma to attend NAM meeting

by Mishkah Anthony
29 July 2008

Foreign Minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma left France yesterday for Tehran, Iran where she will lead a senior South African government delegation to the two-day Ministerial Conference of the Non-Aligned Movement starting today.

She was in France where she was part of President Thabo Mbeki’s high level Ministerial delegation at the inaugural South Africa – European Union Summit in Bordeaux.

Government spokesperson Ronnie Mamoepa says the South African delegation will participate in the NAM meeting with a view to consolidating South-South’s co-operation.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Aziz Pahad says,“It is our view that now more than ever the Non Align Movement has to now understand the important role that it plays in world politics”

Pahad goes on to say that this will be a very important NAM ministerial meeting; the vast majority of countries in the world representing all countries are members of the Non Aligned Movement and the G77+ China, given the new challenges facing the International arena.

With the recent developments such as rising fuel prices, food crisis and the viewing of how or whether we will reach the millennium development goals this will be a very important meeting.

DA says one transport plan for 2010 is enough

By Mikhaila Crowie
29 July 2008

The Democratic Alliance says two different agendas for the 2010 World Cup transports system will lead to chaos.

The DA said the Cape Town city planners have completed the strategic planning for public transport during 2010, and are now commencing with implementation as they are required to do as part of their "host city" contract with FIFA.

At the same time, MEC for Transport and Public Works Marius Fransman is also implementing a separate and totally different public transport agenda.

DA spokesperson on Transport, Robin Carlisle, said the DA is deeply concerned about the fact that the province continually interferes with the planning of 2010.Carlisle said the City of Cape Town already has an impressive transport strategy for 2010 but said at the same time the province, in the form of Marius Fransman, is doing his own thing.

“We have Mr. Fransman of the province and the city, setting up competing transport systems for Cape Town for 2010 and this is going to lead to chaos and this has to stop.”

Carlisle said the DA calls on the province to work with the city.

Government focuses on the challenge of social and national cohesion

By Yamkela Xhaso
29 July

Briefing the media on Sunday,on the outcome of the Cabinet Lekgotla held in Pretoria,President Thabo Mbeki said terms of the social sector the Government focuses on the challenge of social and national cohesion to try to address all the matters that divide society.

The president said,

“In this last remaining months, the task of government would be to focus particularly on the implementation of the Apex priorities and for that reason, the presidency will put in place a particular system for monitoring and evaluating.”

“As for the presidency it must be kept informed regularly about what is happening about the implementation of all twenty-four Apex priorities “

“So that indeed when we come to the end of the term we will be able to say we have done everything we could to live to the electoral mandate that was given by our people in 2004”.

Egyptian President to visit SA

By Mikhaila Crowie
28 July 2008

President Thabo Mbeki will host Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak on Tuesday, where there will be major discussions on political issues and the economy.

Mabarak will be accompanied by seven ministers. Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Aziz Pahad said that this is a historic state visit.

“We believe its very important given the fact that Egypt plays a major role, not only on the African continent but as you are aware in the Middle East and indeed in the Gulf area.”

Pahad also told the media that not only is Egypt a key member of the African Union and the United Nations but also the Arab League and the OIC and will host a Non Aligned Movement Summit next year

Monday, July 28, 2008

Community Information Network


# Nations mission Western Cape will hold a dinner at the Mount Nelson hotel on Saturday the 16th of August at 7:30pm. This is to raise funds for the underprivileged. For more information, call Ray on 072 681 1774 or Janine on 083 301 9222.

# The lavender hill sports and development project need donations of sporting equipment such as netballs and soccer balls. This is for the use of children who attend the program during the holidays. If you can assist, call Clive on 076 789 2178.

# The Western Province Blood Transfusion Service will hold a blood donation clinic on Wednesday July 30, between 10 am and 2.15 pm, in the events room, lower ground floor, Cavendish Square. For more details call 021 507 6300.

# Elsbury Primary School in Matroosfontein is celebrating their 60th birthday. On the 2nd of August 2008 the school will be hosting an Open Day that will consist of a Fun Walk Admission fee – R20 for children & R25 for adults. All participants will receive a medal at completion of the race. Other events include a Karaoke, Braai, Jumping Castle, Breakfast and Live entertainment. Souvenirs will be on sale. All former students who want to be part of the festivities may contact the school on 021 9313562.

# The homeless peoples sanctuary offers free computer courses at the Retreat community centre, to unemployed youth who have passed matric. For details, call Des on 021 702 0462.

If you would like our community information network to announce your community notice, submit a paragraph detailing the information of your event or project. Send those details to or fax them to 021 448 5451. You can even give us a call on 021 448 5450. Don’t forget notices that can uplift the community will be broadcasted free of charge. From the CIN team, I’m…

Malmesbury constable arrested

By Cindy Witten
28 July 2008

A SAPS Constable was arrested on an accident scene after four people died on Friday evening.
A green BMW drove at a high speed down Darling Road towards Bokomo Road. Another vehicle, a red VW Golf was travelling from the N7-highway onto the off-ramp and stopped at the stop-street sign. The two vehicles collided in Bokomo Road.

Spokesperson for SAPS, Inspector Bernadine Steyn, said that four of the five male occupants in the Golf died due to the injuries they sustained. Two men died on the scene, two men passed away on their way to hospital. The fifth occupant sustained less serious injuries and was taken to hospital. He was discharged after medical treatment. All of the men are from Malmesbury. None of the four male occupants in the BMW sustained any serious injuries.

“The driver of the BMW, a 24-year-old constable, stationed at Moorreesburg police station, was arrested for culpable homicide, reckless and negligent driving and driving under the influence,” said Steyn. She confirmed that an internal investigation into the matter is underway.
The constable was granted bail of R3000 and appeared in the Malmesbury Magistrate's court this morning. The case is postponed until 7 November 2008.

23 year old to appear in the Simons town Magistrate court

By Yamkela Xhaso
28 July

This morning, a 23 year old is due to appear in the Simon’s Town Magistrate court , this follows an arrested that took place on Friday after the police were being alerted by the neighbours.

The police were told about a housebreaking that taking place, alerted by the neighbours Police spokesperson Elliot Sinyangana

“The police attended the scene and witnessed two guys running away and arrested one, who is a 23 year-old and the 38 year old was running away with a bag in his possession”

“ When he was about to get arrested, he fired a shot towards the police officer, the officer returned fire fatally wounding the suspect”

“The suspect’s firearm was linked to the burglary that took place in Fish Hoek 26 June”.

“In the bag there were stolen items and an attempted murder,theft and housebreaking cases have been opened”

DA blames failure of Provincial and Local Government is a reflection of poor leadership

By Mishkah Anthony
28 July
The Democratic Alliance says, the failure of the department of Provincial and Local Government to spend allocated funds reflects the poor leadership at the helm of the department.

The DA feels the Minister of Provincial and Local Government, Sydney Mufamadi, is completely disengaged from the realities of provincial administrations and municipalities.

A DA parliamentary question shows that the department has underspent over R2.4 billion of its capital expenditure budget for the past five years.

DA spokesperson on Provincial and Local Government Willem Doman said,

“We are very disappointed with the lack of expenditure, Mr Mufamadi and his department should capacitate municipalities, that is their task so that they can spend in their infrastructure”

“ Also on other projects need service delivery, the need is great and we are very disappointed that they did not spend this money

Sunday, July 27, 2008

European Union insists on a transitional government for zimbabwe

By Mishkah Anthony
27 July 2008

The European Union insists that a transitional government should be established in Zimbabwe.

Current chair of the EU, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and President Thabo Mbeki released a joint statement after the first EU-SA summit held in France on Friday.

The EU stresses that Zimbabwe’s transitional authority should respect the will of the people, as expressed in the March election.

Speaking at the conference Mbeki said “it is important that the Zimbabwean political parties should move forward as a matter of urgency, to reach an agreement among them, addressing the challenge of the formation of an inclusive government.”

Mbeki says when this challenge is finally met they should work towards a common programme to take Zimbabwe forward.

