Pete Mihalik's alleged killer applies for bail


One of the alleged killers of Pete Mihalik a Cape Town lawyer applied for bail. The trial of the trio Nkosinathi Khumalo, Sizwe Biyela and Vuyile Maliti resumed today after a long process which consisted of handing up of two more affidavits. The state concluded its case.

The accused are on trial for the murder of Mihlik and the attempted murder of his children on the 30 October 2018 in Greenpoint .The accused pleaded not guilty.

According to Khumalo and Biyela's lawyers their clients had agreed to testify however Maliliti's lawyer has gone ahead to apply for a discharge in terms of section 174 of the Criminal Precudure Act. This is usually done when the defence feel that the state does not have enough evidence to keep the accused in the dock.

The affidavits the State handed in before closing their case contained maps overlaid with cellphone tower locations  which shows the frantic phone calls on the morning of the assassination.

While Biyela was arrested for traffic violation and Khumalo tracked down and arrested in the Bellville, Maliti presented himself to the police once he heard that they were looking for him.

The trial will resume on Thursday and Malit's application will be heard first. If his application is successful, there will be no need for him to sit through any testimony.

Done by: Sibulele Stuurman



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