The Llandudno beach in Hout Bay closed

 The Llandudno beach in Hout Bay has been closed due to an overflow from the sewer pump.

According to the City of Cape Town, the Llandudno beach has been closed due to overflow from a sewer pump station. The overflow was caused by a fault in the ultrasonic level sensor from the power surge due to loadshedding.

The sensor was replaced and the overflow has stopped, the City went ahead to say that the sensor helps to measure the pump station's sump (storage) levels so that pumps can be switched on or off automatically to help manage the sewage flow.

For testing water quality, City Health will take water samples every day.

‘’In accordance with the National Water Quality Guidelines, this will be done until the levels are within the minimum requirement for recreational activities,’’ said the City in a statement.

Done by Sibulele Stuurman


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