“I think everybody in the world wants that to happen as a matter of urgency” Mbeki added.

Officials are optimistic about the progress made in negotiations in South Africa between Zimbabwe's ruling party and the opposition. The aim is to conclude in two weeks time.


By Mishkah Anthony
27 July 2008

A reward is now being offered for the information leading to finding of baby Zena Arendse from Kleinmond.

Baby Zena now 4 months old, was 2 ½ months when she was last seen with her mother Monica on the 20 May 2008.

Monica left home with baby Zena, clothed in what she was last seen in. Monica was subsequently found dead in a grave yard without her baby.

The South African Police Service and The Pink Ladies Organisation are frantically searching for the baby. Any information is desperately needed.

Please call the Kleinmond Police Station or The Pink Ladies Organisation.

SAPS Kleinmond
Const. Dyanti- 012 871 3050
Inst. Matthee- 082 469 6579

The Pink Organisation
072 214 74 39

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Hout Bay man shot dead outside his home

By Mishkah Anthony
26 July

A man was shot and killed outside his home in Hout Bay yesterday early morning.

Hout Bay Police spokesperson Tanys Lesch said, the man shot on his premises. The incident happened several minutes after midnight, and there were no witnesses.

The police have not made any arrests and the suspects are still at large.It is reported that the man died on the scene and the police have opened a murder case.

Friday, July 25, 2008

By Yamkela Xhaso
21 July 2008


# Guided tours will be held at the Green Point stadium from Mondays to Fridays at 12pm.The tours will include a visit to the Green Point Stadium and new visitor Centre as well as a 3D Virtual tour of the completed 2010 stadium. Tickets cost R20 for children and pensioners and R40 for adults. For details call Bernadette or Lana on (021) 430 0410/8.

# The Goal Club will be having a jazz function on Saturday 26 July at 7:30pm, at Spra hall in Crawford. This is to raise funds to donate to charity. Contact Joe 083 306 6507.

# St. Josephs adult education program will be holding a free introductory kundalini yoga class on Saturday the 26th July at 12pm. This will be held at 21 Belmont Road in Rondebosch. For details call (021) 686 8426.

# The Heart and Stroke foundation are looking for volunteers to help out with admin duties. If you are interested, call Azraa on (021) 447 4222.

# The Joseph and Carol Pillay seniors project will be holding a mini market on Friday 1, and Saturday 2 August at the Strandfontein Civic Hall. Call Neven 082 575 1838 or Neville 084 580 3020.

If you have any information for the CIN team, please feel free to send us an e-mail to You can also contact us on 021 448 5450 or fax us on 021 448 5451 if you have missed any of the numbers mentioned. From the CIN team.

DA’s fears confirmed by report

By Mikhaila Crowie
25 July 2008

A report done by the Auditor general yesterday confirmed all the serious concerns which the DA has raised about Minister Leonard Ramatlakane and his Department over the last five years.

The DA’s spokesperson on Corruption, Robin Carlisle said the department has been very badly run and it has not achieved its objectives.

“The Minister and at least one consultant have substantially enriched themselves at the tax payers expense.”

Carlisle said the Ramatlakane did the honourable thing by resigning and said it was the only way out for him.

Lynne Brown’s inauguration as Premier of the Western Cape

By Cindy Witten
25 July 2008

Western Cape Premier Ebrahim Rasool’s resignation was made official today shortly before the inauguration of Lynne Brown, as the new Premier for the Western Cape.

In her opening remarks, Brown said that it was a daunting task and a huge responsibility to lead the province.

“It is an honour for me to address you as the sixth Premier to serve this province in the democratic era. I realise that I am fortunate in comparison to my predecessors to take the reins of a provincial government in relatively good working order,” said Brown.

She added that the year ahead will bring about changes in the Province by “building bridges and mending fences.” Because even though there will be those who disagree, it is vital for the Provincial government to work with the City of Cape Town.

“We must dedicate our resources to creating a province in which all people feel at home – from Khayelitsha to Kuils River, the Karoo and Constantia, and from Matzikama to Manenberg.”

Six suspected armed robbers arrested by Table View police

By Yamkela Xhaso
25 July

Table View police arrested six suspected armed robbers early yesterday, after an armed robbery, when 4 of the six armed men approached a 36 year old woman and robbed her of an amount of money which carried in a briefcase.

The victim had just made a cash withdrawal from the bank. The suspects are charged with robbery and possession of anm illegal firearm and their court date is yet to be made.

Police spoke person Andre Traut said,
“ The suspects fled the scene after the robbery with a silver Opel Corsa, it was parked at Flamingo Square shopping centre when they abandoned it”

“The they got into a black minibus taxi with two male occupants but a security guard alerted the police about their switching of vehicles”

“High speed car pursuit happened on the N7 and it was apprehended on the N1 close to the Monte Vista turn off”

“Police confiscated the briefcase and two firearms. The suspects are charged with robbery and possession of an illegal firearm. The silver Corsa they used for the robbery happened to have been stolen in May this year”

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Communities protest hopefully not in vain

By Mikhaila Crowie
24 July 2008

All three communities affected by the N2 Gateway housing project, marched to the Provincial Department of Local Government and Housing this morning.

The communities-Joe Slovo Phase 1 flats, the Joe Slovo informal settlement and Symphony Way informal settlement- said they were tired of government’s authoritarian way of governing the country.

They claimed it was not a protest about the lack of service delivery but the undemocratic structure of government. The protesters called on government to end privatisation of services to private companies like Thubelisha Homes and Trafalgar Properties.

Memoranda were handed over to MEC for Local Government and Housing Richard Dyantyi and Thubelisha Homes. A representative for Trafalgar Properties was not present and after much debate, a superintendent of SAPS accepted it on their behalf.

Coffins were carried through the protesting crowd with Richard Dyantyi’s name on the side. On a slip of paper that was put in a box, it read: “Through unfair distribution of housing, the people in need of houses caused the death of Thubelisha (Homes). Rest in shame, not in peace. We need houses, not tin shacks.”

City of Cape Town is concerned about the Koeberg Power supply

By Yamkela Xhaso
24 July

The city of Cape Town is worried about the Koeberg electricity supply after its unit 2 was shut down for a three week repair.

City of Cape Town public lighting department is anxious about the demand for electricity which will surpass its supply, and the department manager Chris Kadalie pleaded with the consumers to use electricity wisely.

“ We are again pleading with the consumers whether for domestic, commercial or industrial use, we appeal to our consumers to be intelligent around energy use and do whatever it is necessary to drop the demand for electricity”

“If we work together, we use electricity as wisely as we can together we can get through his challenge without even embarking on load shedding”

Refugees staying in Soetwater Refugee Camp- dissatisfied about poor living conditions

By Cindy Witten
24 July 2008

Somalians, Zimbabweans, Sudanesians, Angolans and Ethiopians, escape the horrifying circumstances in their homelands and flock to South Africa to seek refuge, with the hope of making a better life. But all they managed, was to find themselves in unfortunate surroundings.

After visiting the Soetwater Refugee camp near Kommetjie, it was clear to see why the refugees were unhappy about their living conditions.
Along the roads at the Soetwater Recreational site were rows of mobile toilets and tents. Hardly any privacy is given to these people, because the facilities provided are intended for hundreds of immigrants to share.

The tents are cramped and crowded with all belongings stacked in high piles wherever an open space can be found. Many mattresses are lined up on canvas sheets on the damp ground. The refugees were not supplied with blankets, and thus have to cover themselves with jackets when sleeping. Even the men complained about the cold Cape Town weather.
“It’s too cold. At night it’s cold. We have nothing yet. Not even a blanket. We just use our jackets. Not really blankets.”

I spoke to a Somalian woman, who is a mother to five children. She told me that her children often fell ill and that the provided health services were poor.
“We get very cold, and our kiddies, they get the flu and diarrhoea. They get sick always.”

26 new traffic officers recruited and in training

By Cindy Witten
24 July 2008

For the first time in seven years the City of Cape Town has employed a group of 26 new traffic officers who are now in training.

