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Friend of the mutilated victim testifies in court


Friend of the mutilated victim testifies in court

Police have completed their investigation against Flavio Hlabangwane. It is alleged that he murdered his cousin, Tshepang Pitse, who was believed to be in a romantic relationship with the accused, killed her before he cut her body into pieces and hid them in a deep freezer.

During the court proceedings the victim’s friend gave chilling evidence at the Gauteng High Court on Tuesday about the abuse allegedly suffered by the 23 –year old Tshepang in the hands of her 28 – year old lover Hlabangwane.

The friend, whom the court ordered not to be identified for her safety, testified that her friendship with Pitse began in 2014.

The court ordered that the friend not to be identified for safety reasons and in her testimony she shared that her and victim had been friends since 2014.Which is round about the same time the two start dating.

The friend relocated but later came back. The first time they met was at Westgate Mall and went home together to the witness’s home in Roodepoort. During that time she Pitsi mentioned that she was being abused by her lover.

 She added that on the following day she again complained that Hlabangwane was beating her and she advised her to leave him for good. She refused, saying that the friend won't understand. She said she can't see the colour without Flavio. [Sometime later Hlabangwane] phoned Pitse and she put the phone on the loudspeaker. My roommate was present.

The witness testified:

They heard him demanding Pitse return to him, saying, 'You know what happens when you abandon the ship. When you return, I will shave or put a scar on your face.' He gave her 30 minutes to return home using a taxi.

Hlabangwane is accused of killing Pitse between the Hlabangwane killed Pitse between.

It is alleged that he later dismembered her body and some of her  body parts were found inside a freezer at Hlabangwane's rented property in Protea Glen.

Hlabangwane faces a charge of premeditated murder, obstruction of justice and violation of a corpse.

The hearing continues on Thursday.

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