Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Backyard dwellers in rundown tent

By Henry Booysen
23 October 2007

Backyard dwellers from across Ravensmead are living under a dilapidated tent unfit for any human being to survive. The residents of the tent were evicted late last year from the empty Florida Primary school in Ravensmead, through forced removals, shortly afterwards the school got broken down.

According to Western Cape Housing Department the dwellers illegally moved into the empty school building where after police removed them from the building. The dwellers then ended up in the Ravensmead community Hall where they were removed again hence they having no place to stay.

“More than ninety percent of the dwellers have relocated to Happy Valley where they should be getting houses next year, but I feel sorry for those living under the tent as the conditions are unhealthy for children,’ says Ravensmead Police Forum Chairperson Tom Klein.


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