Merle Lourens, Media Liason for Cape Traffic Services, says that the reason it has taken so long to employ traffic officials, is because a monotorium was set on employment while the department went through amalgamation with Metro Police. However, since August last year, the Traffic Service has been on their own.

“This will help with the shortage we are experiencing and there are so many points to cover. When we close roads for 2010, we are going to need all the help we can get,” said Lourens.

She added that employing officers will definitely help, especially with the 2010 soccer world cup just around the corner.

City to upgrade water systems in Mandalay

By Cindy Witten
24 July 2008

A process of upgrading will be done on water pipes in the Mandalay area over the weekend. A new pressure system has been installed, but a few finishing touches still need to be done.

The City of Cape Town's Water and Sanitation Department will be working on the Pressure Management Installation on Saturday night when the water demand in the area is very low. Consumers do not have to worry as minimal disruptions are expected.

Farouk Robertson, communications officer for the Department of Water and Sanitation says that they monitor the water pressure in pipes to prevent unwanted pipe bursts and water wastage. “We’ve installed a pressure management installation on the pipeline, specifically are part of our Water demand management initiative,” said Robertson.

According to Robertson, in their mandate it is required of the department to come up with ways in which to reduce water wastage.
“We aim to spread the very basic commodity to as many people as possible within the City of Cape Town.”

Queens Park High Principle dies of a heart attack

By Cindy Witten
23 July 2008

Queens Park High, students were alarmed following the death of their headmaster. According to IOL the 40 year old Principal, Paul Roman, died of a heart attack while driving in his car on his way to work on Tuesday morning.

Roman’s death has left the school in great shock as the school’s Deputy Headmistress, Lynn Brown, told Cape Argus about Roman’s health saying that he was healthy and fit. Brown added that he was a very important part of the school and that they have lost a true friend and a wonderful man.

Students will miss his smile and caring nature and he will be remembered by all.

UDM Western Cape youth Vanguard concerned about Malema’s statement.

By Yamkela Xhaso
24 July

The United Democratic Movement youth Vanguard in the Western Cape is concerned about ANC Youth League president Julius Malema’s statement about Jacob Zuma being “South Africa’s president even if he is wearing prison clothes”

UDM’s youth vanguard spoke person Velile Yayi said ,

“ We are very concerned about the utterances made by Malema, we believe that he is out of order”

“ His statement is undermining the independence of our Judiciary system”

“ The logic we believe about this case is that Zuma must go before the courts of law like any other law abiding citizen in South Africa”

“If the courts find Mr Zuma guilty or innocent, then all of us must respect that verdict rather than predicting the verdict like Malema is doing”.

Two drug dealers arrested in Milnerton

By Yamkela Xhaso
24 July

Yesterday two suspects have been arrested in Milnerton in Cape Town in dealing with drugs. Police seized cocaine worth hundreds of thousand rands and a number of cell phones.
Police spokeperson Daphne Dell said that they issued a search warrant to search the house and the suspects will aappear in Cape Town magistrate court on Thursday July 24th.

Daphne said, the suspects were arrested in a house in Phoenix after they were supplied with information”

“The police confiscated 1,850 kg cocaine worth five hundred thousand rand, two cell phones and a small scale.

“The suspects ages ranges between 28 and 40 years and they will be charged with dealing in drugs

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Rasool’s resignation made official

By Mishkah Anthony
23 July 2008

The African National Congress has officially announced Premier, Ebrahim Rasool’s resignation.

The Party’s National leaders were addressing a media briefing in Cape Town at the Provincial ANC offices this morning. ANC National chairwoman Baleka Mbete chaired the conference.

Mbete said, “The statement of the ANC is a straight forward statement, relating to issues that have regrettably been in the media before decisions were taken by the ANC; however we as the ANC thought we should stop the agony.”

“On Friday Comrade Ebrahim Rasool will resign as Premier, and will be replaced by Comrade Lynne Brown. We must make clear there is no process of punishment and purges.”

Rasool says this comes as a great moment of relief personally, “increasingly one would have to ask ones self what is the honour in pushing ahead, when very clearly the ANC needed to be strengthened in which ever way, to the run up to the 2009 elections.”

Rasools added that it was not his intension to put the ANC through any pain, “the issue of resignation was always the only option that I was going to exercise and I said that from the outset.”

Lynne Brown says she is truly humbled by being asked to lead the ANC in the Province for the next eight months. “I know from Comrade Ebrahim, that I do take over a government that is quite stable.”

The newly appointed Premier said that she will use her time as Premier to work hard to unite the party and the people of the Western Cape.

Premier Brown claimed the biggest problem in the province is the breakdown in social cohesion and that the province as a collective, should work toward uniting the people.

“It’s not going to be a one woman show, it is whether I am able to unite the alliance, and unite the people of the Western Cape.” She added that, everyone who makes the Western Cape its home should make it possible to do so.

Dlamini Zuma departs for SA-EU Summit

By Mikhaila Crowie
23 July 2008

South African Foreign Minister Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma will today depart for Bordeaux, France ahead of President Thabo Mbeki for the inaugural South Africa-European Union Summit scheduled for Friday.

The high-level South African delegation led by President Mbeki will also include Ministers Marthinus van Schalkwyk, Mandisi Mpahlwa and Mosibudi Mangena.

Spokesperson for Foreign Affairs Minister, Ronnie Mamoepa said the first summit of the South Africa-EU Troika will be held in the context of the ongoing political dialogue under the auspices of the SA-EU Strategic Partnership and the SA-EU Trade, Development and Cooperation Agreement (TDCA).
“A key objective is to further deepen South Africa-EU relations and to address shared bi-lateral, regional and global interest through frank, open and uninhibited discussions and exchanges of information

FEDUSA congralulates Ebrahim Patel on his selection as deputy chairperson of International Labour Organisation

By Yamkela Xhaso
23 July

SACTWU secretary general Ebrahim Patel was elected as a deputy chairperson of the International Labour Organisation in Geneva, Swirtzerland at a conference held between May and June.

Federation of Unions of South Africa Secretary General Denis George congratulated EP as Ebrahim is popularly known as.

He said Federation of Unions of South Africa is very happy with his appointment.

“ He has done excellent work for the workers of South Africa by serving in the International Labour Organisation Governing Body.

“We also want to pledge our support to him as he is still doing a fantastic job for us”

“ He is a hard worker, he puts a lot of hours for preparation and we are very satisfied”

City of Cape Town officials restrict N2 Gateway march

By Yamkela Xhaso
23 July 2008

The City of Cape Town has threatened those who will protest on Thursday when communities of the Symphony Way informal settlement in Delft, Joe Slovo phase 1 flats and other communities of the Western Cape region. These protests are against the Privatisation of the N2 Gateway Projects.

The strike will be conducted by The Western Cape Anti Eviction Campaign, the Provincial Department of Local Government and Housing to protest against the privatisation of the housing construction.

In past several the communities have intimidated by the municipal and provincial officials. This strike will bring together Joe Slovo Residents, and the Symphony Way informal settlement in Delft as this march will be their first march they will do collectively.
The Anti-Eviction Campaign has strongly condemned the efforts by the city and provincial officials who objects poor people

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Zimbabwean opposition leaders finally decide to leave the "bitterness" behind

By Mishkah Anthony
22 July 2008

President Robert Mugabe and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai have vowed to draw a line under Zimbabwe’s political crisis.

They signed a joint agreement on a framework for talks, facilitated by President Thabo Mbeki. The South African President said the memorandum of understanding was agreed unanimously without reservations by anybody.

Mugabe called for a new way of political interaction while Tsvangirai added that it was time to put the “bitterness” behind them. The two sides have set themselves a two- week timeframe to wrap up the talks which are expected to take place in both South Africa and Zimbabwe.

“We’ve been very pleased on the seriousness in which the process has been approached over many months, failure is actually not an option.”, Mbeki says after the signing of the memorandum.

Mbeki added, that has been the attitude adopted by everybody and therefore everybody has approached this negotiations really focused on the matter of finding solutions and addressing the needs, concerns and aspirations of the people.

