Friday, December 29, 2023

''Don't drink and drive'' - appeals WC Mobility MEC

‘’Even small amounts of alcohol can affect your judgement. So, please never drink and drive. If you plan to drink, find a safer way to get home. ‘’ – An appeal from the Western Cape’s Mobility MEC, Ricardo Mackenzie.

This as Provincial Traffic Officers arrested 108 people on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol, this week.

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At the same time, thirty-seven people lost their lives on the province’s roads.  - 17 pedestrians, 14 passengers, 4 drivers, and 2 motorcyclists.  Furthermore, a total of 14 993 fines were issued for various traffic violations ranging from driver to vehicle fitness. Thirty-one vehicles were impounded and 234 were discontinued for being unroadworthy.

Mackenzie urged road users to abide by the rules of the road.

‘’If you are a pedestrian, make sure you wear visible clothing, especially at night and when visibility is poor. Don’t walk under the influence along any road. Please find a safer way to get home. If you are driving, always buckle up and ensure that everyone else in your vehicle is buckled up, even on short trips!’’

 ‘’To keep small children safe, they must be secured in an age-appropriate harness. In a crash, a child who is not secured in an age-appropriate harness is more likely to be ejected from the vehicle and die or be seriously injured A serious injury can be life-changing – it may leave a child with a temporary or permanent disability. An unsecured child can also become a danger to other people inside the vehicle in a crash,’’ added Mackenzie.


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