City of Cape Town warns of spending Christmas behind bars if negligent driving continues

‘’While it is festive outside, it's not so festive behind bars.’’ – A warning from Mayco Member for Safety and security, JP Smith, as the City of Cape Town has seen an increase in drunk driving in the past week.

The City said its enforcement agencies made 409 arrests in the past week, with 115 of these being for driving while intoxicated. A week prior, 68 motorists were arrested for driving drunk.

‘’We have given people considerable warning about their actions. Those who continue to behave badly will learn that while it is festive outside, it's not so festive behind bars. Our staff are working long hours to enforce the law and keep the public safe and the ongoing disregard for the law by some make their jobs even more difficult,’’ said JP Smith, Mayoral Committee Member for Safety and Security.

PICTURE: Pixabay

Additionally, Cape Town Traffic Services recorded 36 392 speeding offences in the past week and issued 23 980 fines for various traffic violations. Officers impounded 238 vehicles, executed 1 932 warrants of arrest and made 136 arrests.

Done By: Esobusi Mkangelwa // Mitchum George


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