Koeberg shuts down one of its units

By Mikhaila Crowie
22 July 2008

Eskom had to shut down Unit Two at the Koeberg nuclear power station near Cape Town last night because of a technical problem in one of the generators.

Eskom spokesperson Tony Stott says maintenance work began last night. It will take about three weeks. “The cooling system of that generator was not working properly. Damage in it quite extensively and can no longer generate electricity into the network.”

Stott said once the unit is repaired, they will be able to restart it again.The power utility is doing everything in its power to make up for the loss of power supply, including the use of two gas turbine power stations.

Stott says if everyone helps to conserve electricity the risk of load shedding will be reduced.

Basic hygiene can reduce disease infection in densely populated communities

By Yamkela Xhaso
22 July

It is revealed that basic hygiene can reduce disease infection in densely populated communities and communities where people share facilities.

This is revealed by the joint project that was done by a number of Western Cape and United Sates universities and City of Cape Town Health Department.

City of Cape Town Health Department Executive Director Ivan Bromfield said ,

“ The project was looking at the impact of participatory community based behaviour change education and this intervention was done at the Philippi and Du Noon areas”

“ We found out that if basic house and hygiene practices are followed it does have an impact in improving health of highly populated communities.

Government will consider special dispensation for Zimbawean refugees

By Cindy Witten
22 July 2008

The Black Sash human rights organization has welcomed a statement made by Home Affairs Minister Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula. She is considering a special dispensation for Zimbabweans seeking refuge in South Africa.
Many civil rights society organizations including the Black Sash, had made repeated calls to government over the past few months to suspend all deportations of Zimbabweans until such time as the political and humanitarian crisis in Zimbabwe has been stabilised.

Nkosikhulule Nyembezi from the Black Sash says that it is long over due, “In the past, Zimbabweans had been considered as economic refugees. Taking into account their political situation in that country, It has required South Africans to give them a special status so as to legitimize their presence”.

In the mean time, the Black Sash urges the South African government to grant temporary immigration exemption status to Zimbabweans seeking refuge so that they may have access to legal and social protection.

Oasis group provide food parcels for the poverty-stricken Uitsig community

By Yamkela Xhaso
22 July

Oasis group is going to provide food parcels to the poverty-stricken Uitsig community today. Councillor Dan Plato has identified a number of needy communities that deserve the food parcels.

Councillor Dan Plato said, that Uitsig is one of the most impoverished places in the Cape flats.

“The place also has one of the highest TB infections, this is because they do not have necessary nutrition and the other reason is that most families do not eat breakfast as it is necessary to eat breakfast before medication.

The clinics told the Uitsig residents to take TB treatment for a period of six months. ”

He added that they are also aware that the food parcels may be a drop in the ocean but it will do a lot to the people as it have proper nutrients.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Appeal for the South African Government to stop deportations of Zimbabwean immigrants

By Mishkah Anthony
21 July 2008

Human rights organisation, Passop welcomes the statement made by the Minister of home affairs, Nosiviwe Mapisa-Nqakula, saying that the government should stop deporting Zimbabwean immigrants, as the situation in Zimbabwe is getting worse.

Spokesperson for PASSOP, Braam Hannekom says the situation in Zimbabwe is volatile, people are dying and there is no way of surviving never mind the on going violence. PASSOP believes for many reason it’s definitely important that the Minister of home affairs should come clean and acknowledge that it is not acceptable to be deporting people at this moment.

Braam says they are calling upon the President and all levels of government to support such a statement and to implement strategies and plans to assist the influx of immigrants in to South Africa.

The Department of Home Affairs lacks the resources and means to process the actual number of Zimbabwean asylum applications that exist. These vulnerable refugees should not be punished for the shortcomings of the Department of Home Affairs. The South African government must acknowledge this crisis and accept a moratorium on the deportation of all Zimbabwean refugees.

Delft teenagers arrested for murder

By Cindy Witten
21 July 2008

According to reports, two teenagers from Delft were arrested for the murder of a Pakistani shop owner on Saturday.
The 35 year old owner of Shahieda’s tuckshop in Beethoven Street, in Delft-South was shot dead in the neck, in Delft Main Road on Friday Afternoon while on his way to Mosque.
He was accompanied by a 27 year old man, who was also shot in the neck but is now recovering in Tygerberg Hospital.
Police were unable to release the names of the murder victims, as they are waiting for documents from home affairs.
It is alleged that the shooting was a failed attempt at a robbery. The two male teenagers, aged 17 and 18 were arrested and are expected to appear in the Bellville Magistrates court tomorrow.

Violence erupts at Nyanga Home Affairs offices

By Mikhaila Crowie
21 July 2008

The Home Affairs office in Nyanga has not opened for business this morning. The Offices were supposed to open at 8:15, but there was no sign of life and doors were locked.

Nyanga Home Affairs office is the busiest in the province and is responsible for dealing with political refugees and asylum seekers. The situation has turned volatile and violence has broken out.

The Democratic Alliance calls for the Nyanga Home Affairs offices to be opened immediately and to be kept open until all queuing refugees have been dealt with.

Spokesperson for the DA, Robin Carlisle, said that at 11:30 this morning, the offices were not open and people have been queuing from 4am already. “I estimate the crowd to be between 800 and 1 000 people.” Carlisle said the situation has turned volatile and police are on the scene.

Carlisle also said he had discovered that the entire senior staff in South Africa is at a very luxury conference centre in Mpumalanga.

“The DA considers this to be an absolute disgrace and calls on the offices to be opened immediately.”

Popcru suggest lighter bullet-proof vests for police

By Yamkela Xhaso
21 July

The death of two police officers last week raised concerns about police protection as their deaths were blamed on them for not wearing their bullet-proof vests. The vests are largely criticized by policemen saying they were heavy and make them uncomfortable. Police union Popcru wants the police service to introduce much user friendly vests.

Popcru spoke person Benzi Ka Soko said,

“The wearing of a bullet-proof vest is of absolute importance in the South African Police Service because it saves lives. However the current vests are unpopular amongst many police as it makes them uncomfortable and it is heavy. It makes it difficult for an officer to run”

“We have always been suggesting to the SAPS that we need to make a comparative research that are there any vests that are used in other countries that are user-friendly”

“But members should not use this as an excuse for not wearing vests”

“ But under the current circumstances we strongly encourage members to wear these vests”

Cyclists end a long fundraising journey from Cairo to Cape Town

By Yamkela Xhaso
21 July 2008

Eight cyclists from Ireland and South Africa ended their 12 thousand five hundred kilometre journey in Cape on Saturday. According to Weekend Argus, the purpose of the journey was to raise funds for charities that fight poverty in Africa.

These youngsters began their journey Cape to Cairo 2008 six months ago from the Egyptian Capital to our country’s Capital.

One of the group members whose is from Ireland said that he was thrilled by the hospitality shown by the African people because the western media labels Africa as a dangerous place.

The group is believed to have raised a sum amount of three million rands. Et their arrival the group was greeted by family and friends at the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront .

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Rape trial of TAC member postponed to August 01

By Yamkela Xhaso
20 July

The rape trial of a Treatment Action Campaign was postponed to the first of next month. The incident took place over a month ago when a TAC member from Khayelitsha had consessual sex with an underage girl.

Treatment Action Campaign Spoke person Vuyiseka Mdubula said,

“TAC in Khayelitsha reported that both the suspect and victim were members of the Treatment Action Campaign”

“The man was charged with rape for having consensual sex with a fourteen-year old girl”

“The main principle is that, if you engage in sexual intercourse with an underage girl, that is rape, rape is rape”

“The man is suspended and he will appear in court in the first of August”

Four arrested in Tambeskloef

By Yamkela Xhaso
20 July

Police arrested four people, three men and a woman in Tambeskloef, a few places where a policeman Lukas Nel was gunned down on Tuesday. The police said they were tipped of by a private security nearby and acted on the incident.

