Tuesday, October 30, 2007

R5-million boost for community of Haarlem

By Henry Booysen
30 October 2007

The community of Haarlem in Langkloof will receive R5 million after financial aid was granted by the National Department following negotiations that took place between the provincial and national departments.

Haarlem was struck by a devastating hailstorm in November last year causing many workers operating on farms and agricultural areas to lose their jobs due to a shortage of funds.

Since there has been an availability of funds many farmers have already started employing former workers again, thanks to funds being at their disposal now.

The funds mean that all workers can get paid and return fully to their jobs.

“The 216 workers who had no income will now start earning income and the 124 who only worked for two days a week can now work fulltime,” says spokesperson of Department of Agriculture, Alie van Jaarsveld.

Another amount will be given in the future to replant 27 hectares of orchard which was completely destroyed due to the hailstorm.


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