Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Zuma urges South Africans to vote

Somila Nkosana
03 August 2016

While thousands of people have already lined up and cast their votes all around the country, thousands more who are eligible to vote will not be voting today.

Reasons vary from mere disinterest and not having the necessary documentation.
Meanwhile, South African presidents encourages all those eligible to vote to do so. Zuma says local government elections are crucial.

He urged South Africans to use their vote to make a difference.

"Do decide, don't just stay at home. Your vote is important. Why do you stay out? Come in and participate. Vote any party that you like."

Zuma retains widespread support, especially in rural areas, and the ANC's patronage network and deep coffers could help it maintain a hold in the majority of the 278 municipalities.

The vote is seen by some as a referendum on Zuma, who has been weakened by corruption scandals, court cases and dire economic data, including an unemployment rate of 27 percent and zero percent GDP growth.



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