One suspected tried to flee but was quickly arrested police spoke person Randall Stoffels said ,

“ The suspects were three men and a woman. But at the moment the suspects are not known to be linked to the murder of police man, Lukas Nel in Tuesday morning.

“The incident occurred five blocks from the place Nel was murdered”

“ Police also confiscated a large amount of ammunition”

“ It is believed that the ammunition belongs to the owner of the house whose house was burgled during the week”

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Residents continue to build informal dwellings in the flood plains

By Cindy Witten
19 July 2007

Cape Town’s winter rains left many informal settlements damaged after the floods. Despite repeated warnings by the City of Cape Town, residents continue to build informal dwellings in the flood plains of the Cape Flats.

“There are now 222 informal settlements accommodating up to 150 000 house holds in and around the metropole and these settlements are not properly served with trauma water systems,” Charlotte Powell, from Disaster Risk Management.

In the media briefing yesterday, the City’s disaster management elaborated on what the city is doing in terms of being prepared for winter.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Two suspects arrested in Table View

By Cindy Witten
18 July 2008

A Resident alerted the Table View police of a suspicious white BMW with 5 men, tailing a cash in transit vehicle. Once the police arrived, the BMW fled and police pursued.
“On the corner of Porterfield Road and the N7, the vehicle stopped and three suspects emerged. One of the men shot at police. Police returned fire and shortly after, two men were arrested,” said Superintendent AndrĂ© Traut.

A suspected stolen 9 mm firearm without a serial number was seized during the arrest and the BMW was reported stolen in the Bellville area earlier this month. The arrested males are detained on a charge of attempted murder and the possession of an illegal firearm and will appear in the Cape Town Magistrates court early next week. The two men arrested come from Du Noon and Khayalitsha.

One man managed to get away on foot, while the other two men escaped in the BMW.

“We have reason to believe that the men attempted to hi-jack the cash in-transit vehicle, but their actions were foiled by the swift actions of the ploice."

Great success for Tik off There is hope Campaign

By Cindy Witten
18 July 2008

Even though there is uncertainty about Premier Ebrahim Rasool’s future, the Tik Off - There is Hope campaign, headed by Rasool, is still going strong.

The campaign, which aims to promote drug awareness, kicked off at the Parow mall last week and will be moving to Charlesville Mall from 18 to 20 July. Lunga Luthuli from Hip Hop Media (The company in charge of running the campaign) said that so far it has been a huge success.

“The purpose of this campaign is to take it to the people and make them aware of the drug”. We want people to know that there is help out there,” said Luthuli. He adds that the youth will have the opportunity to participate in educational and awareness activities involving the affects of tik. He hopes that this program will have a positive impact on people's lives. Especially those who are affected by drug abuse.

Former Police Commissioner urges public to go easy on Petros

By Mishkah Anthony
18 July 2008

Former Western Cape Police Commissioner Lennit Max has urged Cape communities to continue to support Provincial Police Chief Mzwandile Petros whose son has been arrested on vehicle hi-jacking charges.

Lennit says as the previous Police Commissioner of the Western Cape he would like to urge the community not to “crucify” the current commissioner for what his son may have done.

Mzwandile Petros's teenage son was arrested last week, along with 2 other men, in connection with a hi-jacking in Khayelitsha.Lennit says he “understands his (Petros) pain as a father because it’s difficult for us as parents to ensure the actions of our children when they are not in our sight.”

Lwazi Yanga Mzito is being held at Pollsmoor prison until his next court appearance on the 7th of August.

Lennit added that he salutes and appreciates Commissioner Petros’s commitment to ensure that the law takes its course and he hopes that this swift and decisive action will act as a warning to other criminals.

COSATU snubs Madiba’s birthday bash

By Mikhaila Crowie
18 July 2008

COSATU Western Cape Provincial Secretary, Tony Ehrenreich, has rejected a “By invitation only” invite to an exclusive party hosted by the SABC and Correctional Services, in honour of Nelson Mandela’s birthday.

The party will be held in the Drakenstein Correctional Facility in Paarl. Ehrenreich said the party is an excuse for the elite to get together and pat each other on the back on a job well done.

“Cosatu is really pleased that parties are being held all over the country to honour Nelson Madela which is clearly one of the greater sons of the soil of Africa. We are concerned however when institution like SABC have functions that are more elite and seems to go against the principal of commemorating Mandela and to include everyone.”

Ehrenreich said they won’t be able to align themselves with the elitist party that happening in Paarl and they hope that they will have a function for everybody in Cape Town.

Spies, Steyn and Jantjies return to Bok squad

By Mikhaila Crowie
18 July 2008

Pierre Spies, Francois Steyn and Conrad Jantjes all return to the Springbok team to face the Wallabies in Perth on Saturday. Schalk Brits takes over the hooking duties in place of the suspended Bismarck du Plessis.

Spies got the nod ahead of Joe van Niekerk who played in the previous two Vodacom Tri-Nations matches against the All Blacks. Newcomer Adriaan Strauss, who joined the squad on Tuesday as back-up hooker, was included as one of the replacements.

It has been reported that veteran Percy Montgomery has sadly been axed for the Test, but on his present form, the return of Jantjes at fullback is not entirely unexpected.

Chris Hewitt for SA Rugby said there were four changes from the side that defeated the All Blacks last week.

Men arrested for possession of illegal abalone

By Cindy Witten
18 July 2008

This morning seven men appeared in the Strand Magistrate court for illegally dealing in abalone. It has been alleged that the men sold over 150 kilograms of illegal abalone.

Spokesperson for the SAPS, Captain Elliot Sinyangana said that after searching one of the suspects premises in the Strand area. “Three freezers, with 9950 shucked abalone and 2 unshucked abalone were found,” said Sinyangana.
The 37 year old man, who is linked to previous cases of possession of illegal abalone, was apprehended and the abalone confiscated.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

COSATU warns of fake emails

By Mishkah Anthony
17 July 2008

The Congress of South African Trade Unions hope to establish who is behind fake emails that have been sent out, instructing workers in the Western Cape to go on strike next Wednesday and threatening violence against those who do not.

COSATU Spokesperson Patrick Craven says COSATU would like to concern that the rolling mass action campaign which began in the Western Cape and Kwazulu Natal and spread yesterday to Mpumalanga, Free Sate, Northern Cape and will resume in Gauteng, Eastern Cape, Limpopo and North West on the 23 July 2008. There will be nation action on the 6 September2008.

Craven also says “we want to stress that these demonstrations have been and will continue to be peaceful, disciplined and organised.”

“A malicious email which is being circulated warning people not to go near to city centres on the day that action is taking place has no basis what so ever”

He adds that COSATU encourages people to come along and express their views on the crisis we as a nation find ourselves in, to do so without any fear that their safety will be jeopardised.

New law for male pensioners

By Cindy Witten
17 July 2008

The Black Sash Human Rights organisation has welcomed the signing of a new law of legislation aimed at male pensioners. This law, that came into effect on 14 July 2008, makes it possible for men to be eligible for a state pension from 63 years of age.

Together with other human rights organisations, the Black Sash fought for the equalisation of the pensionable age, which is a constitutional right. Previously, men were only eligible for pension at 65, while women were allowed to take pension at 60 years of age.

According to Ratula Beukman, advocacy program manager for Black Sash, by 2010, all pensioners in need will be eligible for a state pension fund from 60 years old.
“But we continue to fight for the scrapping of the undignified means test, that require our senior citizens to prove that they are living in poverty,” said Beukman.

WCED intoduces new web-based leave management system

By Mishkah Anthony
17 July 2008

The Western Cape Education Department is developing a web-based system to make it easier for the 30,000 teachers and 8,500 public servants to track their leave credits online.

The system will also provide a web-based attendance register for all employees, including teachers and public servants, and a system for tracking contract appointments online.

Gert Witbooi media liaison officer for the MEC of Education says, the MEC Cameron Dugmore welcomes the introduction as it will ensure greater efficiency in the system and provide a service to teachers who will be able to track their leave credits and benefits such as access to their personal pay sheets.

