Strandfontein residents “on high alert” this “snake season”

Strandfontein residents say they have been spotting various snakes on their properties since December, including mole snakes, and the excrement and skin of a cobra. Attempts to catch the snakes have been unsuccessful thus far.

"I was outside when I saw a black snake slithering through our passage I alerted my wife, and called my neighbour to say, ‘look, be careful there's a snake in your yard’. I stood there to make sure it didn't come back, as my wife put the dogs away and enclosed every possible entry," said Brandon Heunis, a Strandfontein resident.

After looking around for a bit, Heunis found the skin of a cobra and its fresh excrement near the neighbours pool pump.

PHOTO: A Cape Cobra

Three days later, he found a mole snake curled up between the garage two doors away from Heunis’ house.

Another resident, Candice Thompson, said she called a snake catcher for assistance after spotting a snake on her property.

"We saw it in the garage and immediately called a snake catcher. Unfortunately it wasn’t found as we lost sight of it while waiting for the guy to arrive,” she said.

According to Juanita Eitkenhead, a snake handler from Pet Health Care, the boomslang, puff adder, and the mole snake are common in Cape Town; she also warned that there are many non-venomous snakes that have similar markings and colours to venomous snakes.

“Snakes are more likely to flee if they feel threatened. Do not try to catch or kill the snake. This can be dangerous and may even be illegal in some areas,” she added.


Done by: Thaakiera Ackerdien


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