Social Development Offers Psychosocial Help to Fire Victims

The Western Cape Department of Social Development urged residents to be cautious, especially those living in densely populated areas where fires can spread rapidly. During the festive season there were a number of fires which affected hundreds of people in the province.

The department offered its condolences to all the affected residents and also offered counseling to those in need.  After the trauma of an event such as fire where all your belongings are lost, such support is invaluable.

The psychosocial support service from the DSD are available for when the need is expressed, especially vulnerable groups like children, the elderly and the disabled. They also facilitate access and/or give guidance on burial support where fatalities as a result of a disaster have occurred.

During the festive period the Department allocated 1812 food parcels to all regions across the province for distribution to low-income communities to meet the increased demand because of COVID-19 pandemic.

The food parcels are limited and are given to people who suffer from severe illnesses and cannot sustain themselves, and households who have insufficient means to sustain themselves and must be referred by a registered humanitarian relief agency, DSD, registered NPO or a municipal manager

Done by Esona Mfazwe


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