Saturday, October 20, 2007

State to keep Mr Big’s home

By Celeste Ganga
20 October 2007

The Cape High Court denied the application by suspected drug boss Quinton Marinus, also known as Mr Big, to have his house released so that he can pay his legal expenses. The trial is due to start in April 2008.

Marinus and his wife Davidene have asked the court to allow their Plattekloof house to be released by the Asset Forfeiting Unit, so that it can be sold and the proceeds be used for their living and trial expenses.

The house was seized in September 2005, along with all their other assets. The house is linked to their criminal case, where it has been alleged by the state, that they form part of a crime syndicate. The charges they are facing include that of money laundering.

In his judgement on Thursday, High court Judge Brendan Manca, dismissed the application saying that the two had not fully revealed their living expenses and all their assets.


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