Friday, October 26, 2007

Pensioners given the trip of a lifetime

By Tina George
26 October 2007

After being stranded at self-catering Monwabisi chalets and disappointed when the holiday they paid for did not materialise, about 170 pensioners return home satisfied today, getting more than what they bargained for.

The pensioners, who arrived in Cape Town on Monday evening, were left stranded in Monwabisi without any accommodation.

Each of the pensioners paid R1200 to the Old Age Advice Bureau, a holiday maker organisation. The man who had collected the monies for the trip was arrested when the cheque for the accommodation bounced.

The city’s disaster relief team helped out with food and blankets after the pensioner’s story came to light. The Department of Economic Development and Tourism took care of the elderly group and made sure that their dream of visiting Robben Island, Table Mountain and other scenic Cape Town sites had been fulfilled.


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