Sunday, October 28, 2007

Call to ban pellet guns

By Henry Booysen
28 October 2007

Animal welfare shootings are calling for pellet guns to be banned after a spate of shootings involving pets and wildlife.

It is believed that those causing injury to the injury are usually children whose parents buy them the guns which are freely available at shops, flea markets or hawked on street corners.

Marlene Hirsekom an assistant at Animal welfare said that frequently the eyes of pets have to be removed after the pets have been assaulted by pellet guns.

“I don’t know what parents think their kids are going to do when they give them these guns,” says Hirsekom.

Allan Pernis, chief executive of the Cape of Good Hope SPCA said that besides causing lingering injuries to animals, it can result in children shooting themselves or others.”

Gun Free South Africa has an ongoing campaign urging parents not to buy toy guns for their children


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