He also adds that the system will definitely enhance service delivery and greater efficiency in the system.

Ebrahim Rasool saga might have negative effects on local businesses

By Mikhaila Crowie
17 July 2008

While it was business as usual for Ebrahim Rasool yesterday, news of his dismissal sent shockwaves around the country, and businesses fear the effect it will have on the local economy.

Janine Myburgh, chairperson of the Western Cape Chamber of Commerce of South Africa, said the business community was worried about what impact the uncertainty of Rasool’s future would have on the province’s economy.

“Any uncertainty affects our economy. At present, the Western Cape does not know who its Premier is going to be and any uncertainty is bound to have negative effects on our economy.”

Myburgh also said the decision for the new Premier should be made rather sooner than later.

Phillipi cash-in-transit heist probe

By Cindy Witten
17 July 2008

According to police Spokesperson Nondumiso Paul, Police have arrested two men and fatally wounded another believed to be linked to cash- in-transit heist that occurred in Philippi East on Monday, when a cash van was robbed while outside a local grocery store in stock road.

The men got away in a white Ford Bantam Bakkie, which was later found by Police in a small business area in Philippi. One of the suspects were in the bakkie and helped Police to find the other suspect.

“Two of the men ran away and one man shot at the police, who fired back,” said Paul. She says that the three men have previously been involved in armed robberies.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ward Councilor organizes ID document campaign

By Cindy Witten
16 July 2008

Ward Councilor, Nas Abrahams, for Valhalla Park, Nooitgedacht, Bishop Lavis and surrounding areas will host an ID document campaign at the Nooitgedacht Civic Centre. Abrahams contacted home affairs requesting to arrange the campaign, after discovering that many people of age, especially the youth, had not yet applied for an identity document. He says that it is vital for people to have this document for employment purposes.
“We’ve got a huge unemployment rate in our area,” said Abrahams. Some of the excuses are that members do not have money to go to home affairs in Bellville. Abrahams sought a way to solve the problem.
“You can’t get any kind of employment without an ID document. You can’t open a bank account, or even sign a contract without the document.”
Abrahams hopes that residents will make use of the opportunity and apply for their identity documents.

Safe blood since 2005

By Cindy Witten
16 July 2008

Since 2005 the Western Province Blood Transfusion Service has followed the implementing of a new blood testing introduced by the South African National Blood Service.
The service said that since the implementation, none of the donated blood has been contaminated with the HI Virus.
Marika Champions, SA spoke person for the South African National Blood Service says that the WPBTS has implemented the NAT test, which is a DNA based test, as implemented by the, SANBS, to detect early HIV infection.
“Since 2005, we haven’t had and confirmed reports of any HIV transmissions in the Province. So weare optimistic that NAT testing is helping to make the blood supply safer,” said Champions

Three Metro Officers arrested for corruption

By Mikhaila Crowie
16 July 2008

Three Metro Officers were arrested yesterday for allegedly bribing a motorist to cancel a fine.

One officer also faces an attempted charge of murder over a shot that was fired when police confronted them.

Woodstock police spokesperson Hilton Malila said the police officers were arrested at a service station. “Yesterday afternoon at about 3 o’ clock, three metro police officers were arrested for corruption at a petrol service station in Malta Road Salt River.”

Malila said the arrests were made after the three officers, who were on duty in Observatory early yesterday morning, pulled over a male driver and fined him R500 for driving without a valid drivers licence in Lower Main Road.

“It is alleged that the officers offered to withdraw the fine in exchange for R200 in cash.”

Mustafadin Foundation denies claims that food served at Soetwater was rotten

By Cindy Witten
16 July 2008

In an article published by the Cape Argus on the 12th of July, it was reported that a Ward councilor at the Soetwater camp near Strandfontein, said that the food provided last week at the camp could be “a potential health risk”.

This came after the refugees complained about the food looking and tasting rotten. But the Mustadafin Foundation strongly denies any allegations that it serves rotten food to any of its beneficiaries.

Alia Limbada from the Mustafadin Foundation says that the food said to be rotten and disgusting by volunteers was eaten by foundation executives. “The food served at Soetwater was not off, in fact it has been tested by the cities health department who gave the foundation a clean bill which said that the food was not off,” said Limbada. “And that very same food was also handed out to the needy and poor the very next morning”.

Five Cape Town beaches nominated for Blue Flag status

By Mikhaila Crowie
16 July 2008

The City of Cape Town has confirmed the names of five beaches it hopes will obtain Blue Flag status.

Strandfontein beach, Muizenberg beach, Fish Hoek, Camps Bay and Big Bay in Blouberg have all been considered for Blue Flag status.

Three of the city’s beaches, including Mnandi beach in Strandfontein, are already full status Blue Flag beaches, which means they rank alongside top European beaches and marinas.

South Africa should know by October which beaches have been accepted this year.

73 areas damaged by floods

By Mishkah Anthony
16 July 2008

The city council has identified 73 areas where roads have been damaged by last week’s rainfall. But officials have not yet quantified the costs of the repairs needed.

Furthermore rain and strong winds are forecast for today.

The Western Cape Provincial government is assessing the damage in the rest of the province. Representative of the City of Cape Town, Central Karoo, Cape Winelands and West Coast District had been invited to a meeting to be held at Tygerberg Hospital.

The city’s transport, roads and stormwater spokesperson, Trevor Steyn said officials were assessing the damage, a task that usually took two weeks. Officials are doing a mop-up operation and trying to identify where the worst areas are.

Steyn said the biggest problems were waterlogged drainage systems and potholes.
He also said some of the worst affected areas were Mfunleni, Gugulethu ,Philippi, Phola Park and Kensington.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Backyard residents march for equality

By Mikhaila Crowie
15 July

Those living in the backyards of Gugulethu, Langa and Nyanga have accused the government of not doing enough to help them.

The backyard-dwellers feel that government only help those involved in high profile cases and ignores the plight of people living in the backyard.

The backyard-dwellers will today embark on a protest march demanding disaster flood relief in front of the Fezeka Municipality building in Gugulethu.

Mncedisi Twalo, co-ordinator for Anti-Eviction campaign in the Western Cape, said that the plight of the backyard is being ignored by the current government because they are only focusing on the informal settlements.

“They are not focusing on those staying in the ghettos. The plight of the backyard has been ignored for many years, from 1994 up until now.”, said Twalo.

Twalo also said that it was time that government start treating them as equals. “My concerns are for those people living at the back, it’s offensive so we need to be treated in the same manner.”

Cash-in-transit heist

By Cindy Witten
15 July 2008

Two security guards were injured and three cash boxes were taken in a cash-in-transit heist on the N7 highway near Milnerton today. A Mercedes Benz followed the security van and rammed the van, causing it to topple onto its side.

According to a SAPS spokesperson Captain Elliot Sinyangana, the driver and the passenger of the security van both sustained injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. “The six men who hi jacked the truck, stole three to four bags carrying an undisclosed amount of money,” said Sinyangana. The men then fled the scene.

At this point, no arrests have been made, but a case of armed robbery and attempted murder has been opened.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Springbok hooker suspended after weekend victory

Cindy Witten
13 July 2008

The rivalry between the Springboks and the All Blacks has always been something special but the second Tri-Nations Test in the House of Pain in Dunedin surpassed what had gone before after a week during which the war of words took on huge proportions. Springbok coach, Peter de Villiers came in for some really unpleasant racially slanted comments which gave the ‘Boks all the more reason to give their all. South Africa beat New Zealand 30 to 28 in Saturday’s game.

Bismarck du Plessis has been suspended for three weeks for eye-gouging at Saturday’s test against the All Blacks. Du Plessis appeared before SANZAR judicial officer Kim Garling at the Otago RFU offices in Dunedin on Sunday where video footage of the incident, evidence from Du Plessis and received reports from the match officials were used as the basis for the suspension. According to television footage there was no visible marks on Thomson's face. Schalk Brits will take Du Plessis place in Saturdays match against New Zealand in Perth.

