Sheba the missing tiger killed after it went missing 5 days ago

Sheba the missing tiger has reportedly been euthanized on Wednesdasy morning, after it went missing 5 days ago.

The eight-year-old female tiger had escaped from a smallholding in Walkerville south of Johannesburg, on Saturday. The tiger was discovered after killing another animal close to houses on the Arboretum Farm in Walkers Fruit Farms.

She has since killed four animals and injured a 39-year-old man. Police said that the owner of a tiger in Midvaal made the decision to put down the animal after she strayed further into a residential area.

For five days authorities dispatched a search operation involving Local police, special search units, a helicopter and the SPCA.

The police’s Gresham Mandy was there: "Unfortunately, Sheba had to be euthanised at 2am this morning. She had wandered from the original tracking and observation location of yesterday. She had moved about three kilometres from there onto a neighbouring farm and the decision was made."

by Everngelista Muza


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