Western Cape authorities made over 55 arrests over the festive season

The Western Cape’s authorities arrested 55 suspects throughout the December holiday period. 46 of these suspects were arrested in the Overberg areas, while 9 were arrested in the Swartland area, while a number of illegal items were also confiscated.

This unit also conducted various patrols in the Fernkloof Nature Reserve after numerous reports of robberies were received. Since the patrols commenced during this period, not a single robbery occurred.

The K9 Unit’s main objective is to serve as a crime fighting force multiplier to SAPS and other role-players. The unit does this through the detection and searching for contraband, particularly illegal drugs, firearms and ammunition.

Western Cape Minister of Police Oversight and Community Safety, Reagen Allen said that the unit also provides assistance to the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environmental Affairs to curb the illegal trade of abalone, crayfish and other marine products.

“ The key words in any law enforcement effort are visibility and proactiveness”, said Allen

The Swartland K-9 Unit conducted:

Eight (8) vehicle checkpoints (VCPs),

Searched 64 vehicles,

Searched 19 premises and

Searched 97 people.


 The Overberg K-9 Unit confiscated:

1 814 units of abalone at an estimated value of R 976 804.00

318 units of abandoned abalone at an estimated value of R 426 752.00

Six (6) units of West Coast Rock Lobster at an estimated value of R 3 000.00

Two (2) boats/vessels at an estimated value of R 53 000.00

Six (6) vehicles at an estimated value of R 505 000.00

Various diving equipment with an estimated value of R 8 500.00

Done By Esona Mfazwe


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