Eskom Board chairperson addressed the nation on the new plans in place and Update on System Challenges

The Eskom Board chairperson Mr Mpho Makwana addressed the nation yesterday, on the new plans in place and Update on System Challenges amid load shedding.

The new Eskom Board had to get off to a good start while getting to know the engine room of the country’s important economic backbone, ways of living and building sustainable livelihoods.

The key levers to the success of the recovery of Eskom is the fixing of the systematic issues that are troubling the organisation such as Leadership, organisational culture and poor internal controls required to operate an organisation.

Eskom Distribution Division will be intensifying their focus in Demand-side Management efforts.

Criminals who are stealing coal and spares, and who commit sabotage, must be held accountable. Eskom welcomes the recent arrests and the deployment of the South African National Defence Force and requests a redoubling of efforts in this regard to apprehend the leadership of the syndicates.

Six power units are anticipated to return to service during the week, allowing Eskom to maintain load shedding at the lower stages in this period.  There is considerable risk to this as the coal plant is highly unreliable and unpredictable.

Eskom urged all South Africans is to use electricity sparingly. Should further breakdowns occur, Eskom would be required to change the stage of load shedding at short notice.


Done by Esona Mfazwe


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