SAFTU dissatisfied with Nzimande’s efforts.


The South African Federation of Trade Unions (Saftu) is skeptical about the determination of Higher Education Minister Blade Nzimande to protect the lives of employees in the sector.

A visit by Nzimande to the university on Wednesday confirmed that increased security will be implemented.

Earlier this month, an assassination attempt was made on the vice-chancellor of Fort Hare University, Sakhela Buhlungu.

According to Saftu, targeted violence has been committed against people in leadership positions around Fort Hare.

Assassination attempts, according to Trevor Shaku, were the result of corruption that being ignored by the department.

"Corruption has festered throughout the higher education sector. Universities and colleges are no longer simple institutions in which learning and research take place, but sites of accumulation of the parasitic petty bourgeoisie”, said Shaku.

 Photo by: Blade Nzimande

Done by: Sibulele Stuurman


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