Table View sees increase in smash and grab incidents

Table View police are urging the community to be extra cautious and vigilant when driving their vehicles, approaching intersections along Potsdam Road.

Captain Adriana Chandler says the police station has seen an increase in smash and grab incidents, especially during peak hour traffic.

PICTURE: Pixabay

She added that majority of these cases reported, indicate that cell phones are grabbed through an open window, where the phone is either left on the dashboard or the victim is speaking on the cell phone whilst stationary at the intersection.

‘’It is advised that all valuable items, including cell phone, be locked in the boot of the vehicle before departing to your destination.  Make sure that your windows are closed, and doors are locked,’’ said Captain Adriana Chandler, Table View SAPS spokesperson.

Chandler added that theft out of motor vehicles at shopping centers have also increased

‘’The use of jamming devices could not be ruled out, due to no forced entry being noticeable.’’

The police captain gave advice to prevent motorists of being a victim of such crimes.

·        Make sure that all the doors of your vehicle are locked, by checking each door, before you walk away

·        lock all your valuable items in the boot, before you depart to the shopping center.


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