Your Child is my Child

Your Child is my Child let's unite

In today's Society where children are sent to school to enrich their future and to broaden their Horizons it paints a sad picture when horrific crime incidents ,inadequate results and outcry are the order of the day .
These are some of the reasons why teachers from various Primary and High School's took the initiative to implement change and to restore Hope more especially where struggling community's are concerned,according to Carmen Witbooi Williams(Deputy Principal)of Littlewood Primary School in Mitchell's Plain whom i had the pleasure of speaking to over the phone,it takes a special kind of Teacher that can go the extra mile to enable Learners to achieve academic excellence.
They have an initiative called Grove Spot where important traits such as discipline is taught,this initiative is in honor of Chad Arendse who was shot dead last year,food is provided as they have a Feeding scheme.
It is sports orientated as it consists of sports such as Cricket,Netball,Tennis,Soccer,they also have spelling bee's where top achievers are rewarded.There is hope for Children from all walks of life ,it is highly possible and achievable to live a drugfree life through the support from Teachers,Parents and the Community at large.

Done by Lizeka Tsotetsi


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