DA urges President to alleviate nursing crisis

By Mikhaila Crowie
14 July 2008

The Democratic Alliance has called on the President to immediately intervene into the crisis surrounding the training of nurses. This after at least one-hundred-and-fourteen applications for nursing colleges was rejected.

DA spokesperson for health, Mike Waters said that the minister should have put a monotorium of the number of nursing colleges in the country. “This is resulting in that the nurses cannot be trained given the fact that we have over 46 000 vacancies in the public sector.”

Waters also said the regulations for some of the nursing colleges have not been developed after 4 and half years. “Given the severity of the shortage of nurses that we face in the country, the minister should have fast tracked these regulations.”

Friday, July 11, 2008

Four arrested in connection of Mandrax worth R1 milion

By Yamkela Xhaso
11 July

The Police Organised Crime Investigation unit arrested four people yesterday in connection with a mandrax parcel in a courier company in Airport Industria yesterday.

In a continued investigation the police seized a parcel containing 24 000 Mandrax tablets with a value of R 1 million.

The parcel was seized on the 8th of this month the unit continued investigation until they reached a stage when they sent two of their detectives to Johannesburg and other remained here to pursue their investigation.

SAPS spokesperson Elliot Sinyangana said,

“It was an ongoing investigation monitored by their Organised Crime Investigation unit.

“This courier was expected to arrive and we manage to get this parcel of Mandrax in this courier that cannot be named at the moment”
“The first arrest was a 49-year old woman in Sandton, then the second one was a 63-year old man in Roodepoort.
“Here in Cape Town, two brothers with the ages of 20 and 35 years old and they are all going to appear on Monday the 14th of July in the Bishop Lavis magistrate court.

Cape floods had a positive impact on the Central Karoo District

By Yamkela Xhaso
11 July

The Cape floods may have caused severe damage on the Peninsula as they displaced 20 000 people and damaged infrastructure.
According to the Western Cape Department of Agriculture the rains were a gift in the central Karoo District as it ended a four year old drought and farmers could now produce quality products.

Western Cape MEC for Agriculture Cobus Dowry said,

“The positive side of the rains were that, in the middle of Karoo had a four-year old drought and I hope the Karoo will get more rain, because many farmers have left their farms.”

“That will have a big negative impact on meat prices”

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Gun Free South Africa launches “Gun Destruction” campaign

By Yamkela Xhaso
10 July
Gun Free South Africa is launching a Gun Destruction campaign today in front of the City Hall on Darling Street between 12 at noon and 2 in the afternoon.

The campaign will call the South African Police service to put more effort in the removal of guns from wrong hands.

According to Gun Free SA, this country has one of the highest gun related murder rates in the world, the GFSA will today show the community how much they don’t want guns in the society. They believe that gun violence is the threat to the right to life ad bodily integrity.

Thembani Dyule from Gun Free South Africa said,

“As yesterday was Gun Destruction Day, we are asking our government, departments that work with the police force and the army to destroy more guns.”

“We believe that if we by destroying one gun, many lives are saved and by destroying more guns, communities are going to be safer and the so does the whole country”

Hundred million rands for housing in flood affected areas of Cape Town

by Mishkah Anthony
10 July 2008

Cape Town Mayor Helen Zille has announced that the City has acquired land worth R100-million for residential development in the traditionally flood-hit areas. The recent heavy downpours again caused abject hardship for thousands of people living in low-lying areas and Zille says the newly bought land will be used to accommodate these people. Some thirty thousand people have been adversely affected by the floods with nearly three thousand being housed in community halls across the city. Zille added that a lack of suitable land was one of the contributing factors to the flood crisis.

Meanwhile, the South African Air Force has flown in food and emergency supplies to people stricken by floods on the West Coast. Dozens of families in the Citrusdal area remain cut off from the outside world.And the water level in the Olifants River has dropped, allowing motorists to reach Vredendal.

Businesses in the Western Cape battle for survival

by Mishkah Anthony
10 July 2008

Western Cape businesses are fighting to survive as the country’s economy is facing a deepening crisis. The rise of interest rates, fuel price and inflation are directly and indirectly blamed for the business closures.

The businesses can no longer afford to pay bills as the prices have risen more than they can afford. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of South Africa, Janine Myburgh says;

“It is very worrying for organised businesses that we see such an amount of businesses closing and it’s an indirect result of oil prices increasing. Small businesses are suffering badly due to the expenses escalating abundantly but the profits and income is not escalating and that is causing a major problem in the economy.”

Premier holds anti-drug campaign

By Cindy Witten
10 July 2008

Premier Ebrahim Rasool will hold the ‘There is hope’ anti-drug campaign at 10h00 today and will be running from Thursday to Saturday and starts at 10h00.
The campaign, which aims to promote drug awareness, will kick off at Parow Mall will move around to malls in the Cape.

Lunga Luthuli, from Hip Hop Media, the company co-ordinating the campaign, says that the initiative hopes to attract as many people so as to better the understanding of the drug epidemic.

“The main idea is to take it to the people and let people know about the drug. It’s also about letting people where to get help. Tik is a devastating drug which has been out there,” said Luthuli.
“The whole idea is to let people know that there is help for those who are addicted.”

The aftermath of floods on Western Cape agriculture

By Yamkela Xhaso
10 July

As the skies of the Western Cape started to clear up yesterday afternoon and flood victims began planning to find solutions on how to move on. The floods have displaced more than 20 thousand people in the Cape Flats region alone and the west coast was severely affected.

Roofing businesses made huge profits as flood victims wanted their roofs to repaired, agriculture suffered the another fate where farmers were negatively hit as floods denied access to their fields and transporting of their goods.

Western Cape MEC for Agriculture Cobus Dowry said,

“The west coast was negatively affected and especially the farmers as the floods affected the quality of their products.”

“It was difficult for farmers to enter their orchards as everything is underwater.”

“ They cannot even transport their products to the markets’

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Heavy rains cause roads to be closed down

By Cindy Witten
09 July 2008

Recent rains in the Province have caused damage all over the cape. Areas such as Cedarberg and Matzikama are among the most negatively affected areas by the showers in the Western Cape. As a result, many roads had been closed down. According to local authorities, the roads had been partially opened, allowing about five vehicles to pass through at a time.

Director of traffic for the Matzikama Local Municipality, Jan Swarts, says that there was no major damage to the infrastructure, except for the bridge connecting Vredendal to the N7, and drivers are warned to drive safely.

“The flow of the rivers have partly subsided, but the flow of the Doring Rivier seems to be the biggest concern, as they influence all of our efforts,” says Swarts.

Four foreigners arrested for drug dealing in Parow.

By Yamkela Xhaso
09 July

The Organised Crime Investigation Unit police arrested four foreigners in Parow in connection with drug dealing yesterday evening. The four foreigners are believed to be from the same country according to their identification documents and one lives in Maitland, two in Parow and one in Milnerton but were at the same place when the arrest happened

SAPS captain Elliot Sinyangana said,

“The police unit seized 200 grams tik with the value of R60 000 and a cash to the value of R30 000 and forty cell phones. The accused are charged with dealing with drugs. The whose ages range from 26, 27, 28 and 35 are said to appear in the Bellville Magistrate Court on the 11 of this month.”

Port Elizabeth stadium will not host Confederations Cup

by Mishkah Anthony
9 July 2008

The organisers of the 2010 Fifa World Cup has removed Port Elizabeth as a venue from the Confederations Cup, to be staged next year, due to delays of stadium construction.

A technical team compiled a report which stated that the P.E stadium would likely miss the deadline in March next year for safety and health tests.

The Confederations Cup is often served as a test to see the host country’s preparations for the World Cup.

Sepp Blatter raised eyebrows last month when he said, he has a plan B in place should South Africa be unable to host the 2010 World Cup, however he stressed it would only come into effect, in the event of a natural disaster.

Dramatic sea rescue off east coast of Africa

Mishkah Anthony
9 july 2008

The Cape Town Marine Rescue Co-ordination Centre says 36 crew members were rescued after a Spanish fishing vessel caught fire and sank off the east coast of Southern Africa.

