Wednesday, October 31, 2012

National lotteries board undertake an assesment

Imogen Vollenhoven
31 October 2012

The National Lotteries Board is to undertake a nationwide assessment of beneficiaries to determine the challenges they face, in order to improve the funding process.

The Board has often been criticised for slow or inappropriate funding.The National Lotteries Board will from next month visit several Gauteng regions. Spokesperson Shershan Naidoo futher more explains that they need to have five percent of the funds going to each province.

As provinces such as Northern Cape North West and the Free Sate have not been able to make that five percent and the National lotteries Board will take this initiate to these specific areas and tell them about this funding.

They plan to focus on the more rural areas so that that these people are aweare of the funding and can also access it more easily.



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