Cutting of trees make tokai residents Angry

 Nontando Mafanya
30 August 2016

The chopping of dozens of trees in the Tokai and Cecilia plantations will begin today.

According to South African National Parks the Mountain to Ocean Forestry Company won a public tender and purchased the pine trees from the Government in a multi-million rand deal involving other plantations in the Western Cape as well.

 But residents are angry because they say they weren't properly consulted about the project.

 A large warning sign with the words “Harvesting in Progress” is attached to the front of one of the pine trees set to be cut down later today.

Several park rangers are stationed nearby the cut down area and meters away a few Tokai residents who were opposed to the cutting down of the trees can also be seen.

At least one of them broke down in tears.

One resident says the community was assured the trees would only be cut down at a later stage.


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