The Durban-based fishing vessel, Galaxy, rescued the crew and was assisted by the Niko Maru No 1 from Walvis Bay.

The stricken Galaecia was about 900 nautical miles east of East London when it sent out a distress call. International rescue centres received several calls saying the vessel was on fire and the crew was boarding life-rafts.

All vessels in the area were asked to help the sinking Galaecia. The crew is believed to be in good health.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Home Affairs to issue temporary ID s for displaced foreigners

By Yamkela Xhaso
08 July

Home Affairs have announced that foreigners who were displaced by xenophobic violence will be issued with a temporary identification card. These cards will legalise displaced foreigners and be used as an access card for relief camps. Home Affairs spokesperson Siobhan McCarthy said

“ The temporary permits that the department is issuing primarily to provide the people who have been displaced by the xenophobia attacks”

“ This is some form of identification to the shelters and as well as access to humanitarian aid that is been provided’,

“The second purpose is that months ago the minister declared that those who have been displaced will not be deported if they are undocumented, so this permit provide them with some cover and security for the period of six months and so they will have an opportunity to get the relevant documentation”.

Protestors on N2 freeway in Khayelitsha over slow response to flood victims.

By Yamkela Xhaso
08 July

Cape Town police are monitoring the N-Two at Khayelitsha where hundreds of protestors blocked the highway yesterday evening.

They protested against what they regard as the slow pace of assistance for flood victims.

The flood which ravaged the Cape Flats in the past weekend left over 16 000 people displaced Disaster risk managements, Wilfred-Solomons-Johannes, says

“Our engineers are all out in the informal settlements assisting in pumping out stagnant water to avoid any possible health outbreak or diseases.

“Major roadways are free flowing and no major disruption are been caused where there is blockage on the roads and our electricity department is meeting the demand of the electricity supply.

“ The protestors along the N2 and elsewhere in the city is protesting housing issues and the city are involved in those areas and providing the necessary disaster needs aid and our engineering services are draining those areas as well.

Flood victims complain about their declining health

By Cindy Witten
8 July 2008

With more heavy rain predicted for the Cape Flats today and tonight, thousands of people will again seek refuge in community halls to escape the flooding. Hundreds of shacks have been inundated with water, leaving many families without dry clothing or bedding. Cape Town disaster management says they are providing as much food and shelter as they can. Residents of the flooded areas say that they intend boycotting next year’s election because of the government’s failure to provide them with decent housing.

Wynberg residents are crying out for their deteriorating health after the floods hit the Cape Peninsula during the past weekend. The homeless are complaining that while the stormy weather continues to torture them nothing is being done to help them and their health is declining. Those receiving aid from the Western Cape Government complain that whatever they are receiving is too little to meet their demands. Eyewitness news says that most homeless victims refused to stay in shelters because they were going to be separated with their spouses.

Monday, July 07, 2008

Council houses used for criminal activities

By Cindy Witten
7 July 2008

According to city officials, council owned properties are being used for criminal activities. Councillor Glen Kleinsmith, a member of the City of Cape Town’s task team, says that council houses in Langa, Elsies River and Hanover Park, amongst others, are being used as shebeens and tik factories as tenants are being exploited by criminals.
“The city has started a process of identifying shebeens and drug houses in council owned property, and through the profiling of those premises that were initially given to us by members of the public and council, we have identified one area in particular that is of concern and that is the fact that a lot of these premises are being utilised by criminal elements,” says Kleinsmith.

Residents in the council houses are regularly being approached by drug lords asking them to surrender their homes in order for them to be turned into tik factories.

“They prey on the vulnerable and specifically the poorest of the poor, old people and children”.

Kleinsmith urges people to speak up against these drug lords.

Welcome to Community Information Network I m…

By Yamkela Xhaso
07 July

The UCT Graduate School of Business (GSB) will host an open information session at its campus, Portswood Road, Green Point, starting at 5;30 pm, on Wednesday July 9. Information on the full range of UCT GSB programmes will be available at the event, including executive (EMBA) MBA, postgraduate diploma in business administration (PDBA) and associate in management (AIM) programmes. In addition, the public can learn more about the short courses offered. For more information, contact 021 406 1338/1175.

The Future Generations Dance Academy will host a Miss Future and Miss Gay beauty pageant on Saturday July 12 at Conistan Park Recreation Centre in Military Road, Steenberg from 3pm. Entry is R10 for children and R20 for adults. The entry fee for the competition is R15. For more information, contact John Africa on 073 175 7991.

The Philharmonia Choir of Cape Town is looking for male tenors and basses. Call Ian on 021 685 1935 or 082899 1699 or email to arrange an audition at Rondebosch Boys’ Preparatory on Saturday July 12.

E A Janari Primary school in Bontheuwel will host a “Battle of the Bands” on Saturday July 12. Stalls cost R150. For more information, call Grizelda at 021 694 5361 or 082 092 9615.

Young at Heart seniors’ club in Portland will hold a talk on money matters including wills, funeral plans, accident plans and your rights as a senior citizen at the Sharon Assembly of God Church in Merrydale Avenue, Portland on Tuesday July 15 at 10 am. Call Maureen on 021 392 8835.

If you have any information for the CIN team regarding events happening in you community, please feel free to contact us on 021 4485450 or fax us on 021 448 5451. Alternatively you can email us on If you have missed any of the numbers mentioned you can give us a call. From the CIN team, I’m

Mitchell’s Plain resident goes missing

by Mishkah Anthony
7 July 2008

Mitchell's Plain Police has reported 23 year old Janine Julie to be missing. She disappeared on the 6th of May this year. Julie is approximately 1.6 meters tall with short black hair. She often visits the Cape Flats as well as Netreg, was last seen wearing a white jeans and a white jacket. If anyone knows her whereabouts, please contact Mitchell's Plain Police on 0213701600 or Crime Stop on 0860010111.

Electricity hikes will cause job loss

by Mishkah Anthony
7 July 2008

Trade Union COSATU says high electricity prices will contribute to job losses in the country.Three weeks ago the country's energy regulator NERSA approved an increase of 27.5-percent in electricity tariffs.

COSATU says businesses will soon have to shut their doors as they will no longer be able to afford to keep operating.

The union is to launch its campaign of rolling mass action in opposition to job losses as a result of the electricity crisis, on 9 July 2008, with provincial actions, continuing throughout the month of July.

More rain for Cape Town

By Yamkela Xhaso
07 July

Capetonians can expect more rain, reports say 16 000 residents from the worst hit places of Gugulethu, Kensington and Khayelitsha need urgent help. Even the refugee camps are extremely damaged after tents were washed away. It is reported that South African Weather service has predicted the rain will stop on Thursday.

According to the disaster management spoke person Wilfred Solomon Johannes the rains have displaced about 1600 residents from over 23 informal settlements. Solomons said that the weather service said the rain could accompanied by strong winds and cold temperatures. People from the rain affected areas supplied with shelters at community halls, given blankets and soup.
Solomon said only one refugee camp was affected by floods where two tents were flooded in Youngsfield

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Finally the elderly take a stand against abuse

Cindy Witten
4 July 2008

At a meeting that took place at to Phakama secondary school in lower cross roads on Thursday 3 July 2008, the aged were advised to report any violence they may have experienced. Numerous reports were filed at various police stations about violence towards the elderly in the community.

Field response unit co-ordinater Winnie Dywili, at the Halt Elder Abuse (HEAL) organisation regularly goes around the Nyanga community and surrounding areas and gives awareness talks on elder abuse.

According to Dywili, abuse is very prevalent in the Townships.
“The people report sexual abuse, financial, emotional, verbally, all those kinds of abuse”.

Dywili urges the seniors to call a toll free number to report any form of abuse.

If you would like to report any form of elder abuse, you can call the HEAL toll free number on: 0800 0030 81.

Steady progress being made on Cape Flats water maintenance - CoCT

The City of Cape Town says steady progress has been made across the five sites where the municipality’s 72-hour water shutdown on the Cape ...