Over 5 000 incidents reported to the EMS over the weekend.

The Western Cape Department of Health experienced a high demand for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS), over the weekend.

Reports states that 5 105- incidents were reported in just over three days, including 30% incidents of a life-threatening nature such as injuries, infections and obstetric complications.

The provincial health departed stated the majority of the incidents were chest pains 790, followed by weapon assaults 659, respiratory complaints 401, and physical assaults & obstetric complains 327 each.

The South African Police Service (SAPS) escorted the EMS when attending to incident in Red Zone neighbourhoods, with 40 emergencies in Beacon Valley, 32 in Tafelsig, 19 in Hanover Park and 2 in Chicago.

Dial 10177 or 0860 142 142 in case of an emergency.

by Everngelista Muza


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