Monday, October 22, 2007

Arrests made in Dube murder case

By Ilhaam Hoosain
22 October 2007

A task team of 15 policemen arrested five people in connection with the murder of reggae singer Lucky Dube. Commissioner Richard Mdluli said on Sunday that he is convinced they have the right guys.

The arrests came just days after the music icon was shot dead outside his brother's house, in front of his two children in Rosettenville, Johannesburg during a failed hijacking. The team is led by Director Charles Johnson.

"This means a lot, both for the police and the country. Since the murder we have had sleepless nights," said Mdluli.

National Police Commissioner Jackie Selebi and Gauteng Commissioner Perumal Naidoo had congratulated the task team. Detectives have five suspects aged between 31 and 35 behind bars.

They say that more arrests and links to other crimes cannot be excluded.

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At Monday, 22 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the death of the reggae icon was a blow.the social comentator will be greatly missed.not only by his fans but by all lovers of peace,equal rights and justice. he will forever be remembered.good work done by the southafrican police.thumbs up.

At Monday, 22 October, 2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am Dale Smith, former Director of Western Cape Community Care in Kensington. Only today did I hear of the terrible death of yet another hero. I am deeply saddened by the news. My condolences go out to his family, freinds and the rest of my people who were inspired by Lucky Dube. We fought our battles during the struggle and people like Lucky Dube and Brenda Fassie added the music to our pain and hunger for peace. Why are our people doing this to eachother. Is this why we toiled in our struggle for freedom, only to be killed for possessions that we have been bless with by the same God. People like the murderers Of Lucky Dube should be the people to be exiled. If only we knew that our everlasting enermy would be our own brothers and sisters. Why do people like myself work so hard and sacrifice so much in a strange land, wanting to bring our new skills back to our people? How are we supported and encouraged? How do we the people determine how the rest of the world see us? Not always should we blame the system or our polititians. We have dedicated our lives to being good role models for the youth. Do we instead lives wanting to freely walk in our land only to be killed by our brothers and sister whos only drive is their own greed. This is truely a dark day. Look Youth. Look at what you are doing to our people and our land. What are the words of confort that your mother and father will give to Lucky Dubes children and wife. What will You say to. God crys over our land. You have taken his blessing of freedom and peace and placed it under your feet. May God and you parent have mercy on you for you in the minority and will pay for your crimes. I Love you South Africa and will never allow muderers and thieves to take that away. Viva Continua. Dale Smith


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