Tuesday, December 19, 2023

Khayelitsha puppy injured after protecting his family from criminals

A puppy has been hailed as a hero after he prevented criminals from breaking into their family home.

In a statement posted on Facebook, Mdzananda Animal Clinic said ‘Trouble’, and his dog mom were both chasing the criminals away and running after them when the puppy got injured.

PHOTO SUPPLIED - Mdzananda Animal Clinic: Puppy, Trouble

 ‘’Trouble sustained injuries of a broken radius and ulner. As he is still young, he doesn't require surgery - just a splint and bandage to re-align the bones which will grow back in place,’’ said the animal clinic.

Mdzananda described ‘’Toruble’’ as a fearless little puppy and a big hero in the community's hearts

According to the clinic, his splint bandage will stay on for 2-3 weeks after which the veterinarians can determine how the leg has healed and if anything else is required.

PHOTO SUPPLIED - Mdzananda Animal Clinic: Puppy, Trouble

Mdzananda Animal Clinic is the only veterinary clinic and shelter in Khayelitsha, giving animals in the neighbourhood access to medical care.

Figures provided by the NPO showed that 23 371 animals were admitted to their various programmes and educated 2 651 people on animal welfare and care.


The organisation has so far conducted:

·        29 277 preventative care treatments (deworming, vaccine, parasite control)

·        3 694 life-saving operations

·        3 331 sterilisations

·        2 651 people educated about animal care

·        1 945 animals helped in our hospital

·        623 animals helped by our emergency ambulance

The animal clinic has also launched an inspectorate programme, a fencing project to create safer homes for community pets. In addition, they launched a school education programme, partnering with four community schools to teach animal care in their life skills class.


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