World Environmental Health Day

Today marks World Environmental Health Day and the aim is to raise awareness about the crucial work that is done by environmental health workers and encourage people to contribute to the protection of our  environment.

Source: City of Cape Town

In order to commemorate the day, the focus will be on the assessment and control of the environmental factors that can potentially affect health

World Environmental Health Day is also an opportunity for City Health to take a look what its Environmental Health Practitioners do each year, which is to keep Cape Town`s environment safe, from air quality to food safety and many other important aspects in between. 

According to last year`s Cape Town's Environmental Health Service financial statistics, it dealt with a lot of complaints and concerns, with the most being vector control, unhygienic conditions, noise pollution, overgrown erven and air pollution.

While during that same period, the Environmental Health Service attended to 8 356 complaints from the public.

Residents have been reminded that their behaviour directly impacts on the ability of the environment to sustain human health as human activities such as dumping, lack of recycling, increased carbon footprints, pollution of water sources and air pollution will impact the environment negatively


By Lulama Klassen